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Knickers talk (fuck off)

Scat ( not intrested)

***looking for regular (min once a week bear bury ) stretch session


Must be

* 30-50

* drive & accom

* not use any wrappers AKA BAREBACK only

* available during the day

* filthy

* enjoy rimming



max 1 hour.

Males 30-50

Must accommodate

No hotels /cars on first meet

Only camera used is mine on my phone

Nothing glass/breakable inside me

No marks or biting

No condoms or wrappers of any kind

If you wanna cum, not in my hair

If you don’t have lube I’ll bring some, but I’m a fan of spit/piss

Minimum of a must be used in my pussy at some point

I will put pics and vids up here.

At least one thing from your house must go inside my pussy

If I ask you to read the rules. Reply with ‘hot rules, can’t wait to destroy you’

YOUR ONE WARNING… if you message you meet and are outside of my age range you will be instantly blocked. I suggest if you want to enjoy the filth. Don’t do. You can message in compliments etc. but I won’t meet.


Your FAQ


Do you do phone sex



What’s on your ‘todo list’

*a foot

*a sports team

*A fleshlight fuck

* 2 litre bottle (almost there)

* beast dildos

Ultimate goal - being unc*ncious and then used and ab*sed by total strangers.


Why don’t you message back ??

I put effort money and time into my profile and the content. I’m happy to talk to anyone who thinks about their opening message but if you message with one word ‘hello/cunt/slut’ or a few misspelt words ‘ti bich’ ‘wen u Cummin to fuke me’ ‘bin waiting 4 u’ (all real messages) I’m not going to respond

If your that lazy in a message, you won’t have the energy or skill to be any different in life.


Can you send me videos, I don’t subscribe to fab.

If you don’t subscribe to fab or sort my subscription out, why would I send anything your way lol ??



Because I fucking love it. I love exposing it and pushing myself. I love the attention and I’m not ashamed


Can you feel cock?

It depends on the situation. But mostly no


Do you do hardsports ?

Not usually


Are you married and does he know ?

Yes ... no he has no clue... if you don’t like it. Move along


What’s your ultimate size stretch ?

I have no limits but always dreams of 5s. Two in my ass and three in my cunt


How did you get such a sloppy cunt?

I fuck myself three times a day. I am also NEVER empty. I have something in my cunt at all times. Even at night. Usually either 2 pool balls, an apple or an orange. I piss with them in. It means I’m always ready and always stretched. I don’t do this to my ass because plugs either too small or not discreet


Can you your ass ?

I can now get a in my ass … I can’t do it myself but I’ve not had three men succeed... I’m so proud of my holes

My goal is elbow deep at least


Can you get a in your pussy ?

YES... easily and without lube.I need lube for a double or internal wank


What do I call you

Slut, whore, cunt, bucket, sloppy, filthy pig, cheater, anything derogatory


Do you like watersports and squirt ?

Absolutely adore both. Giving and receiving.

I will never meet anyone who isn’t happy to be covered head to toe because when I get stretched well, I release lots


What’s the biggest you have gone?

*1.5 litre bottle in my puss

*Double in puss

*Fist in my ass


Do you like rinming?

Receiving Yes yes yes... Deep as you can get. Get your fingers in and pull me open to get in


What porn do you watch?

SSBBW, extreme gay flashlight masturbation

I also love watching porn where the guy secretly removes the condom and carries on. They always get me off


Who do you meet and talk to

Males 30+ Who can accom. If you don’t fill that, you better write me the most filthy intro message you’ve written or I will simply delete. Sorry


Safe or BB?

I LOVE BB as long as I know your status … Coil was removed 6/8/21


Car meets?

Not at the min. Nor hotels.


Can I have your snap/KIK/WA



My favourite thing in my cunt?



Favourite thing in my ass?

The 60 cm snake. So good when it gets pulled out.


FLESHLIGHT OWNERS ....if you have vids on your profile if you using them. Let me know. I get so hot watching men on them. If you would like to fuck one while it’s inside my pussy. Let me know too


You find out your wife is doing what I do behind your back. Do you stop her or let her carry on ?

Straight guys, have you ever used a cucumber or similar in your ass?

Straight guys, have you / would you ever get fucked in a glory hole

Do you always get permission to film your session or do it on the sly?

Would you/ have you ever fucked anyone so d*unk they don’t remember??

Bald or hairy pussy for a one off?

Straight men only - rim or be rimmed ?

Who says ‘safe only’ but goes bareback

Would you rather stiff my pussy with your or your foot?


36 years old, Straight

5'6"  168cm
Non smoker
Don't drink
Some tattoos
More than 5 piercings

Looking For

Aged from 18 to 99
Won't meet smokers


Cannot accommodate
Can travel


Watersports, Voyeurism, Toys, Rimming, Making Videos, Group Sex, Gangbangs, DP, Dogging, Anal, Adult Parties

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