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I have a fun life but many of my friends are staid sexually. But I could do with more fun...

Just to update you all I have now progressed on from taking my first black lover. Once I tried it I found I liked it a lot. Getting dressed in my best lingerie gets me into slut mode then taking a big black cock really turns me on. My boyfriend rarely gets me to cum and yet these guys do it regularly.

My experience has been widening and my last meet involved cancelling on my boyfriend and meeting my black lover as I needed satisfying. So there I was in my new black stockings with 3 stripes at the top taking another black pounding.

I have also now attended my first party. I was nervous so was put in contact with another professional woman who was fun and sexy so I agreed to go. After some calming wine she took me to watch the first part.

Here was a cute long haired blonde in jeans and top who opened her instruction which was to undress to her knickers. Once she did so an attractive black gentleman took her hand and led her to a bedroom. We followed and watched as he took off her knickers and told her boyfriend to leave. Then that unshaven pussy must have been very wet as that rampant chocolate pole went straight in. It was quite a turn-on.

After that my friend said she had taken care of things for us so we went to another bedroom. We were joined by her regular black lover and a friend of his. So it was not long before she was being fucked as the friend undressed me to my stockings and boots before fucking me. He was so deep I asked to go on top for more control and soon we were all coming. After a refreshing drink he wanted to fuck me in just my stockings this time and so there I was in the missionary position with him taking his pleasure.

I have now attended my second party. Being more confident I smiled at an attractive black gentleman who came over and led me to one of the bedrooms. His relaxed confidence soon had me on my knees sucking his cock. Then he placed me on the bed lifted my stocking clad legs and entered me. Such erect and firm masculinity as he moved to fuck me. Just what I needed.

I had noticed a black gentleman who was very popular at these events so was very flattered when he contacted me. He was charming over drinks and he had soon talked me into going back to his place where he was soon fucking me in my stockings. As we were relaxing afterwards I noticed how quickly he was hard again he started to massage me and as he did so I felt something squirting. Next I felt wet and cooling sensation as he said "may I?"

I rolled onto my back put my stockinged legs in the air as he moved his rigid chocolate pole to tease my anus. As he gently slipped in there was a wash of pain followed by pleasure as that cock contrasted with the cooling gel and everything was heightened. My clit felt electric and even the sensation of the elastic of my stockings on my thighs rose. What was a self confident businesswoman doing surrendering like this? Enjoying an anal orgasm was the answer....

My latest adventure involved several of us girls banding together for a same room party. There we were and it is funny how your attention can be elsewhere as suddenly it was impossible to ignore that the French blonde J who looked so chic earlier was now in her stockings and high heels taking some dark chocolate.

For a while we all watched but then my partner took me to the bed and just said "doggy". So there I was just in my tan stockings and high heels feeling that rigid chocolate pole slid into my wet softness. It wasn't too long before my juices on the outside of the condom were joined by his on the inside.

Later he fucked me missionary style which was a glorious feeling as by now we were really in tune. The second fuck is always the best I think. I went home with a smile on my face.

After a stressful business week I got a text from one of the naughty boys I had met before. It is good for a girl's morale when you are wanted again. Even better to have some really good sex and yes just like before there I was in my stockings feeling like my eyes were rolling in their sockets as he took my arse.

I was off the scene for a bit as the gentleman above become my regular lover. But recently I was invited to join an attractive blonde and her partner for a celebration. I must confess I was nervous again but it was incredibly erotic to be undressed by another woman. Also to lie back in your stockings and feel an experienced and skilled tongue all over and inside your pussy.

Her man joined us and there he was with a rigid erect dark chocolate pole. His special treat was for her to be licking my pussy as he slid into his baby doggystyle. I tried to see that chocolate penis in her soft pink pussy but could only see her suspender belt and the stockings on her legs. I could feel the change in her breathing and tongue when he came in her though.

The naughty boy was soon ready to fuck me ( with protection) and was soon giving me some deep black strokes as he kissed his girlfriend. I added to the sexual endorphins by climaxing.

After a glass of champagne each he had recovered and lay back on the bed giving her the confidence to lower herself gently on him. I played with her pussy and kissed her as the site of her in black stockings giving her man anal pleasure was such a turn on.


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