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My name is Katedavies (Katie)...

KIK: katedavies2

T Girl 6' 1" (with heels) red/blonde hair, green eyes, slim ....

Like to meet with nice people with GSOH and know how to treat Katie..

don’t want a guy in a relationship who can’t go to “the little shops” … he’s never going to the gay village …

Mature Dom tops only 50 + strong well endowed men only ..

Realised Im very submissive.. Love to be spanked, tied up , blind fold and gagged …

Likes: listening to all types music jazz, soul, rock

having a nice drink in good company (your buying lol)

Italian restaurants with checkered table clothes.. you know the ones … where you expect someone to walk in with a machine gun …

Favourite colours:

Red White n Blue

Fav song.s

Tammi Terrell soul funk

“Footballs coming home” lol



Call centres, Graffiti, Bad manners, people who push in at buffets lol so don’t be rude to Katie just cos this is over internet or she’ ll block you

Please don’t ask “are you free” ... I’m not a hooker... unless you want to treat me like one i. e. pay me !

Don’t ever ask me for a morning meet so disrespectful ! Do really think I’m going to get ready and hang out with you in the fucking morning you moron ! = blocked

don't like short messages eg "hi" "Hiya, "how's you" (how common lol) "what you up to" or "fancy a meet / f**k" question when I don't even know you.., "what you into" and "what you looking for" (like I'm going to tell) OMG lol

If you can't think of anything interesting to say don't bother

I'm not prepared to be messed about with "meets", prefer to meet in pub or club or be taken out...

Diary "What Katie Did”

Christmas LLF 1/12/23 …

… on my way driving down to Leeds on the A1M... snow covers the fields and rooftops .. aw how “Christmassy” time for a carol … although I’m starting to wish I’d brought my thermals …

Later …

Katie’s In the bars lots of people here and it’s time to party.. music plays.. and we just have to dance don’t we .. its a freezing cold night and the bouncers (sorry door controllers) huddle around fires to keep warm as a snow plough gets stuck in Brigatte (slight exaggeration .. did see a gritter on the way though) …

Upstairs in Blayds and they've got a gig on … two drag queens on the stage cracking jokes haven't laughed yet but you never know they might think of something funny lol it is nearly Christmas! took a photo next to their Christmas tree and offer to buy them a drink.. gin and tonics ! Now they do make me laugh but still bought them one well it is Christmas! Hung around with Sue we make our way around the various bars dancing of course

We go to The End and Smokestack having a great time I order my favourite cocktail ”the hurricane“ new bar staff didn’t light it up what a shame ..

A woman jumps in an pays for it and says “that’s for being you “ aw thanks hon, now I know it’s Christmas .. I give her one of my random Christmas card addressed to "a random person I don’t know but I do now“ it’s fun you should try it …

The night goes on .. on my way to Queens Court I help some children build an igloo what a night ffs this is getting hard work but they were really pleased with it lol there giggles echo in my ears as I brush off the snow and head into Queens Court … I feel the music enter my soul … and have to boogie … looking through the windows I see Father Christmas handing out presents to the kids in the igloo … amazing !

After visiting the New Penny for a night cap (as if I need one) I hitch a ride on a reindeer and I’m back at my hotel , Rudolf winks at me before trudging off through the driving snow …

Back in my room now and after taking off my clothes and makeup I climb into bed thinking was that a dream but it wasn’t it was real … honestly! ..

Merry Christmas everyone have a good one ! and to Amanda and Ginny ! who couldn’t make it as they were busy baking mince pies...

Love Katie xx

19/09/2022 ALL TIED UP

… im kneeling over my bed and feel the rope around my neck and arms tied tight behind my back I can hardly move , a blind fold covers my eyes … and I’m gagged tight mmm I love it , feel cool lube around my pussy and soon feel hard cock pushing mmm omg my pussy lips give way and I feel hard cock slide in and Katie gets what she’s literally gagging for …a good fucking …

My gasps and moans are muffled under the gag and my clit wiggles around as he fucks me … eventually hear him moan and grunt as he comes … xxx


Hi all I’m out again well it’s the jubilee weekend, after the pitcher and piano I’m in the Tiger Hornby on the quayside Newcastle, there playing music an well you have to dance don’t you! Met a really friendly bunch of ladies an hey I got a free drink from the land lady , I’m happy

Also went to the usual bars around centre for life was a fun night xx

31/12/2019NEWS YEARS EVE

As we’ve all been staying in lately I find myself thinking ...

