Real Fun in Essex Club

Barking, Greater London


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This is a a party house which is run by the memebers of the real fun in essex group. It has been running for quite a while now and is a well established member of the party scene. It is bassed on the A13 in Barking so has great road access and local parking as well as being close to train and tube stations and is on the night bus route for the late stayers.

We pride ourself on being very welcoming to everyone, new swingers, as well as people who have tried many other places. We hold parties every weekend and some week days as well. We are non clicky and welcome everyone to our venue. We do not have working girls at our parties so you can be sure that all the women who attened are there because they want to be there as they are swingers.

We have kinky nights for the little more adventurouse people and special themed nights as well as bi nights bbw nights as well as the loverly usual swingers nights.

We have a strict over 21 years age policy and if unsure we will ask for id. There is no membership just an entrance fee, there is a buffet and a bar where we can look after the drinks that you may want to bring along with you.

Im sure that if you come and try us out you will have a good time!

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Rating: OK
Went on the closing night, must of been every swinger from everywhere, absolutely packed, that night will stay in my memory for ever, fantastic night. Yea its wasn't top notch, but the amazing people that attended, every kind of diversity that you can imagine, thanks guys xxxx

Date: 3 November 2018

Rating: Avoid
Leaving an Avoid review as this place is now CLOSED. Pity as it was friendly, down n dirty fun.

Date: 27 June 2018

Rating: Fun
Had some good times here, shame it’s gone.

Date: 9 June 2018

Rating: OK
Anymore clubs in barking?

Date: 31 January 2017

Rating: Fabulous
shame its gone had loads of fun xxx

Date: 29 November 2016

Rating: Fun
We had a Great 2. 1/2 years at this very friendly club. We miss it loads. Ok place was a bit run down. But the people was always very friendly and best of all remembered you !! We met some really good friends there and had a great time using the dungeon and putting a show on for guys who had never seen a bbwsub being used for bdsm before !!. Theres no other clubs in east london like this one. That is only a swingers club. We miss it loads . Yellow house is now Closed !!

Date: 3 July 2016

Rating: Avoid
Glad it's closed.

This place was dirty scary seedy and damn right horrible.

Date: 6 June 2016

Rating: OK
Has the club closed down??

Date: 27 May 2016

Rating: Fabulous
The yellow house nay be closed but the fun goes on. Had a great night in a hotel with two great girls. Thanks you.

Date: 27 March 2016

Rating: Fabulous
Shame it's closed.anywere else close by?

Date: 10 November 2015

Rating: Fabulous
I went to the Last swingers even at the Yellow House. There was standing room Only outside as there was so many couples,guys,Tv's and women there,The house was full in every room !! . It was a Great friendly evening meeting people and friends. Its a Shame its closed down......

Will be a GREAT Lose to East london and Essex this club closing.

We have had great evenings in the dungeon here !! . Done and tried so much.

The memories of The Yellow House Swingers Club will live on for Ever.

Date: 31 October 2015

Rating: Fun
The night started off slow but it ended up being a fun night in the end!!

Date: 30 August 2015

Rating: OK
A little quieter than usual, which is not always a bad thing, as you can chat and get to know each other more freely. A nice friendly gathering laughing and joking. The quieter evening certainly allowed more time for fun in the playrooms.

Date: 1 August 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Great to see so many new and familiar faces on sat,this club is the friendliest I've been too.Cant wait to go back.

Date: 27 July 2015

Rating: Fun
Had a great time, very welcoming atmosphere.

Date 25th July 2015

Date: 26 July 2015

Rating: OK
Was invited to the Summer Ball @ LYH for my first ever party last week, and had a great time. Yes, it's a house... Nobody has ever tried to describe it as anything else so I don't really understand some of the other reviews...

It is in a bit of a tricky location if, like me, you don't drive, but not awful... The parties finish quite late so if you're trying to back across town its harder to get back than to get there, but even from West London, it was worth the trip!

I had a great time here, met some lovely people and had a lot of fun... Hopefully next time, I'll be spending even more time upstairs :)

Date: 24 July 2015

Rating: Avoid
Location awful.

Date: 24 June 2015

Rating: Fun
Had a great time. Sam is sexy.

Date: 7 June 2015

Rating: OK
We have yet to visit a club that has not been within an Industrial estate or private dwelling house. We find the former scary and insecure at night, no one about except perhaps round the next dark corner, you may not want to bump into. Real fun in Essex is on the illuminated A13 road. Yes it is next to a car repair depot, closed at night, which is next to a building chosen by a Religious group as place of Worship. Friendly people within the club, located in an area you can feel safe in. Not to mention the naughty fun you can have. Like all clubs, if you go on the night when the theme is what you seek.

Date: 3 June 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Very nice venue with so many nice people ??

Date: 27 April 2015

Rating: Fun
Finally managed to go to lyh today unfortunately it was on a quite night but everyone there made me feel welcome the venue was clean tidy and warm didn't play this time there but next time who knows it was only my first time there but was impreased

Date: 29 March 2015

Rating: Fun
We went on the 27th Feb.First time in just over a year due to my gf having depression. We was welcome back with open arms and everyone remember US !!

How many clubs can you say that about.We use to go to a Fetish club.They couldn't even remember us after two months !! and we had gone there for over a year..This is a GREAT CLUB Very friendly Place. We don't go for the look of the club. A Club is what you make of it !! At least with this club there's no one watching you going in or out like some clubs with Neighbour's over looking it or General public asking me How much for SEX with my gf Only because she was Wearing pvc Outfit !!..Don't take notice of people on here who run the club down only because they own other clubs and want us to pay loads to go to theres or people who just don't like the location !! You all have your own minds so use them !!

Date: 21 March 2015

Rating: OK
I visited once again this club Friday. I have very limited experience of other clubs but considerable experience of people.

The former would benefit from a some organised cleaning.

The latter cannot be better the venue benefits from the relaxed and friendly attitude of the prime hostess which results in un enjoyable visit

Date: 6 March 2015

Rating: OK
Could not help noticing the complain about security gates being open, when a previous complaint was the club was behind security gates. Make up your mind. So your reveiws make sence.I would not call a well lit area with people about as scary,as a club in a dark area so you could not see if anyone was about, and if there was, no passers by in earshot

Date: 3 March 2015

Rating: Fun
We attended the interracial hosted by marmite 77 and had a really great time. It was a busy night with a good mix of people.

Date: 3 March 2015

Rating: Fabulous
once again its a real fun night at the yellow house cant wait for my next visit and sam you are a great host keep it up, lovely night thanks guys.

Date: 28 February 2015

Rating: OK
Strange this club, which is a 3 bed house, on the very edge of an industrial estate entrance, is getting targeted. We have only been to 3 other clubs, all within an industrial estate in an industrial building. Anyone reading the reviews would be bright enough to sus out they are from some one with an axe to grind. So they are worthless. An informative review would give an opinion of prices, facilities and if they found others attending had the same interest they were looking for. We usually go on a Friday night, knowing there will be others with the same interests as ours attending. WE have fun, surely that's what its all about.

Date: 15 February 2015

Rating: Fun
My wife & I went to the LYH on valentines night.

We have not been there for a long while, so just thought we'd go & see our friends there.

Had a wonderful time, great company, lovely food.

My wife had lots of admires, as they loved her cleavage/boobs.

We will go there again in the spring, to see all of our friends once again.

Date: 14 February 2015

Rating: Fabulous
always have fun there......

Seriously why say awful/avoid because of the location!!!

Date: 11 February 2015

Rating: Fabulous
why are ppl running this place down?been there last year and had a great time

Date: 11 February 2015