Bitastictuesday @ The Greenhouse

Luton, South East

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The Greenhouse Luton is a large modern sauna & spa spaced over 3 floors. The Luton Branch has been running over 18 years With an open and friendly atmosphere. Our sauna based swingers club offers a safe, pressure free, sexy and above all fun atmosphere for couples and singles into the Bi-sexual swinging lifestyle.

Whether your new to the swingers scene or a harded swinger, this is the place for you to explore the Bi side in you, with other liked minded couples and singles.

This Night has been set up to cater for the Bi sexual men & women in the Bedfordshire and surrounding area to meet and make new friends and contacts

A visit to this stylish club is a must.

The club includes,

Caved 20 man/Woman Jacuzzi

30 man/Woman Turkish steam room

20 man/Woman dry sauna

Cafe bar with free WI FI

Large cinema room

Internet suit

Sun shower

140 Locker room with free toiletries

2 large showers blocks

Large selection of rest areas and private rest areas

Go to our website to see our pictures on this stunning venue.

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Rating: Fun
Had Great fun with likeminded horny individuals.

Date: 17 April 2024

Rating: OK
Really needs to go back to an evening only to concentrate the amount of people attending

Date: 16 April 2024

Rating: OK
Went to BiTasticTuesday last week there were no women there which was ok with me because I am a gay cum whore and I don’t play with women. However there were lots of desperate so called straight guys wanting to unload yum xx so I happily obliged by sucking 2 off and had the pleasure of receiving a good rogering off a very well endowed hot black guy. Highly recommend especially if you like cock

Date: 9 April 2024

Rating: OK
Last few times I've been on Tuesday its been very quiet. I was a bit later this afternoon and was nearly deserted. Shame as could be a good afternoon session.

Date: 19 March 2024

Rating: Fun
Attended the Twisted event on Thursdays and was pleasantly surprised. Around 6 girls who were dressed and some hot, fit, up for it guys. I'll certainly be back.

Date: 19 March 2024

Rating: Fun
Nice to see more couples during the daytime.good fun had by all.

Date: 7 March 2024

Rating: Avoid
I went to see if I could somehow play something out and go on a spontaneous charge of fun. I didn’t see one woman, I felt like a predator. Met some nice guys but I prefer to go on a Thursday:)

Date: 6 February 2024

Rating: Fun
Went to bitastic on Tuesday :) it was fun and I was left satisfied with having fun with this pretty white petite women. In the couples room had the opportunity. If you know me message me. Xx until next time

Date: 12 January 2024

Rating: Fun
Went bi tastic Tuesday had a good time was bit quiet but staff were friendly, I milked quite a few big cocks which were nice , defo will go back

Date: 9 January 2024

Rating: Fabulous
Another great night. All depends on the people and last night was a fantastic group all very respectful and lots of fun and laughter. Xx

Date: 20 December 2023

Rating: Fun
Was my first visit to bitastic, one or two couples but mainly guys...looks to be well run and clean, definitely interested to catch it at a busier time.

Date: 13 December 2023

Rating: OK
Very quiet this afternoon and only guys there but good fun was had with a BBC and a few others.

Date: 12 December 2023

Rating: Fabulous
Fantastic Christmas party night.

Wonderful venue and staff. Loads of fun in the dark room absolutely brilliant xxxxx

Date: 6 December 2023

Rating: OK
Good fun had yesterday daytime.men very respectful staff excellent as usual. Say hi if you played with us in the couples room.

Date: 6 December 2023

Rating: OK
Excellent event for bi people. Always had lots of cock fun and MF couples playing as well. Single F a couple of times. Recommended.

I'm going next Tuesday and want to try the dedicated watersports area there if anyone would like to join me.

Date: 22 November 2023

Rating: Fabulous
Had a fantastic time on 7th November. Bi-tastic Tuesday. Quite a few guys and a very convincing TV playing, but I spent most of the morning and afternoon with Billy and Ali a lovely couple. Would be good if more women and couples would attend this spacious, well-equipped, safe and clean club. Ideal for Greedy Girls and horny, bored Milfs.!

