Gran Canaria, Channel Islands


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Temptation Swingers Club

It is a liberal pub where you can enjoy a good drink, relax while listening to your favorite music and become intimate with your partner in private or in the company of other couples.

Come and let yourself be carried away by a night full of temptations that

without a doubt you will want to repeat ...

+34 622 28 37 18

Av. De Francia, nº 2. CITA Shopping Center, Maspalomas, Gran Canaria. 35100

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Rating: OK
Its rasist pub

Date: 28 May 2023

Rating: Avoid
Dodgy place

Date: 19 May 2023

Rating: Fun
Visited in January 2023 whilst in PDI taking in the sun. Went with a local couple whom we’d arranged to play with again after earlier fun in midnight dreams. Well laid Out club, having everything you could want but was less than busy. With the right promo this could be a top swinger venue in pdi

Date: 16 March 2023

Rating: OK
Rated ok as the venue is very nice. A bit small but nice. However it was dead. We went with friends and we were the first there. Had the obligatory drink and sat down watching the porn moving and chatting with our friends. Finally a couple came in but they we’re not our types. Soon after another couple arrives, again not our types. We left after about 45mins once we had finished our drinks and went to Secret. About 5 minutes after arriving we saw the first couple we had noticed at Temptation..

Date: 15 February 2023

Rating: Fabulous
We visited here on a nude event night. Very busy with lots of couples and single guys. The bar area / dance floor is set out great. Caged bed fir exhibitionists. Food was laid on. Downstairs were some great areas for play. Nice clean club with a fantastic jacuzzi

Date: 31 December 2022

Rating: Avoid
Poxy dump. Drinks overpriced, play areas pitiful and smoking allowed in the bar against spanish law so could be raided anytime. Garbage far better clubs yards away

Date: 27 December 2022

Rating: OK
Thé club is great I have been there a few times and I had a great time looking forward to being there Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve

Date: 10 December 2022

Rating: OK
Just come back from PDI and we wanted to try all clubs. We passed by Temptations around 3am on the way home from Secrets and popped in to just ask if we could take a quick look around for a couple of mins as we’d like to suggest to the rest of the group we met to attend the following evening. Despite it being empty, we were told we couldn’t unless we paid for drinks so we didn’t bother. Perhaps a little shortsighted as it was the only club in Cita we didn’t go to in the end but I guess everyone has their own way of operating.

Date: 5 December 2022

Rating: Fabulous
Why have I never experienced this place?

Plenty of scenarios and a spacious bar area.

The FAB potential of this club is mind blowing.

We found that the other Maspalomas clubs to be clogged with apparent "Mugglers"

If they can be kept at bay, Temptations could be a perfect for a FAB club venue.

Date: 9 October 2022

Rating: Fabulous
Myself and a lady friend enjoyed this club so much we visited twice on our July trip to GC. It was admittedly quiet on a Sunday and Wednesday night, but that rather suited us and we had some same-room fun anyway. The club is very clean, comfortable and reasonably priced and the owners were warm, friendly and welcoming. Highly recommended.

Date: 9 July 2022

Rating: Fabulous
Visited again Friday 17th June as part of our Cita Challenge. As before, nicely decorated, clean and friendly staff. And probably the coolest toilet around. Love the New York skyscraper style infinity ceiling. Definitely doing something like this in one of my rooms. :o) Thanks for a good night guys. Jordan and Lizzie x

Date: 26 June 2022

Rating: Fun
We sought out this bar/club as we'd not been there before, and were pleasantly surprised to find it clean (amazing toilets) and plenty of play areas as well as a reasonable sized social/bar area with attentive and helpful staff and reasonably priced drinks. The only downfall was that it was quiet, but we would recommend it, as others have said 'use it or lose it'

Date: 12 May 2022

Rating: Fabulous
Wow what a lovely surprise finding this club.very new and clean, a great social and play areas and wait to you see the mirrored ceilings in the toilets . The owner and he's wife have limited English but make you feels so welcomed so please pop along and give them your suppot

Date: 6 May 2022

Rating: Fabulous
We found this hidden Gem last night , a friendly welcome from D&C, it only looked small but once you wandered about it opens up to sexy areas, the cinema, private rooms , BDSM area all what you want in one place and am added bonus of lockers and a toilets and shower facilities. Drinks prices were good also . Can’t recommend this enough and this is the new kid on the Cita block. We look forward to another visit here

Date: 3 May 2022

Rating: Fabulous
We headed to Temptation as part of our Cita Challenge and honestly, we weren’t disappointed. A lovely little club in one of the corners of the Cita basement and we were made to feel very welcome by Gogy and Lorenzo, who’s a great guy. Definitely worth a visit. See you in October. Lizzie and Jordan xx

Date: 2 May 2022

Rating: Fun
Very clean chilled club, visited as two couples, great banter with the people that run the club, we will definitely return next time we are in GC, a hidden gem, wouldn’t hesitate to recommend, keep up the good work guys

Date: 19 April 2022

Rating: Fun
Lovely little club in the cita. We had a lot of fun hours here, great hosts and a great club look forward to returning next time we are in PDI.

