Bitastictuesday @ The Greenhouse

Rating: Avoid
Not sure where to start but we had a terrible experience last night fo bitastic Friday. We checked out the website which clearly states it opens at 19:30 when in fact it actually opens at 20:00. We stood like plums on a busy one way street knocking the door at 19:30 getting no answer. It’s only because a nice guy in his car outside told us the opening time.

We decided to go for a walk for 30 mins rather than walk back to the car park. As soon as we walked around the corner there was a group of guys who tried to snatch my phone. Luckily my husband stepped in and they ran away so we walked back to the club. Once we got into reception the guy behind the desk asked if we’d been before to which I said no. He said there was a £15 membership but I explained that we have been members at chameleons for well over 14 years.

He basically said we had to join there so we declined and walked away.

The website is poor and there is no mention of membership costs at all.

Next time we are back at Chams I’ll be bring this to the owners attention. Terrible experience never to be repeated.

Date: 16 February 2019

Rating: Fun
Went last night, after a number of weeks away as a last minute decision. Got there fairly late so only caught tail end of proceedings as it was thinning out but the place was as welcoming as ever. Barring a couple of straight lads who thought this was a straight night in a bi club (rather than a bi night in a gay club!), we met a few friends old and new and had some great sex art the end of the night in the dark room with a couple of them :) Look forward to the next visit

Date: 2 February 2019

Rating: OK
I went on naked night and got so fucked

Date: 27 January 2019

Rating: Fun
I went two Fridays ago for the first time in three months. It was so good. There was a hot bi couple & a male friend of theirs who were so much fun & had great sex with them. The venue is always good, very well kept & the food buffet is definitely a bonus. The only downside is that I wish the changing room was larger and with larger cabinets! I will definitely go back although I noticed they increased the membership fee from £2 to £20 or even £30 ! That is steep increase !

Date: 26 January 2019

Rating: Fabulous
We went last night and had a wonderful time. Met another couple and have an amazing time together. Nearly all the single guys behaved. One tried to step over the line but was soon put in his place. Had a great time with the guys who were fun and respectful. Lovely club but where have the female staff gone?

Marie you

Date: 12 January 2019

Rating: Fabulous
Went last night great to see new and old faces had a fantastic time as always. So all that left for me to say is happy new year to all the staff keep up the good work and see u next year

Date: 29 December 2018

Rating: Fun
Visited again after a little gap, and enjoyed it - although frustrated we couldn't find the top who I met in the jacuzzi after arriving, later on :( I did get the feeling that most of the guys were interested in females rather than males last night, but I guess that always happens from time to time on a bi night (it's the same at the Chams one) although it's a bit annoying at the time! All that said, the club is still relaxed, with great staff and we are looking forward to visiting again.

Date: 22 December 2018

Rating: Fun
Interesting and enjoyable experience. There were about 4 couples there when we left at about half eleven. Plenty of guys, sometimes following you around like lost puppies after food but always polite and respectful. Great fun in the cells as a couple getting entertained by the glory holes. Certainly as fun as JDs, just needs more open minded couples who dare to be different to attend

Date: 11 December 2018

Rating: Fabulous
Def putting the Bi in Bitastic last night. Met and had wonderful chats with old friends and some more great new couples and both myself and the ever sexy 'Katie with the boots' enjoyed a great climax (literally)to the evening with an absolutely amazing couple who I would love to meet again.

Bitastic is always clean and well run by the staff and its even better with all the Christmas themed decor this month. Xmas party next week is simply not to be missed!

Date: 8 December 2018

Rating: Fun
Good club but needs to open its doors to swingers more often a few daytimes would be great.

Date: 7 November 2018

Rating: Fun
As always, love this venue - We as a couple are known to staff and a number of clients, Despite the number of couples being low (1 couple in particular OMG she was sooooo cute and sexy) didnt stop us having fun. Need to entice more Bi couples to the venue to make it even better . Staff as always grrrreat and very helpful :)

Date: 3 November 2018

Rating: OK
We were at the Halloween party.

