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*abio445 minutes ago
by *eldek

Empty Shops ,Ghost Towns,about to get WORSE !

*amily guy.242 hours ago
by *ercury

Arron Banks

*LCC1452 hours ago
by *an on fire

When Parliament goes back (or opens or whatever)

*moothDriver162 hours ago
by *amily guy.

Brexit was a vote for a misguided nostalgia.

*hagTonight254 hours ago
by *mmablu

2% of Brexit Party voters would vote to stay!

*winGlosCouple24 hours ago
by *ore of that

4th September 2019

*ercury465 hours ago
by *winGlosCouple

EU v Irish Government

*heBirminghamWeekend396 hours ago
by *inkywife1981

Sex is intimate and sacred...

*olmey149 hours ago
by *oma

I would do anything to stop BREXIT (but I won't do that)

*imiUK4418 hours ago
by *illwill69u

Trump has made a bid for another island.....

*moothDriver420 hours ago
by *teveuk77

ataer could buy british steel

*ostafun3020 hours ago
by *moothDriver

In Europe I get excited, but....

*moothDriver020 hours ago
by *moothDriver

Is trump right

*ostafun7823 hours ago
by *retty Good

Gerry Epstein Dead

*ickitalot811 day ago
by *uxinterior


*tella Heels441 day ago
by *winGlosCouple

Should the queen fire boris?.

*hagTonight251 day ago
by *retty Good

Trump mulls an offer for Greenland

*ara J201 day ago
by *obbangs

What does the Queen actually do?

*sianManc452 days ago
by *ara J

Military crushes pro-democracy demonstrators

*ara J302 days ago
by *ara J


*ostafun32 days ago
by *ara J

Sarah Wollaston

*heBirminghamWeekend122 days ago
by *ara J

A new NI solution.

*winGlosCouple92 days ago
by *kcouple

New Recruits

*hazzabomb152 days ago
by *ara J

third CNN incident wow

*retty Good72 days ago
by *azilNaughty

Pound rising again

*mmablu653 days ago
by *itForSix


*moothDriver13 days ago
by *mmablu

The film, letter to Brezhnev

*moothDriver13 days ago
by *mmablu

Gordon Brown- the UK is sleepwalking into oblivion

*bcxyz603 days ago
by *ercury

What happened to Russian nuclear submersible

*ara J413 days ago
by *moothDriver

David Davis - Supreme Incompetence

*oo hot883 days ago
by *ara J

Chuka can't ...

*V-Alice43 days ago
by *ara J

The "Great" US-UK trade deal

*asyuk1593 days ago
by *eenFucktographer2018

China in the news... again !

*heBirminghamWeekend283 days ago
by *retty Good

Over £500,000 for salmond

*ostafun373 days ago
by *retty Good

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