Le Boudoir Club, London

Central London, Greater London


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Le Boudoir is the UK's top private members club, right in the heart of London. Be seduced by Le Boudoir's chic decor, cosy corners, seductive vaults and sexy, playful rooms. With friendly staff and decadent members & 3 floors of play spaces, a night at Le Boudoir may leave you breathless... Strictly a Private Members Club. Membership applications must be submitted at

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Rating: Fun
We visited LeBoudoir for the first time last evening, The Naughty List - Leather, Latex and Lace event was very well attended. Many of the ladies had made a real effort for the theme, many of the gents were smart casual. The age range was in the majority 30 somethings, a few 20s and 40s, very very few 50s. We were probably the oldest couple there. The venue was very well decorated and clean, the music was great for dancing and the playrooms were well occupied. Overall a very impressive venue and event.

Date: 26 November 2023

Rating: Fabulous
We originally joined LB when it first opened many years' go. After a post-covid pause we've recently re-joined and went to the new venue for the first time the other week. Super impressed. Still a great club with a lovely atmosphere, friendly team, sexy folks and more. Love the new playrooms and the bar area. Excellent. We've been to lots of clubs around Europe and this is up there with the best. Thoroughly recommend LB to anyone trying for the first time or used to other quality venues.

Date: 23 November 2023

Rating: Fabulous
I visited my favorite club Le boudoir again on Friday evening, the staff is very helpful, the club is very clean with all the facilities, I had a nice evening chatting with couples and having fun. You will meet and have fun in the premises of this exceptional club. Le boudoir the best club

Date: 11 November 2023

Rating: Fun
So we went to Le Boudoir for our first ever club visit on the 4th November. It was great interesting to say the least but we really enjoyed it! A few keys things;

1. Everyone was very friendly and polite. We didn’t speak to many as we were very shy but when we did speak they were kind and polite. Staff included

2. The actual venue is amazing. 3 floors with 3 very different vibes

3. The dress code works perfect and everyone stuck to it

We can’t wait to go again

Date: 6 November 2023

Rating: Fabulous
Cracking night on the 27th, well over 100 people, the big room was a tangle of sweaty bodies. Best club in the uk bar none

Date: 31 October 2023

Rating: Fabulous
This is by far and away the best club I've visited and as such I attend regularly. I find the vibe changes everytime I attend because you get less regulars than other places but that isn't a bad thing. The crowd here is generally a bit younger than other clubs. The staff are amazing and really look after you. Dress down is optional which can help if you're attending for the first time but seems to annoy more seasoned club goers. Personally I like to dress down early but appreciate the option being there for less confident attendees.

Date: 31 October 2023

Rating: OK
clean but the play rooms and bar kinda long walk lol .. u walk a lot to move from basement to 2nd floors. its worth a visit

Date: 11 October 2023

Rating: OK
First time visit to LB on Friday…

The venue - clean & upper market - various rooms and toilets available on each floor. On arrival staff take phones, chewing gum and coats and place them in a cloakroom.

Ground floor has a bar area with music, sofas, tables and chairs with XPole. Outdoor Smoking area (narrow alleyway) with heaters located behind the bar which we managed to chat to a fair few people.

Dungeon / basement - BDSM / fetish vibe down stairs, glory holes, sex swing, numerous restraints. The dungeons is 3 open room areas along with 4 open “play beds”.

First floor - if memory serves me right, there were 3 private play rooms, all lockable and had the theme of what a see a “traditional business man’s office” - bookcase theme on the wall with a traditional desk and office chair with a “play bed” off to the side - great to live out some fantasy’s (if that’s your thing)

The orgy room was large, massive shared play bed area and seating for those waiting or watching also towels on hand if needed.

lockers are located downstairs, the lockers are very small, so bear it in mind if you’re thinking of bringing big bags - probably fit a handbag and your change of clothes in them.

