Torture Garden

London, Greater London


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Torture Garden is the worlds largest Fetish Club. Events Attract 800 - 2500 people monthly to various London venues.

TG's multi-dimensional events cater equally for a huge range of open-minded individuals from young fashionable clubber to alternative arty weirdo and sophisticated SM regular. Providing something for every-body from any age group (18-50+), sexual orientation and gender. Creating an environment that accepts and encourages individualism, diversity and free self-expression.

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Rating: Fabulous
My 3rd attendance to a Torture Garden Party night..this time it was for the Halloween Ball at Studio338..Wowww what a venue, what a fantastic night. Anyone who hasn't been to a TG party should put it on their list..to do! Xx k xx

Date: 5 November 2018

Rating: Fun
Great night had at Ministry Of Sound.

Very well organsised.

Something for everyone (although not for the faint hearted) ;D

A fabulous night out & cannot wait for the next outing!

Date: 20 August 2018

Rating: OK
Very relaxed amaxing Venu and people can't wait to go again we need something like this in the southwest x

Date: 11 June 2018

Rating: Fabulous
Our first time at electrowerks TG.

we had so much fun and look forward to returning soon with a group of friends!

Mmmm next time out fits will be much more kinkier!

Staff all very friendly, you can see that a lot of effort goes into setting up.

Everyone very friendly and free to express themselves!

Date: 15 April 2018

Rating: Fabulous
Had a brilliant time at the Friday night birthday bash! First time really impressed no hassles everyone so friendly and nice very well thought out! Great areas to relax and had a amazing time in the couple's room very hot night! Already looking forward to our next visit!

Date: 14 April 2018

Rating: Fabulous

Please guys 3 times a year is never enough - always leave wanting more!!

Amazing atmosphere, awesome venue, VERY friendly atmosphere. Libertine, freedom of expression, sexy, hot erotic, kink vibe

Great place to meet other deviants, though the fun happens at the after parties rather then in the club.

For those who fear its all about the bondage & spanking - fear not - if you love clubbing, expression & kink - this is for you. Enjoy & see y'all at TG on the 24th!! xxxxx

Date: 17 February 2018

Rating: Fabulous
I attended the NNYE party night at the Minestry of Sound Venue last night, with my Fab Friend R.S

Wowwww, what a Fantastic Night, packed with Sexy Fun People, all enjoying total freedom of expression.

I've attended the T.G before at the Electrowerks Venue, which although I thoroughly Enjoyed..I find the M.O.S Venue a much more upmarket Class.

All in all a very well organised Venue, very polite and proffesional staff. The only downside..the drinks are soooo expensive...but hey ho! It won't put me off attending again. Xx k xx

Date: 31 December 2017

Rating: Fabulous
Amazing club with amazing guests who like to make the effort. Can't wait for Not NYE 2017



Date: 7 December 2017

Rating: Fabulous
Magnificent array of people, outfits and kinks the night we were there. Fantastic fashion show and the equipment demos were in high demand! Great excuse to dress up wildly and express your kinky side! Well be going to the next one.

Date: 7 September 2017

Rating: Fabulous
Visited TG for the first time on 2nd Sept when it was at Electrowerkz. Bring our first time at a fetish club we were quite nervous. On arrival we were quickly inside the club and out nerves quickly disappeared. By midnight the place was packed and we loved all of the sexy outfits. The music was fantastic and we found everyone to be very friendly. We loved the industrial feel of the venue and it's discreet location.

Possibly one of the best club nights we have ever been to. We will definitely be returning.

Date: 7 September 2017

Rating: Fabulous
Visited TH for the first time on 2nd Sept when it was at Electrowerkz. Bring our first time at a fetish club we were quite nervous. On arrival we were quickly inside the club and out nerves quickly disappeared. By midnight the place was packed and we loved all of the sexy outfits. The music was fantastic and we found everyone to be very friendly. We loved the industrial feel of the venue and it's discreet location.

Possibly one of the best club nights we have ever been to. We will definitely be returning.

Date: 7 September 2017

Rating: Fabulous
Not been for years but this is the place to go of the lovers of rubber, latex and anything rather naughty.

Can't wait to visit again.

10 out of 10

Date: 29 July 2017

Rating: Fabulous
Went to tg on friday night and had a blast staff are helpfull and friendly drinks are well priced as is cloackroom.music was banging.definatly a good place to get sweaty and dirty the only down side was that there are liited places to change but a great night was had and will definatly go again

Date: 9 July 2017

Rating: Fabulous
My first visit to TG on their birthday ball in april. Exceeded all my expectations and much more, me and a fellow fab buddy had a great night. Most of the people that I came acrossed really made a lot of effort on the dress code front. Although there is definitely a more relaxed dress acceptance than their website makes out to be, although I did see a guy struggling to gain entry as he didn't seem to have the correct elements of clothing. Its worth making the effort otherwise you actually stand out as 'odd' looking! Their new ticketing system seem to work, we didn't encounter long queue to get in or coat check. As a newbie, it was a real eye opener, just loved watching people at the bar areas (brighter so you can see peoples costumes better), as well as the dance floors. caught a couple of shows, but most of the time we were chatting to people at the bar. People seem friendly, easy to chat to people, and in fact we got to know 2 fellow Fab couples, who invited me and my mate back to their hotel for after club play. That turned out to the best group play I have had from fab so far! Club wise, also the best night out for a while, and great atmosphere in TG. music was varied, range was wide enough for everyone. Drinks were surprisingly reasonable, as in, they were regular London bar prices. Coat room was £2. You can change when you get inside, but they will want to know what you are going to change into at the door. I would say that TG is a 'must go' if you have not been, try it out and you might get hooked!

