The Gatehouse

Bolton, North West


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Have ever wondered what goes on in a club like ours

Clubs are wonderful places where you can meet beautiful open minded people

You DONT have to to anything you dont want to do .

You make all the choices .

You dont have to be abrupt but No mean No

Unlike most clubs in the UK.

In our club you dont have to undress at any point ,unless you choose to do so .

Before you enter the club .

Make sure you both know your boundries,rules and limitations .

My advice on a 1st visit is too come along,take a look around sit and chat to others and take in the amazing,exciting atmophere

Some times fantasy and reality are not quite what you expected

On the other hand reality is lots better . You can have some amazing fun

On entry to the club you will be shown around and given the rules

Rules are a very important part of the club.

You can sit, chat and listen to some facinating stories.

You can go in a room with your partner

Maybe your a voyer and can just watch .

Or maybe you would rather be watched .

Same room as others.

The scenarios are endless.

What ever your fantasy

We will help you fufull it

The gatehouse is were the magic happens

Single guys- The best way of meeting someone is to sit and chat with them,please do not follow people around,loiter in corners or just stare .This make people feel uncomfortable .

Couple £20

Single guys £20

Single Fems £10

If you have any question ,please dont hesitate to contact us on 0775-8151102

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Rating: Fun
I have seen good and bad reviews for the Gatehouse so I thought I would check it out for myself. Discretely positioned easy to find. I was knocked out by the friendly reception I got from the guys running the club. Not busy but just enough people there to be fun. Everyone was just lovely. It waa si nice to visit somewhere thar dudnt mind how I dress in fact all were very conplimentay. I was made to feel wholly comfortable from the off. Secretly fell in love with one of the mistresses haha. If your not sure go there give it a go, I will be going back as often as time allows.

Date: 30 August 2014

Rating: Fabulous
Another great afternoon at Britain's no. 1 swingers (and the rest !) club.. If you have a pulse, and are interested in S_X, in whatever shape or form.... try the Gatehouse out... It's friendly, discrete and FUN! (and great value for money!!!) FABULOUS!!! Edward

Date: 29 August 2014

Rating: Fabulous
We both had an amazing evening with Domina Anna and Miss Willow at the Spanx BDSM evening. We were made to feel real welcome. Domina Anna is truly an amazing mistress and opened our minds to new experiences.

The club is now looking amazing inside , and has a certain atmosphere not found at other clubs.

We will be going to be going back very soon, as Domina Anna is now mistressing on Fridays at the Gatehouse. Wish we had next friday free to go. :) xx

Date: 25 August 2014

Rating: Fun
Had a brilliant sexy sunday made new friends and lots fun in this cosy lovely club xx definately regular now

Date: 22 August 2014

Rating: Fun
Went there yesterday [Weds] some very nice people there Had good time. If Lesley reads this hello a great girl to kiss

Date: 21 August 2014

Rating: Fun
Went to the gatehouse a couple of weeks ago on a Wednesday

Very friendly people and some naughty shenanigans going on !

If you remember me . Say hello x

Date: 20 August 2014

Rating: OK
Called in the gatehouse on Friday afternoon and its a great place to be . The electric wand from Natalie always gets me in the mood just wish more couples and single ladies would attend as they don't know what they are missing on a Friday . Until next time

Date: 16 August 2014

Rating: Fabulous
Although I arrived fairly late & stayed less than 2 hours on tgirl admirers afternoon, I was still able to sample the atmosphere & eroticism. As I intended I went straight from the shower into the glory hole room, where I spent a playful spell. Then to the orgy room where I spent some time watching a menage a trois of 2 bi guys & 1 woman at play. Next time I shall ensure I arrive early.

