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Julian Assange Extradition

*an For You82 minutes ago
by *wisted999

Foreign aid to India.

*lem-H-Fandango1242 minutes ago
by *oxychick35

Housing crisis

*hazzabomb314 minutes ago
by *arriedFella80

BBC QT - Racist Rant

*oo hot891 hour ago
by *imply the best


*arkSuede92 hours ago
by *lair101

Parent parking bays

*ributeguy163 hours ago
by *_e_r_o

New blue passports

*onkeyspank923 hours ago
by *oo hot

Churchill a racist?

*sianManc544 hours ago
by *SA guyXXX

Nicola Sturgeon on her way out?

*an For You254 hours ago
by *ornyone30

Rape victims may go to jail

*bcxyz238 hours ago
by *ophieslut

the new Labour leader should be

*ice__bloke12519 hours ago
by *ony 2016

Have switzerland the best democratic system?

*hagTonight1321 hours ago
by *olishcouple77

Ashamed to be associated with the United Kingdom (part 2)

*bandjam912921 hours ago
by *mmablu

It's just a sniffle

*ayContainFullNuts8022 hours ago
by *ayContainFullNuts

Tommy Robinson Part 2

*511 day ago
by *p4Laughs

Will Tommy Robinson and Katie Hatekins have little racist babies

*bandjam91311 day ago
by *p4Laughs


*arriedFella8072 days ago
by *op off your tops

Reduce human population save the planned

*hreak44412 days ago
by *mmablu

Is there a climate emergency ?

*ice__bloke1422 days ago
by *asyas69

Border checks.

*rench letter1762 days ago
by *arriedFella80

Brexit and the car industry

*hagTonight1032 days ago
by *asyuk

Sums it up...

*oi_Lucy322 days ago
by *oi_Lucy


*oo hot62 days ago
by *oi_Lucy

Why are out Goverment so useless and slow.

*rench letter313 days ago
by *ookyandlicky

Cow co2 emissions

*ice__bloke83 days ago
by *mmablu

sadiq khan lost the plot?

*ostafun403 days ago
by *otlovefun42

The Home Office

*V-Alice503 days ago
by *rmanslut

Far Right Leader in trouble

*angbangfun43 days ago
by *an For You

Will we lose (not) our marbles?

*obleton133 days ago
by *an For You

Scotland keeping the EU flag flying.

*rench letter1004 days ago
by *bcxyz

Far right terrorists

*ensualtouch15164 days ago
by *asyas69

Boris said brexit will be a paradise.

*hagTonight1104 days ago
by *ringo100

Petrol bombs, IEDs and riots in Derry as police target dissident republicans

*ara J524 days ago
by *ust Rachel


*hazzabomb74 days ago
by *olby stereo


*nlyIfItsWorthIt14 days ago
by *olby stereo

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