I’m wearing my 1920 s look in black with a fur waistcoat to keep warm as it’s a bit nippy in Newcastle, but I’ve got my dancing shoes on... the bar in the pitcher and piano is crammed , people are shoulder to shoulder waiting to be served so I stand at the side. Looking around everyone’s deep in conversation.. I can hear the music and begin to have a dance lol well can’t resist it’s New Year’s Eve !

“She moves around to the sound,she twists and turns ... and spins around people stare but she don’t care She’s in the mood for a groove”

Ah this is fun ... but the bars still crammed so I’m outside now walk along the quayside to the “tiger hornby” I get a drink, balloons and ribbons hang from the ceiling, this is nice they’ve got a DJ on with a guy on bongo drums ..


Im here nice an early in the bar at the cosmopolitan hotel (6 30pm) and a voice says "you going to be dancing tonight" I say hi ! was a guy called "Chris" who id been talking to the previous month. Get chatting to lots of people here so we hang around talking to people who had been at pride the month before... Chris and I walk around the corner to Blayds, its still bit quite but hey they have a drag queen for a DJ... I cant resist the urge to have a dance and after a while she says you'll dance to anything you wont you I say ... er yes (but then she does play anything lol)


I'm at the start of the Pride March with around 50 other girls from LFF... the trans groups are leading the parade this year and our lil "float" is forth ! of 100 + looking down the road the police check the street is clear... there's 1000s people at the road side, this is going to be fun.. we set off... lots of smiles and waves in the sunshine... we've got lots of the "trans Flags" and I grab Emily's and have a boogie with it much to the amusement of others lol.. the march is followed by one huge street party ... so many people here ... at one point a "gurl" climbed on top of a traffic light and pumps the air to the music... dont think ill try that lol.. all the usual places are full of people, viaduct bar have a street party everyone is having a good time ...

06-08/07/2018 "SPARKLE" MANCHESTER

Well im here in Manchester walking along canal street for the annual "Sparkle" event and its absolutely roasting. There's a few girls I know here from Leeds and sit having a drink in Via bar trying to cool down... Said hi to Emily (tgirl) and to Anna & Amy, Emily was easy to spot as was wearing her LED flashing waistband as usual lol Lots of interesting people here... (feel you could walk along canal street naked and people wouldn't bat an eyelid)... after a while I have look in several different places and all seem a cool place to be.. drag queens walk up and down, straight looking people, biker types, lots of tgirls... was a real girl dressed in a "see through skirt frame" wearing panties, stockings and belt - clearly visible (wow you just one the award for best outfit lol)... she said hi and gave me kiss.. well this is going to be a fun weekend.. and it was... and yes there is a canal there !

funny thing.. on my return home got a ticket for driving in a bus lane "oops" thanks Manchester ! but I still love you lol xx


Hi am here again sweeties (a week early as it’s sparkle next week) and I’ve only got one thing on my mind, having a "boogie" lol I just want to “rip up” every dance floor I see (well try to) lol bit wierd I know but when I hear music and see a dance floor I’ve just got to get out there, love to warm up empty ones too ! I hear the music and I just need to dance lol it’s a feeling .. So if you see me come an have a boogie... started off in blayds before going to cosmopolitan, fibre, viaduct, smokestack, queens court, omg got dragged on the dance by a girl but feet are getting sore oh well come on lets boogie! :)


The lift doors open and I’m here at the cosmopolitan hotel (again) for the LFF, ... lots of people here, I’m wearing a pink top with pink mini skirt with my 20 s look , I mingle with the others and get a drink from the bar. Got talking to a guy called “Colin” nice, unassuming type until he tells me he owns a few clubs and drives a Bentley and Ferrari amongst other cars , I say wow have you got one with you ? Lol he says yes want to see the Bentley I say ok , we go outside and there it is right outside the hotel in the middle of Leeds parked on double yellow lines well think I’ll be having a drive in that sometime soon ... bet he gets loads parking tickets lol

