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Joined: over a year ago
Last on: online now!

If you're vanilla or don't understand the D/s or BDSM world, I will save you time, I am not for you xx

If you're a VWE BBC get in touch, there are several tasks on my list, but read on as I want to respect your time and avoid confusion x

If you're 18-25 and tell me you're a 'Dom', remember nobody is preeminent at that age.

I realise this profile is long, but to be respectful to your time and avoid you being confused or misunderstand my lifestyle. I have taken the time to complete this and keep it updated, please be respectful and read it as it will affect what the outcome will be? I mean if you can't respect me by reading, how can you be trusted to respect me during a meet?

The bottom part of this profile are tasks/challenges set by Master which is why it seems longer, due to regular updates.

If you think you can use me to play out your personal fantasies, then I am not for you, find your own sub.

If you're not chosen for whatever reason...ego, self-centred, never read the profile, pushy, keep asking me if you've been chosen or just plain ignorant...please don't call me a time waster, my verifications speak volumes, the fact...might be that you're just a noob that never go their own way and is self cherishing!

If you don't read this, your message will not be replied to and deleted. Just to clarify to those who can't be arsed reading, I will know.

WARNING - Despite my clear explanation that I am never to know who I am meeting or any details, and you message me after being provided my Masters username or you've met me before....invites or future meets will be cancelled and ends any future inclusion.

As I am not on here for chatting, hook-ups, friends, coffee, socials or to be pestered for a meet due to you not reading further?

I don't use KIK/WatsApp as you guys would never leave me alone lol! No need to send me friend requests, until it has been established your involvement.


Update (June 15th 2019): Trusted/Reliable builders required to visit abandoned houses/developments

Update (Nov 18th 2018): Trusted/Reliable White Van Men / Truckers required!

Update (Dec 18th 2018): Trusted/Reliable Hackney Cab drivers required!

Update: (Dec 18th 2018): Does anyone know of local gloryholes (not in a sex club setting)?

Update: (July 2019): Hunter Team, Master is wanting a team of trusted, reliable men to be called up to track me down as a group and use me all at once as instructed. BONUS: VWE

Update: (Sept 2020): In the interest of time and to avoid continually being asked and pestered anyone not chosen by my Master will be blocked.

Update: Clean, uncut, shaved cock and balls....descent cock pic required. NO CUT COCKS REQUIRED

Also please try and remember the difference between a fantasy request and IRL, to avoid confusing the two.

If chosen and provided Masters username, I don't need to know what is discussed as it will ruin any planned meets.

Master does not have me fuck or suck everyone on this site, as I expect if this was IRL you would behave with more respect, as he wants me clean of diseases, and although I hear, 'I am clean' all the time, doesn't mean you are! So at this point of my profile those just wanting a hook-up it is your time to leave!

I am a bi-female Submissive Slav3, owned by an experienced Master trained within the London scene, not by visiting a sex club 'fetish' night. I am a Lifestyle Submissive which means I am owned 24/7 and have willingly given my Master complete control over all aspects of my life in ALL things.

If you are a couple and see my profile and interested in just a bi female to 'play' with you. My Master is wanting me to meet women and couples, but to be invited to be involved in MY training and development.

This is a swinger site, and by the subculture is open to those who want different things sexually, so don't judge me because my kink is different to your own! But please don't think yourself a 'Dom' just because a woman wanted you to tie her up in a 'bedroom sub' environment. Provenance of True Doms will be required, if necessary, but I don't serve two Masters.

Also if you're a single man, and message me, please make sure you completely understand that my Master decides what I do or who I meet. So if you keep asking me the same questions and constantly hound me it will result in your messages being deleted. Please respect what I am and the lifestyle I've chosen to live. There are plenty of women on here you can meet and fuck! If this sounds repetitive it's due to the 100s of messages 'telling' me to get my Master to give permission.

Getting me to meet without my Master's approval is not best practice as this lifestyle is based on trust.

I am on this site at his instruction to assist my training and development. The list of interests that have been ticked are also as per my Masters instruction, and will be allowed with his permission.

Be aware any meets are completely controlled by my Master and he decides who I meet and when. I need permission to do everything, so be aware of this when you ask to meet.

If you think you are suitable then you're more than welcome to message. I get lots of messages so please be patient for a reply. Please don't pester me for meets as this has been addressed in the aforementioned.

Note that everything I am instructed to do has to be evidenced, so you must be happy to have photos/videos taken. My Master controls everything so please be aware of this when getting in touch.

