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Summary (read this bit at the very least). I’m a kinky (submissive) post op trans woman (my own functioning pussy and tits). I’m looking for FWBs, polyam partners and party invites. NOT LOOKING FOR - bigots, keyboard wankers or wham, bam gone in 5 minutes types. Also, I’m woke as fuck. I don’t knowingly fuck Tories!

For a real chance of getting in my knickers or mouth (I always swallow) read the rest…

My profile was getting messy from so many additions being slotted in so I’ve decided a rewrite is in order.

I’ll start with the simple stuff - though I have no doubt it isn’t going to be clear enough for some of the simpletons out there.

Some things not to do if you want to avoid being blocked.

I AM A POST OP TRANS WOMAN (I have a functional pussy and my own natural tits) if that is too much for you to handle just keep going and leave me alone.

Don’t send me a friend request until we have chatted and are moving towards meeting.

Don’t be a bigot, either in your message or your profile. Racism isn’t “just your preference” it’s racism. Homophobia, transphobia, ableism etc will all find you on my blocked list.

Winks and one line messages. If you haven’t got a profile photo up AND it be interesting to me I won’t even look at your profile. If I do look at your profile it needs to grab my attention in a good way. If I open your message and don’t reply please assume I’m not interested. Pestering will likely get you blocked.

If you are a single bloke pretending to be a couple I can spot you a mile off. We won’t meet and you will likely be blocked.

Do be polite, engaging and demonstrate that you’ve at least skimmed my profile and not just perved at my pictures.

Ok. The good stuff!

I’m a kinky pansexual polyamorous trans woman with a very submissive nature. I like kinky meets with individuals, couples and groups of sexy people. I’m primarily looking for quality over quantity (though I have been known to attend gang bang type meets and have recently popped my dogging cherry (Feb 2022 - see my verifications). Outside that, I don’t do drop of the hat meets for sex... I ALWAYS meet socially or chat a lot here or phone or WhatsApp before falling into bed (or being tied to it). I’m also open to club and party invites.

Being pan, I don’t really have a physical “type” but I will want to know what you look like before we meet (and it will have to match what you look like when we do meet). I don’t insist on a face pic in the first message or that your profile has public face pics, mine doesn’t after I got propositioned in the street by a stranger who had seen me on here. Don’t worry if you aren’t a Greek god(dess) because neither am I, just be honest.

On the subject of meets, If we have a meet set up you will need to be communicating with me as the date approaches... two reasons for this: (1) I need to be confident that you will show up, I’m fed up of being stood up. (2) While I will put it in my diary if I can’t remember who I’m meeting (ADHD) I won’t go myself. So talk to me!

A special note for all you thirsty single guys out there… I get LOTS of messages from single guys, so if you want a decent chance at a reply you need to stand out... NOT make your message as brief as you possibly can! Also if I don’t reply to you it means I’m not interested, if I do reply and say I’m not interested it’s safe to say I’m not interested and you will get blocked if you keep pestering; it just tells me you can't do communication or consent in which case I am not spending time with you. Also, guys... I do not owe you a reply if you have messaged me just the same as I don't owe you my attention if you catcall me in the street. If your profile says you think I do you are LESS likely to get a reply (see consent above and add entitlement).

As a submissive I'm occasionally asked what my limits are... Not a lot

I don't do vomit

I don't do anything that will land me in A&E

I don't involve anyone who has not consented to be involved

I don't do cyber (boring)

== Results from bdsmtest.org ==

100% Submissive

100% Masochist

100% Degradee

100% Rope bunny

100% Non-monogamist

98% Sl@ve

97% Brat

94% Primal (Prey)

80% Experimentalist

75% Pet

66% Exhibitionist

47% Voyeur

25% Boy/Girl

18% Vanilla

16% Ageplayer

2% Primal (Hunter)

2% Brat tamer

1% Daddy/Mommy

0% Rigger

0% Dominant

0% Degrader

0% Owner

0% Master/Mistress

0% Sadist

0% Switch

I’m m regularly tested for STIs (last clear 16/08/2023).