Anyway, talk about one extreme to the other, bit later I walked around the corner and under the bridge painted in “the gay colours” was a girl sitting on the pavement.. I said “hi what you doing sitting there hon you ok?” She bowed her head and with tears running down her cheeks shook her head and said “no I’m not” felt so sorry for her said come on sort yourself out gave her bit cash but what can you do .. hate to see people on the streets like that ... from Bentley to people begging in space of an hour or so ...

apart from that still an amazing night lots of people here and soon amongst the Leeds party people in various clubs and bars, am dancing in blayds and the DJ ( in drag) says hello to “ginger Rodgers ! I recognise you from last month”, I wave back and think mm quite like my new nickname.. this place is one big party ! .. xx


I'm at the monthly T Girl party at T Birds and have to say its a little quieter than Leeds last weekend.. there's only about 25 or so people here and am getting bit bored... although I have been up dancing again (on my own) an empty dance floor is always a challenge to Katie ... lol Been in the bar talking to a few of my friends and a couple of girls who were at LFF last weekend. Recommended it to couple more girls who haven't tried it yet.

After a while I left and got to the yard in Newcastle about 12 and it was also quite but didn't stay that way for too long ... after a guy came and took a "selfie" of us both a girl came over and said hi "your fit" lol I said aw thanks anyway she sat next to me and we chatted for a while. She told me she had worked as a "lap dancer" in 3 places in town, "Diamonds", "For Your Eyes Only" and "Blue Velvet", her stage name is "Scarlett" I said oh I've been in 2 of those much to her amusement lol , .. anyway after a while "Scarlet and Katie" hit the dance floor and wow she can certainly move lol we danced away and she was an amazing dancer mixing regular boogie with her lap dancing moves ! including "the Splits" (right down to the ground) and the "inverted table" (on all floors looking upwards) well couldn't quite follow those two lol but think I learnt an extra move or two .. such fun thanks Scarlet your an incredible dancer !! and such a nice girl xxx


it’s 8pm and I’m in the hotel bar again with 10 other girls , a much smaller group than last night but this still going to be fun sweeties , after a while I ventured out into blayds and viaduct to start with, was dancing with a guy in blayds who was dancing a bit on the “wild side” air guitar etc , amazing he told me he is in a band and used to dress although he doesn’t anymore as his wife doesn’t approve ah well , he got thrown out (must have been his dancing) had a great time chatting to various people ended up at new penny till 5 am

don’t know how I managed it after last night .. bye sweeties xx


Well here I am again in the bar at the cosmopolitan hotel hanging out with friends Tom and Michelle amongst others .. Michelle told us a story how she was “dragged” (pardon the pun) on stage by a male stripper in Blackpool, apparently she was then sat down, blindfolded whist various items were waved in front of her face much to the amusement of the audience lol (think she loved every minute of it lol) had a few dances with Tom but he was dancing to a different song ... sorry Tom but try dancing to the tune that’s actually being played (mind you the DJ needed shooting) ...

It’s good to be here, quite a lot happens as you can imagine and as it’s the 10th anniversary of LFF the mayor and mayoress are here wow ! (I wonder if he’s got a big cock and she’s a tranny) sorry bout that crass joke I know but hope it made you laugh lol after a while we had a drink in Adelphi again and then toured the usual bars and clubs... girl came up to me and said “you totally suit that red hair” aw thanks hon xx

22/2/2018 QUEST LEEDS

Hi thought I’d call and see some of my friends as hadn’t been for a while, spent most of my time in the bar mingling ...