Date: 12 November 2023

Rating: OK
What a difference it makes when people ask to interact and are respectful. We had a great time there on Tuesday and came away happy ( and a tad sore ) from the great bunch of guys who were there!!! Thanks for fun, see you all agsin soon Billy and Ali

Date: 8 November 2023

Rating: OK
Gutted I missed Halloween! Have had some great sessions here with some gorgeous couples - very rarely do the husband's allow play with them though, seems to be all about the women which is a shame.

Date: 2 November 2023

Rating: Fabulous
Another fantastic Halloween night.

The staff were brilliant, lots of laughs and frolics.

The single guys were very respectful and the other couples and us all had fun.


Date: 1 November 2023

Rating: Fabulous
Enjoyed my visit today. Pretty busy. A lot of fun was had.

Date: 1 November 2023

Rating: OK
Went 2 weeks ago.was very disappointing day.not the same now.great venue though.wont be going back again.shame really.xxx

Date: 16 October 2023

Rating: Fun
We have just got back from our visit to greenhouse this was our 2nd visit a little busier than the first the facilities are awesome ! The jacuzzi is really good along with the sauna and steam room ! The glory hole being a particular fave of ours ! We did have a play with a guy in a private room …. The experience would be much better all round if a lot of the guys didn’t persistently follow the females / couples about … having said that we would return at some point for sure ! Would be great if you guys could maybe advertise the bi-tastic days a little more ?? Try to drum up a few more couples to come along x

Date: 3 October 2023

Rating: Avoid
The staff need to take control of the pushy men in here that think it ok to barge into your room and grab the female when they feel like it.

Date: 13 September 2023

Rating: OK
Frustrating visit today…guys learn some manners and ask before touching!!!! Yes Ali might be dressed for fun but that doesn’t mean it’s a free for all!!! And the guy arguing about who was in a room first..can I suggest you grow up.

Date: 12 September 2023

Rating: Fun
Went today. Great fun. Busy. With quite a few couples. Lots of fun was had.

Date: 29 August 2023

Rating: Fabulous
Went to BiTastic yesterday on this occasion no girls lol so I had lots of gay group sex sessions which was amazing. Kissing sucking wanking lots of gorgeous guys lots of cocks xx I was thirsty so swallowed a load yum xx the got fucked by a TV in the dark room

Sit on her cock until we both shot our lot xx

A wonderful time

Date: 16 August 2023

Rating: OK
I have been attending this club for a few years and it’s fairly decent for fun. Staff are helpful and polite and the club dispute being entered from a busy street feels like an oasis. The decor has got a bit better in recent years and they’ve clearly put some work into it. There isn’t many woman on a bitastic Tuesday though, I’ve met and played with two in the last year but have attended a few Tuesdays and haven’t seen any. It’s a real shame as you can have privacy here and the clientele are generally respectful. If you attend in the day it’s much quieter and you can have more fun without being mobbed.

Come on ladies and couples, give it a go.

Date: 31 July 2023

Rating: Fun
It was our first visit to venue for there bi-tastic Tuesdays ! We went a few weeks ago during half term ! …. We was pleasantly surprised ! The jacuzzi was out of action due to maintenance but ! This ego didn’t spoil the visit as there was so much more to be doing ! We loved the cinema room ! Our personal favourite was the gloryholes ! … just a little disappointed we can only attend on Tuesdays as a couple ! But we will be back for sure ! Thanks guys x x

Date: 25 June 2023

Rating: OK
Great day here had loads of fun in the orgy room verifie us if you played with us.

Date: 8 June 2023

Rating: OK
Thanks to all the guys who decided to follow us around and push boundaries too far and tried to ruin our visit. Learn some manners !!!!

Date: 17 May 2023