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With over 850 verifications, its fair to say that this cock has been well exercised over the years. Will be winding down my time on FAB but will still get it fully up for horny women who enjoy big stiff cock on display. If you are a woman who enjoys huge cock, drop me a message


53 years old, Straight

5'8"  173cm
Non smoker
Don't drink
No tattoos
No piercings

Looking For

Not looking for single guys
Couples (MF) Women
Aged from 18 to 65 only
Won't meet smokers


Cannot accommodate
Cannot travel



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Verified Genuine Profile

*herwoodhung (51), Man on 17 May 2024 by Webcam:
Great banter in chat and ladies it’s absolutely massive !!!

*awtyminx2024 (40), Woman on 14 May 2024 by Webcam:
What a cock omg its so big just what i love id love to have a go on it i love it deep inside me and let him cum all over my tits Ladies if u get to meet him take it He has a great cock xx

*attoed lady (44), Woman on 27 April 2024 by Webcam:
Well I’ve been chatting to this absolute legend for a while now, a fantastic mix of saucy banter and great conversation, I had the pleasure of seeing Dyce in action tonight, I was feeling horny so much to my delight he put on a show .. Wow is all I can say, this guy is hung! And the amount of tricks he has is enviable, super hard and super impressive… thank you ??

*recious Couple (35), Couple on 18 April 2024 by Webcam:
Legit Big Cock man. Came live really fast came for my Mrs and she liked it.

*indingMoby (44), Woman on 10 April 2024 by Webcam:
Dyce isn't on cam so much these days but he turned it on briefly last night to show his tent pole at it's full underpants-stretching length! Then with one bound it was free - boioioioioing!

*ominic_1 (48), Man on 2 April 2024 by Webcam:
I’ve verified this fella before but feel he deserves another one. He has one of the biggest cocks on Fab and I’m mesmerised by it. I’ve been fortunate to watch him playing on cam when he’s chatting to the ladies. It’s long and thick and the dick of dreams.

*umicRelief (50), Man on 16 March 2024 by Webcam:
Been chatting in the rooms and this guy is a top fella. Always hunting the big tits and biggest cocks in the chat rooms. He does all the work so I don’t have to. Thing is he has an absolute monster cock which he uses both hands on and still has inches to spare. Cheers mate the rooms are much more fun with you in.

*ibertine_20 (56), Man on 11 March 2024 by Webcam:
Had the pleasure to watch Dyce on cam. Dyce has a massive cock that he proudly displays rigid on cam. It’s mesmerising. He slapped his rigid hard cock on to the palm of his hand. It was rock solid making a thunderous meaty slap sound which was widely commented on in the room. It's a substantial and impressive cock that never fails to excite. Dyce is a fab legend highly recommended. Do not miss.

*ree_B (39), Woman on 29 December 2023 by Webcam:
It’s time to leave another verification for this gentleman. And really I don’t need to say anything about his VVWE status as you can just read below for that. But what is special about Dyce is that he really does know how to show it off - he’ll have you laughing, smiling and reaching orgasm. Beyond that he’s also incredibly community minded, generous in pointing out others to be enjoyed on cam and extremely eloquent. Plus I love it when he talks filth! This place would not be the same without you Dyce x

*opefalls (36), Man on 27 December 2023 by Webcam:
My good woman and me watched this hung guy flex his fucking obscene cock. We both said that we wanted to be shagged by dyceloon's huge cock. Holy fuck it's a beast. definitely the best dick on fab, no competition.

*overs5 (39), Man on 27 December 2023 by Webcam:
Seen this guy on cam again last night and chatted to him about other cam participants and my gf. Absolutely MASSIVE tool in him! Just seemed to keep growing and growing. Honestly the photos do not do the guy justice. Long. Thick. Solid. A real impressive specimen. A total pussy filler here ladies! If you get the opportunity you should take it, and what a load after as well! 10/10.

*rewmuscle (44), Man on 27 December 2023 by Webcam:
A great guy, always a fun chat buddy. Ladies he’s huge if you’re a size queen hop on and see how deep he can go and hold long you can take him. You’ll not be disappointed. Huge cock and huge heart.

