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Sutton- Close To Croydon, South East


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A new luxury Swingers party Set in the heart of Sutton, South London this fantastic 1905 Edwardian home is full of character, with its beautiful chandeliers, picture framed contoured walls, it’s beautiful staircase and the huge mirror that drapes the entrance of the large hallway.

We welcome:

Couples,single Ladies,Bi Females and single smart Gents.

Open 9:30pm - 2am

It is free for cpls before 10:30pm

* Couples only room with a two Way mirrors.

* conservatory designated for the smokers.

* 6 play rooms

* FREE soft drinks,Tea,Coffee,nibbles.

* You must Bring your own Alcohol

* Play and stay overnight(Small charge)

* Sex Machine

* Relaxed house party No pressure to Join in

* Close to Main line station

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Rating: Fabulous
It was my first time going to a club bad wow I wall be going back soon what a nite .

It was ill go if I get lucky all good but boy did I get lucky 1.2.3.girls and a nice 3 some trust me ill be backnowledged thank you

Se swingers club

Date: 16 August 2014

Rating: Fabulous
Went to their glow band party and omg what a night. Very busy and had loads of couples, and very few single guys.

It was nice that there was couples who was into the fetish scene, so my lil ass got beaten lol.

Great turn out xx

Date: 27 January 2014

Rating: Fun
My 1st time at this venue & Frank, other staff + guests made me feel very welcome-hope to return one day soon, perhaps as a couple

Date: 18 January 2014

Rating: Fabulous
Had an amazing night, it was our first night on a Friday and it was fabulous. Staff made all the effort to make our evening. Fun and entertaining! The house is spotless clean and so welcoming! Everytime we go back it just gets better!

Date: 16 November 2013

Rating: Fun
We went to SLS party on Saturday, and have to say we had a great time, we found the house spotless and the Frank and Rita as always welcoming, with and everyone there very friendly and approachable.

There were single men there, but the great thing SLS have is a very big couples only room, with several double beds, which is great, strictly no single men allowed only couples.

Only downer would say, Frank sort the music out, its worse than abfabs lol

other than that we had a great time, will def be going back

Date: 15 October 2013

Rating: OK
This was my second time here and to be fair was much Better than the last. Yes I do play as a single guy but there is too many single guys and not enough single women. As I go normally with a female friend so we know we can have fun it does spoil the fun when swarms of guys try to join in especially without asking which is annoying.

What happened to manners guys I respect and wait to be invited.... That's how it should be! Venue is good and if the guys were limited would make it more fun!

Date: 1 September 2013

Rating: Fabulous
Amazing club,

First time we have been to this club xx had a fantastic night with the traffic lights.

Came away not wanting to leave,

Can not wait to go again, see you on the 10th ;-) xxxx

Date: 28 July 2013

Rating: OK
first time back in quite a few months..i did have a good nite,still great hosts/workers,the clientele were lovely(especially kitten(lol)+gorgeous jo)and the venue is stunning.but there felt like something missing 2nite,probably just the nite but its defo not diminished my hope of going again soon..

folks this place is worth the journey if ur naughty+like naughty people..give it a go!!

Date: 9 June 2013

Rating: Fabulous
Had a fantastic time Friday, great club with plenty of rooms to play in including the dungeon :-), loads of sexy couples came.Frank was great hosts and the staff are helpful and friendly.Definitely will be attending when we can

Date: 24 April 2013

Rating: Fun
1st time back after a couple months break.

what a change, place has been done up, more beds to play on.

i was worried it was going to be over run with single men, but nope there was quite a lot of couples and single girls.

will deffo go back again ;)

Date: 14 January 2013

Rating: Fabulous
We have been to the party house in sutton several times now, and every time we go we have a great time. This is the perfect venue for couples to have fun. Lots of friendly people to socialise and play with, in a lovely setting with a nice atmosphere and a good mix of people.

Date: 16 April 2012

Rating: OK
South London Swingers at Sutton, sets the bar at a new height, one of excellence. They have the ideal house, which is large and elegant with many well fitted out bedrooms for play, together with luxurious lounge and a mingle area, which when this was a Private Mansion was the grand hallway. Even the sweeping stairs are a feature, especially if like me, one’s given to wearing short skirts. The hosts are swingers themselves and know what their paying guest really want. Probably most important though is the membership, over 5 or so years Frank & Rita have culled the spoilers and encouraged nice people. Result being they have a wonderful group of warm sexy stylish people who attend most Saturdays and they’re not the least bit Cliquey. I've been 20 times now and never missed, I’ve played every time. That’s indicative of the quality of this Party Scene, because I’m extremely fussy. I’ve no negative feedback whatsoever, apropos of S.L.S maybe I wish Frank would allow a few more single guys in, however I understand the need to screen out those who may hassle other couples. So he plays it safe restricting single guy numbers but new young men who know themselves to be urbane/well presented, will always be acceptable, so don’t be put off from attending this great scene.

Date: 15 February 2012

Rating: OK
I met up with Frank and Rita last weekend at their party in Sutton. Fantastic people, very friendly and welcoming. As for the party... Well, amazing too. Excellent staff, a great bunch of people attending and the venue cannot be faulted. I'll remember that dark room too for a long time to come! Even with the 2 hour drive I think I may become regular visitor.