My Master has a broad scope of training scenarios and 'scenes' that he is developing me and broadening my areas of training, however below is a current list of achievements, noting these are the 'top shelf' ones to be completed, this list will be added to as he decides, these are to be completed in his time frame...

1. 'Degraded Slut' - To go out at night dressed like a whore and be wanked over by a group of men in public, used as a cum dump - COMPLETED (to be repeated)

2. 'Bukkake' - To have 50+ (not age, quantity) wank all over me and make me wear it afterwards in public

3. 'Whore Life' - To be used by men and have them cum in my ass (this happens with provenance of a clean STi check). Don't just message me to expect this to happen?

4. To meet regular / trusted individuals in a hotel and have my Master instruct what will be done to them/me for the evening. - COMPLETED (to be repeated)

5. 'Degrade & Humiliate' - To be degraded in public, having men cum, spit,and piss on me, to write degrading words all over my body in marker pen, and then cum-walk to my car (maybe for more fun lol). Then go to work like that. - COMPLETED (to be repeated)

6. 'Hotel Degrading' - To visit a random hotel room and meet to be degraded as needed. To have men turn up, lick me, finger me, and cum over me - COMPLETED (to be repeated)

7. 'Mine's A Wank' - Instructed to go to a pub, then have men approach me, give me a 'password' (provided beforehand), then discretely go and have them wank over me or I wank them, and take a picture to show my Master.

8. 'Wank and Go' - To find a quiet place, where I can just go and have men turn up and wank over me, and then leave. Not quite a glory hole, but something similar. - NEW - Suggestions welcome! (must be near me)

9. 'Truck Stop' - Park at a local lay-by and have truckers watch me, and maybe participate? - Truckers message me let me know where you park! - COMPLETED (to be repeated)

10. 'Treasure Cunt' - A code word will written on a piece of paper then hidden in a location to be confirmed at a later date. There will be a status change informing people where location is, but not the hiding place of the code word. Whoever finds it will message my owner and a meeting will be arranged.

11. 'Ribbed for Pleasure' - To have strangers cum inside condoms and then throw them on me to wear to work the next day!

12. 'Postcode Lottery' - Master will instruct me to message those fortunate to be sent a postcode of where I will, sitting in a car park or on a bench, you will be guided by me of what can be done and as usual do as I am instructed! You will empty your balls all over me to finish! No chats or conversation, grope me, cum and go lol- NEW

13. 'Superstore Sweep' - Visit a superstore, Master to provide location to lucky individuals, to come and grope me in the store. UPDATE: Individuals to have purchased items that could be shoved up my pussy.

14. 'Good Olde Times' - To have VWE very mature men use me and fuck me as instructed by Master

15. 'BBC Breakdown' - To have 'car trouble' at a lay-by and have mystery BBC's (1,2,3 or more at once) to come and provide 'assistance' as directed by Master (Only message if you can drive!)

16. As above but not BBC. To have 'car trouble' at a lay-by and have mystery guys (1,2,3 or more at once) to come and provide 'assistance' as directed by Master - NEW (Only message if you can drive!)- COMPLETED (to be repeated)

17. 'A Senior Moment' - To have Older Gentlemen (55-75) meet me, and be instructed by Master, so get in touch to be considered! Please be local, as meets are arranged last minute and a 40 minute drive causes issues with planning.

18. 'Dogging Sites' - To be informed of known ACTIVE dogging sites by FABs (not miles away lol), then inform my Master who decides when and where to send me?

19. 'The Hotel Inspector' - To have someone book a hotel room local to Derby, Master will send me there, and invite others!

20. 'White Van Men' - To have white van drivers meet at a location, and for me to turn up and go into the van, either to stay or be driven around other locations to be a cum dump? - COMPLETE (to be repeated)

21. 'Taxi!' - Trusted Hackney Cab drivers collect me at a specific location and drive around picking up random guys to finger fuck and lick my pussy and ass, then empty their balls all over me before being dropped off again

22. 'Dildo Fun' - For invited guys to bring along their own dildo (cleaned prior to meet), to be used on me as requested by Master

23. 'Office Space' - Instructed to be at an office (local to Derby), for either an interview or similar, those chosen will be provided instructions via Master, and I will do my best as required to get that job!

24. 'Club Toilets' - Whilst powdering my nose in the ladies, I am suddenly presented with a stream of eager guys wishing to empty their loads over me and then return to the bar!

25. 'Uber Meets' - Master to send me to suitable individuals to visit them at home (must be local), also to be worth the trip, maybe you have friends over?