*indingMoby (44), Woman on 26 December 2023 by Webcam:
Omg it must be Christmas! Dyce was huge on cam, stiff as a baseball bat, stretching the material of his pants like a tent pole holding up canvas! Slapping his rigid cock against his hand like he meant business! Showed me his pert little ass as well, just the right size for holding onto while his massive member does its magic! Thrusting his hips to make it bounce up and slap against his chest omg... so stiff he can balance a huge cushion on it as well, this has to be the stiffest hardest most talented cock on this site!

*Brown (39), Man on 24 December 2023 by Webcam:
Been chatting and sending pics. This guy is genuine and lovely to talk to. I just wish I was closer. I would love to suck his cock for hours and hours. Love his cock!

*T2022 (48), Man on 22 December 2023 by Webcam:
This Man is worth a check out and watch ladies and Gents . he can balance a cushion on his threehanded cock . if you like them big and then big again check him out . A true Generous Guy who does just want people to watch him but will point others to other hung guys in a chat room soany lady will not miss out .

*ibertine_20 (56), Man on 22 December 2023 by Webcam:
Had the pleasure of camming with fab's own big cock connoisseur. Dyce has been working his substantial member as he has now moved on from balancing three towels to a large cushion on his huge cock. He was big hard and rigid when balancing the cushion. Highly recommended must see do not miss.

*hottnhorny (49), Couple on 18 December 2023 by Webcam:
weve been chatting to this very nice respectful guy for a while now , he never fails to amaze us just how huge and rigid his cock is and strong lol he can balance a cushion on it with ease. always a pleasure to see dyce on cam ...would be nice one day to actually feel the weight and girth of his member

*ominic_1 (48), Man on 10 December 2023 by Webcam:
It’s already been said by me and plenty of others, Syce really does have a monster pornstar cock, definitely a two handed. Always a great pleasure to watch him on cam

*enie66 (58), Man on 22 November 2023 by Webcam:
Dyceloon, What to say about this man that has'nt already been said,he will stimulate both your mind with his charm and witty inuendos. Obviously that cock is both impressive in not only its shear size but by itsability to remain rigid for an exceedingly long time. If you get the oppotunity to see him on cam please engage with him as he really is a true gentleman and a credit to what Fabswingers

*ankyLizzy (38), Man on 18 November 2023 by Webcam:
wow best webcam ive viewed by far one word HUGE X

*indsor horny (57), Man on 16 November 2023 by Webcam:
Great to see him wanking that thick cock on cam. Wish I was there to do it for him

*ate Winslut (35), Woman on 26 October 2023 by Webcam:
Love this gents huge dic and can't wait to see it pump it's load ...Nice guy too xxx

*loryhole_Dorset (56), Man on 4 October 2023 by Webcam:
A dangerous weapon that could do some serious, but delightful damage! This guy has the most amazing cock, and lucky for us, he’s happy to show it off. It’s a masterpiece. I was lucky enough to catch him on cam, and to my amazement, he was cool to have me admire his superior man-meat. He was fully aware that I was drooling and perving, but was more than happy to allow me to continue, which was truly a privilege. Regardless of gender, if you do enjoy massive cock, then you really have to try catch this guy on cam.

*loryhole_Dorset (56), Man on 2 October 2023 by Webcam:
Aberdeen's Got Talent! Wow, this bloke's got the most amazing piece of meat you're likely to see. He had me prematurely ejaculating like I was some horned up teenager. I cannot wait to see more. Thank you from a grateful fan-boy!

*inge15 (33), Man on 1 October 2023 by Webcam:
The term "well endowed" gets thrown around a lot but in this case, fully justified. Wow. Lethal Weapon 8.5 (actual measurement unknown).

*uriou87 (36), Couple on 25 September 2023 by Webcam:
watched this guy on cam, quite the show. very impressive

*apncook (38), Man on 16 September 2023 by Webcam:
This guy's cock is a giant - Ladies, if that's what you like, look no further!

