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Aunty Dirty has a thing for tall, vwe black guys.

As I am not particularly tall, hung or black, that's me fucked!

Consequently, every now and again, in order to sate her erotic fantasy, we do meet up with tall, vwe black guys, albeit mostly in a club environment geared towards that particular fetish (Black Man's Fan Club parties etc).

We have met, and will continue to meet tall, vwe black guys in a non club environment, although due to work constraints, this invariably requires forward planning. If you are tall, vwe and black and hoping for an impulsive meet tonight, its unlikely to happen I'm afraid. We just haven't got that flexibility at this moment in time.

Why the constant repetition of the words "tall, vwe and black?". Well, its in the vague hope it will cut down on the number of private messages we receive from short white fellas with standard EU sausage stats seemingly unable to comprehend the fact we REALLY are looking for the specific traits outlined in this profile lol.

That doesn't mean we will block you, be rude to you or attempt to embarrass you of course, because that's not the way we roll.

However, if you take our polite interaction with you as a sign that we are interested, and weakening by your charms, you WILL be disappointed! Her fantasy scenario is quite specific.

Right. Assuming that you are a tall, vwe black guy reading this, you may have some questions and/or concerns.

'Is Aunty genuinely into this, or is it more that Uncle is a fat cunt who just gets off on seeing Aunty pummelled by ebony trouser crackle for his own gratification?'

The truth being, it is very much Auntie's thing, and Uncle, whilst undeniably a fat cunt, simply enjoys seeing his beloved Aunty enjoying her erotic fantasy. A short private chat with Aunty will quickly allay your concerns.

'Why does Aunty need big dicks?'

Simply put, she doesn't. She had an experience with a hung black guy when she was still in her teens, and although she didn't really enjoy it at the time due to nerves and inexperience, its something that's stuck with her, and become a focus of her sexual fantasies.

'Has Aunty got much experience with this 'living out her fantasy malarky', or is she still nervous and coy about the whole thing?'

If you are wondering if the would have one black guy up the rear, whilst being impaled vaginally by another, and simultaneously sucking salami whilst wanking two others off, then the short answer is no!

She will be nervous, she will want a glass of wine, she will play with her hair whilst constantly looking down at the floor, but for her, its all an integral part of the sexual tension/arousal.

'Does Aunty like it rough then?'

Phew, now you are asking! She won't do bareback, she likes sensual, but our experience with this leads me to believe she enjoys an element of 'frantic fucking' if the perpetrator has got her up to speed! I'm no expert on these matters, and I gave up deluding myself that I was, years ago!

As an aside.

I (Uncle Dirty) am a keen photographer. I don't use the 'photography' thing as a way to getting a shag, because as stated, I'm crap at shagging, and consequently can do without the humiliation thanks very much!

The 'photography' is a genuine hobby, forged by the desire to get the most flattering, yet erotic/sensual depictions of naked, semi naked, clothed or copulating females/couples possible.

For THAT, a certain amount of post processing is necessary, which in turn would involve an element of trust from you, and that's a big ask, I know!

Basically, I would need to retain the digital files until I have created the best image possible. Once you have the finished photographs, then the originals will be deleted from any storage device, but again, you only have my word for that.

If you want facial features omitted so you can use your photos on your profile, they can be cropped appropriately, excluded at the time of taking them or simply 'blurred' in post production.

Naturally, I can't travel to the ends of the earth for this, but if you are local-ish and have something in mind that we can work on together, give me a shout!


56 years old, Straight

5'10"  178cm
Non smoker
Social drinker
No tattoos
No piercings


56 years old, Bi-curious

5'11"  180cm
Non smoker
Social drinker
No tattoos
No piercings

Looking For

Aged from 30 to 62 only
Won't meet smokers


Cannot accommodate
Can travel


Anal, Dogging, Oral, Safe Sex, Taking Photos, Toys, Voyeurism

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