Our experience:

The staff are lovely, professional and courteous. The club is medium sized club compared to other we have been to across the UK. Very clean and tidy and upper market. The bar being “cash or card” was a new concept for us - we are used to running a tab up using our locker number and paying for the drinks at the end of the night, I’d prefer them to have a tab style as I sometimes don’t have pockets to carry a wallet or losing my card.

Friday was quiet, not sure why - but for us the vibe was a little off - lots of beautiful people around. But everyone seemed to be set in their own couples, music is loud in the bar area so we struggled to get conversation in there, but managed to chat to people in the smoking area, when people did speak they were lovely and respectful.

You can stay dressed throughout the night if you wish, again another new concept to us as other clubs are either “dress down on arrival” or “9-10:30 stay dressed and then dress down at 10:30” which we prefer as this encourages the naughty side to come out a little more.

We managed to get chatting to a lovely group of people towards the end of the night but unfortunately a little too late.

Price - we are from the north of the UK, our clubs are usually range £25-£40 max per couple, so in comparison LB is expensive but that may be because you’re in london. Drinks are dearer, but again you’re in the capital city.

Overall it was a mixed night. We probably had higher expectations because of the price but that’s on us with our perception, it’s a nice club with potential but for us the vibe was off and it was quiet. Would probably give it another chance.

Date: 8 October 2023

Rating: Fun
First time on a Friday which wasn't as busy

Still lots of hot action , especially in the orgy room.

Staff always so nice x

Date: 7 October 2023

Rating: Fun
Visited the club last Saturday. Excellent central location with a sexy crowd. There were a lot of attractive young couples and a lot of different rooms to play. We had our fun in a private room. The orgy room was full with beautiful people. The venue has a good vibe with a well stock bar and a dancing area. Definitely worth a visit. You will be impressed with club's facilities.

Date: 29 September 2023

Rating: OK
Visited twice with my cheeky little FWB, we were warmly welcomed and all of the staff were smiling and helpful, the clientele were amazing as well, everyone was polite and some were very very helpful lol.

We will definitely be visiting again.

Date: 26 September 2023

Rating: Fun
We have visited a couple of times now and love it here. The venue is clean, well kept and stylish. The staff are great too.

We were there on Saturday 16th Sept, so if anyone thinks they recognise us, get in touch!

Date: 19 September 2023

Rating: Fun
1st time at any club and LB was a great staring point, we was late to the party at not getting there till nearly midnight, non the less was a great night.

Date: 11 September 2023

Rating: Fun
Attended lb on the Saturday night had an absolute ball their were a couple of couples we would have loved to have got to know better

Please get in touch if you recognise us

Can’t wait to return to this lovely clean club xx

Date: 11 September 2023

Rating: OK
Another amazing night at LB last night - never fails to impress. Busy, great staff, so many hot people and the host well, he’s just lush ;-)

Date: 9 September 2023

Rating: OK
It’s been a while since we’ve been able to get back to LB, so decided to make a weekend of it visiting Friday and Saturday. Fabulous as ever, full of hot people, great music, and staff that are friendly and attentive. We had a great time and lots of fun upstairs with some seriously sexy folks. Can’t wait to return x

Date: 3 September 2023

Rating: Fabulous
Great t8me on Friday, long sweaty session in the little attic cubbyhole with a hot Newcastle couple….hello if you’re reading this!

Date: 2 September 2023

Rating: Fabulous
Our first time on a Friday night and we loved it! A really chilled out feel, and lots of sexy people…. We will be back! ; ) xxx

Date: 1 September 2023

Rating: Fabulous
Went to LB’s Confessions event on 26/08. Lots of super sexy people and a DJ playing bangers. Bar staff always serving with a smile. Had lots of steamy hot fun in the lockable rooms. Then back down to the bar to mingle with all the beautiful couples. Thanks LB for another amazing night.

Date: 29 August 2023

Rating: Fabulous
We went to LB for the first time last night and what a brilliant place it was. Will definitely be coming back again. 100% worth the 4 hour trip. Thanks guys xx

Date: 27 August 2023

Rating: Fabulous
I (Jools) attended the Interracial Party on 25/8 with a couple of friends. It was a hot, multicultural mix of sexy, real people out for a good time. Positive vibe, lots of guests. Ended up in a few steamy jumbles of bodies. The club is always clean, classy and efficiently run. Thanks, team Le B and promoters for a great night! Can't wait for the next one.

