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42 years old, Bisexual

5'6"  168cm
Non smoker
Social drinker
Some tattoos
More than 5 piercings

Looking For

Couples (MF) Men
Aged from 18 to 60 only
Won't meet smokers


Cannot accommodate
Can travel


Adult Parties, Anal, Blindfolds, Group Sex, Oral, Role Play, Safe Sex, Same Room Swapping, Separate Room Swapping, SM, Spanking, Swingers Clubs, Threesomes, Toys, Voyeurism

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*at_Mustard (45), Man on 29 September 2023 by Meeting in person:
Met with this amazing lady today & wow what can I say, this girl can grind better than a high end costa rican coffee grinder! Really confident, really funny, really chatty, an absolute diamond. The Lord has blessed me with certain specials tools & I look forward to assisting her more on her recovery from frustration; she has made an incredible start.

*edolly1 (37), Man on 27 September 2023 by Meeting in person:
Where I can start, after we’ve been talking for more than a year. I had the finally pleasure of meeting this wonderful Woman for lunchtime, and I must say, she's every bit as amazing as she claimed to be. Had such a fab time getting to know L, she has a great personality and looked absolutely stunning! If you ever get chance to meet with L, treat with respect and show manners and be yourself Looking forward to see again soon x

*utticutie69 (54), Woman on 25 September 2023 by Meeting in person:
I have known this amazing woman forever it feels! She is the absolute real deal and is sexy as hell! She is beautiful inside and out and is always there for any advice or just general shenanigans! Xxx

*elly baby 69 (47), Woman on 25 September 2023 by Meeting in person:
Well I have known this beautiful lady for many months now and she is just one hell of a kind Caring woman also she Oozes with sex Appeal.. we have such a giggle at the club and she will make any newbie welcome... was so lovely to see you at within Temptations on Saturday looking forward to seeing you at the next club night .xx

*trangerthings999 (48), Couple on 24 September 2023 by Meeting in person:
Have met this kind and wonderful sexy lady so many times now, and every time we see her is always a delight! Warm and welcoming, puts everyone at ease, and a pleasure to be around! She looked particularly fine at WT takeover party and she wears her sexy smile so well! Be sure to treat this hot woman with the respect she deserves xx

*ack and Jasmine (43), Couple on 24 September 2023 by Meeting in person:
One moment I was chatting to someone, the next moment I was deep in warm cleavage... as nice as the conversation had been, I had to admit that life was suddenly so much better! I'm hoping that this catches on and that from now on, all women greet me like this! I'm also very happy that this wonderful woman has been so generous in including Jasmine in the girl's extracurricular activities. Truly a high quality human being!

*at_Mustard (45), Man on 23 September 2023 by Meeting in person:
Met this lady several times at clubs & last nights bash at WT. Really enjoy her company, personality, sass & wicked sense of humour. There’s something about her that I just can’t put my finger on! Very very attractive and she looked particularly lovely last night, her blonde hair really stood out. Apparently her carpets need a bit of sorting out, so I may have to pop down to the muff with my growing RugDoctor equipment. xxx

*aughtyNice05 (46), Couple on 23 September 2023 by Meeting in person:
Every time we get to see this beautiful, sexy lady she never fails to look absolutely stunning. We had the greatest pleasure of seeing Pandora at WT last night. As always we had a great chat, a few laughs and the banter was flowing, she has Mr Nice down to a tee… This amazingly beautiful lady is what this scene is all about, kind and compassionate, great listener and such a fabulous support. We have the honour of calling her a great friend and we love you lots xxx

*entleman1040 (47), Man on 23 September 2023 by Meeting in person:
Met this amazing lady at WT last night. She has great banter and conversation along with an amazing figure! Had a great time with her and as always a gentleman never tells! Look forward to seeing you again soon x

*eyclo (26), Woman on 23 September 2023 by Meeting in person:
I’ve known Pandora for a while now, and she’s quickly become my best friend on the scene. She’s a social butterfly who puts anyone at ease and goes out of her way to help. She’s hot as hell, sassy and confident. I look forward to seeing her whenever I can, don’t miss your opportunity :)

