Photo Rules

Strictly adults 18+ only. You and anyone in the photos must be aged 18+ and MUST have been 18+ at the time the photos were taken.

The photos must be yours and you must be in the photos. You must be in any photo you upload. This means that photos of your bike/car/dildo collection for example, will be rejected unless you are in the photo too.

Nothing nasty. The photo can't show anyone who might be being hurt, or who has been hurt. It also can't show anything that is outside the norms. If it's too rude, taboo or unpleasant, or if it puts us off our dinner, it is not welcome here.

We're not Facebook. The site isn't for family shots, it's not facebook. That means ONLY pictures of adults aged 18+ at the time the photo was taken, no matter what the context.

No watermarks. Photo can't be watermarked. If your photo is watermarked either by this site or another site, it will be rejected. We can only accept original photos.

Others in your photo OK so long as faces are obscured and you have permission. You can have other people in your photos too (to clarify, you must also be in the photo) so long as you have their permission to upload to your account on here AND their faces are obscured (face pixellated or blacked out; just blacking out the eyes is NOT ok).

Legal. The photo can't show any illegal activity.

No pets / animals. Sorry, but you can't include your pets in the photos. Unfortunately, this turns some perverts on and we don't want their kind on Fab.

No public scenes with identifiable adults or under 18s. Photos taken in public places with other people in the background who can be identified OR under 18 will be rejected. If you have photos like this you want on the site, crop them in a graphics program or blank everyone in the background.

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