The 69 X Club London

Sutton, London, Greater London


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The 69 Swing Club is a monthly Private House Event for Straight Men/Women, Same Sex, BI and Transgender to mix and socialise with each other in a safe and secure environment.

The Sutton Private 7 Bedroom House we hire is ideal for discreet events.

Run by Underground123

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Rating: OK
Was my first time. It's amazing waiting for next party :)

Date: 22 July 2017

Rating: OK
All events by Underground123 have closed down at this venue and all others they used to run.

Date: 8 February 2016

Rating: OK
Been here, beaut of a venue, great rooms to play in, very clean and very sexy to misbehave in.

Date: 6 June 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Went to the club on sat with a male friend and we loved it this club is what it's all about friendly (which is number one for me as most off the girls on fab are two faced and stuck up there own arses)great play rooms and very clean I will definitely be goin back again and again and again,thank u for the best time ever x

Date: 3 June 2015

Rating: OK
Two new events by Undergound123

Club Naughtiness Brighton


Club Bi Girls & Boys Rochester


Date: 4 January 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Visited club Gspot for first time. We were so impressed by the cleanliness and layout of the play rooms and friendliness of the staff. There is something for everyone here, lovely little ice breakers for those that want to join in or are new. Definitely worth giving up a Thursday night for. Only complaint only once a month and shuts at 12 would love to this this venue flourish as a great swingers club for couples and singles as the effort the staff put in with the free extras such as towels and refreshments make it a little nugget of Kentish kink.

Date: 29 December 2014

Rating: Fabulous
Can i point out that Club Pandora Rochester IS NOT a Swingers event but a BDSM/Fetish event.


Club G Spot Rochester is Kent's largest Monthly Swingers Event for like-minded adults. Couples, single ladies & single men welcome to meet up in a safe and secure sauna environment.

Date: 11 October 2014

Rating: OK
Underground123 club Pandora and club g-sport are up and running with a good rage of clients

Date: 2 October 2014

Rating: OK
The 69 X Club London closed down as the venue was to dear to hire late 2013.

At no point did we ever charge £60 to enter the event. Other events do get held at this venue and they might have charged £60 for a single man.

We have now opened again at a new venue in Rochester Kent.

The new event is called -

Club G Spot Rochester.

Full info can be found at


Date: 28 September 2014

Rating: OK
It's too expensive for single guy's as most don't charge 60 pounds it's way too expensive but didhave fun

Date: 26 July 2014

Rating: OK
closed till feb 2014

Date: 31 October 2013

Rating: Fabulous
This Monthly events is fully up and running and has NOT been closed down.

Full info can be found at Underground123 com

Date: 16 August 2013

Rating: OK
think it closed. local paper wrote an article about place

Date: 14 August 2013