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UPDATE JUNE 2022: Yes I need to re-write the whole thing but couldn't be arsed (still). COVID is likely never going to be over but time to move on and enjoy life again. Yes I'm meeting again

UPDATE NOVEMBER 2021: Still hating COVID. Not over yet unfortunately. Oh, and "WUU2" or "wuu2" as your opening line reflects rather poorly on your intellect. Just saying.

UPDATE May 2020: Yes update long overdue and re-write of profile even more overdue, but can't be arsed. Besides the long mess below does tell you plenty about me but you have to read it all. Hate COVID as much as I hate condoms. Enough said. Stay safe everyone.

UPDATE September 2018: Yes, have been working out a bit

UPDATE: Please ... Just because I'm promiscuous doesn't mean I'm a sex worker so keep your offers for money to yourself.


These used to be at the bottom of my profile because they were afterthoughts after lots of questions from people. However, since my profile is long winded (yes, I know), I'm putting them up here so that you lovely people don't miss them by the time you reach the bottom:

- Yes I do sleep with married men, it doesn't bother me as long as you don't lie at the outset. If you lie (why the hell would you) I hate that and will detest you.

- Yes, I enjoy natural, spunky, bareback sex with selected people. I value my health, am very selective, get tested almost monthly and while I know for many, this is not your thing, I'm an honest person, I know the finite risks and that's what I like and enjoy. Please block me if you need to. I like what I like and the intimacy of natural sex the way it was meant to be is huge for me.

- Yes, I'm attracted to bisexual men and love watching bi men play, suck, kiss and fuck. But try stopping me from joining in

- NO ...... I repeat, NO, NO NO, I don't do anal, bondage, piss, poop or pain (in any sequence). I can't stand anyone going near by bum hole.

- A reminder - if you initiate a conversation with me, please FORGET me if you expect we'll be in bed after exchanging a few messages. I take weeks to decide who I will sleep with. If you can't be patient, I fully understand it and please understand that I need to take my time.



I'm Gail. Divorced many years, swinging for just as many. Was here some time ago, now back for some sexy fun. Also looking for that elusive ideal life partner. I'll fill up more later. Meanwhile anyone from my past life either here or other sites who know/knew me, please be a sweetie and pen a small verif so that I can restart things here.

REMINDER to everyone: I don't do phone, messengers, text, KIK, whatsapp etc etc so please DON'T ASK. I'll swap numbers when we're very close to meeting (translation: same day).

TY !! xoxo

ps: one more thing, your first email stating "fancy a meet" or "free tomorrow" or "fancy a fuck" is not going to get you very far I'll just IGNORE. Yes this is a sex site but pleeze ........ really? Just a reminder to boys (and girls) - intellect is sexy. Use it, God has gifted it to all of you (some more than others, yes you Masters and PhDs). No I don't want a chemistry lecture, just sensible convo. And no, I won't be ready to meet you after a few message exchanges on here, I like to take my time.

ps ps: If I "wink" you it's because I'm quite interested, definitely way more than the other 20 I've browsed thru before stopping at yours. Doesn't mean that sex is guaranteed, just means I'm interested. So don't fuck it up by being a demanding prick. One fellow's words: "..... bitch, why the fook didya winkme arse if yoz not want to fook now ....... ". That was a verbatim quote. Enough said.

ps ps ps: If I don't reply to your message it's NOT because I'm rude and arrogant. The number of messages is beyond my capacity. Each time I log on I have 200 new messages and so far I have over a thousand messages that are unread. So if I miss your message write again, that's all I can say

ps ps ps ps: There's an age range that I've chosen. Notice it's not the generic 18-99, I actually thought about what age group I'd enjoy. So yes, older and younger are both fine but please scroll above - intellect is attractive to me. Doesn't mean you have to write quadratic equations (yes, I'm not such a dumb slut!) just means you have to act and talk SENSIBLE.

ps ps ps ps ps: FAQ answer sheet for some thought provoking first emails I've received. Hopefully this sheet will save time and bandwidth for the world at large.

"you OK?" - Yes, I'm OK why, was there an earthquake?

"you OK" - If you say so

"Hi Hun/Babes/Sexy/" - Hiya back at ya !

"How are you? " - I'm fine, thank you.

"Hello" - Hello

"Hey sexy" - Hello

"How's your Mon-Fri/weekend/Sat/Sun going?" - Going very well, thank you.

"Up early" - Yup

"Up late" - Yup

"Up late or early" - Yup

"wuu2" - Chilling.

"Good morning" - Likewise

"Good evening" - Likewise




41 years old, Bisexual

5'1"  155cm
Non smoker
Social drinker
No tattoos
No piercings

Looking For

Couples (MM) Men Women
Aged from 18 to 65
Will meet smokers


Can accommodate
Cannot travel


Adult Parties, Gangbangs, Group Sex, Oral, Soft Swing, Threesomes, Voyeurism

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