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LIBERATION Swingers parties for COUPLES AND SINGLE WOMEN and A HANDFUL OF SELECTED SINGLE GUYS Run by “thejackals” 07949202710 adult party, chill, full and soft swinging (know your limits) voyeurism, exhibitionism, COUPLES AND SINGLE WOMEN - KINKSTERS and SWINGERS ALL WELCOME, NEWBIES AND THE CURIOUS ESPECIALLY WELCOME! WEEKLY PARTIES Every Friday – LIBERATION NYMPHOMANIAC HOVE COUPLES PARTY 10PM TO 3AM Every Saturday – LIBERATTION SCReWDRIVER – BRIGHTON 9.30PM TO 3AM MONTHLY DATES 1st Saturday LIBERATION ORGASMATRON – PORTSMOUTH 10.30PM TO 3AM 1st Saturday LIBERATION TRUTHorDARE – BRISTOL CLUB 10PM TO 3AM 3rd Friday LIBERATION TRYSEXUALITY – MAIDSTONE 9PM TO 2AM 3rd Saturday LIBERATION WET DREAMS – BOURNEMOUTH 10AM TO 3AM BRIGHTON LIBERATION SCReWDRIVER FACILITIES Downstairs through reception Dry Sauna 3 showers 8 person jacuzzi hot tub, held at a lovely 38 degrees Steamroom Bar and chill area Upper floor, all fully air-conditioned, you have a choice of rooms to play or relax in. Several rooms with padded beds One room with a kneeling-bench 3 inter-linked glory holes 2 large sling rooms, one with movies playing. Large cinema playroom, adult movies on the large screen. Covered & heated smoking area Parking very close by. Free clean towels and condoms

PORTSMOUTH LIBERATION FACILITIES – Bar area for soft drinks and space available to store your own alcoholic drinks. Remember to label your drinks. Lockers for clothes and valuables and changing room. Luxurious Reception lounge, with video. Drink, chill and talk dirty. Steam Room Dry sauna x2 Whirlpool (to get you moist and chilled) Sling room (naughty) Dark room (has to be experienced) and Glory holes inner sanctum luxurious play video lounge X2 (large communal matting for group play) 1 designated couples only Roof terrace (with hot tub opening soon) smoking allowed 7 Private Rooms, some being designated couples only (and even 3 mini beach huts for 4play) Internet stations/Wifi Smoking area Towels- hairdryer shower gel etc Condoms and Lube Max capacity 70 persons Dress code – lingerie, nude, smart casual, sexy dress, fetish wear, a cheeky smile, open mind, kinky, lingerie or nothing at all x undress to impress Strict NO DRUGS POLICY, NO DRUNKENESS BYO BOOZE NO MEANS NO – full etiquette info supplied once booking confirmed No smoking throughout main area, there is a dedicated smoking area BRIGHTON LIBERATION NYMPH FACILITIES Main Luxury Playroom 3 Large Upstairs Group Rooms Dining Room & Reception Walk-in Shower Room for Water Sports smoking area Parking very close by.


BRISTOL FACILITIES Bar licensed through the night Lockers/cloakroom for clothes and valuables. Reception and bar lounge. Drink, chill and talk dirty. SWINGERS COUPLES ONLY ROOM large All play room large Glory hole room Dark room Watersports room 2 smaller lockable playrooms Goldfish bowl play room Playroom off balcony Extensive balcony patio area with jacuzzi DUNGEON BDSM PLAY - Well equipped dungeon (kink play is cool but this is not a BDSM event) FET FURNITURE - cage dentist chair body restraint cross with dildo attachment prayer bench spank & fuck bench 2 more spank benches dog basket fuck swing domination wheel TOYS canes flogger paddles cuffs & restraints cat o nine tails (feel free to bring your own) Playroom off balcony Extensive balcony patio area with jacuzzi 2 comfortable smoking areas Pool room for kinky pool games Shower play area Free condoms/lube TOWELS

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Rating: Fun
First visit to the club tonight. Place was a little hard to find and definitely could have been signed better, even if it was an A4 sheet of paper and blue tack! Once inside I was met by a very welcoming and 'fabulous' host who arranged a tour. A well equipped venue it was clean if a little on the 'used' side. The main drawback for me was the relatively short time frame for a high cost especially as most people are never there at the start. Fortunately for me I did find myself a very lovely unicorn to have some great fun with so still had a very good time. Not my favourite venue but definitely not the worst.

Date: 20 November 2022

Rating: OK
To elaborate on our original review which was typed in shock/anger!

