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Rio's is a Naturist Health Spa in London.

We pride ourselves on creating a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, whether it's your first visit to the club or you're a regular customer.

Rio's holds a couples only night every Saturday between 7pm and 3am.

Together you can enjoy our luxurious saunas, steam rooms and swimming pool. We have high speed tanning showers for your use at your convenience and If you should require some privacy, we also have many private massage rooms.

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Rating: OK
Ventured to Rio’s to use the sauna. Been a couple of times and the staff are really chilled/friendly. The odd thirsty customer but good vibe generally.

Date: 26 January 2023

Rating: Fun
So took my first trip down to rio’s last night and what can i say its bloody amazing so clean and up to date the staff was friendly the people there was welcoming definitely will be coming here more often

Date: 26 January 2023

Rating: Fun
I love this place! Rios has lovely friendly staff, wonderful clean facilities, and gorgeous men and women ! It's my go to place these days when I'm feeling extra naughty! I love it! Thank you to all the lovely staff for making this place so special and welcoming . Xxx

Date: 22 January 2023

Rating: Fabulous
Loved my return trip to Rio's. Staff were incredible. Bit of a sausage fest but it was still good. Loved watching and chatting to Maria. What a stunner. Body to die for and her moans of pleasure had me on the edge. If you saw me there drop me a verification. Maria if you're on Fab, get in touch. You are the stuff of dreams.

Date: 11 January 2023

Rating: Fun
First time going there last night, very chilled and a good vibe, staff were amazing, lots of space in jacuzzis and steam rooms, would definitely come again.

Date: 3 January 2023

Rating: Fun
I visited Rio's on Sunday with my girlfriend. It was such a brilliant day, the staff were great and we meet some very cool people....

Looking forward to visiting again in a couple of weeks

Date: 20 December 2022

Rating: Fabulous
Visited yesterday and I still love this place, staff are very nice, the facilities are great.

I also met some new faces as well as chatting with the old faces.

I will be back in January most definitely.

Date: 19 December 2022

Rating: Avoid
Went on Saturday night on the 10th of December: friendly people,reception staff was not so friendly.

The room were freezing, at least two of them had the radiators not working and one had no radiator at all.

Will go back maybe but in summer.

Date: 16 December 2022

Rating: OK
We have been to Rios twice on a couples night . Very lovely staff, good facilities and very open minded friendly environment. The staff will forever know one of us as Jingle balls lol

Date: 14 December 2022

Rating: OK
Took fuck slut to Rio's for her 50th birthday bash, great place, very friendly staff and guys in general were all well behaved. Lost number of the guys that took advantage of this slut. She loved every minute of it. Thanks guys for making her day a memorable one.

Date: 24 November 2022

Rating: Fun
Came to Rio's again recently and i've definitely missed the place. Met some really cool, intelligent, interesting and beautiful people...say hi if we chatted. J

Date: 6 November 2022

Rating: OK
Went there last nyt couples only nice clean place lovely sexc couples there everyone is friendly polite will be back there soon

Date: 30 October 2022

Rating: Fabulous
What an absolutely amazing evening last night with my partner in crime sexy-bbw1981 and some truly amazing cock! Both of us had difficulty walking after last night’s gangbang. Look forward to visiting again xxxx

Date: 28 October 2022

Rating: Fun
Not our first visit to Rio's, but first time we've left a review. Visited as a couple, and Grace felt more comfortable wearing a swimsuit. As you'd expect, it's mostly single guys inside, and as you'd hope, they were generally well behaved. Enjoyed chilling over a couple glasses of wine in the re-vamped bar area, then headed to the (heavily chlorinated) jacuzzis - where before long the guy sitting next to Grace was stroking her leg. She allowed his hand to wander a little further, whilst playing with him and me at the same time. All discreet and under the water, and all the more fun for that! Her not-so-subtle dick squeeze indicated we were heading to a relaxation room. Unfortunately that meant negotiating a corridor of desperately hopeful single guys, and also Rio's staffer ensuring no 'open door' play. But behind closed doors we had much fun with our new acquaintance :) Recommended if you go with an open mind and reasonable expectations.

Date: 22 October 2022

Rating: OK
Something new.. I like it...

Date: 12 October 2022

Rating: Fun
Visited on Thursday night. £32 for a single man which isn't bad if you get there early. Great naturist Spa. My first visit and wasn't dissapointed. Just went to chill and maybe watch some action. Plenty of room in the hot tubs. Nice cool pool. Steam rooms a but cosy especially if women are in there as the men flock for a glimpse. Mixture of types in there something for everyone. Few thirsty guys hanging around play rooms but staff quickly sorted them out. Staff were polite and helpful. I enjoyed it and would go back. Don't expected to play and you won't be dissapointed. Highlight for me was watching a lovely lady get a full body massage in the steam room. If you saw me there, drop me a verification please and I'll return the favour.

