Bristol Gardens Spa

Brighton, South East


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Rating: Fabulous
I love a trip to bghs chatting with a few naughty couples there and had a good play time with a naughty young lady that was visiting bghs from Wales

Nice very clean spa / club will be back soon

Date: 9 July 2024

Rating: Fabulous
Another great visit to our favourite spa down south. Had a great time downstairs and then lots of great play upstairs. We initially had the open play area to ourselves but later other couples arrived. Whilst we didn't play with anyone else this time, watching the hot young couple put on a show next playtime.

The staff were friendly as always and the place was clean and well maintained as normal.

Date: 1 July 2024

Rating: Fabulous
Fabulous place and facilities. Went Saturday evening had nice relaxing time and some fun on the open bed.

Date: 30 June 2024

Rating: Fabulous
Visited the spa for the first time in ages on Tuesday 25th due to being in the area for an evening event.

As it was very hot outside I was expecting it to be quiet. A few people were in and managed to chat with some, particularly in the steam room & jacuzzi, sadly needing to leave by 6

As with most reviews, the place is spotless & well run.

I thoroughly enjoyed the few hours I was there and will return when next able to.

Date: 28 June 2024

Rating: Avoid


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My partner and I were unfortunate enough to come across the manager/owner today who was both rude and incredulous. We arrived as a couple but my partner had to leave after an hour and I wanted to stay as I had bumped in to some friends there. We were told this was but possible as we had to leave together. After a short interchange with her, my partner agreed to pay for my to re enter as a single person and pay again, however she told us I was not welcome to return that day. I left half dressed,

I was not allowed back in to get fully dressed or to let our friends know we had to leave. I have no idea what was wrong with her but she was stomping around telling my partner to remind me of who she was! What she is, is an obnoxious individual with no regard for financial or customer relations gains. Given that my partner is a regular and had even supported her financially during Covid, I find her actions anppalling and she obviously has a personal power struggle . This is far from the way any manager/owner should treat her clientele. You have been warned.

To be clear, this is an accurate account of what happened and I have several witnesses who will be happy to concur, so any response will merely be her attempt of self importance again. Her farewell comment was that she wasn't going to ban us! Don't worry lady I will never hand over my hard earned money to you ever again and suggest others avoid this establishment like the plague.

Date: 28 June 2024

Rating: Fabulous
As my previous review said I was excited to go back. This time was much quieter, less chat and fewer women/couples. But had a nice chill time in the spa.

Poked my head in the restrooms just to see, didn’t expect much. Saw a wonderful woman having a very good rest surrounded by men. Asked to join but was nervous so just laid my towel nearby and watched. Eventually joined in and went to a private room with her. Had a fantastic time!

Date: 26 June 2024

Rating: Fabulous
Went they last Thursday for the first time with a lady friend. Got there quite late due to sun bathing on the nudist beach first. Very friendly staff on the door and found it to be very clean. A lot bigger than it looks from the websites. A bit like a Tardis. Great facilities. As it was the end of the day it was quirt. Parking might be a a bit of a problem as 4 hour limit that goes quite late. But I think there's some free parking nearby. Will definitely go back and spend more time there

Date: 24 June 2024

Rating: Fabulous
Our second visit together to Bristol Gardens and it never fails to disappoint.

Sam and her staff are really friendly with great banter and make the experience even better.

Facilities are second to none and that clientele were friendly, attractive and a lot of fun.

We love this place and will be back again very soon.

Date: 22 June 2024

Rating: Fun
As always, a lovely relaxing and fun afternoon at one of our favourite clubs. Always a great variety of spa options to enjoy and unwind in, and plenty of spaces to play too! X

Date: 22 June 2024

Rating: Fabulous
Had a wonderful time at BGHS a while back. Lots of nice conversation. My first time at a place like this and I was very welcome and it didn’t feel in anyway sleepy or uncomfortable. Considering going back again today

Date: 16 June 2024

Rating: Fabulous
We had a fab day on Saturday with friends here , the venue is spotless, staff lovely and had a great time ..def go again

Date: 11 June 2024

Rating: Fabulous
Went with another couple and had a fab day in and out of the spas..the ladies thoroughly enjoyed themselves with the single guys who were all very polite and respectful...a jolly good time was had by all

Date: 9 June 2024

Rating: Fabulous
Went today and had a great time. Staff were super friendly. People around well behaved and respectful.

Facilities were all working well and place seemed very clean and well kept.

Had a massage as well which I enjoyed and felt was worth the extra spend.

Just wish I would love closer to Brighton...

