The Gatehouse

Bolton, North West


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Have ever wondered what goes on in a club like ours

Clubs are wonderful places where you can meet beautiful open minded people

You DONT have to to anything you dont want to do .

You make all the choices .

You dont have to be abrupt but No mean No

Unlike most clubs in the UK.

In our club you dont have to undress at any point ,unless you choose to do so .

Before you enter the club .

Make sure you both know your boundries,rules and limitations .

My advice on a 1st visit is too come along,take a look around sit and chat to others and take in the amazing,exciting atmophere

Some times fantasy and reality are not quite what you expected

On the other hand reality is lots better . You can have some amazing fun

On entry to the club you will be shown around and given the rules

Rules are a very important part of the club.

You can sit, chat and listen to some facinating stories.

You can go in a room with your partner

Maybe your a voyer and can just watch .

Or maybe you would rather be watched .

Same room as others.

The scenarios are endless.

What ever your fantasy

We will help you fufull it

The gatehouse is were the magic happens

Single guys- The best way of meeting someone is to sit and chat with them,please do not follow people around,loiter in corners or just stare .This make people feel uncomfortable .

Couple £20

Single guys £20

Single Fems £10

If you have any question ,please dont hesitate to contact us on 0775-8151102

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Rating: Fabulous
A first for me as a chance meeting with a fantastic new sub meant that after a brief social this was our planned destination.

My first club experience and everyone was friendly, very respectful and being able to spread around on the bedded areas, the nicely equipped dungeon and to calm things off in a private room meant that this was a great afternoons fun. With car parking onsite I'm hoping to return.

Keep up the good work

Date: 13 February 2016

Rating: Fabulous
went to dee selecta today 12/02/16,what a great time i had for my fist vist staff helpful,ad very friendly.

so what better way to end the day tan with a visit to gateouse. very warm and welcoming staff.cant wait for my next adventure.

Thanks again dee(jo)

Date: 12 February 2016

Rating: Fabulous
Had a blast last night at the gatehouse, really friendly and welcoming people, made some new friends as well all in all a ver good night. Thank you guys xx

Date: 11 February 2016

Rating: Fabulous
My friend and I went to the gatehouse last night. I had been many times before but this was her first time. The staff and patrons where so nice and friendly. We had zero unwanted hassle from people, he made use of several of the rooms and all in all had a great night.

If your after an amazing stressfree and safe night I couldn't recommend this club more.

Date: 11 February 2016

Rating: Fabulous
Yet another fantastic Wednesday at the Gatehouse. I just love it there and if you haven't been you should definitely go. Don't be shy because everyone is very welcoming and friendly.

Date: 10 February 2016

Rating: Fabulous
I've been to the gatehouse a few times now and met some very nice people,never seen or heard of any trouble just friendly folk and great staff,where you can explore your fantasys and have a nice relaxing time will be back again as soon as possible

Date: 8 February 2016

Rating: Fabulous
I am a regular customer at this club with my hubby.. I am a straight female and i have NEVER once felt uncomfortable in this club either with my hubby or alone!! The staff cannot do enough to help ALL customers feel comfortable and safe in a friendly environment.. There is a saying if we all liked the same things in life it would be a boring world and maybe this club isnt for everyone but its website is TRUTHFUL in its description so no one who goes in there should be wary as it is what it says on the can!! I and other honest users should be able to allay anyones fears by reading our reviews to and not relying on a totally biased and unneccesarily abusive and insulting attack on a well established club... Well done all of the staff at GH for being so lovely and helpful x x x

Date: 7 February 2016

Rating: Fabulous
We have been going the gatehouse for over a year now and live this club I believe 8n leaving honest rewiews but the review that xxxxrossoxxx has left is just discusting the club is LGBT and that is well advertised on the club website to attack and say people were repulsive is personal and bang out of order you should not be going this club if you not open minded it's not for everyone but don't attack people for what they are Sally swings is a lovely person and runs a great club and we have been swingers clubs all over the country and abroad and trust me this is a swingers club and a damn good one so take yourself off cause the club dosent need bigots like you

Date: 7 February 2016

Rating: Avoid
Went to this club on Saturday day time. I can relate to the feedback below from Ross. Was not my thing at all. Been to far better clubs, if I'm honest I wouldn't really call this a club. It's a meeting place for like minded people who like the "different" pleasures in life. To tell one guy no must have told 20 off them. I don't normally leave such negative feedback but think it's only fair for people like me who have not been to see if it's for them.

Date: 7 February 2016

Rating: Fabulous
Went to the gate house wed what a brilliant venue .before I went to the club I went to dee selecta they are 2 brilliant venues every t girl must visit big thanks go out till dee and leasa for making my day perfect xxxx

Date: 29 January 2016

Rating: Fabulous
Another fantastic Wednesday at the Gatehouse. So friendly and welcoming that you just don't want to leave. I have had some amazing encounters there and I can't wait to go back if you haven't been there yet you should definitely go.