Date: 7 October 2022

Rating: Fun
We went for couples night last Sat and had fun.

We felt sat was bit more relaxed as playing to some extend was allowed in jacuzzi and pool , and no single male stacking around.

Mrs had a massage from a nice chap and overall good experience.

Date: 6 October 2022

Rating: OK
Had a wonderful time this evening, met a beautiful Turkish gentlemen who allowed me to devour his gorgeous penis just before I left. More straight than Bi Couples or Men there today, but my friend served up his meat beautifully and so I didn’t go without.

If the gentleman in question is on here please get in touch.

Date: 3 October 2022

Rating: Fun
Attended a few weeks ago with a few friends for the first time, from the outside you’d never be able to tell how many pools, hot tubs and saunas are inside. As well as playrooms. Definitely worth a visit if for playing or relaxing.

Date: 26 September 2022

Rating: OK
Not a bad place used to be amazing a few years ago now it feels like hawks watching you all the time cant really relax and enjoy with others without others being so pushy good for a quick visit on work days when most people are away. Avoid on Friday evenings and Saturday

Date: 20 September 2022

Rating: Fun
Had a great night last Saturday with the Wee Sassy Lassy and the gorgious Tigger. Met up with new friends and old. Tiggers first time at Rios and she really enjoyed herself. Great club and post lockdowns the atmospher has completly changed, back to the relaxed cool place it was when I first went over 20 years ago.

Date: 11 September 2022

Rating: OK
Just got out of Rios on a Thursday night . At long last the letches have gone leaving mostly genuine naturists and couples who want to have fun . Staff were great and there was plenty of playing although not with me unfortunately. However a big step in the right direction . Long may it continue ; a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

Ps to the tall black couple please pm me for a meet soon .

Date: 8 September 2022

Rating: Fun
First time at Rios last night before a gig! One thing I noticed was the men going and looking in every steam room to see if women were in there but apart from that it was fun, got talking to some people. Met great down to earth people there!

Can’t wait to go again for longer hopefully

Date: 7 September 2022

Rating: Fabulous
Had amazing time with sexy-bbw1981 tonight at Rios on Wednesday night - with old friends and lots of new ones too! The Arsenal win got all the guys fired up :) Will be back on Friday night! Love this place xxxx

Date: 1 September 2022

Rating: OK
Been once maybe a bad day, but felt like a retirement home.

Date: 24 August 2022

Rating: OK
Hadn’t been since the refurb (or since before Covid). The place looks good, but it is a lick of paint and reconfiguration vs an overhaul of the actual facilities. The price hike does seem to have impacted how many people are visiting. Im not sure if that is a good or bad thing. It’s nice to have more space and less people knocking on doors etc, but it does also reduce the opportunities for fun.

Depends what you’re going for really. I enjoyed just sitting back and enjoying the spa area - but I imagine I will go less in future.

Date: 23 August 2022

Rating: Fun
We hadn't been to Rios since before the pandemic so delighted to see that the place has had a great freshen up and has a new vibe. We went on a Wednesday and whether it is a stricter door policy or the small increase in the entry cost but also good to see the pests have gone and it is a more respectful environment for women. Suzie enjoyed it and soon got in the swing of things!

Date: 15 August 2022

Rating: Fun
First time I'd been, staff were pleasant upon my arrival. Friend and I headed to the hot tub, very clean, infact every where was clean, staff constantly on hand. Great mix of ppl too. Would definitely go back again

Date: 13 August 2022

Rating: OK
I, a lone male, was there on Friday, 12 August, for about seven hours from just after 3.20pm. The last time I visited was three years back.

The place does look smarter inside after its makeover and it was good having pop videos on the bar screen rather than just television, which is available in the lounge.

The bar staff were very friendly and efficient, and the girl on reception, too. There seem now to be more stewards patrolling the premises, which may be reassuring for female visitors.

During my quite long visit, I enjoyed the sun garden, which was also great during the sultry evening, the sauna, a small Jacuzzi and the big one, and the bar and the lounge.

I didn't think there was as much of a sexual vibe in the air as there used to be. Things vary from day to day, of course.

I'm looking forward to a mid-week visit and also going to the couples evening if I can persuade a female friend.

Date: 13 August 2022

Rating: OK
Went on a week day, daytime play. The place was really clean and constantly checked and cleaned. Some of the hot tubs and pool were closed but I assumed this was just because it was early and they tried to herd everyone into one or 2.

The wet rooms were lovely and very refreshing.

Date: 3 August 2022