Date: 6 April 2022

Rating: Fun
Four of us visited Temptations last night. A warm welcome from the hosts. A very clean and classy feeling club - free entry and shots - reasonable priced drinks. Good selection of play areas.

Date: 26 March 2022

Rating: Fun
We went in last night. Very clean and nice inside. Had a nice welcome on arriving. Drink prices good and free entry...

Date: 7 December 2021

Rating: Avoid
Went as a single male and they tried to overcharge me for entrance. I considered just letting it go and walked in. After a moment of looking around at zero people and and an ugly club I left. I would not recommend it.

Others have mentioned it but the lighting is white florescents like an office building from the 70s. It's really off-putting in what's supposed to be a fun, sexy environment.

Date: 22 October 2021

Rating: Fun
Visited this club on a busy night when the Oct "Fab Pack" were in there. Agree with the comments, it needs some tweaking with the lighting but its clean, space to play, it just needs have a steady stream of custom.

Like most things, use it or loose it, it sits between what Fun4All and Secrets offers, in our eyes which isn't a bad thing.

Date: 22 October 2021

Rating: OK
The club is well maintained , good prices, plenty play areas, just needs more people visiting, we have been in most nights but been very quiet, give this place a chance and visit before it has to close, l think this could be a great venue

Date: 19 October 2021

Rating: Fabulous
Just got back from Gran canaria and this club was amazing. As a single guy you were treat with a bit of respect unlike certain other clubs. They didn't tolerate and idiots either drinks were extremely reasonable indeed. And the barman was working his socks off tonneep people happy while smiling and having a laugh himself.

The playrooms were spotless and plentiful. Certainly going back upon returning to the island

Date: 17 October 2021

Rating: OK
Went with friends on Thursday and I found it a great club, plenty of play areas, good music and drinks are strong and a good price.

This has a great vibe and a welcome addition to clubs in GC

Date: 16 October 2021

Rating: Fabulous
Visited with friends.

Fresh, clean and well laid out. A good mix of social area and play rooms. A good fun vibe.

Will definitely be returning.

Date: 11 October 2021

Rating: Fun
Went with friends which made the place a lot more lively. Drinks were well priced considering the generous amount a of JD that was poured into my glass.

This club needs you people like us (swingers) to go there to make it a great venue. Good luck on a brand new venture.

Date: 7 October 2021

Rating: Fun
We visited this new club last night with friends (8 of us) to try and see what it was like. It was quiet, a Tuesday, but we were introduced and welcomed straight away by the owner/barman "Gogi". He was very attentive to our needs and kept making sure we were having a good time and nothing seemed to be too much trouble. A very nice place, with plenty of private and smaller open playrooms, along with a large playroom and glory holes. All clean rooms, toilets and showers (along with complimentary toiletries). We all had a fun time enjoying the facilities and would definitely recommend this club as a great new addition to the scene. However had we been on our own last night it would have been a very quiet night for us. The drinks that we were served were generous, and we did not feel they were overpriced as has been previously mentioned, and we also recieved complimentary shots ;-) Fantastic new venue and we wish Gogi and his team well in his new venture and for the future xx

Date: 6 October 2021

Rating: Fabulous
We know everyone is different and plays in a different way, but we love this place.

Good bar area

Smoking area

Clean toilets

Decent showers

Dark rooms

Glory holes

Private rooms

Open play areas


Fun staff

Good music levels

It works for us and is our new spot in the cita

Been most nights over the last 10 days ??

Date: 6 October 2021

Rating: Avoid
Drinks are expensive and mostly blokes there hoping to get lucky . I failed to see the attraction

Date: 6 October 2021

Rating: Fun
We went as a last minute thing last night and yes it was quiet when we went (it was 1.30am) we still had a great night. The barman was really nice and pleasant, drinks are NOT rip off prices at all, 20€ for 2 beers and 2 mixers?? It's about the same for most clubs. Plenty of play rooms etc. We would definitely go back again.

Date: 6 October 2021