*ev_1 (54), Couple on 23 September 2023 by Meeting in person:
Wow what a suitable name... We had the pleasure of finally meeting face to face and chatting to this sexy lady last not at WT. A very confident strong female that will get the best out of you when she directs play. Very tasty, bubbly and fun to be with and trust me if you get invited to play with her then your in for a good time! Had a fantastic time with her and another couple in a private room and would most definitely recommend xx

*ortlandguy666 (34), Man on 23 September 2023 by Meeting in person:
Well, where do I start. L looked incredible in and out of clothes and was so kind and welcoming which made my first time incredible. I will be definitely attending more events. My god she tastes amazing too, I want to go back for more. I look forward seeing your incredible sexy self again

*rinitykinks (35), Woman on 11 September 2023 by Meeting in person:
What a sexy, intelligent, alluring and beautiful women miss Pandora is. I have had so many amazing partys and sexathons with this one. She's an absolute gem and so kind. Treat her with respect and this one will rock your world. Also fantastic huge titties. Love you babe xxxx

*heekunique (40), Couple on 10 September 2023 by Meeting in person:
Had the honour of sharing my bday night with this absolute diamond one of our true friends,and what a fun night it was definitely no need for porn hub ;) that night haha xx

*Starlord69X (43), Man on 10 September 2023 by Meeting in person:
Haha what do you get when you mix hangover horn with a quick text conversation...... Probably one of the funniest meets I've had, non stop laughing and slightly inappropriate conversation but brilliant fun cheers babe x

*evon Loz (35), Man on 9 September 2023 by Meeting in person:
Well, my first ever meet was a night I'll never forget. I met this amazing woman and some of her hot friends for a wild party. Firstly she's so nice and easy going, absolutely gorgeous, great body and perfect huge tits, and most importantly...really naughty! I'm already looking forward to the next time.

*Starlord69X (43), Man on 9 September 2023 by Meeting in person:
Wow, what a great meet with Pandora and her deliciously sweet box, fun, intelligent easy to talk to and left me with a big smile on my face at the end of the evening, thank you gorgeous x

*J83 (40), Man on 9 September 2023 by Meeting in person:
Me and L have hung a couple times this summer; all them a joy. Has a whip smart attitude and humour that is totally my bag. Not often I share whiskey and war stories with fab folks at 5am but am very at ease with Queen PSB. Looking forward to letting the good times roll into the winter together. Jx

*P23 (38), Man on 6 September 2023 by Meeting in person:
Met this one a while back around Christmas for a social. We drove to a nice spot and had some great banter, she was so easy to talk to and have a laugh with. Turns out we great up with alot of mutual friends so it was great. But it got better, we had a kiss and before I knew it, she was choking on my rock hard cock and telling me to fuck her, which I did, twice. Its been a long time but the memory is as good as ever ;)

*rutalbelial_666 (36), Man on 6 September 2023 by Meeting in person:
Had the most amazing time with Pandora and her sweet sweet box. So great to chat with and such a wonderful host. Touch her right and you'll be soaked and in a world of pleasure. Until next time. X

*fruits (45), Couple on 6 September 2023 by Meeting in person:
Have known this beautiful, kind and funny lady for a long time and she has such a beautiful heart and one of the kindest people I know, always having time to help others when needed. And certainly knows how to satisfy my Peach with those naughty eyes, sexy mouth and gorgeous body. Always happy to see her and glad to call her one of our friends. Xx

*rettyGeneric (34), Couple on 5 September 2023 by Meeting in person:
We adore Pandora, she's got the biggest heart and kindest soul! She's sexy, smart and fierce! The full package! We have met quite a few times now and she's always there with a smile on her face. My only wish is to live closer so I could see more of her beautiful face xx

