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The Lounge: The lounge is for general chat and discussion

Newest: Naked or clothed?, just this minute! 

Swingers Chat: This is the place to discuss anything and everything about swinging

Newest: Best cock rings?, 2 minutes ago

Swinging Support and Advice: If you need to ask advice or feel like giving some hints and tips for people new to the scene this is the place to come.

Newest: She's agreed, 3 minutes ago

Swinging Club Discussion: Discussion of swinging clubs. No ads.

Newest: Clubs are too expensive for single guys. , 1 minute ago!

Introductions: New swingers, introductions and profile advice

Newest: White girls who like asian guys, 26 minutes ago

Stories and Fantasies: Let us all know about things you've done or fantasies you've got. Make sure you go into all the sordid details!

Newest: Tricked by a femdom, 1 minute ago!

Fabswingers.com site feedback: All about the Fab Swingers site. Ideas, bug reports, suggestions for improvements

Newest: Direct Photos feedback thread 2, 54 minutes ago

Site help: Site help provided by the community

Newest: Uploading a friends only image, 39 minutes ago

Chat room feedback/discussion: Feedback and discussion about the chat room

Newest: Private Chat, 3 minutes ago

Mobile Web App feedback: Feedback on the FabSwingers.com mobile web app

Newest: Why are verifications not showing up?, 27 minutes ago

Swinging Club/Event ads: Club/Event promoters can post here at Fab's discretion

Newest: FFFF @ Xtasia Saturday 1st July , 2 minutes ago

Meet Requests and Parties: Looking for a meet? Please post details here

Newest: HOTWIFE NEEDS COCK, 11 minutes ago

UK: A forum for all things UK based

Newest: EROTICA " LADY AND THE TRAMP " 29TH JULY, 31 minutes ago

Ireland: A forum for all things Ireland based

Newest: Fab our men , 2 minutes ago

France: Swinging in France

Newest: Cap d Agde List of visitors by date Continuation thread , 31 minutes ago

Spain: Swinging in Spain

Newest: Your favourite bars/clubs in Gran Canaria?, 5 minutes ago

Politics: Political chat

Newest: Dropped manifesto pledges, 4 minutes ago

USA: A forum for all things USA based

Newest: The Hot Tub 3, 2 hours ago

Canada: A forum for all things Canada based

Newest: , 2 days ago

Australia: A forum for all things Australia based

Newest: Naturist , 17 hours ago

New Zealand: A forum for all things New Zealand based

Newest: New zealand, 1 week ago

London: London swingers chat

Newest: Bi Londoners, 2 hours ago

Scotland: Scottish swingers chat

Newest: Redheads, just this minute! 

Wales: Welsh swingers chat

Newest: Caerphilly daytime social, 1 minute ago!

World Wide: A place to discuss travel, holidays and swinging on holiday

Newest: Hamburg, 23 minutes ago