Route 69 Weston

Weston Super Mare, South West


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Route69 wsm is a small friendly Non pushy swingers club where everyone is welcome. We have a fully licensed bar 3 lockable playrooms A dungeon A large chill out lounge Lockers and changing facilities. Everyone must book to attend and single guys are limited to get a good mix.

Check out our website www.route69wsm.co.UK or call 07760149398

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Rating: OK
Agree with the last comments. Also club is extremely in need of decorating.. And the bathroom upstairs is disgusting.

Date: 31 May 2024

Rating: OK
Before Covid I use to go once a month or so. Use to love it but since Covid and price rise for males I refuse to pay £35 when females only pay £10. I get your trying to discourage males. Not the cost I can more than afford it. The principal we all want equality and don’t mind playing little extra as male but an extra £25 over a female is not on and possible illegal against equality. Would you charge a coloured Person more over a white person no this would be seen to be wrong so why charge males extreme amount more. Will never come again till you change your pricing. Easy to do as you have to book to go in, so have limited number of males on night not rocket science. Clubs also gone down hill from what I hear.

Date: 27 May 2024

Rating: OK
We like to think we're open happy, and fun people.. however.. the building and staff are great.. the regulars or locals put us off.

Age range was a lot higher than us, (as in a full generation).

Old men wanking in the lounge,

Greedy got followed and felt uncomfortable.

We don't know if it was the night, but we we will not be back

Date: 25 May 2024

Rating: Fun
First time at a club and was joined by a lady friend whose first time it also was.

Mix up with the dates meant we were booked in on a Greedy Girls night so as well as a few couples there were plenty of single gents. Most of the night was spent chatting to another newbie couple and the excellent Erin.

All in all a fun night and will definitely return, if only to watch Nat flashing her boobs at Erin

Date: 28 April 2024

Rating: Fun
Attended as a couple on Friday 26th April. Not lots of people there but there were a few other couples and a single guy.

Had a fun time, great atmosphere, very clean and tidy club. Will certainly be returning.

Date: 28 April 2024

Rating: OK
Went last night for the first time as a couple. Read the reviews which were mixed. Having got there we were shown around by a very nice and polite young lady. So whilst there wasn’t many people there three couples which included us and around 8 single guys the atmosphered was very relaxed and comfortable.with Everyone chatting as a group and lots of stories and many laughs as the drinks flowed from the licensed bar Never once felt pressured by anyone. Infact everyone was well behaved and respectful of boundaries. As some people started to leave We got closer with another couple and got to know them a bit better. Infact we got on so well we ended up in a private room and had a lot of fun. All in all a very pleasant night for us.

Date: 14 April 2024

Rating: Fabulous
Been going to the great club for a few years, met some great people here and had some great nights. Would recommend this club as friendly lovely little club

Date: 8 March 2024

Rating: OK
We visited Route69,this was our second time. Erin brilliant at her job, the club is small but has decent facilities including play rooms and A Dungeon. The only issue we had was the lack of people at the club. It was basically ourself and three single guys which was not great considering we was hoping to meet females. From our two experiences the club is abit hit or miss. After paying the entry money upfront i would choose to visit a different club in the future which guarantees a crowd.

Date: 17 February 2024

Rating: OK
Visited this club many times , Erin is a great girl and always helpful. We always have great fun here and looking forward to visiting again soon

Date: 14 February 2024

Rating: Avoid
We visit the club last night …..to be honest was very quiet ….we was the only couple and 3/4 single men ..the staff was friendly but too quiet for a swing club.

Date: 4 February 2024

Rating: OK
Well night turns horrible. To many single man’s , some of them disrespectful. On my opnion should be restricted the number of single man’s counting the number of couples and every time we go on route 69 is more singles man looking for fun then couples or women’s. I understand the many wise but money is not everything

Date: 28 January 2024

Rating: Fabulous
Great night at route again, always a pleasure and was a few sexy couples in :)

Date: 20 January 2024

Rating: Fun
You read some review that ain't fair as it's not the venue that makes the night fun but the people that attend..

Love Route 69....

Been there a few times over the years and again last night was amazing.

Firstly thanks to the staff for doing a zmazing job and to those who were there.

Till next time

Date: 7 January 2024

Rating: Fabulous
Great small club, very social.

We went to Christmas and New Years Eve parties.