We attended a Roman party in Portsmouth at the same venue a couple of weeks before, it was excellently organised, the organisers were great and the party was fantastic so we thought we would give Liberation a go. Alarm bell 1, the profile is for a single woman however when you WhatsApp it’s a guy you deal with. Alarm bell 2, when we dropped them a message saying we had seen profile on Fab Swingers and would like to book tickets we received a “cut and paste” message identical to what’s on the profile page so a pointless effortless message and straight away now questioning communication. Alarm bell 3, the profile clearly states “selected” single men vetted by them. When you book via the platform it is blatantly obvious that ANYONE can simply book a ticket to attend. We booked the tickets. Unfortunately next day (day of the party) we were unwell. We wrote it off as well as the £40odd fee. We messaged the organisers to apologise and say unfortunately we were Ill so would not be attending (out of courtesy but also due to their “no show” policy. Zero response, no “thanks for letting us know, nothing) so again communication in question. We posted a comment on the site that we had booked tickets but unfortunately unwell (with a sad face). Another couple on here messaged to say “if you speak to them they will move your ticket date”. We weren’t worried about and didn’t even give it a thought but thought hey ho may as well ask……. Well this is where it went downhill quickly. We messaged to say what we were advised and that you could move the tickets……….. Response was, message 1, “They told you wrong” not “apologies that’s not our policy”, message 2, “read our policy, no cancellation refund, no transfers”. Our response was “wow, OK, pretty p**s poor communication to be honest” to which the response was “well we never gave you your illness” !! It was as this point we pointed out what an arrogant person (message was slightly different) he was. He then posted on the site to “Avoid Pompeyparty2 like the plague, they are Ill and expect a refund” which was totally untrue, we messaged him straight away to say we were not after a refund at all, at no point had we asked for one and couldn’t give a toss about the £40! We have seen some good reviews about the club and a lot of bad but they need to realise there is nothing “exclusive” about the club and there are PLENTY of better managed ones around………..

Date: 15 November 2022

Rating: OK
Avoid like the plague….. Management have no idea on people skill and are as rude as they come.

Date: 5 November 2022

Rating: OK
Went to a Sunday party at Hove and was disappointed. For a significant period of the visit it was just us and another guy, who couldn’t even be bothered to say hello. We fucked hard in full view and he just went to sleep!!! WTAF??? Apparently 15 paying customers no showed? Why would you pay and do that? Only got better when another couple turned up about 4 hours in and we joined them for a social chat in the hot tub before the guys were soaked by the opposite partners squirting. Yummy but disappointing. Likely wouldn’t do this venue again. Shame as could be a regular Sunday funday!

Date: 12 September 2022

Rating: OK
Attended lib’s last night after a few months absence. Friendly welcome by host. Venue still in need of some TLC but fit for purpose in most respects although needs maintenance in some areas such as lighting outside and mattress covers.

Friendly interactions with couples and some singles but found the ratio of six couples to eight single guys and 4 women, 2 who left very early , meant that single guys were problematic for some of the newer couples who lack experience to deal with the more predatory behaviour that you sometimes get in clubs. That said we had some great chat and interactions with a couple of the single guys who were capable of chatting to couples without expectations to join in, which in our experience creates the dynamic that gives them a place at our party.

Date: 4 September 2022

Rating: Fun
Was in attendance last night and enjoyed every bit of the experience. Rules were clearly set out from the get go, rooms were well presented and clean. Great mix of party goers who were very friendly and great fun to be around. Definitely won’t be the last time I make a visit to this event.

Date: 5 June 2022

Rating: OK
More than a little disappointed that the organisers of this event cancelled it the day before it was due to happen. The reason given was that not enough people had pre-booked, which in real terms means they weren't going to make enough money out of the night. We suggest they change there business model and don't rely on pre-booking and allow people, especially couples and single ladies to just turn up and pay on the door. We were really looking forward to a night out and to have it stopped because of money is pretty poor form. FYI was at Portsmouth.

Date: 14 May 2022

Rating: OK
Went with my partner last Friday, not impressed at all.

More like a night club, need to spend some money to make it glamorous, sexy for a swingers venue.

Not put off trying another venue, even if it was our first time

Date: 8 May 2022

Rating: Fun
Have a fantastic night at the recent Liberation night at Dare 2 in Bristol - met some great people and much naughtiness was had x

Date: 4 May 2022

Rating: OK
I attended their event in Bristol, it was amazing, I will definitely be at others, thank you

Date: 3 May 2022

Rating: Avoid
(Hove) We turned up around 9:45 and were apparently “the first ones to arrive”. We ended up being the only two people there all night and left at midnight. It is a house located out near to Hove Park. The drinks were small and expensive and it felt awkward and not entirely clean (I dread to think about the fluids left on the sofa in the main room!) As we were leaving, the chap working the event suggested contacting the organiser to ask if there was any chance of a refund or a comp (can’t really have a swingers party with exactly one couple in attendance) and we were promptly told ‘no chance’ and then blocked on WhatsApp. Such poor response and service. Won’t be attending any of these “events” in future, and we regret not listening to all the people that messaged us warning us not to go as we wanted to give it a fair chance.