Just happened to be talking to “crazy trans Kate” and she said she’d like to spank me (snigger)

Thought I’d try it but oooch don’t think it’s me lol

Had a walk back to the safety of the bar when a Scottish guy starts talking to me, gazes into my eyes and tries to grope and er “stick the lips on me” lol no thanks hon I’m bit choosey who I snog and it ain’t gonna be you, talking to a tranny from Essex and she said love your 1920”s look and how your wear your shawl hon you must be “Miss Leeds” are you ... er not really hon lol


Well... Katie loves the “1920s look” and so all dolled up as a “flapper girl”, red dress, black scarf, beads gloves and a head band and hey..it looks OK, ... in the cosmopolitan talking to a woman at the bar waiting to get served and she says “you look gorgeous” ! I say thanks hon so do you ! so feel better about my 20s look .. lots of my friends here..

In fibre night club and after a few drinks I can’t resist posing like a stripper(one hand on hip .. you know the one) and dancing on my own which is actually quite fun .. later in smokestack ... the place is packed with t girls ... you ever seen a flapper girl dancing to northern soul.. lol well you have now, love to you .... and er .. “keep the faith” xx

21/12/2017 BI PARTY T BIRDS

well hi am at a bi “shortbus” party (whatever one of those is) haven’t heard of it either think it may be an orgy but I don’t think I’ll be joining in (snigger). I’m in the bar chatting to a few people and having a few dances. There’s a t girl in a maids outfit with a tray serving condoms and lube omg ! I hope there free not that I’ll be needing one ... OMG there's a video screen and people are showing naughty home movies .. of themselves.. (don't think this is my scene) left about 11 or so and went to “the yard” in Newcastle for another (exciting "non alcoholic" drink lol ) as was driving ...


hi Katie’s in her car driving to Stanley. On the A1M taking the Chester Le Street roundabout , bit tricky in heels .. but arrived ok met few girls I know as hadn’t t been for a few months, was good to chat and socialise they even had a tree and pizzas , who could ask for more ... oh and the dungeon s still there (I think it’s haunted as your never alone down there) lol ...

oh and in one of the “playrooms” upstairs they’ve got a h u g e .. four poster bed, big enough for at least 8 people , well not that I’d know as there’s just me in the room ..and a guy , strong type shaved head.. he bends me over the bed and starts spanking me as he feels up my stockings and gropes me through my panties. I feel my ass getting bit sore as he spanks me again and again ... feeling his hand in my panties as he tells me how I naughty I am .. Mwah ! Lol ... merry Christmas sweeties xx


From my room in the cosmopolitan hotel I can hear a train clank into Leeds station as I get ready. Short red dress, beads, ff stockings n belt (as usual). Out into “Viaduct Showbar” stood there a short while and a woman comes over “Gillian” and says hi! Starts talking about LGBT people, rights etc and tells me not to take any bullshit lol said well I don’t get much people here generally friendly and it’s a fun place. Bars are getting really busy and getting full (hate queuing for a drink hon don’t you) lol..


Hi well its 8 pm and I'm in the bar at the cosmopolitan hotel .. again lol This is going to be fun as there's a disco as well,! going have to get up and dance tonight.. hey may as well am up dancing again on my own but who cares, it’s not “strictly” lol, chatted to “Tom” again and had a quite drink in the Adelphi, 2nd time with Tom here (better be careful people may think I’m shagging him) lol , like it there such a beautiful old pub with loads of character. Back to the Cosmo and bumped into “verity” another t girl I know from quest, I said “ hi the last time I saw you you were tied, mincing around which you do so well and getting spanked” she laughed ... and so did I .. (snigger) went around the bars with her and had a fun night , even won a prize in the raffle (jammy bitch) lol xx


6 PM Katie’s all dolled up and after a stroll from the hotel am in Harvey Nichols talking to one of the makeup girls and she’s helping me choose some dark eye shadow (love to dress bit slutty) ended up getting eyeliner as well can’t wait to try it but I’m all ready now so I’ll wear it next time , had a look a some of the ladies clothes, could get a couple of outfits out of some of the dresses (and pricey maybe next time ..lol) lovely store though, also had a quick look at the Victorian Quarter .. Beautiful ..