Date: 2 February 2012

Rating: Fabulous
Had a great night at Franks birthday bash party. for a first timer it was an eye opener with action all around, but was set in a friendly relaxed atmosphere that put me at ease straight away. I had a fab time and met some lovely friendly people, and made a couple of really good friends that I hope to meet up with again

Date: 8 January 2012

Rating: Fabulous
Had the best night so far here,all thanks to a 'proper roman orgy' to quote a friend lol...House was busy,friendly and dungeon room went down a storm..Apart from one bad moment,i loved every minute and will be going again and again :)

Date: 31 July 2011

Rating: Fabulous
went last nite 2 frank+rita's traffic light nite..great idea,wish everywhere had that sort of coding..a lovely atmosphere+busier than a coupla wks ago..

ive met some great people in only 2 ventures here+hope 4 many many more..

hope people enjoyed my company 2 if being somewhat shy.

cheers f+r

Date: 25 July 2011

Rating: OK
Went as first timers with friends who had been before and was very pleased..House was clean and comfortable and all the staff were friendly and helpful.Just 2 small gripes tho-too many single men for my liking and the porn in sitting room was boring and repetitive!! Apart from that,very enjoyable and we'll be seeing you again :)

Date: 12 June 2011

Rating: Fabulous
My first swingers party and i had a great time due to some really friendly people, pete was great as bartender,and scored points with me by rembering my name and my drinkxx i shall be going again on the 11th June

Downside..Early closing

Date: 31 May 2011

Rating: Fabulous
had an amzing night on the 28th may was my first swingers party i was made to feel welcome hosts both chatted to me gave me some advice which really helped me hope to return very soon x

Date: 30 May 2011

Rating: Fabulous
I was made to feel really welcome by everyone thanks so much guys.House was lovely and clean and the bar staff was fab lol wick wick Pete.

It was my first time and I was so scared now I have been I dont know why !! I loved every min of it will be coming again

Date: 30 May 2011

Rating: Fabulous
Attended my first party last night with a FB. Great night. Brilliant hosts and well run. Extremely good value for money and it has to be remembered that although some of the single guys are a pain, without their contributions it is doubtful this excellent club could continue at this great price. The house is very clean and the staff and responsible party goers worked hard to keep it so. I found the staff to be excellent and very welcoming and other party goers very friendly. Going back as soon as I can. Thank you all for a fantastic evening.

Date: 29 May 2011

Rating: Fun
We went this private House last night as our first Step into the club scene. The house is very nice and the Host and his staff are a very warm and friendly towards everybody. The Rooms are very nice and spacious. Downside we didn't know anybody and most cpls who where there on the night knew each other from previous meets or seem to just get on with it. There was a fair amount of single Guys about in comparison to the amount of cpl's.The Host reasured us that every party is diffrent as it is all down to the ppl that attend and the atmosphere.

Suggestion: One sat in the months just cpl and bi fem and no single guys.

Date: 29 May 2011

Rating: Fun
Attended the party in Sutton on Sat 23 Apr. Was a bit slow to start off, but have to take into account it was around Easter so possibly people away.

Things did pick up & all of a sudden things kicked off and it was all action!!

Had a great evening and hoping to go back soon.

Frank/Rita - great venue and hosts. Hope you do read the feedback to ensure good ratio of couples to single guys so that the couples (esp the women) don't feel threatened and get put off and then us guys don't get to play & no one wins :-(

Keep up the good work

Date: 17 May 2011

Rating: Fun
went to easter party on saturday 29th april, and has to be said had a great night ,alot better than other nights iv been to really good crowd. sexy ladies ,

lots of playing in all rooms .well done guys ,only thing needs improving is music , seriously !!! . thanks x

Date: 25 April 2011

Rating: Fabulous
What a great night not to be missed one of the best couples partys since they moved from penge. We will be back

Date: 4 April 2011

Rating: Fabulous
been going for 4 years and the new venue is lovely frank and rita are brillent hosts and i like it because its not clickie see you at the next one xx

Date: 31 March 2011

Rating: Fabulous
we went to this great party sat nite great house great couples and most of all a great party and we look forward to going back real soon

Date: 28 March 2011

Rating: Fabulous
The club is very clean and friendly. Had a great time with a very sexy couple. The only down side were couples yapping whilst watching.

We'll be back on 30 april for the next couples/single females night.


Date: 27 March 2011

Rating: Fabulous
We went to this great organised adult party on Saturday night. It was a last minute decision for us and within an hour we had arrived!! Best decision we had made in a while :))

The place was buzzing when we got there, met some fantastic people. Everyone was so friendly, including the fantastic hosts........Alan, Christine, Rita & all the other staff.

What more could you ask for. The soft drinks were free and the venue was gorgeous. Plenty of play areas/rooms......all to suit everyone.

We had a lot of fun and play in a venue that is clean, fun, relaxed and one we have marked at the top of our list to most definitely return to.

M&L x

Date: 21 March 2011

Rating: Fabulous
We have known the host for a few years, but not to sound bias we have had some great nights at their parties. They did fail at Croydon but with this new place the fun has picked up and have good space in the rooms.

It is nice to have a couples only room so you don't get the single guys hound you, and if they want to watch they have the 2 way mirror.

We have meet some really good friends at their parties, and hope to make many more friends and hot times.

We will be back for the couples night xx

Date: 1 March 2011