Date: 14 August 2014

Rating: Fabulous
After my first visit I can't wait to visit again. It is such a lovely relaxed place and the hosts are just lovely and so welcoming

Date: 14 August 2014

Rating: Fabulous
Great weekend at the club ..Friday afternoon was brilliant ..Mistress NatAlie & Mistress Tina were in full swing by the time I arrived.. I soon put the lovely sub Lilac through her paces after a little wax play she was bound and gagged & enjoying the attention .. what fun we all had.. Mistress & I soon rewarded sub lilac & we all enjoyed each others company behind closed doors..Sunday evening was fantastic, Mistress Anna was on hand ..& we soon had the vacuum bed out.. & virtually everyone who tried it enjoyed it..then we pinned sub lilac to the floating bed ..wrapped her in cling film and covered her in wax.. A fun night , great people ..see you all soon. X

Date: 12 August 2014

Rating: OK
The gatehouse is a lovely place. Whether its swinging or bdsm. This place caters for all. Every time i go i feel at home. Also the staff give u confidence. So give this club a try. Have a chat make new fraiends.

Date: 11 August 2014

Rating: Fabulous
Excite was a great night Thank you David for being our Bunny and forced into a sissy dress and a massive thank you to all who helped with my first experience in the vac bed. I was very brave if I do say so myself. Great night with great people xXx

Date: 10 August 2014

Rating: Fabulous
I visited the gatehouse again last Friday night. This is my first post on the club even though it’s not my first visit. I go because the people there are very friendly and accommodating; everyone is made very welcome and put at their ease so there is no obligation to join in.(go often enough and you are on first name terms with Sally herself) You can sit in the corner chatting enjoying a drink or be adventurous and throw yourself into the melee and enjoy close physical contact with charming strangers who will make you feel like one of the gang, it’s up to you. It’s an ideal club for newbies to the scene as well as catering to the more experienced, although known for its “Alternative” lifestyle it does cater for mainstream Swinging activities too. The club is small but not too claustrophobic and there are places to play alone or put on a show, whatever “floats your boat” you may find it here. I suggest everyone interested in alternative lifestyles and swinging give it a go, you might just like it.

Date: 10 August 2014

Rating: Fabulous
As always gatehouse was fun but most importantly the people who run the club and the customers are so friendly give it a try

Date: 9 August 2014

Rating: Fabulous
Friday 1st. Aug, and Today, Friday 8th. August..... wow... yet again. Am trying to sit here in front of the computer, with a warm red glow in my bottom. Thanks to the two most understanding, strict, yet FUN mistresses ever. Great Club... as always. Edward

Date: 8 August 2014

Rating: Fun
First visit on August 1st when Sisters of Depravity were present to use & abuse willing subs. Like many such clubs in a former industrial area of Bolton, whose bland exterior gives no hint of the well planned decor of the interior. Particularly like subdued lighting in the lounge area near the entrance, the various themed rooms which are near each other including the small porn cinema with a mattress for exhibitionists like me infront of the screen. Also the shower area & adjacent pitch black glory holes, so it is simple to go straight from the shower squeaky clean for some filthy fun & then back into the shower. Next visit on a Tgirl admirers day,

Date: 3 August 2014

Rating: OK
Yes..another great beach party turn out and happy days for tony..met all my old pallys and made some new ones...thanks to the hosts and well done to the gatehouse team for a another sucessful event..until next time muwahhh...xxx tony

Date: 31 July 2014

Rating: Fun
Had a very erotic afternoon yesterday at the gatehouse x

On arrival paid my tenner and also a deposit on my locker key x

Arrived about 1pm and to be fair only a few peeps in and it was quiet x

Sat and chatted to a lovely girl and enjoyed a cuppa

By 2 place was much busier and there was fun and action in every rooms

I enjoyed playing in the dungeon spanking a few bottoms and also enjoyed some naughtiness in the cinema room x

I was really lucky to be be involved a 3 some and more some on the group bed x

To sum up x

A great venue x reasonably well attended x

Nice tgirls and mostly respectful admirers ( come on boys - make an effort with what you wear !)

Fairly priced

Refreshments available x

Good mirrored changing area

Clean with towels to shower afterward x

Date: 31 July 2014

Rating: Fabulous
Thanks to Sinders and Jock along with all the staff at The Gatehouse I had a great time last saturday at the Beachparty. This really is a very friendly club, and its always so much fun.