*ustChip (33), Man on 16 September 2023 by Webcam:
Briefly clicked on this mans cam, his cock is huge! Had to click off putting me to shame!

*indingMoby (44), Woman on 6 September 2023 by Webcam:
Another great performance from the legend that is dyceloon! Welding his huge member in the pose of a Rock guitarist, stiff as the neck of a Fender, his 3-hand monster is surely the stairway to heaven :-D

*hottnhorny (49), Couple on 30 August 2023 by Webcam:
a second verification for this very nice gent was a pleasure to chat to him and see him on cam again on sunday evening and my gosh we are sure his cock gets bigger each time we see him , very nice gent with a huge cock you wont be disappointed

*onnie_darko (38), Man on 27 August 2023 by Webcam:
careful girls!! gigantic tool alert! lol he is nice and gentle mate no hesitate to say hi

*hottnhorny (49), Couple on 19 August 2023 by Webcam:
have chatted to this guy many times on cam always respectfull very friendly and nice also as most people know he has a monstercock and has left a lasting memory for the mrs and myself and have to say his name has popped up in our bedroom a few times now lol always a pleasure to chat and see him in the rooms

*ibertine_20 (56), Man on 9 August 2023 by Webcam:
Had the pleasure of camming and chatting with fab legend Dyceloon He was Up Up Up Hard and rigid as ever his massive cock was getting a lot of attention and comment in the chat room. it’s legendary …….not be missed

*T2022 (48), Man on 9 August 2023 by Webcam:
well what can i say . mr double hands was up and ready again . vwe guy who always polite but satisfied a lady

*hottnhorny (49), Couple on 30 July 2023 by Webcam:
saw this guy on cam and chatted very nice guy respectfull none pushy and fabulous huge cock mmmm

*andEli (56), Couple on 8 July 2023 by Webcam:
Well now where to start! Had a fabulous erotic chat with him in chatroom. Have to say his pictures do not lie. He is one very gifted athletic male, enough to open my eyes wide

*opefalls (36), Man on 6 July 2023 by Webcam:
Biggest and best cock on cam, always looks rock hard and in the air, balls always look big and full of cum, his definitely can tame a straight guy like me, im sure most men or woman, would find it hard to not respect guy like him and what he has to offer, he is humble but full of confidence at the same time, hes a real man and his dick is superior and impressive always, have no issues calling him the man or sir lol xx

*exykink69 (45), Couple on 5 July 2023 by Webcam:
This guy has such an amazing cock! It’s absolutely huge! I just wanna hold it kiss it suck and then get fucked by it! This horny guy is sexy fantastically hung and very respectful! Definitely going to be a regular fuck friend xx

*uriou87 (36), Couple on 29 June 2023 by Webcam:
nice show on cam, if you like big cocks stop here.

*ominic_1 (48), Man on 28 June 2023 by Webcam:
Never disappoints. His massive dick is quite unbelievable and if you’re lucky enough to see him on cam you won’t be disappointed. This guy needs to be on cam daily treating us all to his monster cock.

*T2022 (48), Man on 19 June 2023 by Webcam:
Dyceloon my mate , was huge tonight for his play for a lady in the chat room . she just loved watching him with both hands . ladies want fun and hung . go no further.

*et 4 Daddy (34), Woman on 9 June 2023 by Webcam:

*indingMoby (44), Woman on 5 June 2023 by Webcam:
Finally got to see the 4 towel trick! 4 TOWELS! Oh, the humanity! The stamina! The length! 4 TOWELS!

*annah234 (32), Woman on 5 June 2023 by Webcam:
massive cock out on cam ;) x

*ominic_1 (48), Man on 14 May 2023 by Webcam:
Dyce and his monster cock are famous on Fab. His freakishly massive knob is certainly a 3 hander.

*ibertine_20 (56), Man on 20 April 2023 by Webcam:
I keep coming back to Dyces cams whenever he is on. He has massive equipment that is always big hard and rigid Always has plenty of viewers commenting on his size and rigidity If he’s on cam don’t miss.