26. 'Park Bench Free For All' - Sent to a discreet park bench, and have a group of men invited to attend, with them all pulling and groping me at once, tearing my panties, holdups, clothing, hands all over me, smearing me with mud etc

27. 'Property Puzzle' - Suitable individuals on this site will receive a message from either me or my Master, it will contain a postcode, time, date, you will then need to make a decision whether to reply to that message and take a 'chance' or miss the boat as this scenario will not be repeated for those who ignore or hesitate?

28. 'Olde Times' - Similar to Task 17 but with a group of older guys 65-80, with special instructions to perform!

29. 'COHF' - A scenario where random invited guys turn up wank on my face and leave!

30. 'Hunted' - Master to send me out to a wooded area, I will be provided envelopes which contain instructions, Master is then to send selected guys to find me, who are given my rough area, once found and code word provided to me, the guys will check me for the envelopes, choose one, open it and I am to do what is instructed within the chosen envelope.

31. 'Big Cocks & Heavy Loads' - Guys who are VWE to make contact for consideration in meeting me! Must be heavy cummers, repeaters to cover me, what about cumming all over my arse!

32. 'Kidnapped' - Highly trusted and reliable individuals, (with van) who have been instructed to bundle me into their vehicle by my Master, drive somewhere and follow his directions.

33. 'The Gallery' - This challenge is to have pics taken during meets, and have those images uploaded to this site for all to see that this is real (struggling to find guys who can multi-task), blurred pics never good.

34. 'Car Share' - This challenge involves those who own 8 seater vehicles, I would be sent to a location, and this vehicle would be filled with guys and pick me up. All guys then to follow Masters instructions of what to do to me!

35. 'Batteries Not Includes' - This challenge involves invited individuals to bring toys/accessories to try out on me, experiment on my holes as instructed (MUST BE CLEAN)!

36. 'Thursday Blues' - This challenge requires reliable individuals to turn up at a location on a Thursday evening, and empty their balls in my face and then either leave or hang around to repeat the process?

37. 'Hidden Task' - This challenge is too hot for this site, and will be arranged via email for those interested?

38. 'The Chase' - This challenge involves me being told to visit a discreet derelict location/building of any type. Master will invite reliable, trusted individuals who will be told to hunt me down, in addition to me there will be another 'bonus' sub female being chased. Upon finding me treat me as property, pin me down, roughly handle me, degrade and humiliate, write on me,etc plus anything else under Masters instructions. If you find us both, more the fun!

39. 'Masters Secret Weapon' - Master is looking for trusted VWE men with nice cocks, to be invited on a regular basis to use me as per his instructions, or women who would be instructed to fuck me with a strap-on and use me as per his instructions!

40. 'No Men Allowed' - A group of sex crazed women to be instructed to hunt me down and use me as required

41. 'Don't be gentle with me' - A group of reliable and trusted men or women invited to find me where I am located and handle me roughly, those who can be rough and not carried away with their own agenda or fantasy suitable.

42. 'Find,Suck and Go' - If this task is in operation, individuals chosen will receive a message with the subject header 'Task 42' and the general location, those invited will find me, immediately start groping me roughly and have me suck your cocks, no words spoken. Clean and shaved only and if chosen you're not available or don't turn up you won't be asked again.

43. 'BBC BJ' - I will be instructed to randomly message individuals, with a postcode, location, time and date, to meet and suck cock! Chosen individuals will be instructed to skull fuck me, make me take your full cock and balls in my mouth by pushing my head down on it until I gag, slam you hard dick down my throat! Grope me roughly, use my mouth as instructed by Master and then cum in my mouth (without telling me), and make me swallow it! To be required to film the task as proof of completion. Be aware several will be invited, so be comfortable with others around.

44. 'Heel do nicely' - Master will send me to a location, and genuine people, who like the idea of being wanked off in heels will be invited, if they have that particular kink, they will be instructed to remove my heels, tear my stockings/holdups or tights and make me to wank them with my feet.

45. 'Mini Bukkake' - Master will invite individuals whom have been provide his username from me, to meet as a group and cum all over me, repeaters and heavy cummers a bonus, also you would be expected to grope me roughly, noting that every cum dump will not be cleaned off me and worn in work the next day!

46. 'Pub Crawl' - Master will send me to a local Pub and either he or I will inform selected individuals to meet me there, and be instructed as Master requires.

47. '3 Men and a Lady'ish' - This scenario involves three guys in a car who will pick me up and abuse me as instructed by Master.

