Legs 800 Club

Leyton, Greater London


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One of the largest & friendliest TV & admirers club in London.

The 3000sq ft venue boasts 3 levels, Including Bar and coffee area, Dance floor/lounge, 2 dressing rooms with lockers and Showers. Play level consists of 2 dark rooms, a fully equipped dungeon, video lounge and private cubicles.

Open Thursdays and Saturdays

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Rating: Fun
Had a great night here meeting up with old friends, and met a few new ones.

Lots of fun in the darkroom!!

Mick and Tony on the bar are great fun too. lol

Date: 2 January 2022

Rating: Fun
Went to Legs yesterday, very quiet before 9 pm, it got busy around 11 pm, I had some good fun and sucked lots of cocks, shame I had to leave when it got really busy. Hope to come back soon xxxxxxxxx

Date: 31 December 2021

Rating: Fabulous
Attended here in the summer. Needless to say I was the star attraction that night. Providing a truly sexy slutty devilish treat to the admirers.

Date: 8 December 2021

Rating: Fabulous
Went tonight great hosts and great people there was abit quite to start with but picked up nicely

Date: 19 November 2021

Rating: Fun
On 30th oct i went to the rocky horror show holborn , then changed and went to she world . Met sabrina wonderful soul , then legs . Wore a knee length satin goldish rouched dress and was told in lights see through . Funny as no one went by without squeezing my bum . After a while looked about and walked through a dark room .3 steps in surrounded by 6 guys i think skirt was around my waist in seconds and ten hands all over me hearing slaps on my bum was fab too . Great night eill return probably in my frenchmaid uniform x

Date: 2 November 2021

Rating: Fun
What a place turn up after watching my team lose but the girls in there made me forget about the result

Proper sex club

Date: 31 October 2021

Rating: Fun
I went for the first time on Saturday and loved it! It was pretty quiet when I got there around 7ish but soon got busy with a good mix of gorgeous girls and some guys who did not just cop a feel straight away and were actually willing to talk to me! After a few drinks, I felt ready to approach the dark rooms and had a lot of fun. Take it for what it is and what people are there for, embrace it and enjoy yourself!! Xxx

Date: 18 October 2021

Rating: Fun
Visited Legs800 three times thus far; and had a thoroughly good time at this very sleazy but fun club. Met some lovely peeps there and am very much looking forward to my next visit.

Date: 11 October 2021

Rating: Fabulous
Just back after a first visit. Arrived at 10pm. Not that crowded but a good buzz. Changed and did a tour. Got a white wine (cash only no cards) then went up to the top floor. The dark room was busy enough with the gurls sitting on the benches and the guys standing. Sat by one entrance and within no time a bearded Turkish guy was edging closer with his cock out. Full BJ service for him and fun. Round two a black guy just came up. Cock out Rock hard and at least 8 inches. Basically Cathy died and went to heaven. His cock was twitching from the delicate tongue action. Finally one last BJ for another black guy. Very fit and rock hard. Had to leave early but just loved the place and will be back

Date: 8 October 2021

Rating: Fun
I visit legs quite often. The place is relaxed and everyone is super friendly. It could do with a refurb but if you are willing to look past this then I’m pretty sure you will have fun here. There is usually something for everyone.

Date: 1 October 2021

Rating: OK
Looking to go here very soon.

Date: 22 September 2021

Rating: Fun
Went last Thursday and whilst it was reasonably quiet and only because it was early it was good. Some exceptionally sexy girls in there and I managed to have some outstanding sexy fun with the lovely Nicole.

Date: 20 September 2021

Rating: Fun
I've heard this is a great club couldn't make it there a few weeks ago but I'll be there on Saturday and l forward to it

Date: 20 September 2021

Rating: Fabulous
Went to the club today andnit was the first time i saw couples performing in the dungeon with whips, pin wheels and whatever else was in the bags. It was really fascinating to see and look forward to attending to see that again. It would be nice to know if any of the dominatrix couples have a fab profile….would love to verify.

Overall a lovely tv/ts night

Date: 19 September 2021

Rating: OK
Went there for the first time awhile back. Didn't do anything sexually but stayed on the 1st floor. Was fun to have a drink and a chat and the amazing convinience in case you find a match to go upstairs. Want to go back for sure

Date: 14 September 2021

Rating: Avoid
one word, SHITE

Date: 9 September 2021

Rating: OK
Attended tonight booooom x

Date: 14 August 2021

Rating: OK
I'm looking to go on Saturday either in male mode or dressed up as a naughty girl.

Nervous about going alone tho

Date: 10 August 2021

Rating: OK
it is not very good at all, there are better around

Date: 8 August 2021

Rating: Fun
Great night at Legs last night. Lots of hot guys around. Sucked and deepthroated lots of cocks like the bitch I am and had some good fucks too. Can't wait to get there again, shame its too far from where I live now xxxxxxxxx

Date: 8 August 2021

Rating: OK
Looking to come here this month and maybe get a hotel for after x

Date: 5 August 2021

Rating: Fun
Well I went to legs dressed and have to say I enjoyed myself. Plenty of great looking girls and fellas. I got plenty of attention which was very enjoyable.

Will definitely go back

Date: 1 August 2021

Rating: Fun
Attended earlier this month for first time.

Was hot playing with two fit men.

Would love some fun with black guys ideally.

Attending 31st.

Hope I’m used appropriately by fit hung men.

Date: 26 July 2021

Rating: Fun
I went to legs 2 weeks ago for a look around on a Saturday day in preparation for my return visit on Sat 24th June night. I must say I was very impressed by the lay out and also had some fun while there. I now can't wait until I go on sat night fully dressed to be admired and well who knows what else.

Bring it on.

Date: 19 July 2021

Rating: Fabulous
I love this club, its so sleazy and plenty of cock on offer. It's very busy at the moment and great fun. I always look forward to going and can't wait until the next time.

Date: 9 July 2021

Rating: Fabulous
I get there early dress up, for a few hours, then get back in my jeans, let the sexy ladies take over.

Date: 3 July 2021

Rating: Fun
Been at legs many times and enjoyed it always - not for the faint hearted, though.

Staff is very accommodating, friendly and very helpful

Love Angela xxx

Date: 15 April 2021

Rating: OK
Went tonight very quiet. Not a lot going on unless u have 420

Date: 6 March 2020

Rating: Fabulous
Have been to legs a few

Times now the guys on the bar are fab and funny

I would recommend this club

Date: 2 March 2020

Rating: Fun
Visited Legs800 last night for the 1st time... What an eye opener! Wasn't very busy, a good first visit. I had a great time.. I will be back again.

Date: 1 March 2020