Walked back to the fun part and into the Viaduct Showbar, they do a great mix of drag acts and “disco” (love that word lol) and in between acts your allowed to dance on the stage ! Well Katie just had to try it , so got up on stage and started dancing away .. on my own for a while then was joined by one girl (real and pretty), then a few more ... ended up about 10 of us dancing away to Abba’s “dancing queen” complete with smoke and spotlights ! such fun, thanks girls ! .. love Katie xx


8 pm Katie’s in the bar at the cosmopolitan hotel and its rammed, taking ages to get served there’s over 100 “chix” here and it’s going to be fun .. Met a guy called “Tom” who I’d chatted to briefly on tvchix and he said he knew of a quieter bar round the corner, as I do enjoy a quite drink sometimes said ok and we went, was only sat down for a few minutes when a lovely girl (real) came over and said hi hon I saw you walk in and just had to come and meet you as I’d like to make a dress for you ! (snigger) well I said aw how nice, you can if you like but no "frocks" hon lol, gave her my email so lets wait and see..

Anyway was nice chatting to Tom and he left about 10 pm to get his train .. said we’d keep in touch

Went back into cosmopolitan still busy so went to fibre and then to blayds bar , met two rg sisters and had fun chatting they wanted to Facebook stuff and asked me to choose outfits for them as I can apparently “assesorize” so well lol ah thanks ladies , lovely girls went into smokestack with them had fun drinking and dancing ..


Well hi am in the Pitcher & Piano having a lil drink and I thought id try the Malmaison Hotel bar just across the street so walked over and had a look around. A group of about 9 guys sat at table in restaurant all turned and had a good look (stag Parties so boring lol) went into bar and had a drink then decided to go to gay part of town again, jumped into taxi outside hotel and went to Eazy Street, Central, The Eagle and The Yard. Had fun time, was chatting to my friend "Andrew" in Eagle (which is mainly a gay / gay bar - I call it a blue on blue bar in this crazy LGBT world lol), nice cosy bar and again people friendly ... From the ones I've been to so far think I prefer Yard and Eagle .. Ill be a regular soon lol ... 3 am oh no getting late.. TAXI !


Katie's all dressed up and at the monthly "T Girl party" (snigger) and its quite busy with "gurls", "admirers" and couples. Gotta say im dressed far better than some of the "real" women (some quite porky too lol) - come on "curvy ladies" make an effort lol. Im having a drink in the bar when I noticed "John" who I met at Leeds pride and he had bought me drink in the Cosmopolitan and Malmaison. Had a chat before he was off to have a perv in the playrooms - naughty boy lol spent most of my time talking to people in the bar. When I was sat on one of the couches, Brian came over and spent a while chatting while he stroked my legs hes got such a nylon fetish ( haven't we all). Speaking of legs a t girl "Laura" came over , was nice to talk to her and she said I had the best legs shed ever seen on a tgirl, well thanks hon gonna buy you a drink for that lol, bumped into "Steve" the photographer also few other friends I know was "entertaining" sweeties,

* Whilst strolling through the playroom corridor did see 3 "girls" behaving very badly, the words "spit" and "roast" came to mind... girls really, no Im not joining in ... lol bye for now


7 pm ...I'm all "dolled up" and after walking over the millennium bridge am in the the Pitcher and Piano for my first rum and sweeties. I'm wearing black top, red mini skirt, and stockings n belt (of course) oh an sensible black strappy heels. Well have to say hardly anyone batted an eyelid .. very straight bar lol though did get a few curious glances.. and a brief hello and smiles from a girl from Middlesbrough. Finished my drink and after a short walk along quayside arrived at the busy part and thought I'd try the Tiger Hornby (looks as camp as Christmas with loads hanging baskets and very gay décor inside lol) again same thing all very straight ... was mainly women and couples, hen parties etc

After that called a cab went to gay part of town and had much more fun, have to say gay people are a lot friendlier.. went to the yard, switch, the eagle and secrets, met up with a guy called steve who seemed to like feeing my legs when we sat down.. naught steve we've only just met.. said I looked great and he would take me anywhere... was out till 3 am good night will be out again on a Saturday soon ....