Date: 23 April 2017

Rating: OK

Date: 28 March 2017

Rating: OK
I attended this Venue on Saturday with my Friend Dave....OMG loved every minute of the Night! We didn't know what to expect..and I certainly wasn't disapointed, I really loved seeing People relaxed and chilled..dressed in their favorite fetish/kinky outfits.The Venue itself is a little Shabby for such Fabulous People who attend..and the cost of tickets...but its the attendees who make the Venue worthwile..great friendly staff..Disgusting toilet facility's..but hey ho!

I would glady return with someone who hasn't experienced a night at the Torture Gardens..as i feel its a "must do"..at least once..xx k xx

Date: 26 March 2017

Rating: Fabulous
Attended the not new year event at ministry of sound, fantastic night, really good atmosphere and the outfits were amazing.

Date: 8 January 2017

Rating: Fabulous
I adore these venues ! Gorgeous costumes ! Has to be seen to be believed !!!! Glorious people , something for Everyone . I had such an amazing time each & everytine I have attended ! Must go again - a real treat for swingers, fetishers and anyone who loves out of the ordinary

Date: 1 December 2016

Rating: Fabulous
You never really know what crowd will turn up at Torture Garden until it opens, and when there's 2 massive 2400 capacity Halloween events the regulars will be split.

The atmosphere and energy at TG Bonfire Halloween 2 made it the best event this year.

So many thanx to everyone who attended, all the amazing performers, and the big crew that worked on creating a very special event.

And to all those sexy people on the balcony indulging themselves, we very much enjoyed the show!

Drinks are still f*cking expensive though !

Date: 7 November 2016

Rating: Fabulous

Was my first time on 1st Halloween ball 29th October. Great music amazing people- all really made an effort to dress. Very big event. Loved it.

Only one bad thing was that couples room when full was so hot that you couldn't breathe in there! it was too hot there and near the bar was too hot also..even some fan would help.Anyway will be definitely coming back;)

Date: 2 November 2016

Rating: Fun
Attended on 2nd September. A lot of sexy people to be a small TG event. Great bodies. Great costumes

Couple room stinks. A lot of crazy, disguting and unfriendly people. It is an unsafe place to play and very hard to make friends.

I was kissed by a sexy girl when I stepped in the club and I managed to know other sexy and young girls. Lots of appreciation for my body too (some unwanted). This made the experience "Fun" at the end

Date: 3 September 2016

Rating: Fun
Lost my TG virginity couple of months back, music did my head in but I was warned it would. Outside of that it was a great place with some amazing sights in & out of fetish gear & plenty of kinky stuff going on in public & private. A lot of fun.

Date: 29 August 2016

Rating: Fabulous
Attended TG @ QUBE project on Friday - fantastic new quality venue worked well for this event, intimate but not too crowded.

Music was on point and LOUD, official play area was spacious and there were plenty of nooks and crannies for unofficial misbehaviour

Better glasses for drinks than the Coronet but just as expensive !

Nice crowd which helped make the evening.

Will return for sure !!

Date: 5 June 2016

Rating: Fabulous
Cant agree more with the High flyers, went to this on the 25th Anniversary and boy was it an adventure. we were a bit nervous as we previously had been to ClubRub and it was a bit of a let down. We shouldn't of worried. The Staff were friendly and helpful and the whole vibe to the place was really sexy. lots of people to chat to and some stunning outfits. Music was really great and the speciality rooms were really great . Even ventured in to the couples room. All in all a great tome, will be going back for Halloween.

Quick tip get there when they say on the ticket about 10ish, we queued for about 5 minutes got to the bar and watched the place fill up . Friend who went later had to queue for ages.

Date: 13 May 2016

Rating: Fun
Very busy event on 23rd April, however not a lot of sexy people as when I went for St Valentine. I noted the attendance of much more couples and less single girls

Again an exhibitionist club, but very funny!!

Date: 1 May 2016

Rating: Fabulous
We visited tg Saturday for there 25th bday ball. We love this club and can't say enough good things about it, the staff are very helpful, the guests are always fantasticly turned out and very friendly, all in all an excellent night that we can't wait to go back to. See a lot of comments about people not playing there but we've played every time we've been there, see you soon tg lol xxxxxx

Date: 26 April 2016

Rating: Fun
March Ball was not very busy, but it was a nice evening. A few young and attractive girls were present...but they were on drugs...not really a good place to play, more a club for exhibistionists

However if you manage to find someone, quality is relatevly high ;)

Date: 18 March 2016

Rating: Fabulous
Valentines Ball was an amazing event! I agree with the comment below, this is more an exhibitionist club were beautiful people show off their bodies and complex costumes. But hey, much much more fun than a normal club!! IT IS INCREDIBLE HOW TG HAS ONLY 30ISH REVIEW ON HERE!?!?!?

Date: 23 February 2016

Rating: Fabulous
We went for Valentines love hurts ball, it was packed with the most sexiest people you will ever see. The costumes that people wear are outstanding.

I wouldd say this is more exhibitionist,voyeur scenario than group play, the shows that are put on are scary and erotic. The couples room was very busy all night long, only downside was that it was extremely busy and took ages to get in, so get there early guys.

Date: 16 February 2016

Rating: Fabulous
Love it love it love it great music to ??????

Date: 25 December 2015