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Rio's is a Naturist Health Spa in London.

We pride ourselves on creating a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, whether it's your first visit to the club or you're a regular customer.

Rio's holds a couples only night every Saturday between 7pm and 3am.

Together you can enjoy our luxurious saunas, steam rooms and swimming pool. We have high speed tanning showers for your use at your convenience and If you should require some privacy, we also have many private massage rooms.

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Rating: OK
Would be so much better without the predators walking up and down, staring . Made us feel so uncomfortable so we left after about half an hour.

Date: 17 September 2021

Rating: Fabulous
It was my first visit to Rio's and I was very impressed by the club very friendly staff brilliant facilities all spotless and very clean for a wet club one of the best I've been to will definitely be making a return visit

Date: 16 September 2021

Rating: Fun
Visited today, nice relaxed atmosphere, was pretty quiet, although was getting busier as I was leaving. Will definitely be back

Date: 7 September 2021

Rating: Fun
Great spa. Haven’t been in over a year and met some old and new friends.

Date: 3 September 2021

Rating: Fun
Went today for the first time for awhile obviously. Very friendly people a good new good look.

So had a good time not too many idiots either.

Would recommend it go with an open mind and enjoy.

Date: 17 August 2021

Rating: OK
Went last night, first trip since re-opening, refurb looks good, definitely looks a lot cleaner and fresher. £28 for a single male now.

no proof of negative test or vaccination taken, they just checked my temperature.

staff opening doors every few minutes to 'check everythings ok' made the steam rooms useless, they didn't have time to get hot and barely had any steam.

staff all fully dressed and at least half the customers too, made me feel a bit uncomfortable walking round naked as I was in the minority.

facilities are still good and i'll be back, but maybe not as often.

Date: 14 August 2021

Rating: OK

I went last Sunday at c. 1.00 pm . Nice and quiet with a few couples, about 10 guys -and 4 women

The refurb had been done well to the front of house , changing rooms , and TV bar area - fresh look ! Bar staff very friendly although no longer topless : made no difference really . Saw some familiar faces - stayed for a couple of hours and started to get a bit busier with a 2/3 of additional couples and a disproportionate number of single men! Nice relaxing afternoon . No idiots .

Date: 9 August 2021

Rating: OK
The staff are nice, it's clean enough and has been painted. Not many females and guys try and jump on you if you are not escorted or walk up and down the play room corridor banging on doors and wanking outside the rooms even if you tell them to swivel. So I would be careful as a female and only go escorted if you have too..

Date: 5 August 2021

Rating: OK
Just to clarify, am I the only person that was asked of proof of double vaccination to gain entry? or as other people experience this ?

Date: 3 August 2021

Rating: Fun
Went on Sat the 31st. Great to be back although £35 for a few hours is expensive as Rios shuts at 12 so to get your money's worth get there mid-afternoon if you need some water time.

Many people wear costumes or some sort of clothing, as a naturist I thought we should all be naked!!

Have redone the place with new paint new entrance which is nice but let be frank really nowhere else to go in boring London unless you want to go somewhere late at night.

Met great people and had fun which is the point!!

Date: 2 August 2021

Rating: OK
We spent an ok evening at Rios.

Was very hard to get in the hot tubs as too many in.

And don’t think it should be called a Naturist Spa

As we felt a little awkward being naked at times ad would say more more people there not naked male and female

Date: 1 August 2021

Rating: OK
1st visit back yesterday for a couple hours

Lots of lovely naked people a few playing in the rooms

No double vaccination required as stated below

Date: 30 July 2021

Rating: Fabulous
First post-lockdown visit, and my first solo visit for a few years. Was pleased to find the club looking clean and tidy, with a revamped entrance and changing rooms. The staff were all friendly. The club wasn’t overly busy, there was a chilled atmosphere and a good ratio of girls to guys.

I’d like to say I sampled all the facilities but in truth a lovely couple tempted me into a room shortly after I arrived, so I missed out on most of them.

I look forward to returning soon, when hopefully the opening hours will be back to normal.

Date: 29 July 2021

Rating: OK
Been to Rose many times and always enjoyed it

But post Covid restrictions have made a difference, everyone has to be double vaccinated to enter, this has affected the client base.

It seems that the older people that’s been vaccinated are going and the younger pretty people are not?.

It’s such a shame because now it only seems to be old men that are hanging out there and no younger people.

Date: 26 July 2021

Rating: Fun
As noone has got around to adding a post-covid update - Here Goes - mostly aimed at people who have been before, but may be useful for those considering it.

I attended on Saturday with a friend for couples night. There have been some slight changes to the front of house/entrance male changing rooms and "Bed area", I think these are improvements (There are now more lockers in the mens room and that bench in the "middle" has been removed, but very minor changes. The price has increased to £35 for a couple.