48. 'Specific Task' - Lots of Hung Men with clean shaved cocks (and balls), who live local to Markeaton, MUST BE reliable, trusted and enjoy the fun of an immersive scenario being provided instructions. Those instructions will include, roughly groping my tits, pussy, ass. Tearing my clothes and ripping my thong off, making me dirty with mud, pouring baby oil on me, and whatever else my Master decides....Must be happy with other men around!

49. 'Estate Agent' - Message me if you have access to places available for sale or rent to be sent to and be guided around the property, showing me all the added extras!

50. 'Casting Couch' - Similar to Task 23, to be sent to individuals who are wanting to cast me in their next 'movie'

51. 'Tell Your Friends' - Similar to Task 45, however with the addition of those invited would tell their friends, who would also come along...noting that anyone who doesn't show the appropriate respect and participate as needed, will result in the Task ending.

52.'Fab Members Choice' - This Task is for any member from this site to send a complete description of a scenario, and the best one will chosen by Master and that person will not only be invited but experience that scenario....get your thinking caps on!

53. 'Hitchhikers Guide...' - This Task involves being sent to a bus stop and Master will send location and postcode to those on his invite list that have been selected via here as suitable....what will happen next?

54. 'Moby Dick' - The search for the biggest dick continues, individuals will be required to show me their clean, shaved cock to see if they qualify to move onto what happens next?

55. 'Young and Hung' - Simply put this Task requires young men who are VWE, with shaved cock and balls, for Master to invite to a meet and see what happens? Let's see if you meet the requirements? By Invite only as per terms detailed in this profile.

56. 'Into The Woods' - I will be sent by Master to a local woods either Derby/Wirral, individuals will be invited to find me, and see what he has in store? By Invite only as per terms detailed in this profile. If you've received a message or wink in relation to this task then you've been selected. Noting you must be local to both Derby or Wirral.

57. 'Tag Team' - This Task is for 2-3 (more) people invited, preferably ones who are known to be trusted and VWE, and have an evening of deep throating me, passing me around, taking turns and the repeating the process. By Invite only as per terms detailed in this profile.

58. 'Friend Zone' - This Task is a variant of the above, but is just one person who is repeatedly deep throated until their balls are empty! By Invite only as per terms detailed in this profile. This individual will be invited on a regular basis.

59. - '18 Newbies' - To find suitable 18 yr old newbies to be introduced to the excitement of Owned Milf.

60. - 'Coal Shed' - This scenario was from the mind of a user off this site, who when chosen to have it happen...suddenly blocked me? So will never benefit from the outcome. The scenario would have me sent to a place that has a coal shed, with coal dust all over the floor, I would be sent dress smartly in white clothing, instructed to sit on the coal, and/or kneel on the floor, with instructions provided from Master on how to best degrade and humiliate me, along with the possibility of others being invited.

61. - 'Couple's Therapy' - This scenario is specifically for couples MM/FM/FF, those chosen have been identified as ones who understand that they are to be participants and follow what is required.

62. - 'BBC BJ Bukkake' - This scenario blends together some of the previous tasks and puts them in one, specifically for 3 or more VWE BBC guys who can meet and follow instructions, will need to be filmed.

63. - 'The House that Whore Built' - This task is specifically for when I move to my new house, the purpose of this task is to ensure that any repair/maintenance work needing to be done must be achieved with zero money being spent!

64. 'Sex Shop shenanigans'- This task ideally is for an owner of a sex shop local to Derby. That person would be contacted and informed that I would be 'popping in' and without my knowledge, Master would instruct the owner to have his customers, use their newly purchased 'toys' on me, grope me, lead me around by my collar, bukkake etc. This would be repeated and the shop in question would certainly increase visits! - NEW

65. 'Tattoo Goes There' - This task requires two elements, firstly a tattoo parlour which is discrete and broadminded, second; individuals suitable to participate. Whilst having a tattoo, Master will invite selected men to finger and lick my pussy and have them sucked during the process.- NEW

66. 'Hose that Whore Down' - This task requires someone with a jet cleaner, once I've been suitably degraded and humiliated and dirtied up to the max, to then clean me down with a standard jet wash! - NEW

67. 'Teacher's Pet' - This task is specifically for VWE young guys, who have always wanted to have fun with their teacher.

68. 'Thong Hunt' - This task requires me to hide worn thongs around local places in Derby. Those lucky enough to find are to wank into them and pass around to be wanked into. Those fortunate enough to find will inform me and return for me to wear, first come, first served, once found that is it.