Date: 26 August 2023

Rating: Fun
Having visited the "old" and "new" LB venues numerous times, I can definitely say that LB parties are one of the most fun parties in central London. The current venue is chic, classy, with a modern nightclub vibe. Have had some sexy dances in the open bar area. There are plenty of areas for play, my favourite being the basement dungeon (those gloryholes oh yeaaaahhhhh!!). There are open play areas upstairs which are also great for watching and jumping in with a mass of sexy bodies. Have never failed to have a good time at LB. Staff have always been professional, polite and ensure that play is safe for all (which I admire).

Keep it up LB

Date: 22 August 2023

Rating: Fabulous
I finally visited the new version of LB on Saturday. I had visited LB1 a few years ago, and had heard mixed reviews on the current iteration. I can confirm that we were not disappointed. This venue is spotless and has a very classy, nightclub vibe. We chatted to many couples and staff ok the night and all were very friendly. The play rooms were great, and my partners face to the top floor nakedness was a picture. We soon joined in and had a fab night.

Please say hi if you think we chatted? Xx

Date: 21 August 2023

Rating: Fabulous
Attended last Friday. Another resounding victory for LB. As always, a shout out to the professional yet super friendly staff. I was unintentionally standing a bit too close to a group playing in the dungeon and was asked to move back and give them some space. I really appreciated the way this was done. I didn’t realise I was close as I’ve stood there before without issue but when asked to do so in the friendly and informative way the security did, I was happy to do so. Full marks for the professionalism and personability of that security person!

As usual LB was full of beautiful and friendly people. But a special mention to the dark haired jaw dropper who joined me in very pleasant conversation and then in the loft. A romp to remember indeed!

Thanks LB and see you soon!

Date: 21 August 2023

Rating: Fabulous
We visited the club last Saturday and this was our first visit to the new club. We loved the old place, but the new venue has been taken to a much higher level. As with the previous club, the staff are fantastic are there to ensure you have an amazing evening. The addition of the bar has made a great difference, it gives you the feeling of being in a cocktail bar. The clientele are all lovely respectful classy beautiful people. Downstairs the dungeon was busy all evening with lots of couples making use of the equipment. Upstairs the play room was busy all night with lots of sexy people really enjoying themselves, a great mix of those playing and those watching. We will not be leaving it so long before we return again

Date: 17 August 2023

Rating: Fabulous
Our first visit to LB a couple of weeks ago and what a fabulous night we had! Considering it’s our nearest club we don’t know why we left it so long. It’s super classy and with a fabulous mix of people. Great facilities and fabulous atmosphere.

We had a great time in the orgy room and Mrs Sassy had a couple of opportunities during the evening to play with lovely ladies.

Sexy, classy, stylish and swanky… we loved it and can’t wait to get back there again in a few weeks.

Date: 9 August 2023

Rating: Fabulous
Fun and naughty night again on Saturday. Lots of hot gorgeous people Already planning our next visit to our fave club ??

A massive thank you to all the team at LB for making us feel so welcome as always x

Date: 7 August 2023

Rating: Fabulous
First visit to LB. Gorgeous people, the environment is stylish and the staff are so welcoming. Perfect balance of comfort, elegance and downright sexines. We'll be back soon. Xx

Date: 6 August 2023

Rating: Fun
I have been a member for about two years and It's undoubtedly among the best clubs in the UK

Excellent location, courteous and competent staff and very clean. In all my visits to the club, I've never been let down.

If you ever see me in Le Boudoir, please come say hi

Date: 3 August 2023

Rating: Fabulous
What you’ve read so far is all true. Attended last night and had a great time. Brilliant venue. Staff are amazing and work hard through out. Security is top notch. Everyone is dressed immaculately. Oh and it gets very naughty ??

Date: 29 July 2023