La Chambre

Sheffield, East Midlands


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The premier swinging club in Great Britain purpose built for the hedonistic enjoyment of liberated couples and singles.

Our aim is to make your night as unforgettable and pleasurable as possible.

We know how difficult it is to meet other people who share your interests. Finding people who are compatible is time consuming, costly and even hazardous.

At La Chambre you will have instant access to many like minded couples and singles without the need to get involved in long unproductive social meetings and embarrassing situations, to say nothing of the endless phone calls.

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Rating: OK
I want to go here as a single guy buy too afraid of being tarnished as most that go with reading reviews

Date: 27 June 2015

Rating: Avoid
Well what can we say... Not very nice to look at from the out side! Looks like a closed down old pub. Got inside,, wasn't much better at all to be honest ,, found the door staff sleezy, seems like they was their just to play them selfs,, not a good look at all.... All rooms were rotten and smelly with used condoms left everywhere,, took a shower,well tried, but was freezing cold,, the pool\jacuzi was cold too.... All in all what a s..t hole... Will not be returning again and will get the message about to stay well clear of this place... By far the worst club we ave been to... Put a bulldozer on it :) much love miss R

Date: 22 June 2015

Rating: Fun
Went to la chambre this Friday just gone as a single guy meeting a couple

Found the club great what made me feel good about this club was the staff especially a certain barmaid who was serving my drinks all night

I could just go to look at her never mind the club lol please get in touch you know who you are ha

Very help full with respect

Can I just say about a comment below about too many single guys to women ratio

Well majority of women there were stunning

And too right the staff Should keep an eye out

I would go to this club again for sure

But too many guys can spoil a club I will agree there but that's why the staff are very strict on rules

Date: 22 June 2015

Rating: Fun
I attended LC last night as a single lady and what a fun night it was! Met lots of gorgeous people.... Everyone was very respectful.... A great atmosphere and such a good crowd of lovely people.

I would like to point out, in reference to the review below, that the number of single ladies in attendance on any night has no bearing on how the club is run. Its the luck of the draw. I feel, its important that staff are keeping an eye out on their members.

This makes me feel confident to go out without the mister in tow. I can see fridays becoming a more regular night out for me.

Thanks LC... Keep up the good work. :-) xx

Date: 20 June 2015

Rating: Avoid
Worst club I've visited to date! Got staff watching every move...intimidating a little I must say! Been twice now and both times 10 women tops.... Attic in Derby walks all over this place by a long way :)

Date: 20 June 2015

Rating: OK
There was a lot of action last night but way too many men to women ratio

First time sooo keeping my mind open :)

Date: 20 June 2015

Rating: OK
visited the club on 14/06/2015 nice club. loads of rooms. unfortunately not very busy.. but thats more probaly our fault with it been late etc. pool was very nice and warm.. staff seemed really friendly. bet it could be a awsome night when its really busy. x

Date: 15 June 2015

Rating: OK
Great place for swingers but not for single guys!! I have been there three times since last year but unfortunately majority are men by 95%. Guys you have only 5% chance to have fun there !!

Date: 13 June 2015

Rating: Fun
Visited La Chambre for the first time on Friday night accompanied by a female friend who regularly visits the club.

Sign in was easy and bar staff were really helpful. Great atmosphere downstairs, had a buzz about it and everyone was warm and welcoming. Nice mix of people, different ages, cpls and singles.

My friend gave me the tour and I was really impressed by the number of playrooms and the different little features, a lot of thought had obviously gone into the play areas and it was exciting to imagine what would be going in them as the night progressed. I have to agree with some of the previous reviews on here that have said that the decor is a little tired and WMC like but everywhere was clean and the amount of rooms and features means it's becomes insignificant really.

I loved moving between the rooms and just spectating as well as joining in when the opportunity arose, there were some very attractive people in attendance and I felt very lucky to sample their delights...Was a little bit disappointed to see that certain males didn't comply with the no clothes upstairs rule and seemed to get away with it because they were regulars but all in all I had a great time.

I wanted to give an honest review but please focus on the positives as La Chambre has many. It has set the bar for my club experiences and I would definitely go back, even to just to sample the pool.

Date: 7 June 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Friday night was our first Friday visit to this club, we've been a few times on couples (Sat) night but wanted to mix it up a little.

All in all a great time was had and we'd definitely do a Friday again, different faces and obviously more fellas around but we enjoyed that. We were quite surprised that there was a fair amount of ladies and couples. The boys were never overpowering and on the whole quite courteous. We were downstairs and felt comfortable chatting to others and were totally at ease. I would say the action came a little earlier than we've experienced on a Sat night :)

To summarise if your looking for a great mix of people to socially interact and then get down and dirty lol this is the venue. We'll be back for sure!

Date: 7 June 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Well what can we say about LC we have being going to the club just over three years. The staff are fanstastic it's like walking into your local, Steve the DJ plays some great music and knows what to put on so Kaz can dance around the pole.

Plenty of playrooms the dungeon is good fun also the pool is lovely and warm.

Date: 31 May 2015

Rating: Fabulous
First night at LC on a Friday for a long while and what a great night it was.

Brilliant music (more places need to play a bit of rock) great crowd and lots of fun later with two lovely couples.

