Pennant Hall

Penmaenmawr, Wales


(Link to this club listing)

Mixed/Bisexual Club with Sauna/Spa-Pool Suite

Every Tuesday and Friday from 11:30am till midnight (last entry at 10:00pm).

Open to couples, single men,single ladies, cd's/tv's, bisexual men and ladies and for those who are happy to socialise with bi-people.

Our aim is to provide relaxed surroundings, a warm and comfortable atmosphere and a safe & fun place for you to come and chat, play and enjoy yourselves and each other.

We look forward to seeing you. If there is anything else you wish to know please do not hesitate to contact us on 01492 622 878 or by email at pennanthall@hotmail.co.uk

Facilities include:


Steam Room


Large Playroom

Playroom with Swing

‘Cinema’ Playroom

Large Lockable Playroom

3 x Small Lockable Playrooms

Computer Lounge

2 x Large Social Lounges

Designated Outside Smoking Area


Pennant Hall

Beach Road


LL34 6AY

North Wales

Telephone: 01492 622 878

E-mail: pennanthall@hotmail.co.uk


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Rating: OK
No club has closed for good suvh a shame

Date: 19 July 2018

Rating: OK
Going over on Friday is it open

Date: 17 July 2018

Rating: Fabulous
Had some really great times here. Shame that it has closed. Does anyone know of any alternative venues in the area?

Date: 7 July 2018

Rating: Fun
Always had a good time there. Shame it closed down. Meet some sexy people there.

Date: 28 June 2018

Rating: OK
Hi, gutted this place has shut now, met some lovely people there, where does everyone go in north Wales now?

Date: 26 June 2018

Rating: OK
There is a young guy username master20017 that claims he ownes this club ??? Can this be confirmed please

Date: 20 June 2018

Rating: Fabulous
Used to use this club whenever in the area. Met some truly wonderful open minded and sexy people here. Does anyone know what's happening with the building

Date: 7 June 2018

Rating: Fabulous
Shame this place closed. Does anybody know of any where here in north wales we can go

Date: 6 June 2018

Rating: OK
Yes it's a shame that there's nowhere in North Wales now. Had some good time at pennant hall

Date: 3 March 2018

Rating: OK
shame it has closed as i used to have some good times there and met some lovely people - well i have held a few private swingers party at my home so it looks as if i will have to host a few more

Date: 3 March 2018

Rating: OK
Never been to PT I see many fab users say its closed for good is this true or not? Any other clubs around North Wales? Anyone know why has it closed and up for sale? Cheers.

Date: 9 February 2018

Rating: OK
Where do you all now meet???? I’m gagging .....

Date: 7 February 2018

Rating: OK
Where do you all now meet???? I’m gagging .....

Date: 7 February 2018

Rating: OK
Gutted this place has closed had some fantastic times and meet some wonderful people.

Date: 31 January 2018

Rating: Fun
Like many folk we had some great fun at PH. A click onto the web site will confrrm it closed on 13th January, 2018. No details of the sale are known, if anyone knows for sure if it has been bought to develop, flats, private house or even more keen to know if someone has taken over the business either on the current premises or a new venue opening.....so any news post here, if it remains open. Several are you are our friends "on the ground" so to speak so may glean more info locally. Feel free to message us.

Date: 19 January 2018

Rating: OK
Has PH closed?

Date: 17 January 2018

Rating: Fun
Is it true????closing on the 13th. Had some good times there...

Date: 11 January 2018

Rating: OK
Been today just full of men, not very clean in the sauna area. Steam room is not very hot it's closing on the 13th fingers crossed possibly new ownership or management will get it back to the good old days

Date: 5 January 2018

Rating: Fabulous
Pennant hall is open from 4pm till midnight today .. Friday december 29 2017.

Cum over guys .., expecting a good turnout xx

All welcome.. Couples, singles .. Anyone 18+

Anne and David will be waiting to greet you all x

Pennant is a great relaxing venue with full spa facilities, glory holes and private rooms xx

Date: 29 December 2017

Rating: OK
Visited PH several time now, both daytime and evening. Yesterday was during the day and it wasn't that busy several males and just me and a sexy TV. Had lots of fun tho. The males were very respectful and we appreciated that. Could do with more couples tho so cum on gals and guys join in the fun

Date: 15 November 2017

Rating: Fun
I went Pennant on Friday with a friend. had a great time. The shower area a lot better. met a few nice people here. also ann is a very nice woman. will be going again soon.

Date: 1 November 2017

Rating: OK
Have visted this club on newmres ocationons as part of a couple and now a singal male (??) lol. It a good place to make new friends and have fun hope they dont sell or who ever bays it keeps it as a club( spend some money on it lol)

See u all soon

Date: 15 October 2017

Rating: Fun
Visited the club last tuesday as staying in the area. The placements isnt as good as it used to be and could do with a bit of tlc, but besides that it is great fun for broadminded people with no sexual hangups and yet again I had some great fun. Just a shame not as busy as it one was.

Date: 1 October 2017

Rating: Fun
Visited here again with a friend...had a great time...the place was busy.

Most people are extremely friendly..

With lots of enjoyable and cheeky chat in the spa pool.

We will definitely be back here soon..

Date: 22 August 2017

Rating: Fun
Had a great night on Friday can't wait for the next time we go.

Date: 20 August 2017

Rating: OK
It's about time pennant try and organise something to bring people in use to be a great night there staff are friendly but less people go in and the quitter it is there is even less there the following week

Date: 13 August 2017

Rating: OK
Nice staff. But this place is falling apart. Holes in walls and smells a bit. Shame really. Not worth £14. It's up 4 sale, so maybe the owners can't be bothered to do it up a bit. Been going for a while but gonna stop,because hygiene is very important.

Date: 11 August 2017

Rating: Fabulous
Wow what a night lovely place staff as friendly as ever (lovely ann).meet some nice people and all very friendly. Had a great night can't wait till the next time.

Date: 5 August 2017

Rating: Avoid
I was there Friday evening, and other than it being dead as the grave, the place has some serious maintenance needs that show it really needs some time and money spent on if.

The For Sale sign outside suggests that this isn't on the owners' roadmap.

I've had some great times at Pennant Hall in the past, but unless I see some serious changes, I won't be back!

Date: 15 July 2017

Rating: Fun
When on Friday had some good fun ok it's was all guys but still enjoy it I will go again next time I am in towyn hopefully I get to play with the guy with the very cock like the rings in his bell

Think next time I will stop in the hotel too thanks guys keep up the good work

Date: 9 July 2017