Great people there, safe environment and very clean. The staff and manager can not do enough to make it a memorable visit.

Buffet, fizz and no crazy prices for a special party night.

Would recommend Route69 to new and old in the lifestyle.

We've been many times before and definatly more visits in 2024.


Date: 2 January 2024

Rating: OK
Amazing club cozy and friendly. The manager of the club is 10000 stars very professional and clean. Have a few plays there but just 5 star

Date: 28 December 2023

Rating: Fun
First time visitors to this delightful club. Given a guided tour and made to feel comfortable. A great evening and well worth visiting.

Date: 24 December 2023

Rating: Fun
Great little club. Amazing how they packed a lot of fun in to a small space. Staff were super friendly and we felt completely safe. The venue was clean and cliental were a nice mix of people. We attended the night before the Christmas party which was a great social for us returning after a long time out. Then attended the Party on the Saturday which was busy, great snacks, again super friendly and fun.

Date: 17 December 2023

Rating: OK
Went to the Christmas party last night and had a fantastic time catching up with old friends and making new ones. Ivy and her partner always put on a good buffet spread and the evening went really well with a Christmas atmosphere. Even though it was busy the staff were on the ball with keeping rooms clean and tidying up glasses etc.

Looking forward to next years party already. Xx

Date: 17 December 2023

Rating: Fabulous
Been going to this club for a few years, it is was one of the safest and friendliest clubs out there. Erin does a great job doing with the owner. I can’t recommend this club enough

Date: 15 October 2023

Rating: OK
I’ve just left to get the train home. I’ve had the best time, just sat at the bar chatting to the owners who are like minded petrol heads. Joined by their neighbours and a Dad from Canada. One couple used the dungeon. But normal, social conversation works for me. Anything adventurous is a bonus. Loved this safe environment.

Date: 13 October 2023

Rating: OK
Could someone message me the post code please

Date: 3 October 2023

Rating: Fabulous
Another great Saturday night, getting to know lots of the regulars and having fun with lots of couples :) x

Date: 3 October 2023

Rating: OK
Had a great time last Saturday. Always feel safe as a single female visiting, guys polite and lots of fun. Looking forward to next time i visit. Lovely club xx

Date: 29 September 2023

Rating: Fabulous
Another great night at route, great atmosphere and some very naughty group play, made use of the dungeon again and we are already looking forward to Halloween x

Date: 24 September 2023

Rating: Fun
Good Saturday night at the club. Great conversation and got to pleasure a very very greedy girl. Can't wait for next the next visit.

Date: 24 September 2023

Rating: Fabulous
Good night at route again tonight, didn’t play but a few others did, Erin again made us feel very welcome :) x

Date: 3 September 2023

Rating: Fun
I was in the area for business so decided to visit for the first time. Sunday afternoon was probably not the best time as it was very quiet. I was made to feel welcome by the staff and 2 guests that were there. We chatted for a while unfortunately I couldn't stay longer. The club was good clean and tidy and I didn't find any of the issues other posters have mentioned. I will visit again should I be back in the area.

Date: 20 August 2023

Rating: OK
Made my first visit yesterday (Sunday 13th August) cool club, Erin is lovely and friendly. Some lovely people there who made me feel welcome and relaxed. Chatted to a nice group of people. Sharon was absolutely gorgeous with her really nice husband Mark. Hope to visit again soon

Date: 14 August 2023

Rating: Fun
Another great if not a little quiet night at this great club, well when I say quiet that was until we went into the dungeon.

As always Erin was a great hostess x

Date: 12 August 2023

Rating: Avoid
Nice staff and very welcoming, given a brief tour on arrival, visited as a small group.

Sadly for the cost a let down of an evening,

Unfortunately the club is very claustrophobic and cramped,

Dated furniture, on arrival the seating area was cramped with only a few people in it, unfortunately the ratio of couples- ladies - single men wasn’t good.

As stated on their website there are no showers (on reflection this should have been a red flag), the toilets are not good at all, smelly, dilapidated and dirty on our visit,

The smoking area smelt of the toilets with old furniture that was long past it’s best.

The play rooms were not appealing, the dungeon was equipped fairly well, but overall all it was all a bit dank.

Sadly none of us felt comfortable in the venue and left shortly after to go on elsewhere.

Date: 29 July 2023