Date: 28 April 2022

Rating: Fun
Have been to liberations a few times, each time is different so we go with the flow, had plenty of fun times. Don’t be put off by other peoples views. Try it for yourself and enjoy! X

Date: 19 April 2022

Rating: Avoid
Only can be described as a total and utter disappointment. The only redeeming feature was that is was warm. Place not clean. Wouldn't want to play there. Won't be returning.

Date: 3 April 2022

Rating: Fun
Attended in Portsmouth many many times before COVID hit. Met lots of great people. Staff were great. Got very messy, but great fun x

Date: 23 February 2022

Rating: OK
Went to the so called orgasmatron party last night, absolute rubbish, left by 9pm. Just a hand full of people, and the place needs a bit of a clean up. Others had left before us, very disappointing, won’t be going back there.

Date: 20 February 2022

Rating: Fun
Attended on Saturday 4th with a new friend and found some Phenomenal couples/singles there. The host was so attentive and the standard of guests was truly raised as lots of externally sexy people, that if you saw me there and would like to meet, please get in touch :) Dancing and laughing, was just a brilliant atmosphere - Definitely go again. Thxxxx

Date: 5 December 2021

Rating: Fun
We’ve been to Hove twice now and enjoyed the experiences, met some great people! Looking forward to coming again! X

Date: 28 November 2021

Rating: Fun
Went for the first time to Brighton libs saturday night.

Nice venue nice staff.

Enjoyed the Hot tub and social.

The evening was ended by some drama from another couple.

But will return in the future


Date: 22 November 2021

Rating: Fun
We’ve visited Liberation a few times now. Always a different crowd each time, but with the familiarity of some faces being regular. When we’ve visited it’s been predominantly couples and single guys, with the occasional unicorn; some younger, some older, but all fun. Single guys can be a little intrusive at times but never had an issue with no meaning no and although sometmes a little bullish and heavy handed their enthusiasm, stamina and persistent artisans can be enjoyable for the ladies.

Various levels of dress from casual to smart, sexy to nude. Plenty of play rooms, couples room, sauna, steam and jacuzzi… lounge area and outside smoking areas. Bring your own drinks although soft drinks available.

Plenty of opportunity for play time with others and to watch if you’re that way inclined. We’ve enjoyed 3-sums, 4-somes and more-somes on our visits, MMF, FFM & many other permutations. Always fun and the hosts are great at putting newbies and regulars at ease. Highly recommended.

Date: 5 October 2021

Rating: Fabulous
Having been to a couple of the Saturday night Couple Parties at Liberation of Hove we decided to give the Friday night party a go which this week had a BDSM theme. Being a couple who don’t full swap we were a little nervous about the single guys but everyone was really respectful and we had a lot of fun and will go again for sure. Plenty of action going on too. Really well run as usual. Thanks all and see you again soon.

Date: 20 September 2021

Rating: Fabulous
Sorry if this is not allowed - but could the owners/organisers contact us please? X thanks x

Date: 12 September 2021

Rating: Fabulous
We are new to the scene and have visited the couples and female parties on Saturdays in Hove twice now and thoroughly enjoy both times. Really well run and have meet some sexy couples. Now we are dining our feet can’t wait to attend again soon.

Date: 6 September 2021

Rating: OK
We attended the Brighton party on Friday night, met some very lovely and very sexy and respectful people there, had a great time with a couple and a few single guys, will attend again.

Date: 22 August 2021

Rating: OK
Emma and Dennis we both feel the club open time to early 730 1130. It was a good night shame only 12 people in to night meet some great friend hope to come again next weekend with more friends next time can we go back to 1030 time bigger turn out thank you

Date: 15 August 2021

Rating: OK
Liberations! My introduction to the lifestyle over a year and a half ago. Never looked back, awesome!!!!!!!

Date: 10 August 2021

Rating: Fabulous
Attended liberation in Portsmouth tonight. First time at a club and very glad to have gone here. Lovely venue, lovely people, some amazing couples to watch and join. Loads of rooms, all with different twists. Thoroughly enjoyed the evening and will definitely be going again soon!

Date: 8 August 2021

Rating: OK
Whilst living in Southampton, I did enjoy a few meets here and actually met a couple who then formed a lovely polyamory relationship. The club itself is what you'd expect, raw, dark and filthy (just how I like it!) and does exactly what it says on the tin! Try it, you might like it... Nx

Date: 6 August 2021

Rating: Avoid
It pains me to criticise, as we need clubs in this area, we have now attended two liberations events.

Sorry to say on both occasions they have fallen far short of expectations, and for this reason we will not be attending again, there is no way blonde would ever be convinced to go back.

Lack of effort, and on the first occasion just overall grubbyness is just unacceptable for these venues

Date: 29 July 2021

Rating: OK
Does anyone know if Henstridge is going to re open

Date: 22 July 2021

Rating: Fun
When is the next portsmouth meet please

Date: 25 June 2021