Katie's getting ready for a meet at her place .. stockings n belt, Ann Summers bra n panties, corset, black stretchy mini dress, makeup, heels .. guy from fab says he really yes really wants to see me , don't meet everyone who asks sweets , (far too many) so said ok and he came round in 15 mins , opened the door and here I am ... he says wow you look good .. better than your photos.. I say aw wow hon thanks .... no more texting ..he's sitting on my couch and we now have eye contact , I stand and pose holding my hair back showing my heavy eye liner , I smile n stare at him as he looks me up and down mm I love being a tranny .. his eyes are all over me as I turn and pose like a New Orleans hooker ..

He says wow amazing as he feels his cock through his pants, I sit next to him and he immediately starts feeling my legs and says he loves nylon esp ff stockings .. he feels me up and down and his fingers trace the seam in my stockings... mmm I'm getting bit excited as I sip my rum n , after a while he can't wait any longer and frees his huge hard cock. I say mmm I love big cock hon just love it ... not long before sissy Katie is on her knees with her mouthful .. mmm I love being a tranny .... xxx


I awake to music and the steady beat of a drum, a call to come and join in the march of freedom. I'm getting really exited as I dress ... red velvet mini dress, gloves, beads, ff stockings n belt, red n black lace corset and bra, 7 inch heels... (see photo lol) and once again down the lift through reception and this time out into the street.

There roads had been blocked off and people walked freely in the streets. I looked around and smiled, it was a lovely warm day, rainbow flags fluttered in the breeze along with other bunting and the crowds where gathering, there's 1000s here, its 1.30 and the march starts at 2pm...

Lots of people here from family's out for the day ... (what your bringing your family to a gay march, Ok suppose it makes a change from LEGOLAND lol) to couples, lesbians, young and old to hairy bear biker gays.. don't like to lable people but .. made me think ... were all free and live in a beautiful country ...

Across the street from the Cosmopolitan the Malmaison Hotel had arranged tables and chairs in the street and where serving champagne and prosecco (well they would, wouldn't they lol) I stood looking around for a short while when I was beckoned over by a couple I had been talking to the previous night in the hotel, they said they were staying an extra day to see the parade...

Had to go.. leaving them I had to walk through a main shopping street to join the parade. Lots of waves high fives smiles laughter people taking photos and asking for photos with me, was incredible. I watched the them for a while form the side and as a group of about 100 "hairy bear" type guys walked past some of them winked at me my clitty twitch uncontrollably in my panties... omg I thought.. I like them ! lol

Various types of music and bands..a squad of happy police walked past and I high fived a few.. and smiled back

Began to walk along at the side of the parade and was great fun. (Have to admit most of it was done in stocking feet as after 3 days my shoes were killing me lol)

Came across a group of about 20 people sat outside a pub having drinks thought I'd stop and say hi . Gave them a few poses and before long two women got there cameras out ..(hope no one recognises me, so many cameras around)

we gradually came to halt at the end of parade.. two guys drinking in a bar asked for a photo, one each side, ended up a group photo of about 5 or so.. such a laugh

looking around you could hardly move and the party was about to begin. All the bars and hotels had put out their bunting, seating, rainbow flags and all crammed with people...

05/08/2017 LEEDS SATURDAY After a nice sleep, I got dressed, stockings an belt, red lace bra, short black stretch mini dress, gloves, beads my kinda rock chick / 20's look, 7 inch stripper heels. Went into the lift and walked through reception and into the bar where I treated myself to a vodka n (katies fav drink if you'd like to buy me one lol) After a while I though id try Blaydes bar, again a gay bar or whatever... found it down a short alley way off the main "drag" sorry same joke I know ... as I approached bar courtyard was packed, people turned and looked me up and down, lots of smiles and hellos and a pat on the back from a cropped haired lesbian who said I looked amazing, I thought I love this place, one woman said you'd better take those shoes off to cross the cobbles, so I did, some looked like real couples who hadn't seen many trannys but hey who cares, this is supposed to be a gay bar sweets lol After getting inside I put my shoes back on and got to bar, again same reaction, while I was waiting at the bar a guy from Scarborough started to talk to me and offered to buy me drink, I said a vodka n thanks sweetie. He asked me questions about dressing and said he had a friend that wanted to change into woman although he was married and wanted to know why that would be, said I didn't really know as we all different aren't we... so many married guys fancy t girls I cant believe it ... little later an army guy started to talk to me and he said there are quite a few cd's in the army ... fuck me I've heard of the thin red line but this is getting fucking ridiculous lol ... After Blaydes went to Smokestack and had another great night. Lots of real girls said hi and talked to me, said I looked nice and asked me to dance with them, people here are just so friendly and nice... was sat for a while and a girl came over and sat next to me. She said I looked great and thought I was brave. I laughed and said thanks. She was an attractive Spanish girl and said she was gay and asked me to dance. As we danced (great soul and funk music) she twirled me under her arm .. mm felt so good as we twirled each other around lol mmm this girls a turn on .... Went into the ladies loo and sitting down with my panties round my ankles and looking at my black stocking tops and shaved clitty thought I'm a real sissy girl and I love it ....

