Hornykoparties @ Dv8

Sittingbourne, South East


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HornyKoParties holds events on the first Friday of every month at DV8 near Sittingbourne in Kent. Our parties are invite only for couples, single females and single males who enjoy the swinging/alternative lifestyle.

We bring together the new and the old, the experienced and the novice for enjoyable no pressure evenings of entertainment, either socialising, just playing or both!

?We are assisted by a great crew of like minded team members who work hard to make sure the evening runs smoothly, you have fun and everyone is safe.

If you would like an invite please visit the website and subscribe to receive party updates.

• Attire: Gents, Shirt and Trousers, no Jeans or Joggers, Ladies, as sexy as you wish to go.

• Friendly atmosphere

• Cosy seating

• Large dance area

• Large TV screen lounge

• Large couples area (no single men in this area, it is monitored)

• Secluded intimate areas (upstairs)

• Spa area with indoor heated pool and hot tub(If you wish to use wet area please bring your own towel, as we do not supply them)

• Shower room

• Buffet

• You are welcome to bring your own alcohol & soft drinks to label & leave behind the bar

• NEW FEATURE! Dungeon area, this will be monitored at all times by our resident Master!

• Secure off road parking

• On-site overnight cabins for hire

• Local hotel under 1 mile away

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Rating: Fabulous
We have been to the Sutton house twice and have really enjoyed the atmosphere.

Great friendly staff and great selection of food available.

Much better venue that what we have down here in Portsmouth.

Keep up the great work and see you guys soon.

Date: 8 February 2020

Rating: Fabulous
Great party Love the hosts and team, everyone is so friendly and welcoming Great guests and good variety of people - good age range and various ethnicities attending I as a large BBW feel extremely comfortable dressing down there.

Date: 16 January 2020

Rating: OK
I think place needs s good clean filthy and staff so rude

Date: 28 December 2019

Rating: Avoid
Attended my first HKOP party at Sutton house on Saturday 7 December. Whilst it was nice to catch up and chat with a few friends, overall I felt there was a very limited range of people to chat to. It felt more like a BBW for BBC event. And having paid 40 quid to go and the ladies are free...basically it felt like a con.

Date: 10 December 2019

Rating: OK
What a fun bunch of people. Best night in with clothes on I've had for a very long time.

Thank you and we will see you again .

Date: 8 December 2019

Rating: Fabulous
We have been to several of HKOP’s parties now at the House of Poitier. Always a great night, the staff make everyone feel so welcome. Totally relaxed atmosphere - very well run dungeon with knowledgable Master and Mistresses.

Looking forward to December’s Little Red Dress event. Xxx

Date: 11 November 2019

Rating: Fun
Attended the halloween party at sutton last night.

It was so much fun, the staff were lovely and welcoming, such a friendly atmosphere.

The curry was amazing..compliments to the chef!!

Date: 3 November 2019

Rating: OK
Hi I attended this party, unfortunately I had to leave early too you family emergency... anyone who I spoken to on this party... apologised to leaving early and please ssay hello to anyone I know ..

And thanks for the staff who made me welcome to attend and unsure if I come back later on

Date: 2 November 2019

Rating: Fabulous
Attended this venue for the first time on 17th July. A great place, very secluded, no fuss just fun. Had a great time with some amazing girls. Now my favourite party house out of the four I attend.

Date: 22 July 2019

Rating: Fabulous

All I can say is these night get better and better very busy with sexy people can’t say enough how much I enjoy it at Sutton great hosts and staff can’t do enough for you I have seen this event get bigger and bigger keep it up guys your doing a fantastic job and can’t wait for the next one there will 12 of us next time can’t wait xx

Date: 2 April 2019

Rating: Fabulous
AReally great team and the best new location in Sutton for Hkop, much better then the old one , no looking back. Each month it just gets better and always look forward to the next party. If you have never been you really don’t know what your missing!! Book early to avoid disappointment

Date: 1 April 2019

Rating: Fabulous
I can not express how much H.K.o.P has grown since moving from Dv8


DiscreetZ Fetish Events

Are the BEST!

The house gets a full make over at every event they hold!

Either a complimentary cold buffet to the famous Curry night and snacks

All the guest make you feel as if they have known you for yrs

Newbies or experienced the team will look after you

That's what make these hosts different from the rest!