Great fun, Darren went all out on the decorations, absolutely fabulous. We played party games and sang karaoke great fun.

We had a great time and everyone was in great form. Wife passed out about 1.30am she shouldn't have had the last double.

What I love about this lifestyle is it doesn't mater if you don't swing one night its great to meet nice people. We love the Greenhouse Bitastic nights xxx

Date: 29 October 2018

Rating: Fun
Had a fun night for the club Halloween party last night! Staff had made a real effort to dress up and decorate the place as had a good number of the guests! (We didn’t dress up, but it was a last minute decision to go last night! That’s our excuse and we’re sticking to it!)

Date: 27 October 2018

Rating: Fun
Late review but had a fun time last Friday, despite not getting there until late. It certainly was quieter than usual, but still relaxing, and fun in equal measure! As always staff were great.

Date: 16 October 2018

Rating: Fabulous
Great evening once again, although it was quiet with only six couples making it last night it was just as fun. I think at one point we had everyone in the club in the Dark room with legs and arms everywhere.

Clean with an excellent variety of facilities means you can indulge in what you enjoy.

The friendly staff put on a decent buffet during the evening and will always help with any issues you feel you have.

Cheers all

Date: 13 October 2018

Rating: Fabulous
Went on Friday for there school night fab time as always staff done great job kiting out for the night shame more people didnot dress up looking forward to the next party night keep up the good work guys love u all

Date: 16 September 2018

Rating: OK
Visited Friday 7th September as a couple, there were three other couples but many many males, it's very well laid out club and very clean, if they reduced

the price for couples perhaps it would encourage more to attend, it felt uncomfortable being followed by so many males and left early.

Date: 10 September 2018

Rating: Fun
Attended 31st August. My first time since switching to Friday nights. A good mix of singles and couples and good to see the club well attended. Laid back atmosphere and plenty of areas for fun! I look forward to my next visit.

Date: 2 September 2018

Rating: Fun
Went last Friday had some fun with a very nice couple in the couples only room, lots of licking and sucking with Lovely couple from Watford shame I got to excited and came to soon. Would be great if the club would install a womans glory fuck hole.

Date: 2 September 2018

Rating: Fun
Went to last nights (Friday - wish they would change this listing) event. A different crowd to usual, with far more couples than single guys for a change but still a good relaxed vibe, aside from one incident that the staff dealt with swiftly. Sadly, may not be able to go for the next few weeks but looking forward to our next visit

Date: 1 September 2018

Rating: Fun
Had my first Bitastic night yesterday evening.

A fun time was had watching and being watched.

Friendly staff and the buffet was a bonus!

Date: 18 August 2018

Rating: Fabulous
Made our second visit to bitastic last night, and had a great time! On our previous visit some of the guys weren’t very respectful of limits, but this time there was none of that, and from talking to the (very helpful and friendly) management, it seems they are proactive in dealing with people like that.

We didn’t involve others in our play last night, but we enjoyed having C blindfolded on the cross and in the swing for everyone to watch me playing with her and fucking her, and we made use of the couples room where people watched as she squirted on me (we did wipe up after, I promise!)

The people there last night were friendly and chatty, and made us feel comfortable and welcome. We’ll be back again, hopefully to play with others too!

Date: 18 August 2018

Rating: Fabulous
Have not been for a while as Tuesday is just to difficult,so we decided to try out the new Friday night session. Went with hubby and our girlfriend, vicious, skinny, athletic, bitch, to see who is ready to play. All in all we had a great time but one guy over stepped the mark in just strolling up and hands on without asking. The other guys intervened but people like that really annoy hubby, who ultimately decides if, and where, we are going to play.