69. 'The Slutty Hitchhiker' - This task will require me to be sent to a random road, and walk down it. Suitable individuals will be messaged by Master to inform them of the road I will be on and what I will be wearing and they will find me and follow the instructions which ensue.

70. 'Morning Glory..hole' - This task will be ideal for couples, single men, or controlled groups of men. It will require those invited to participate to be trusted, respectful, reliable individuals who have their own gloryholes at home. I would be instructed by my Master to arrive in just heels, holdups, collar and long coat. To be met at the door by the female of the couple or homeowner, have my nipples squeezed to make them harder, slide their finger inside me to check how wet I am, and then using my leash take me to the glory hole or holes, to be presented by cock, for me to suck and swallow, and whatever else my Master instructs during the task? - NEW

71. - 'Afternoon Delight' - A task set around lunch or a break from work, those invited should be have flexibility in their day to be called upon. Master will message those selected, providing them with my location and have them find me during my lunch or break time from work. Instructions of what is to be done to me provided by my Master. - NEW

Remember I am an Owned Slut what I want, need, or like isn't important only what pleases my Master and serving his needs. Which means that all types of kinks and fetishes apply; public humiliation, spitting, cock sucking, rimming, piss, bondage, cum, humiliation, dressing as instructed by Master.

Safe sex is a given, despite tasks requiring bareback however proof will be needed to show no STis as this is for truly trusted people.

New rule. If your message doesn't have the title of 'Owned' in the subject, you get your message ignored and deleted, I am getting tired of people not reading my profile, and having to repeat myself, especially when I've made time to complete it!


Sub Slave

50 years old, Bi-curious

5'6"  168cm
Non smoker
Social drinker
No tattoos
More than 5 piercings

Looking For

Couples (MF) Couples (MM) Couples (FF) Men Women
Aged from 18 to 80 only
Won't meet smokers


Cannot accommodate
Cannot travel


Adult Parties, Anal, Blindfolds, Cuckolding, Cybersex, Dogging, DP, Gangbangs, Group Sex, Making Videos, Oral, Rimming, Role Play, Safe Sex, Same Room Swapping, Separate Room Swapping, SM, Soft Swing, Spanking, Swingers Clubs, Taking Photos, Threesomes, Toys, Voyeurism, Watersports

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Verified Genuine Profile

*ipupfruity (31), Woman on 4 March 2020 by Meeting in person:
This Lady joined me and my partner and did what her master told her. Beatiful lady

*arleymarlz (33), Man on 27 February 2020 by Meeting in person:
Met this sexy slut again ..Followed masters orders to a t .Loved the wet mess we made ,someone seems to get wetter and wetter the more they are dominated mmmm until next time

*arleymarlz (33), Man on 26 January 2020 by Meeting in person:
Finally got to meet this naughty whore ...Was hot as hell to leave you in a wet mess and covered in cum .Look forward to seeing you again

*avericCool (40), Man on 22 September 2019 by Meeting in person:
Met this cum slut a few times now under the strict instructions of her owner. Very very hot and definitely not one to be missed or messed about if your lucky enough to be invited. Look forward to more training and scenarios set by her master

*utgoingtocouple (44), Man on 8 August 2019 by Meeting in person:
Just had a very naughty outdoor meet with this sexy lady. Boy the lady was dressed to impress and did as her master told her. What more can I say enjoyed every minute of it. If you get an invite out the blue take it. You will not be disappointed!!??????

*andr500 (27), Couple on 5 August 2019 by Meeting in person:
Met this gem twice in one night. It was my first meet on this site and due to circumstances that the Dom understands I met alone. I was sent the address/location to be at. All be it a bit of trouble with my phone to get me there. On arrival I was nervous there seemed to be a lot of people around. And I wasn’t sure what I was suppose to be doing. Her master in constant dialogue to me said he was going to get his property to move her car and then I was to follow her. I followed. She sat on a park bench and I sat next to her. She was beautifully dressed and was on the phone to her Sir... she soon started to play with me and it wasn’t long before my jeans were round my ankles. And she was kneeling infront of me. I got told to tell her when close. I asked if I could touch her. She asked her master and bingo out came a beautiful pair of pierced tits for me to play with. On telling her I was close I was instructed to cum over her face. No problem. Done. I got home and was thanking master. And he said if I wanted to back for seconds. I’ve never ever driven a half hour drive in ten mins before.. but I was there. This time only me and his property in the car park. She was already on the same bench previously. On sitting next to her I heard them amazing words ‘sir said you can touch me where you wish’ The dress unzipped. The pants pulled to the side immediately massaging the pierced clit. Her leaning on me. Moaning in my ear. Wanking me off and dripping wet all at once. Again she got on her knees and I was told to tell her when close. I did. ‘Sir says your to cum on my tits’ Perfect done. Helped to her feet. Thanked and left talking to her sir. Genuine. Real. And don’t pass up the opportunity. :) R