Date: 30 July 2014

Rating: Fabulous
Enjoyed my preview of heaven yet again last Friday! You really can't beat the Gatehouse as a five star adult club, but The Gatehouse can certainly beat you if you ask nicely!!! Fabulous!!! Edward

Date: 29 July 2014

Rating: Fabulous
thanks to sinders for arranging the beach party was fabby weekend yet again at gatehouse . thanks also to jock for my soaking ... sal gothy leesa and alan n dee for all the staff make you feel so welcome and its friendly guests make the club the one you always want to come back to ..

i had fabby time at the beach party and will return for nxt yrs to fight and keep the limbo trophy in scotland lol

thanks to all those new friends and old ones who came along to help by having a great time once again

ps ... i take no responibility for anyones hangovers after the weekend lol

Date: 28 July 2014

Rating: Fabulous
the gatehouse throws one hell of a party.must say thanks to the followingsinders ur a star again at organizing these events,alana for the food, the bar staff u never had to wait long ( only when i got behind it)sally n tina for all there hard work n last of all dee as without her theyd be no gatehouse.was great to meet new friends as always .just gutted i didnt say goodbye to every1 im a lightwieght.thanks to the guy who handed my phone in i only realised it was mine till this morning.roll on next yrs event unless theres a party soon xall best fiona xxxxx

Date: 27 July 2014

Rating: Fabulous
Had another great day/night at the gatehouse beach party yesterday. Always made to feel really welcome and very comfortable here and always looked after. Well done to everyone responsible for a great day! Hope to see you again soon!! xxxxxx

Date: 27 July 2014

Rating: Fabulous
Another great Beach Party Social event yesterday. Great to see so many friends in this wonderful friendly club. Staff are always welcoming and great hosts. Always a great mix of people at this club giving it a really nice atmosphere. Had a brilliant time , well done to Sinds and everyone that organised it.

Date: 27 July 2014

Rating: Fabulous
Brilliant time at the beach party yesterday. So nice to be able to be outdoors but with a bit of privacy. I'm not sure who won the lube wrestling but I'm told it was the taking part that counts!

All rounded off with a cheeky play just as I thought the night was winding down.

Always a really friendly welcoming group of people at this club and definitely worth a visit if you've never been.

Date: 27 July 2014

Rating: Fabulous
went to this club yesterday for the beach party and had such a brilliant time.party games,laughs, beach bodies and a cracking service all round from the hard working staff, oh and a damn fine chef on the BBQ.if you haven't been to this club yet..why not? its so good for a social or a play. you will enjoy yourself, I do everytime.

Date: 27 July 2014

Rating: Fabulous
What can I say, other than I had another fantastic afternoon in the company of two very professional goddesses who love their role as dominatrixes, (not forgetting all the other guests and staff that make the Gatehouse so incredibly awesome!) I can't recommend highly enough this club to all, male or female...It's discrete, clean, homely welcoming and above all FUN. If you are after adult fun, and friendship with like-minded folk, look no further than The Gateway to Heaven...aka The Gatehouse! Edward

Date: 20 July 2014

Rating: Fabulous
once again was great catching up an met a few new friends there this weekend so see ye all in 2 weeks for mayhem and madness heheheh so cant wait xx

Date: 12 July 2014

Rating: Fabulous
Been visiting the Gatehouse for nearly a year now. Always friendly and fun, but yesterday afternoon (Friday) I discovered the club is actually a Gateway to Heaven!! Two beautiful dominatrixes, a selection of tools, friendly - as always - firm too! I left with a warm feeling to my bottom and a huge smile on my face! This club has always been fabulous, but now is exquisite. I shall be visiting on a more regular basis on Fridays. Thanks to all the team that make the Gatehouse so very special. Edward

Date: 12 July 2014

Rating: Fabulous
wow wot a great eve fri nite greedy girls was started slow but omg once id did turned out 2 be one of the best in agesmet some wonderful ppl again both old & new xxx

Date: 12 July 2014