*indingMoby (44), Woman on 1 April 2023 by Webcam:
Number 800 :-p the huge erection bounded out of his tented pants like a pouncing tiger, ready to strike fear into the hearts of lesser men! Dyceloon truly has a rod of iron! BOIOIOIOIOOIIINGGG!

*ibertine_20 (56), Man on 15 March 2023 by Webcam:
Had the pleasure of camming with the one and only Dyceloon .There is not much to be said that hasn’t already been said . He is great on cam always rigid always up always big If you are lucky you could also see his towel shows, so impressive. Dyceloon is always directing viewers in chat rooms to hung guys or hot ladies/couples. I am grateful that he kindly included my cam in one of these “shoutouts”. You know it’s going to be a good Evening when Dyceloon is in chats Highly recommend not to be missed.

*idyn Mawr 87 (37), Man on 14 March 2023 by Webcam:
The screen filler, lady killer strikes again. Like a sexy magician, he makes a massive cock appear from under his trusty towel.

*Brown (39), Man on 13 March 2023 by Webcam:
Oh how I would blow you for hours on end. Take my time. Edge you and take that deep down my throat as much as I can. You sit back and relax and enjoy. So much for wishful thinking…. Lol. All the best matey. Catch up soon.

*obbyfischer72 (51), Man on 13 March 2023 by Webcam:
What can I say about dyce and his huge cock with his influence I cammed live with a stunningly sexy lady and shot a huge load all over her fantastic tits the man is a legend with women on fab who are size queens

*itScottishGuy (30), Man on 6 March 2023 by Webcam:
Very hung guy! Hot to see! Hopefully will see more.

*exydude69 (60), Man on 5 March 2023 by Webcam:
Saw Dyceloon on cam playing with his huge cock. Nice person and good to chat with.

*arah_89 (35), Woman on 5 March 2023 by Webcam:
Had the pleasure of getting to have a naughty chat with him and see his huge and very stiff cock on cam, he's well worth a cheeky perv... ;)

*ree_B (39), Woman on 4 March 2023 by Webcam:
Here to verify that the legendary 3 towel trick is not a FAB myth… it deserves to become an urban legend, or at least a place on a hall of fame somewhere… How rigid and large does a cock need to be to hold one towel up? I would say very… well I kid you not when I say that Dyce can hold up three towels. THREE! Has to be seen. Your mind will go wild thinking about what else he can do with it!

*lueboy1202 (56), Man on 2 March 2023 by Webcam:
im straight man but what can you say! big big n BIG couldnt help but watch top guy! dont miss out if he is on cam!!

*B-1000 (46), Man on 21 February 2023 by Webcam:
Asked to view Dyceloons cam and all I can say is that he did not disappoint. He is one seriously hung bloke and more than happy to show it off. If you get the chance, don't pass this one by. Bloody amazing!

*rian1966 (58), Man on 20 February 2023 by Webcam:
Known dyce a good while now. always likes to tease the ladies with his big cock. its horny watching the ladies knowing they are watching his cam hehehe

*ig nips and hubby (44), Couple on 17 February 2023 by Webcam:
Absolutely beautiful cock and made me cum watching him play x

*ammee (52), Couple on 14 February 2023 by Webcam:
I love this man we spoke on Skype. He's cute and when I looked at his pictures after I realised he's hung. Maybe next time we should do more than just talk I can't wait.

*T2022 (48), Man on 13 February 2023 by Webcam:
This guy is a great chat and complements you on your size . he hung like a horse ladies , dint pass him by . we had a great time watching some great big tit ladies .

*ibertine_20 (56), Man on 12 February 2023 by Webcam:
Had the pleasure of seeing Dyceloon on cam. Dyceloon May have invented a new unit of fab measurement. Some use the number of hands measurement this should be replaced by the number of towels. Well Dyceloon is a three toweller and it’s so impressive Highly recommended

*indingMoby (44), Woman on 8 February 2023 by Webcam:
Got his huge stiff manhood out specially for me on cam, I want to slide down every inch! If you need somewhere to hang a towel (or 3) this is the guy you need!

