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Aunty Dirty has been a carpark exhibitionist for sixteen/seventeen years. You'll probably know the activity as 'dogging'.

We used to (2002 to 2012) visit the well known 'dogging sites' in and around Norfolk, but "well known" quickly led to 'over-subscribed', and often, what was supposed to be a sexually stimulating evening just turned into a night of evading kid racers, verbal abuse, sex crazed fuck-wits and/or attempting to shake off guys intent on following us home (not fun at 3am, when you really just want to go to bed).

So, we retired. Not from exhibitionism in carparks, but from attempting to be exhibitionistic in 'dogging sites'.

I'm just throwing that out there to fill you in on our background. Its not THAT relevant, because whilst Aunty Dirty does still enjoy getting naked in public carparks for the titillation of doggers/voyeurs (yes, there is life beyond the ubiquitous "dogging site"), its NOT something we pre-arrange, or organise online. Our outings are completely spontaneous, the places we visit vary considerably, and encompass Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and (infrequently) south Yorkshire.

So much for that then.

I suppose you want to know if Aunty Dirty shags doggers? No, she doesn't. You aren't missing much NOT being a dogger with regards to us, other than getting a glimpse of the owd mott, and a feel of her arse/tits.

On three occasions, whilst visiting the aforementioned "dogging sites", we encountered black American servicemen from the nearby airbases of Lakenheath and Mildenhall.

That 'might' sound like an odd thing to mention, possibly even borderline racist if you obsessively seek to be offended on behalf of others lol. So, let me quickly elaborate.

Prior to meeting me, Aunty Dirty had a sexual encounter with a black serviceman, which clearly left an indelible impression upon her. Apparently, he was quite a big fella in all regards, and she recalls the experience as being intensely arousing, but more mentally than physically, (which she puts down to her sexual inexperience at that time).

Once, when whimsically discussing our past encounters, this 'episode' cropped up, and it seemed as though the mere act of recounting this sordid tale ignited a raging furnace deep within Auntie's psyche.

On the three occasions we'd encountered black doggers, Aunty was clearly very aroused, so, one day, quite out of the blue, I asked her if she wanted to get shagged by a black guy? Without hesitation, she said "its a nice thought. Yes, okay".

For many weeks it stayed on the backburner, but eventually we put an advert on a website, and soon got a reply from an American (quite coincidently, because the nationality wasn't that relevant) serviceman.

We visited him at his home, and after a couple of drinks the inevitable occurred. However, Aunty did not seem overly impressed. I immediately assumed we'd stepped into murky waters, and maybe the fantasy was best kept as that, a bedroom fantasy, which would have been fine.

But, I was incorrect in that quickly made assumption. Apparently, he wasn't THAT hung, and I realised that being black was an instrumental factor, but packing serious ebony sausage was too!

Anyway, we ended up going to a club, on a night specifically geared towards black stallions and girls that hankered for some chocolate hued salami.

A guy sidled up to us, and we got chatting about cars, clubs, transvestites (don't ask), London and...erm, stuff. Everything but sex really. It was like 'THAT' was a taboo subject, possibly the mood killing blow, so it just never got mentioned.

Then, during the conversation, It became apparent that we'd PM'd each other in the past, and it immediately dawned upon me that this bloke had a dirty great fat cock!

He sidestepped me and asked Aunty straight up, "are you playing tonight?". She seemed hesitant. She started playing with her hair and giggling, but after quickly necking her glass of wine, she said "alright then"!

What followed was very educational! Although (ordinarily) very tight, Aunty clearly has an ability to accommodate some girthacious sausage when suitably aroused!

So, that's where we are at right now. Carpark exhibitionist, and shagger of substantial black toolage. We have been tending towards clubs to source the latter, and this route has proven to be very convenient, as well as productive for us.

If we find (or are found) by suitable guys on Fab, then its not out of the question that we'd arrange to meet them in a club environment. We'd have to see. Meeting guys quite by chance in clubs is fun, and has parallels to dogging, whereas 'arranging' to meet people in clubs might prove less convenient and less fun. Like I said, we'll see. Its not something we've done before, but never say "never" eh?

Right, that's pretty much it really.

Except....Should I mention this? Okay..I'm a photographer (hobbyist, ex professional), and would love to photograph single females and couples (a) because it would be fun/erotic, and (b) there would be a 'point' to it in that you'd get some photos for your profile.

At this point, most photographers would assure you they'd give you the SD card before leaving. I wouldn't (lol). The portraiture I do does rely on post production, so to give you the very best images I could take, I'd need your trust.

Its a big ask, I know.

And if you are concerned that this 'offer' is just a ploy to get laid, then naaaa! I'm crap at shagging, and as arousing as a photo shoot may be, I'd really stay focused on the task at hand!


56 years old, Straight

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55 years old, Bi-curious

5'11"  180cm
Non smoker
Social drinker
No tattoos
No piercings

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Aged from 30 to 62 only
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Cannot accommodate
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