Date: 5 June 2024

Rating: Fabulous
Heading back tomorrow afternoon hoping to find single females, MF couples to play with, or my ultimate fantasy....to have any of the above let me watch

Great place, great staff. Can't wait. If you're heading there late afternoon tomorrow let me know

Date: 4 June 2024

Rating: Fabulous
What a great night! Went to BGHS with a FWB and met some great couples. We enjoyed the facilities and spas were hot and the cold pool - perfectly cold. Staff super friendly and welcoming.

Had so much fun in the open room together and then joining with a number of other couples in a big orgy. If you met us there, say hi… def worth the visit

Date: 2 June 2024

Rating: Fun
Visited today with ‘Fanny Ann 71’ brilliant afternoon, fantastic evening. Spent a total of 7 hours playing. Met some fantastic couples. We both had an amazing time. We will certainly be back.

Date: 1 June 2024

Rating: Fun
Our first time visiting met a guy called Chris very respectful, everyone was very respectful especially with Mrs would happliy go back agian

Date: 31 May 2024

Rating: Fun
Finally got to visit the spa this week. The place is lovely, so clean and peaceful it really is the perfect venue to unwind for a few hours and forget about the outside world.

Only slight negative for us was the amount of wanking dead roaming around following us wherever we went. Maybe we just chose the wrong day, but wouldn't put us off returning

Date: 30 May 2024

Rating: Fun
Had a great visit today chatted with some nice people and had some fun, I’ll be back again soon x

Date: 29 May 2024

Rating: Fun
Had a nice first visit nice and chilled.

Date: 27 May 2024

Rating: OK
Visited last night, had a great chill in the spa before heading upstairs.

Only slight negative we have is that’s on couples nights there’s a growing trend of guys seeming to walk around on their own leaving their partners who frankly look reluctant to be there, sat in the lounge on their own. One guy last night spent the best part of an hour and a half back and forward patrolling the rest area whilst he’s parter sat alone in the lounge. We didn’t see him interacting with anyone in this time, just a bit similar to the wanking dead who patrol the corridors during other times.

Surely if you go to a couples only session, you use the place as a couple.

Aside from that, we ended up chatting to a very very very hot couple, before we ending up next to them on the big bed, followed by the most immensely sexy session in the mirror room. Shame some of the lights were out which made it darker than we would have liked for what was happening between us all.

If they ever come on here, we hope they find us. N&S you would be welcome to join us there anytime, or perhaps elsewhere ;-)

Date: 26 May 2024

Rating: Fabulous
We had our first time at BGHS today (evening couples session). We didn't know what to expect as this was our first time at anywhere like this. The staff were great, rules were followed by all and other couples were friendly and put us at ease from the start, we hope to make the journey again!

Date: 25 May 2024

Rating: Fun
Visited on Sunday evening. As always, had a fabulous time. Enjoyed unwinding in the jacuzzis before heading upstairs for some fun. Met some lovely people. Can’t wait to go back.

Date: 20 May 2024

Rating: Fun
Yet another great evening spent at BGHS. looking forward to our next visit. Staff are always friendly and helpful. Laying naked on the roof terrace is a must (Although I was slightly scared of the seagulls) lol.

Date: 19 May 2024

Rating: OK
Had a great time Saturday night we met some lovely couples and the facilities were kept clean the staff were welcoming and friendly. I would definitely recommend you visit and I definitely will be.

Date: 18 May 2024

Rating: OK
Another great Friday visit meeting a couple off FAB

Relaxed in the spa then first visit to the playrooms, back to the spa then up to the playrooms for some more sexy/hot play. Looking for more female/couples to meet/play with there

Date: 11 May 2024

Rating: Fun
I went with a woman from here for her first time as she wanted to try it but had been misled she would be hassled etc I described it to her and we had a lovely relaxed if not unfortunately a bit brief time

Date: 7 May 2024

Rating: Fabulous
Had a great time playing with a few different couples on both our last visits. Between full partner swaps or just all fucking in the same room listening to everyone enjoy themselves ot is a treat.

Loving the chill out in the pools between rest room fun. We tend to get into a cycle of play, pool, play, pool. Great night on a saturday as always x

Also, if we've played with you there, drop us a hey!

Date: 5 May 2024

Rating: Fabulous
An afternoon visit was what I needed.

Very clean and the staff are great.

Just had a relaxing time in the spa as did not have time to play.

This place I would give 10 out of 10 again

Date: 3 May 2024

Rating: Fabulous
A last minute trip to the spa last night, which never disappoints. Staff are so friendly and always welcoming. Clean and comfortable.

Cannot wait to return.

Date: 28 April 2024