*ree_B (39), Woman on 5 February 2023 by Webcam:
I finally, finally got to see Dyce on cam. Quite simply the best looking cock I have ever seen in my life. I really do mean that and I don’t say it lightly. It is unforgettable. Dyce is also an absolute gentleman and I’d like to verify that too. He has manners, he’ll make you laugh, he knows the art of conversation and he has a wonderful behind. This gentleman is a rare find and an absolute gem. Ps - If you do like them VWE ask Dyce to give you some recommendations

*avesKat (55), Couple on 4 February 2023 by Webcam:
another fantastic delight for the missus to gorge her eyes on. Its big, its huge, its throbbing, after seeing it on cam multiple times, it never ceases to amaze us. This guy is a real charmer, and what id call a nice genuine soul

*ee-fun (55), Couple on 4 February 2023 by Webcam:
Naughty boy with and nice cock very inviting ti see enjoyed whatching him

*rthurPants (62), Man on 28 January 2023 by Webcam:
Dyceloon has the size of cock that definitely needs a license! I'd love to see that monster in action. He can get it erect in seconds and is a good repeater, so ladies do not miss out on this guy. Cuck couple husbands: imagine seeing your good lady slide down his magnificent pole!

*indingMoby (44), Woman on 26 January 2023 by Webcam:
Awesome huge hard dick, couldn't keep my eyes off it! Lots of fun to watch his cam, he plays his stiff cock like a guitar and those pert little buttcheeks are so grabbable! Xx

*indingMoby (44), Woman on 24 January 2023 by Webcam:
Lured this shy boy out of hiding with promise of my boobs! Worth it - nice big dick!

*ibertine_20 (56), Man on 18 January 2023 by Webcam:
Caught Dyceloon on cam today. SO rigid ,SO hard ,SO impressive., SO big. Respectful in chat and always directing to other hot cams. Highly recommended - a fab legend!

*ahliaStag (38), Couple on 15 January 2023 by Webcam:
One of the BIGGEST and best hype-men of the chat! Always ready to boost folks up, good fun and very gifted!

*ibertine_20 (56), Man on 2 January 2023 by Webcam:
Had the pleasure of camming with Dyceloon today. He gave his impressive equipment, a real two hander, a substantial work out. Good chat and respectful in chat rooms, highly recommended viewing.

*effrichards5 (39), Man on 2 January 2023 by Webcam:
The de facto cock connoisseur of fab (TM). Always finding the finest ladies and the biggest cocks... and it takes one to know one ;) 8========================)

*obbyfischer72 (51), Man on 2 January 2023 by Webcam:
us huge cocks have to stick together and dyce is the daddy his cock is huge it is great when he goes on cams getting the lady’s to check our clocks out , I love the look on there faces when I they see his monster a look off amazement and lust it amazing

*reckles!! (35), Woman on 31 December 2022 by Webcam:
Actually had the pleasure of seeing Dyce on cam last night, even better that he stroked his cock for me! Always a pleasure to see him in chat bigging up the other guys (pun intended) but even better to see the man himself on cam! hope to catch you again soon! Pillar of the fab community! x

*eedsfunman (58), Man on 31 December 2022 by Webcam:
mmmmm so horny big cock

*layfulswinger (29), Man on 27 December 2022 by Webcam:
Enjoyed chatting up a hot lady on cam together with this guy, she wanted both of our big cocks. His is huge, if you’re closeby, get it!

*well (47), Man on 22 December 2022 by Webcam:
Great horny lad, with great balls and a massive solid cock. Real horny watching him work his big dick on cam. ;)

*ungAsh (53), Man on 18 December 2022 by Webcam:
The best gent on the site massive good and always a good laugh. He always keeps the ladies informed and any big boys are on cam. Been great to know him over the years. Ash

*anlad (47), Man on 17 December 2022 by Webcam:
Yon things a fair size like

*man2009 (40), Man on 17 December 2022 by Webcam:
OMG.....this guy has a MASSIVE cock!! my wife could not stop looking at it !!! great show mate!!