04/08/2017 LEEDS FIRST FRIDAY Katie's first trip to Leeds hon's and it wont be her last, WOW such a great place and playground situated in Leeds gay friendly quarter. Started in the bar at the Cosmopolitan Hotel where I stayed for 3 nights. The usual bunch of t girls there (0ver 100) with a few male admirers. Enjoyed chatting, a few I already knew from T Birds. was a broad spread of trans, experienced and newbie cross-dresses. Anyway after a while we walked outside (yes OUTSIDE) and around the corner to the main "drag" (snigger) and into a few bars Fibre, Viaduct Showbar, although my fav is Smokestack, such a cool place with a mix of people couples and real girls and great R&B vibe. Had great time in there talking to people and dancing. Later in the evening I met a guy called "lee" . He said I looked gorgeous (love flattery don't you) We had a nice time chatting although he did keep groping me an feeling my stockings in public lol. He said he loved the way I dressed and when the bar closed about 4 am we ended up in my hotel room. Well Lee is quite the dom bossy type, I loved being his sissy gurl kneeling and sucking his fat cock .... he loved what i was wearing and my look mmmmm As I was playing with him I kept saying "I love being a sissy", "I love wearing girly clothes" "I love Cock" Lee said he knew it from the moment he saw me ..... xxx


Well went to Quest and phew was a lil on the hot side sweeties

Was in the ladies changing room getting ready and next to me was a Thai t girl putting on her makeup, she was quite pretty and said later that she thought I looked good so praise indeed coming from the home of the ladyboy lol

Anyway was sat watching the tv in the bar (yes t girl porn again would prefer sky news - gets a bit repetitive seeing trannies getting stuffed with cock) when a guy I know called Brian came and next to me. After a while he started to feel my stocking legs saying he loved touching me and asked to take me into a playroom. I said ok

Was fun on way to playroom lots of people hanging around in the corridor and eyieing me up and down

Think I'm getting popular here omg in the room now and he's groping me, sucking my clit and fingering me omg I love this place xxx

30/03/17 Quest -was quite in bar and got talking to another "Dave", anyway he loved talking about cross dressing buying clothes, panties and asked me if I'd like a "quite chat" so said Ok, .. after a while I could see he was getting turned on as he kept feeling his cock and then asked if I'd like to see it. I said yes and what a nice big thick cock he has . He said suck it for me so went down and yummy such nice feeling , omg my mouth was filled with cock , i sucked up and down on his shaft, he began to moan and nearly came, had to stop as someone else came into room, he said I make him so hard and wants to see me again as he sees me as a woman , oh yes daddy me too I loved it

23/02/17 Quest - only my third visit although have made quite a few new "friends" which is always nice. The photographer was in although it was busy so didn't have chance to "have my photo taken" was stood in bar and a guy came up to me and said it's his first visit. I showed him around, as we entered a small room he closed the door saying I looked very nice. He started touching and feeling me and began to tweak and play with my nipples before sucking them omg I love it, couldn't help panting and moaning as he sucked on my tits and groped me , said he wanted more and so did I ...