*Newark (52), Man on 28 February 2019 by Meeting in person:
I had the pleasure of this lady visit my hotel under the watchful instruction of her master. Very obidient and hope to meet up again if I get the opportunity. Alex

*empted123 (48), Man on 4 November 2018 by Meeting in person:
I had the pleasure of meeting this very attractive sub slut earlier in the week.Myself and her Master had planned different scenarios for her to follow in and around the apartment block where i live.Slut was very obedient and did as she was told without hesitation.Her Master was in comunication with her at all times and later joined us at my apartment.It was my pleasure to host for them both and they are welcome at my place anytime.I hope to assist again to further this Sluts training in the future.Follow the rules be respectful and you will have a very memorable time in thier company.

*omxx (31), Man on 14 October 2018 by Meeting in person:
met this beautiful sub after her master arranged for her to pick me up and we went to a a quiet spot and she done exactly what her master told her.

*tevewilliam (46), Man on 9 October 2018 by Meeting in person:
I have been summoned by the master on numerous occasions to meet his property at a couple of different locations. I’m given a time and location and his property has never not showed up. To keep things fresh different scenario‘s are arranged prior to meeting. The sub always does as told by her master and I can only do as master says. So if you can follow instructions then don’t hesitate to join in on this exciting saga.

*ormal_average_guy (46), Man on 1 October 2018 by Meeting in person:
What a great meet! I chatted with her Dom to arrange and he had us meet in a dark secluded spot. I was turned on and scared to death as I got out of the car and followed her into the woods. She was on the phone to her master and took orders from him as she unzipped me and slowly began wanking me off. Her master allowed me to play with her tits while she wanked my cock, her mouth so close but never quite touching me was a huge turn on and she has gorgeous big sexy tits! I was instructed to shoot my load over her face, which i did with pleasure. Looking forward to see what happens next! Highly recommended and I hope her master lets me use his property again soon :-)

*tevewilliam (46), Man on 19 September 2018 by Meeting in person:
I have met this owned property on numerous occasions and assisted it’s owner whilst he has been given his property diection over the phone as to what she and I am to do. She will do precisely as master demands. But stick to the script and master will allow you to see his property again. This is a trust and has lines that shouldn’t be crossed. Hope to continue in your future training

*empted123 (48), Man on 8 September 2018 by Meeting in person:
I met this very attractive Sub when she visited Wirral.Under her Masters instruction we ended up in the woods.Sub is very obediant and it was a pleasure to meet her.She was left in the woods to continue the scenario after i had cum on her tits and cleaned myself on her dress.Follow instuctions be respectful and you will have a fantastic time in her company.Hope to meet again.Thankyou both S.

*hedarkwarrior (41), Man on 24 August 2018 by Meeting in person:
Met this lady again tonight under the instruction of her master over the phone. Great meet and very obedient did as she was told even though she clearly didn’t want to lol

*hedarkwarrior (41), Man on 29 July 2018 by Meeting in person:
Met this lady tonight and she was under her masters orders. Had a great meet and hopefully so did she. Hope to be meeting her again sometime xx

*ich2nite27 (33), Man on 29 July 2018 by Meeting in person:
Just met this lovely lady agen for 3rd time wow is all I can say don’t miss out guys but make sure your treat her right Hope to see her agen soon .

*inkymale34 (40), Man on 1 June 2018 by Meeting in person:
Met this lovely lady under the instruction of her master. She is very good looking and knows to pleasure a man. Be respectful and willing to please both her and her masters requests and you may just have the pleasure of meeting her.

*ich2nite27 (33), Man on 21 May 2018 by Meeting in person:
Meet in person tonight had a nice chat and then some fun in woods made me cum all over her tits can’t wait too meet agen !

*ich2nite27 (33), Man on 1 May 2018 by Meeting in person:
Wow is all I can say about this lay back fun lady meet in person and had a good time amazing!

*an slave999 (36), Man on 30 April 2018 by Meeting in person:
what can I say but wow thanks for a great time


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