I’m not going to do the “use this subject to prove you’ve read my profile” thing, but if your message makes it blatantly obvious that you haven’t you will just get blocked. The number of messages I get from people asking to be my sub etc is mind boggling!!!

ps Bonus points if your message shows you get the literary reference x

To Sydney University, you are welcome to use my pictures and info for your studies, but I’m a LOT more interesting in person. Please send a return ticket and I’d be happy to come and demonstrate.


59 years old, Bisexual

5'7"  170cm
Non smoker
Social drinker
Some tattoos
1 or 2 piercings

Looking For

Couples (MF) Couples (MM) Couples (FF) Men Women TV/TS
Aged from 25 to 99 only
Will meet smokers


Cannot accommodate
Can travel


Adult Parties, Anal, Blindfolds, Dogging, DP, Gangbangs, Group Sex, Making Videos, Oral, Rimming, SM, Spanking, Swingers Clubs, Taking Photos, Threesomes, Toys, Watersports

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Verified Genuine Profile

*omSamu (52), Man on 6 May 2024 by Meeting in person:
She is a very interesting and genuine lady. We meet for a coffee and a chat and started finding points of common interest everywhere. The conversation was very relaxed and I learned a lot from her. I hope we can meet again soon to continue with our discovery.

*otmyfirstrodeo! (48), Man on 23 April 2024 by Meeting in person:
Met Anguisette in a club she is very nice to talk to, she gives a great blowjob and loves getting fucked. All in all it was great meeting her and I look forward to meeting again

*ightMountain (40), Man on 18 May 2023 by Meeting in person:
A lovely lady who I had the pleasure of meeting with a mutual friend. She has a wonderful imagination on her and is incredibly responsive to....stimulation. I can't wait for a chance to pick up where we left off

*urrey sir and slut (64), Couple on 7 July 2022 by Meeting in person:
I, the male half, met J alone for a Dom/sub oriented play. J is a quite delightful masochistic sensual slut who is open to experimenting with most things, although not a great fan of impact play, despite taking two well bruised boobs home. J does have excellent oral skills and I look forward to meeting her again with my own sub present for more kinky fuckery.

*eevey999 (35), Man on 31 January 2022 by Meeting in person:
Meet this amazing woman when out dogging on Friday, she is a filthy animal. Great tasting right pussy! Guys doing pass her by, you won’t regret

*cfc1965 (55), Man on 28 January 2022 by Meeting in person:
Wow first meet with this lass.did she live up to what I was told.o yes.would have luved seconds lol.hope to meet again soon

*ishopstipple (58), Man on 28 January 2022 by Meeting in person:
What a dirty slut, sucks for England and fucks the same.

*ooner48 (62), Man on 5 October 2021 by Meeting in person:
A very sexy, sensitive lady who is also very passionate. I really enjoyed my time together and hope we can meet again x

*uggestable (38), Woman on 1 October 2020 by Meeting in person:
J is one of those wonderful people who suck you into their wonderful world of hedonism... quickly, swiftly and wonderfully. She's an absolute delight and I am honoured to know her. If you get the opportunity to meet up with J for some fun, remember to bring *all* your stamina. You'll need it!

*shbysteve (57), Man on 29 November 2019 by Meeting in person:
Met with this sub . Wasn’t sure what to make prior to meeting . Well let me tell you much much better than my expectations were met by her . She is extremely obedient can take a great deal of pleasure from an experienced Dom . And a very very good girl at making sure her master was kept very happy on the bedroom. Great meet can’t wait to see her again for another flogging lol if you get the chance or if your are lucky enough treat her with respect and you will reap the rewards until next time x

*orking couple 2019 (40), Couple on 21 April 2019 by Meeting in person:
We chatted with this lovely lady for couple of days, then we meet up and had amazing time, was nice to not have a time wasters, very genuine and nice lady!

*azzlondon 2000 (45), Man on 14 April 2019 by Meeting in person:
Stunning sexy lady met and had a mind blowing experience need to meet again xxxx

*annii777 (59), TV/TS on 11 April 2019 by Meeting in person:
Really lovely, genuine and lovely lady. Good luck with the next few weeks Darling xxx

*ooch19891 (35), Man on 26 January 2019 by Meeting in person:
Very nice polite and on time x


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