Date: 27 January 2016

Rating: Fabulous
The club might be small but its got a vary big hart. I go on sundays and the odd. Wednesday Im a t girl and find that the females,guys and other t girls are so friendly not to mention the staff yes this club has it right xx

Date: 26 January 2016

Rating: Fabulous
Celebrated my birthday at the gatehouse last nite and what a great nite Yaz and nick were fantastic hosts and even got me a pressie and a cake thank you. Hope to be going back there soon xx

Date: 24 January 2016

Rating: Fabulous
Well what can I say? After floating around the scene for 3 years last night I finally found my way to this fab club for a friends birthday party and so glad I did! Was great to be welcomed by the fabulous Yaz and Nick who are great hosts and made sure that we were all looked after all night gutted that I left my party bag behind though. Felt completely safe all night just the way a single female should in a club and will I be going back, hell yeah:). The club may be compact but caters for all and the dungeon is so well equipped too. Great to hear about the plans for future changes to the club, looking forward to my next visit already xx

Date: 24 January 2016

Rating: Fabulous
I went for my first visit last night with a few people to celebrate a friends birthday. It's was great to see Yaz and Nick again.

The club itself was immaculate. It's very cosy and has a very intimate feel and atmosphere about it. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and will be back again soon. X

Date: 24 January 2016

Rating: Fabulous
Went Saturday night for the first night. A lot of fun and nice peoples. Yaz and Nick behind the bar were fab. For those who like social and fun, Saturday night is definitely the right day to visit the club.As I didn't stay for long I guess I have now an excuse to come back again next week

Date: 24 January 2016

Rating: Fabulous
Another fun afternoon yesterday (Fri 22 Jan 2016) with Domina Natalie playing the naughty maid. I know i'll pay for it sometime giggle

Date: 23 January 2016

Rating: Fun
Great venue with great people. Been a few times now. Unfortunately couldn't go last Saturday as planned due to unforeseen circumstances. Apologies for letting those down that I'd arranged to see but it was unavoidable. :-/

Hope to be back sooner rather than later x

Smashing club with great cinema, private room and dungeon!

Date: 21 January 2016

Rating: Fabulous
went to gate house last night what brill hosts yaz and nick are will be going back soon on tuesdays xxxx

Date: 20 January 2016

Rating: Fabulous
We went to gate house around a week ago and have to say what a fantastic warm welcome we got from Yaz and Nick.

They shown us round to see all the new additions and we had a cracking giggle. Great welcome and thanks for looking after us so intentley.

The club itself is plush, warm and looks very playful.

Dont be decieved about the size from outside....its bigger than what you think. And a warm smoking area too. CLASS!

We havent been for a while and have to say after being welcomed so warmly and the plush interior we will definately return.

Sooner than you think. ;)

Looking forward to the couples night with Yaz and Nick at the end of the month.

'GATEHOUSE' one not to pass by...give it a try

Date: 18 January 2016

Rating: Fun
Went to the gatehouse on Wednesday. I haven't been in months but as always it was a friendly place and great value for money. I was a little disappointed that the gloryhole room was being redone as I wanted to try it out.

A great club if you like the alternative and some of the friendliest staff and patrons on the scene.

Date: 15 January 2016

Rating: OK
Went to the Gatehouse Wednesday afternoon and what a great day,although a bit quiet the people there made up for it and everyone had some very good fun. Staff very accomadating and friendly as always..oh yeah and enjoyed the buffet too..Cheers

Date: 14 January 2016

Rating: Fabulous
Wednesday afternoon at the Gatehouse never fails to be just fantastic. So many people there and all so friendly,as are the hosts. I love it there.

Date: 8 January 2016

Rating: Fun
Went to gatehouse the other night. Although it's a small club, it's really cosy and intimate. The staff are really nice and welcoming. And everyone there is friendly and chatty. Will definitely go again

Date: 1 January 2016

Rating: Fabulous
In 2015 I had some amazing times at this very friendly club. I can not wait to see what 2016 will bring. There is a great atmosphere and if you are nervous about going to a club, then don't be. You will be made welcome by the staff and other people there. A few of us are regulars and always happy to chat and maybe more!

Date: 30 December 2015

Rating: Fun
Went to the gatehouse last night with the new host sapphire and steel and what a great night great company made some new friends and had a play as well ..bonus see you next time guys xx

Date: 23 December 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Went to gatehouse last night and had a fantastic night, fabulous hosts Sapphire and Steel, really warm welcome, met some lovely people and had a great laugh, massive thanks to Miss Sapphire for the session in the dungeon, my arse greatly appreciated your attention, will definitely be back again soon, S & C

Date: 23 December 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Hi.I have been to The Gatehouse a few times now on a Wednesday.Its great atmosphere,very clean,brilliant free buffet,and staff can't do enough for you.xxx

Date: 22 December 2015

Rating: Fun
So went to the gatehouse yesterday first time being in a club so I was a little nervous was made to feel at ease straight away. Can't wait for next time!

Date: 21 December 2015

Rating: OK
We attended sally swings party yesterday

Had a great time very friendly club well worth attending looking forward to next time

Just remember no knicks sally xxxxxxxx

Date: 21 December 2015