Safer Meeting

Don't forget that the only person responsible for your safety is you, so don't put yourself in a dangerous situation or a situation where a stranger can let you down.

Remember that Fab does not perform background checks and while meeting a long time verified account may be less risky, it does not guarantee it.

These are some tips to help meet more safely:

* DO: Always meet somewhere safe and public (eg. a cafe).

* DO: Always tell someone you trust who you're going to meet, when and where.

* DO: Always meet socially before taking things further.

* DO: Respect your health and that of others, see the resources on our sexual health page.

* Don't give strangers your personal details (e.g. address, place of work, phone number)

* Don't rely on strangers for transport, so don't go in a car with someone you don't know.

* Meeting new accounts without verification is more risky more likely to lead to disappointment.

* Don't turn up to strange addresses without having met the people you're expecting, first, beforehand.

* Don't meet while affected by alcohol or drugs. Similarly, don't meet anyone who appears to be affected by alcohol or drugs.

* If in any doubt, ask to see proof of age and ID.

* Don't arrange meets without having spoken to the people you're expecting to meet first on phone OR on seen on cam.

* Don't invite strangers into your home.

* Don't put yourself in a situation where if someone doesn't turn up, you'll be upset. So don't travel 100s of miles and book into a hotel in the expectation of meeting someone unless you've met them beforehand.

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