They wear uniform so you can spot them in the crowed if you need them

The gents that attend including myself respect the H.K.o.P rules and I like the fact that if anyone brakes them Gent cpl or Lady they are out no questions asked

They are not 420 friendly unlike most clubs out their

If you have not need to one of these nights then I suggest you try it for yourselves......

See you all soon

Keep it up.......

Date: 19 March 2019

Rating: Fabulous
We are no longer in NorthDowns DV8 in Medway Kent

We are at a much bigger and better venue

7Bed Edwardian private home based in Sutton Surrey

With 3 Dungeons

Lockable rooms

Even later closing time!



DiscreetZ Fetish Events

We are a well attended and very well established party hosts

Our parties are always about FRIENDS and NEW

The H.K.o.P Team and

DiscreetZ Fetish Events Team

Look forward to welcoming you all back to a much better party night

Date: 18 March 2019

Rating: OK
Attended sutton HKoP with my partner at the start of the month. We both really enjoyed ourselves, and can't wait to come again (pardon the pun!) as soon as our work rotas allow.

Tracy is a great host, the atmosphere is great, the people are very friendly.

Date: 18 March 2019

Rating: OK
We when to sutton hokp party last sat nite

Was a good night

Date: 3 March 2019

Rating: Fabulous
Have attended several clubs but have to say HKoP Sutton is far the best. The HKoP team always make you feel really welcome the evening is full of fun with a relaxed and friendly feel to it. The facilities at Sutton are So much nicer than Dv8 we would and have recommended this club to everyone.

Date: 1 March 2019

Rating: Fabulous
I got to say this is one the best if not the number 1 swingers club I been too. The hosts are so easy to get on with and very friendly. You will not be sorry you went. For any newbies I would recommend this place. There is fun games that is a good way of mingling with other people, getting the juices flowing if you know what i mean.

Date: 1 March 2019

Rating: Fabulous
The HornyKO Parties are without a doubt one the best parties you’ll ever attend.

The venue is a large comfortable house with several play areas.

I’m always greeted with a hug and a kiss from Paul and Tracy, who have become good friends of mine.

My couple crush, Mark and Jo-Lee are always super friendly and go out of their way to make sure all the guests are comfortable.

Now the for the down and dirty....! Hahaha! The dungeon team.....where do I start? So the dungeon master and his sub put on amazing displays of rope play, flogging, hot wax and the occasional display with fire (I’m not sure what the actual name for it is). They always draw large crowds and will happily talk you through what they are doing and answer any questions you may have.

The mistress.....Mistress Muse is one sexy bitch who knows how to get you to do whatever she wants. Yes, I’m speaking from experience.....! She’s very experienced in hot wax play and rope play. She’ll also give you a good flogging if you ask nicely!

Come along, you won’t be disappointed

Date: 1 March 2019

Rating: Fabulous
I have attended HKOP numerous times. My first visit I was welcomed and showed around the club. The HKOP website clearly states dress code, and prices and all details about the venue and parties which I found very informative. I absolutely love going the staff are friendly and look after their guests. The dungeon Master and mistress are always willing to let you learn and try new things. The friends that I have made from this club will be friends for a life time. I would definitely recommend this club for newbies that want a taster of the scene and also for seasoned fabsters that love good company, atmosphere and a bloody good time. Always look forward to each event :) thank you HKOP you are doing a brilliant job. :) xx

Date: 1 March 2019

Rating: Fabulous
Well I have attended Medway and the host was very welcoming nothing is to much bother. Obviously if there's a dress code everyone has to follow otherwise everyone walking around in shoes and there's some guy in trainers all dressed up lol

The best thing H.K.o.P ever done was move from Medway! They are at a much bigger and better venue!

The Doorman Paul is never rude and the Team members are the best and are always happy to help

H.K.o.P don't worry about others negative comments keep doing your own thing. Your obviously ruffled some feathers and it's good to see others at Medway hosting copied your ideas with hotel pick ups and out door play areas.