Bit later was talking to a real couple I know, she kept looking me up and down and invited me to join them in a room, she was the Dom type and after taking off her top was happy to frig herself off a couple of times as she watched me , er standing there ...

09/02/17 T Birds "Tranny" night was fun although not that busy about 20 there in total, was in the bar enjoying a rum n talking to the other "gurls" when a man said "hi want to see the dungeon" I said er ok so he took me into the dark room (nearly pitch black in there with peep holes) and groped me an sucked my nipples and clit, as I panted and moaned I noticed another guy watching through the holes omg he can see me !!

Later in the evening the guy who was watching also asked to take me downstairs I said ok he was a big strong guy, as he rubbed my pussy and played with my sissy clit, I wanked his big thick cock mm I'm such a cock sucking sissy xxx

22/12/16 Quest TV Christmas party was nice and I took a couple of photos in ladies changing room. Second time I've been and have made a few friends :) was chatting to "Steve" (wonder if that's his real name) for a while before he said he'd like to take me into a room and take some photos of me , I said ok, after a while his digital camera must have ran out of film as he pushed his hand in my bra and began sucking on my tits and then said he wanted to rim me omg I love working with a good photographer

Later In the bar "Dave" came over and also wanted to take me into a room , I posed for him as he sat jerking him self off, feeling my stockings saying I looked gorgeous, after a while he grunted as he came .... (love being a tranny)

08/12/16 T Birds Christmas party was fun quite a few there around 40 people, anyway after a while I thought I'd have a look in the dungeon, as I walked down the cellar stairs (slowly in 6 inch heels) a man groped me all the way down. When I got there another guy (who I knew fancied me) said he wanted to play in the "Amsterdam room" it's a room lit with red light complete with shop window (like a hookers boudoir) was nice in there being groped and having my nipples sucked by 2 men, Katie's such a slut

24/11/16 went to Quest in Leeds for the t girl all day party was nice to mingle with "admirers" and other gurls. Was my first time there but soon got an invite to go into one of the "playrooms"

I was a bit restricted as wasn't able to wank him with my hands tied behind my back although felt lovely to be groped and have my sissy clit sucked as he fingered me. He led me back into the bar area with a lead on my collar. Going to Christmas party next month

10/11/16 had a nice evening at t birds wasn't that busy so was mainly in bar lounge area having a couple of rum n s,felt a bit like a hooker waiting for the punters to turn up lol x


41 years old, Gay

5'10"  178cm
Non smoker
Social drinker
No tattoos
No piercings

Looking For

Couples (MM) Men Women
Aged from 36 to 85
Won't meet smokers


Can accommodate
Can travel


Anal, Blindfolds, Cross-dressing, Group Sex, Oral, Role Play, Safe Sex, SM, Spanking, Taking Photos, Threesomes

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Verified Genuine Profile

*ak1957 (60), Man on 15 April 2024 by Meeting in person:
Great meeting today with sexy lady gave her a spanking then I got a lovely BJ and she swallowed it all, will definitely go backxx

*ot Your Type (43), Man on 15 March 2023 by Meeting in person:
Wonderful meet. Gorgeous home. Stunning figure. Dressed to impress and gave me a very large load in appreciation of my handy work x

*ightheadprop (61), Man on 10 August 2017 by Meeting in person:
met this very sexy girl at leeds pride on sunday she is a real diva we had couple of drinks with each other she looked stunning really enjoyed katies company xx

*ightheadprop (61), Man on 10 August 2017 by Meeting in person:
Net this gorgeous sexy lady at Leeds pride last sunday all i can say is that she a pleasure to be with great conversation great she looked perfect kisser and when in private xxx well a proper gent does not kiss and tell until next time darling xxxx

*arah_11 (40), TV/TS on 2 April 2017 by Meeting in person:
I met Katie at quest a couple of weeks ago, at tgirl day. I can confirm that she's gorgeous, looks like a slut! And has something big surprise as well x

*ischief Mike (58), Man on 7 February 2017 by Meeting in person:
Met Katie a couple of days ago. She was dressed to kill, looked fantastic! Enjoyed a nice unhurried evening with her.Can't wait for the next time!