*ominic_1 (48), Man on 14 December 2022 by Webcam:
This fella has a massive tool and proudly shows it off. Many like me would love to have a go on that dick and swallow his hot load

*ewis1111 (69), Man on 11 December 2022 by Webcam:
what a cock wow mmmm

*octorsorders2 (69), Man on 5 December 2022 by Webcam:
Well ladies this guy has a MASSIVE cock well worth a look and if you are anywhere near Aberdeen... get hold of it

*eenaw (53), Man on 5 December 2022 by Webcam:
Saw this guy on cam recently, Genuine impressive large cock which he worked well on camera! Definitely looked a lot of fun to be had

*he_ewings (52), Couple on 4 December 2022 by Webcam:
Ahhh, Dyceloon! What fun we had…thank you for a magnificent display and keeping us updated on the cock size in the room ;-) We had great fun playing on cam and watching this gent cum…polite, friendly and fun loving, in the true spirit of Fab! See you again next time x

*unseeker (63), Man on 21 November 2022 by Webcam:
Dyceloon is the perfect model of a male erection...he has the massive length and girth that will stretch any woman. The big ball bag hanging below is full of spunk...wait for them to release their load.

*im2please69 (47), Man on 19 November 2022 by Webcam:
That’s some tool this lad has, ladies if you like length and girth - give him a shout out

*inney (49), Man on 19 November 2022 by Webcam:
this guy is very genuine and very well hung easy to chat too girls you wont be disappointed ...

*ublinlad95 (28), Man on 16 November 2022 by Webcam:
Seen this lad for the first time in ages with his massive weapon. Lovely to see him again and get to chat with him :)

*wallower.2019 (59), Man on 16 November 2022 by Webcam:
Wow....if this guy turns bisexual I want to be the first guy to play with his massive cock

*octorsorders2 (69), Man on 16 November 2022 by Webcam:
Massive cock here ladies... well worth a view.

*eyser soze2912 (39), Man on 10 November 2022 by Webcam:
This guy is huge!! Im not too jealous lol and a nice guy to chat to happy fabbing mate ????

*lynxuk (60), Man on 10 November 2022 by Webcam:
cam this guy is built big awesum lookin big cock and great wanker very horney

*arvel777 (34), Man on 9 November 2022 by Webcam:
He is big ;)

*ce1977 (47), Man on 8 November 2022 by Webcam:
Seen this guy on cam many times; always a good chat and as I am sure all agree. One of the biggest and hardest cocks on here. Very impressive piece of meat. Happy to verify

*he whisperers (59), Couple on 4 November 2022 by Webcam:
Well what a guy , always makes our night when we see him on cam , he has a brilliant sense of humour with a extremely impressive cock too , always a pleasure to play for him on cam ,

*idyn Mawr 87 (37), Man on 3 November 2022 by Webcam:
Don't get to see this huge cock enough for my liking, it fills the screen great cam if you can catch it. Cam expert too, he knows all the best ones

*B59 (53), Man on 1 November 2022 by Webcam:
Watched this naughty guy on cam and chatted as he revealed his huge cock mmmmmm

*orkiBi (67), Man on 23 October 2022 by Webcam:
This guy has one hell of a cock. Wife and I watched him for a while. Would love for him to get dirty with us both and hope this huge guy would squeeze into her mmm - Not to be missed xx

*acdaniels1965 (59), Man on 23 October 2022 by Webcam:
massive cock any married guy would love it in his wife, impressive cam

*teph65 (59), Man on 23 October 2022 by Webcam:
Seen this guy on cam and his big hard dick goes right up his chest

*agictongue500 (64), Man on 23 October 2022 by Webcam:
watched this huge member on cam tonight and impressive weapon that looked huge and he knew how to use it

*ellowthread2 (48), Couple on 7 October 2022 by Webcam:
Well what can I say very impressive. Massive huge dick that can stay hard and keep going . And I had the pressure of him telling me I was huge , what a complement from the man who holds that thing . A pleasant man who any ladies should not pass by when an offer to talk or play is on the cards