Except for the manager, I believe all staff are new and the ladies working are more fully dressed, but I believe I have seen the floors mopped more tonight more than all previous experiences combined.

The "spa area" is exactly the same as it has always been.

It seemed reasonably busy for the first weekend - approximately 30 couples excluding those in "back rooms".

For the most part the people seemed pretty cool as usual for couples night, my friend was offered a massage about 4 times though, including near the bar and in the shower - a polite "no, thank you" was sufficient though.

We were not particularly looking to play (and I got that vibe from a higher percentage than I used to pre-covid, although there definitely were some people doing so!)

The big con was there seemed to be about 4-5 guys that had found a woman to be there "partner" at 6pm and were allowed to stay, but then spent the night looking for action. We had a walk down by the rooms a few times throughout the night and each time there was 1 guy that would walk up the corridor and point to all the empty rooms and hover around despite being told each time we were not interested (another couple also had told him the same). There were also another 2 men sitting/waiting on the bench opposite the last room. This was minor in the grand scheme of things, but did encourage doors to be closed rather than the potential of inviting other couples in.

The place did close at Midnight (although I think it was actually closer to 11:30 people started being kicked out)

All in the all it is basically exactly the same as it always was except for slightly higher prices, slightly less time and the biscuit tin now missing, although very understandably why.

I think I have covered the main points one may wish to know, but If anyone has any questions other than "when is the best time to go/most women?" feel free to PM

Date: 25 July 2021

Rating: OK
Went here again on Monday one of my best visit wasn’t to busy but still had fun

Planning a visit again soon

Date: 11 March 2020

Rating: Fun
Been a few times now, mainly to relax. The people are quite friendly so you do get tempted to play. If we've spoken before and you'd like to to see me again, feel free to drop me a message, I've yet to visit on couples night.

Date: 7 March 2020

Rating: OK
Went to Rios last Sunday for a steam/sauna and to see what all the hype was! Enjoyed the facilities and the girls behind the reception/bar were friendly and had amazing boobs.. A few too many peculiar looking men, more girls working there than attending, and one couple in was all apart from loads of men..would feel better going with someone or meeting someone there next time or couples night..

Date: 6 March 2020

Rating: Fun
1st time here with a lady friend and a bloke man guy friend. Really friendly and helpful staff who helped out when a stranger touched our lady friend without asking, so thanks staff for that! Good facilities and friendly atmosphere. Helpful and friendly advice from the lady on reception with an amazing Larhdon accent. I would highly recommend this place to chill and have sex in.

Date: 25 February 2020

Rating: Fabulous
Had a very fun night on Friday in Rio's. Lots of fun with to very naughty ladies. Will be back for sure!

Date: 22 February 2020

Rating: Fabulous
Was last saturday night time. Full swap with other couple in the back room. Amazing xxx night :) Customer service very friendly as usual.

Date: 20 February 2020

Rating: Avoid
Poor Customer Service from the minute you enter and the security guard is rude and thinks he’s too important to listen to anyone

Date: 17 February 2020

Rating: Fun
Went here Saturday afternoon to chill and relax, had a nice time, also got to see another couple in the steam room have a little play in front of everyone which was hot!

Date: 17 February 2020

Rating: OK
Another fantastic time on Saturday both in the afternoon and early evening....had a lovely meeting with Kevin, possible the funniest man on the planet-Kevin please contact us so we can see you again :) and thank you for the New Yorker present-so kind xxx

Date: 10 February 2020

Rating: Fabulous
Had an incredible time in Rio's last weekend. Met this gorgeous woman in the sauna. It was hot enough without a sex bomb like her. We hit it off so we'll, we couldn't keep our hand off each other.

Finding a locked room, we got down and dirty, followed by chilling in the jacuzzi. What a night. Looking forward to catching up again, when I'm back in London.

Rio's has great facilities and great staff.

Date: 9 February 2020

Rating: OK
Loved it tonight at rios, to that sexy couple we met, please say hello to us if you are here.

If anyone interested to meet, please message us. No single men, please

Date: 9 February 2020

Rating: Fun

Date: 16 January 2020

Rating: Fabulous
I really enjoyed my time in Rios. Great facilities. The locked rooms were an incredible feature. You can relax in the sauna, bathe in the pool and fuck in the lockable rooms. Repeat!

Date: 15 January 2020

Rating: OK
Had a lovely afternoon here, was worried about going as reviews were so-so but we found everyone pleasant and the place was clean (apart from a little something in the jacuzzi by the pool, might need a toothbrush on that). The 'restrooms/playrooms' were a little basic but didn't hinder anything.

We will go back again, very nice.

Date: 15 January 2020

Rating: Fun
Went with a friend on a Saturday night. It was pretty good overall, and we had fun with another couple. I'll go back :)

Date: 13 January 2020