Date: 30 May 2015

Rating: Fun
Had my first visit last night Fri 22nd May.I went with a couple so wasn't there strictly as a single guy.There are plenty of places to play,which I did,it's clean and it was reasonably busy with a good mix of people.I'll visit again...

Date: 23 May 2015

Rating: OK
Great club is a mix of a night club but with benefits lol we will come back staff very friendly can't say nothing of regular member as it was our first time but we will come back

Date: 20 May 2015

Rating: Fun
Have visited this club twice since I've been a member on here but have been unable to leave a review until now. Both occasions it was a Friday night. Once with a close female friend of mine, the other a male friend. I would highly recommend this club to anyone. It has the most extensive dungeon I have ever seen in a club and the pool is massive. The rooms are well decorated and have plenty of supplies in them. Staff are very friendly and the pole dancing shows are very enticing. I cannot fault the friendliness of the people that attend. Although it was obvious many were regulars, they were not over clicky and welcomed us into the club. A great mix of people and lots of fun to be had. My only one criticism if I had one would be the you had to keep popping to your locker to pay for drinks and not get them on your key like at other clubs. Slightly inconvenient but nothing more then I'm lazy lol A great club that I intend to visit regularly.

Date: 16 May 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Went to this club on Sunday and had a great time,

It was sooo relaxed, everyone was chilled and friendly and will be going next Friday thanks again :)

Date: 12 May 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Having been away for a number of years returned on Saturday night for an amazing night. The staff as always were fantastic. A lovely mixture of sexy people, which made for an extreemly horny sex fueled evening xx

Date: 5 May 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Great nite on Saturday- great club with loads of atmosphere & a good group of young sexy couples xx

Date: 4 May 2015

Rating: Fun
I played at this club with my partner last tuesday. The club was easy to find, reasonable priced bar and enough rooms to choose from. Will definitely be back for more ;)

Date: 3 May 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Went to zeannas party. Amazing night. Whoever the couple were in the dark room most of the night, get in touch, simply amazing woman.

A good night with time to socialise but fun is never far away at these events.

Date: 1 May 2015

Rating: Fun
Another good night at lc ...lots of couples dressed up in uniform and a good age range ...

Looking forward to our next visit after our holiday ...

So we will be next there on 30th may so hopping to meet some more couples for fun X Kelly gaz

Date: 26 April 2015

Rating: OK
We haven't been to,la chambre for a long time due to illness and want to go back

We have lifetime membership and have been told we may struggle to get in

Why would we when we have paid upfront

Any ideas please as we miss it there


Date: 25 April 2015

Rating: Fabulous
I attend La Chambre a few times a month on Fridays for the past year. I'm a single lady and have met some truly decent people and have had some amazing times. Admittedly it does have it's cliques and some who push the rules but Iv seen this in other clubs Iv visited. I'm not sure as to why it's getting bad reviews recently. I feel totally comfortable to go buy myself without a date or knowing who will be there. I have and will always recommend La Chambre to any of my friends or other like minded people/couples. And NO, I don't know the owners, this review is my own words and opinion.

Date: 7 April 2015

Rating: Avoid
See for your shelf this club has gone to rubbish more class in KFC bean about for times and was ok but last 2 times full of men that don't like no

Date: 7 April 2015

Rating: Fabulous

Love the greedy girls who attend a Friday night

Date: 7 April 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Been to La Chambre afew times and each time has been brilliant... it doesnt get busy till about midnight but ive met some very sexy fun people there... would defo recommend it for single women!! Will defo go again x

Date: 6 April 2015

Rating: Avoid
Overall it was a quiet night. Not as busy as we are used to but we were looking forward to it. Unfortunately we experienced poor behaviour from a couple of people that had to be told "No!" more than once and then gave us verbal abuse. This ruined the evening for us as it was not dealt with appropriately by the staff. We felt that we had no option but to leave. Not what we have come to expect from La Chambre. We have forwarded our complaint to the club owners.

Date: 5 April 2015

Rating: Fun
We attended the club last night where Kelly experienced her first floggin in the dungeon ...

We attend the club every couple of weeks usually on a Saturday mainly to meet couples and it's the ideal place as there is different couples every time we visit we recommend any one new to do Saturdays then Fridays as it's couples only Kelly gaz

Date: 28 March 2015

Rating: OK
We go to la chambre most months.the club is amazing."bob the builder"Julie and deno.just to name a few.marie and Barry have done an amazing job.if you have read all their books like we have you would realize what they have gone through for all of us to enjoy ourselves today.if it wasn't for Barry and msrie there would not be a club for us today.

Date: 25 March 2015

Rating: Avoid
Our first visit to a club with some good friends. We were not very impressed.

The staff were friendly and welcoming. It was a shame it was so quiet for a theme party. Very little atmosphere here.

The venue itself is very dated. And the upstairs rooms had an odour which didn't entice us to get fruity. It felt more like a working mens club than a swingers party. Even had Benidorm style games with the in-house dj.... Say no more.

We Priests gathered up our tarts and headed back to our parish around 12. There wasn't any sign of any sin then and was looking unlikely.

Considering it cost £40 per couple (including the membership fee) it didn't represent any kind of value.

Sorry to say we are unlikely to return.

Date: 23 March 2015