*rocinU (37), Woman on 2 October 2022 by Webcam:
Huge hard cock! Seems like a fun gentleman

*aven888 (58), Woman on 2 October 2022 by Webcam:
What is possibly left to say about the amazing Dyceloon that hasn’t been said before and probably far more eloquently than I will write. He is in footballing terms a player who always captains the national side, in tennis terms fab’s Roger Federer. There is never a dull moment when Dyceloon is on cam with his peachy bum and amazingly large cock, who could fail to be impressed. He is encouraging, flirtatious, fun, a little bit naughty but very respectful in the chat rooms. If you get a chance to watch him you’d be crazy to miss it, and if any guys get told by him that they could be a member of ‘well hung club’ you should be very flattered! That privilege is reserved for only the most spectacular cooks. Dyceloon is one of fabs finest and remains firmly on my ‘hotlist’ xx

*B-1000 (46), Man on 1 October 2022 by Webcam:
all I can say is this man has one huge cock and was cool for me to view, cheers man!

*lasgow_Cam (38), Man on 29 September 2022 by Webcam:
Absolute pleasure as always chatting with this MONSTER COCK on cam about experiences and the like! Not to be missed!

*Brown (39), Man on 28 September 2022 by Webcam:
Another fantastic watch tonight. This guy is HUGE!!

*ornell34 (39), Man on 28 September 2022 by Webcam:
Wow what a big cock mmmmm

*Brown (39), Man on 23 September 2022 by Webcam:
Wow!!! HUGE!!! AMAZING!!! if only……. Thanks for the invite.

*ag79 (44), Man on 15 September 2022 by Webcam:
Well what can I say was totally amazed at the monster on cam I have never seen a tool like it ; it’s a must you have to check out this guy the size and thickness is unreal what an amazing piece of equipment mmmmmm my word it’s special you have to view when this guy is on cam next

*hatman (59), Man on 13 September 2022 by Webcam:
Wow, this man is certainly well equipped. Not for the faint hearted and well in the VWE group.

*ongfellowhung (59), Man on 13 September 2022 by Webcam:
lovely long cock

*lutboiz (41), Man on 12 September 2022 by Webcam:
Mmm wow he’s hot

*i79guy (44), Man on 10 September 2022 by Webcam:
Dyceloon let me watch him on cam after a couple of messages. Wow! What a HUGE cock!! Lucky ladies out there. He let me direct him in the cam room. Great that he is open minded and will put on a show for a guy too. Cheers

*xp_blade (60), Man on 7 September 2022 by Webcam:
saw this horny guy and his massive cock on cam - what an absolute beast of a weapon!

*B-1000 (46), Man on 3 September 2022 by Webcam:
Asked to view this cam and can quite easily say its the biggest dick I've ever seen wanked on cam. Dyceloon knows how to put on a good cam show, damn glad I asked to view, cheers D!

*ackswan (52), Couple on 3 September 2022 by Webcam:
Always chat with this true gentleman. He always aims to please and must say he has an asset that is amazing x always made to feel welcome when he is around and whoever has the opportunity of chatting to him will be made to feel the same … a truly nice guy with an amazing personality and cock to match ??x

*orna922 (62), Couple on 1 September 2022 by Webcam:
Just seen this guy for a second time. An absolutely beautiful virile cock

*ndypandy500 (56), Man on 24 August 2022 by Webcam:
Wow stunningly big cock ladies. He will fill you up well and good.

*idyn Mawr 87 (37), Man on 23 August 2022 by Webcam:
This guy is hung, saw him on cam dick filled the screen. Great to watch, knows who else is hung too. If you need someone to wank over it's him, if he's not on he knows who else you should wank over. Great guy, great cock

*osstaylor555 (43), Man on 21 August 2022 by Webcam:
A top man on fab. Plus this guy had the biggest and most hardest cock I have ever seen. Super jealous. You should check him out ladies. It’s a beast!!!

*obbyfischer72 (51), Man on 19 August 2022 by Webcam:
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Some choad on him, 2 hands and still more showing, hopefully get to share someone with him one day

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