*at_Mustard (45), Man on 5 September 2023 by Meeting in person:
Have met this very intriguing lady several times at Utopia. She's super attractive, super lovely, hilariously funny & definitely ain't anyone's fool! Hope to get to know her more at future events xxx

*heFamousM (35), Man on 4 September 2023 by Meeting in person:
So where do I start after chatting on and off we finally met awhile ago when it a lucky enough to be invited to hers when she dressed to impress as she always does and showed me an afternoon of delight and let me open her sweet box. After that we have seen each other a few times showing up in sexy outfits and how down right naughty she is showing off her skills in the bedroom. Pandora has become a a great friend and a sexy playmate I was lucky enough to be her plus one at utopia this weekend where she did not disappoint at all. She is a social butterfly and one of the best people on here. Don’t waste her time treat her like the queen she deserves to be treated as and you will meet a fantastic play mate xx

*ingah90 (33), Woman on 4 September 2023 by Meeting in person:
I'm so lucky to call this gorgeous woman my friend. She's the rock and the glue of our little swinging community down in the South West. She's intelligent, fiercely loyal and a naughty little sexpot once she gets going and once she sets her sights on you, you'll be praising the gods. Do not miss out on knowing this curvy, beautiful and delicious woman. We love that cushion for the pushin' ;) xxx

*r2fruits (45), Man on 4 September 2023 by Meeting in person:
This woman can suck cock like nothing you've experienced before, Dyson has nothing on this girl,You will have a out of body experience, question the existence of many gods and maybe join a sex cult afterwards. Pandora is a close friend of mine, she is always looking out for everyone on the scene, and has been there for both me and my partner cherry, during many of our highs and lows If your gifted the opportunity to meet with her then you better treat her with the respect she deserves.

*heekunique (40), Couple on 4 September 2023 by Meeting in person:
We have known this beautiful lady and soul for a short time but feels like forever if I had to pick a card from the pack to describe her it would be the queen of hearts she has a heart of gold and is my queen and a lot of other people's also. she is one in a million and we are very lucky to have her as our friend xx ps let's not forget she is fire x

*lymouthgirl92 (31), Woman on 4 September 2023 by Meeting in person:
Have met this gorgeous girl a few times now through various club Utopia parties over the last few months. Absolute stunner and really easy to chat to! Hopefully see you again at the next party x

*aughtyNice05 (46), Couple on 4 September 2023 by Meeting in person:
We have met this incredibly beautiful, hot, sexy, seductive lady on many occasions at clubs and socially. P has a heart of gold, always making people feel more positive and brings out your hidden inner sexual confidence. She made us feel so welcome on our first ever club experience, we have a lot to thank her for, any wobbles we have had she has always been there to reassure us. But… she also has this very wild filthy side, and an extremely sexy body. If you do have the chance to meet this lady you would definitely not regret it. We love you P, see you very soon xxx

*acho_joe (35), Man on 4 September 2023 by Meeting in person:
I have met Pandora several times whilst at Club Utopia, she is incredibly humble for a woman of her stature and beauty, totally disarming in all the right ways, I’m always met with a radiant smile, As i’m learning, behind that look of innocence lays a well of total, unadulterated filth. She’s as charismatic as she is seductive, and capable of turning heads which ever direction she walks.

*ersonsofinterest (36), Couple on 4 September 2023 by Meeting in person:
Look who it is, the absolute diamond of the southwest swinging community. We met Pandora at the start of the year but it honestly feels like we've know her for years. She's one of the most beautiful, genuine and kind hearted people we've met in this lifestyle. She really has become a close friend of ours and we wouldn't change her for the world. Not only is she all of the above but she's insanely hot and beautiful. We often see her at club Utopia, she's always dressed to impress, turning heads and extremely popular with the whole crowd. She owns her sexual prowess with such confidence and passion. Even though we're yet to play (that needs to change) we've seen her in action a few times and what a treat for the eyes. Pandora really is the real deal and you'd have to be a fool not to want to get to know her! We love ya xx