Apart from the plonker we had a wonderful time in the large play room with lots of guys and in a small private room. The staff are really friendly and chatty and the buffet was a great addition. I would recommend going as it is a great venue and people with the vast majority of guys being respectful and fun. Marie

Date: 13 August 2018

Rating: Fabulous
We are semi regulars now at the FRIDAY night Bitastic, and went last night (10th Aug). Was pleased to see that the numbers are starting to pick up and it was the busiest we've seen it with quite a few couple and obviously a fair few guys! Met some friends down there and ended up having a wild time in the jacuzzi (which had a lot of people playing in - which is great to see) followed by a new experience for me as I (male) found myself bound to the St Andrews Cross and having various toys and implements used on me by our sexy friends! As the night started to close out, and with a very sore backside - had a sensual play with a guy we have met before in the jacuzzi and certainly left tired but buzzing. Great friends, great company, great clientele, nice to meet some new couples and as always the staff are top notch. Hopefully the night will go from strength to strength,

Date: 11 August 2018

Rating: Fun
Visited on Friday night last week as our very first club visit (well, first for her, I’ve been before, but this was also my first time at the bitastic event).

We both found people to be friendly and welcoming, and she got over her nerves quite quickly and we enjoyed some time playing with each other.

We weren’t ready to include others in our play on this visit, and so it she did find it unnerving that guys felt it was ok to start touching her as we played, rather than asking first. Although a polite no was respected by them, some of them could definitely learn some manners!

The facilities make for a fun time, with opportunities to watch, be watched or join in being plentiful and varied. We particularly liked the large jacuzzi, the steam room, the St. Andrew’s Cross and the swings... ??

Sadly there were only 5 women in the club on the night we went (including us, excluding the manageress), only 2 of whom we saw playing, so there were a lot of guys by comparison, which did make her feel a bit intimidated, but perhaps this was simply a result of it being the school holidays?

We’ll be back again to play with each other and maybe other people next time...

Date: 9 August 2018

Rating: Fabulous
I’ve been many times and felt it was about time I reviewed this special place. Most importantly the staff are welcoming, efficient and fun and keep the place spotless. There are many interesting and varied play areas, including private rooms if you’re feeling a little shy. The crowd are genuinely bi .... bonus .... and more importantly friendly and chilled. Of course numbers vary but I have seen really busy nights with plenty of couples, TV’s and Bi guys. This could be one of the best venues in the south east, but guys and girls it’s up to you to make it special by attending regularly. As for my personal experiences, wow... always hot with plenty of attention. Have to say I’ve been gang banged quite a few times and left in a sticky mess. Xx

Date: 6 August 2018

Rating: Fun
Hi people, hope you're having a relaxing Sunday unless you're busy with a meet up in which case yee-hah!

Had a spur of the moment trip to Bitastic Tuesday (actually Friday) at The Greenhouse, Luton and had a really good time. The spa facilities are excellent, the lounge, gym and playrooms also and to top it off I met up with D&F for a little play and a relaxing chat. As Arnie said, "I'll be back!"

Date: 5 August 2018

Rating: Fun
Went last night 1st time since it changed to a Friday. It was a bit slow and I would say not as many as I have seen on a Tuesday, however we did get some fun and a few spunk shots in the glory holes and cuckess got barebacked in one of the rooms with a rather large spunk shot right up her, which I dutifully cleaned out when she sat on my face.

Date: 4 August 2018

Rating: Fabulous
Another great night at this wonderful club.

A hot night got even hotter. Clean, friendly and a great atmosphere.

Date: 16 July 2018

Rating: Fun
Another trip to Bitastic on Friday. Had a fun time, and believe firmly that as word spreads about this great night there will be more and more people attending as the facilities, staff, food and friendly vibe are all top notch. If you are free on Friday nights, and bisexual then get yourself down to the Greenhouse! :)

Date: 8 July 2018

Rating: Fun
Went to the inappropriately named 4th BiTasticTuesday event on a Friday. Was quiet to start but got better later and met some old and new acquaintances which is fun. This is a good venue, friendly crew and guests and an excellent buffet! This deserves to succeed so why not give this your support and come along?

Date: 23 June 2018