See you Sat 2nd March for the Moulin Rouge Nite and the famous Curry Nite

Don't listen to negative reviews from jealous Twats

Date: 1 March 2019

Rating: Avoid
We went to Hkop in the past and was badly treated by the old guy whom is one half of who is in charge he told my hubby that he wasnt allowed in the couples room when we was there together as a couple and disnt even know my hubby he then told my hubby whom.is serving in the armed forces he cant wear trainers when the doctors have told my hubby that he has to wear trainers from a very young age due to a very serious accident and suffers with his feet NEVER AGAIN WILL WE EVER ATTEND HKOP SUTTON

Date: 28 February 2019

Rating: Fabulous
We attended Hkop red dress party sutton and all we can say is WOW WOW WOW this party is well organised uniformed staff that cant do enough to make you feel welcome every room was spotless and clean with everything you need the venue TIP TOP and ice breaker games that everyone joined in with this is the best party around GREAT NIGHT BEST PARTY will be back again & again xxx

Date: 17 February 2019

Rating: Fun
Attended the Early Valentines event at Sutton last night and thoroughly ourselves! Having attending a number of events at this venue this was our first HKoP: we were warmly welcomed and felt very well looked after. They’d dressed the rooms very thoughtfully, prepared extensive and lovely food, and organised ice-breaker games. We couldn’t wait to get down to it, and hopefully our audiences of single guys enjoyed the show. ‘Do you two ever stop?’ asked one. We didn’t play with anyone else sadly, but that did nothing to spoil a really fun evening with lots of new people.

Date: 3 February 2019

Rating: Fabulous
Went to HK party on 7th Dec wasn't very busy but was loads of fun. Jo-lee was an amazing host as allways (love her laugh)

Looking forward to the next one in feb for valentines, so if you want a great evening with great people give HK a visit we have never been dissapointed.

Date: 9 December 2018

Rating: Fabulous
Attende my first event for the Xmas party, what a truly enjoyable evening surrounded by friendly happy people in a fun filled environment. The well thought our decor complimented the night perfectly. Loved the vibrator racing hilarious, my bottom is still glowing from a very nice spanking I got in the dungeon, thanks team for all your hard work and effort, see you again “ defiantly “.

Date: 2 December 2018

Rating: Avoid
Travelled a long way to come to this party and having read reviews was looking forward to it. Maybe our expectations are different to others but we left shortly as was very disappointed. We were over charged at the door after it advertised discounts for two couples attending. The pool and hot tub was closed due to technical issues which they could have shared before people attended the party as they knew about this earlier in the day. The tour guide didn’t interact very well. There were only 4 play areas none very private and all

Blow up beds. Seating arrangements are like a doctors waiting room. Positives the bar staff was very friendly and luckily there was a free taxi service back and to the local hotel.

Date: 28 October 2018

Rating: Fun
Went on Saturday night, whilst not very busy, we had a good time having a boogie and meeting up with some old and new friends. Sadly had to leave early due to 2 hr drive home.

Date: 1 October 2018

Rating: Avoid
Was greeted by two very nice helpful Gentleman at the Entrance but the HKOP crew inside not very friendly or welcoming all hanging around in one place not getting involved with guests. We was in one of the rooms when the staff kept looking through the curtains making us feel uncomfortable trying to hurry us up. All they wanted do do was pack up 45 mins early before closing time. When we left the HKOP owners just looked at us never applogised for closing early very bad manners indeed. We shall be attending other eents at the venue but not HKOP.

Date: 30 September 2018

Rating: Fabulous
Have just returned from the HKOP Sutton party now hosted by Tracey and partner and I have to say what a great well organised party..

Everyone from the moment through the door are greeted by a brilliant welcoming team of Tracey+partner,

jo-lee+mark(the original host+hostess with mostess,lol),


and red...

and they continue to make sure we’re all comfortable and enjoying ourselves throughout.. This party is superb for newbies or the regular visits couples and I can’t praise highly enough the company I’ve kept tonight:-)

LADIES and COUPLES,this is the party to go to! whether SUTTON,or their other venues,you’ll have a great night with the best people and genuine for the guest hosts..

Thankyou Tracey and HKOP for tonight and welcoming me back..

I will return:-)

Date: 16 September 2018

Rating: Fabulous
Went to hkoparties at SUTTON on Friday night for the first time and was blown away by how welcomed we were made to fill by the whole team. Everyone was friendly and the ratio of couples and single woman and men was just right. The rooms had comfortable beds and promoted safe sex for both men and woman in each of the rooms..which we haven't seen anywhere else we have been yet. Will definitely be back here!! X

Date: 16 September 2018