Paradise Health Spa

Bournemouth, South East


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A nice friendly Naturist and Swingers club in Bournemouth. It has a Jacuzzi, Steam Room Sauna and also 3 private rooms for fun which the doors can be locked, plus a nice big room.

Tea and coffee are free and if you want a stronger drink, you can bring your own - wine beer etc. (glasses etc provided)

The staff will order food for you from a takeaway and there is an off licence next door if you forget your supplies!!

So all in all it can be a very enjoyable and cheap night

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Rating: Fabulous
Went tonight. I was lucky enough to entertain 6 men.

Date: 18 September 2021

Rating: OK
Not been since 1st lockdown, but it was great to spread out and chill in the jacuzzi & steam room (alas sauna was broken) prior to a Swedish massage with Winter. Typically being a Sunday Argo, it was entirely vanilla. But does sounds like the place has address the “old sheep” issue from before, so can’t wait to meet that younger clientele on another visit.

Date: 13 September 2021

Rating: Fun
Went on 3rd and 4th Sept. Arrived at 10pm on the Friday. Met 3 couples. Two ladies were giving men blow jobs in the hot tub when I arrived. Went upstairs and saw a playful couple shagging in the TV room and another went into a private room. Couples relaxed in the smoking room and chatted together in the hot tub for a long time afterwards and left. There were only men after 1am and I left at 3am. Arrived too late for the action that night. Establishment is always clean and pleasant. Everyone behaves with proper respect and comfort. Have been a regular since 2016. Returned the next day at 2pm. Was the only one there as it was early. A newbie couple arrived at 3pm and I kept them at ease by answering any questions and keeping my distance as it was their first time. They enjoyed the hot tub and used a private room. More men arrived and another couple came in and chatted with a guy in the hot tub. They left with the guy. Another couple came in and played upstairs. They allowed several men to join in. The key is that if you want to get some action you must try to socialise and chat in the hot tub or smoke room before they go upstairs because from my experience couples will only play with men after they have had a pleasant chat first. The air show was on that weekend and it was quiet compared to other weekends. I had to leave for work and left at 6pm. Will return next time I'm in town.

Date: 12 September 2021

Rating: OK
Great club, it's always been a pleasure to relax and enjoy the Mrs getting a gangbang most nights we go! X

Date: 10 September 2021

Rating: Fabulous
Visited temptations a couple nights ago as a club virgin, the hosts and guests made me feel very welcome. Didnt get to play this time but i very much enjoyed the even none the less. Cant wait to visit again.

Date: 4 September 2021

Rating: Fun
My second visit in the last few weeks and didn’t disappoint, quite busy and had some fun with a couple in the big play room. Unfortunately I had to leave just as another two hot couples showed up!

Date: 4 September 2021

Rating: OK
Visited this afternoon,met some fun people,had a fun relaxing afternoon and early evening,note to ourselves don't leave it so long till the next visit

Date: 29 August 2021

Rating: Fabulous
Great little club, the special offer is delightful; free entry with a massage so if you go and don't meet the right couple or lady for fun atleast you are getting a good back rub!

Honestly, it's clean and intimate, on average midweek night you may only get 2 couples but there is always a high probality in playing as the intimacy of the club is great catalyst for creating sexual chemistry xx

Date: 26 August 2021

Rating: Fun
Had another amazing night full of fun and naughtiness! Met some more lovely people and had some really good and funny chats too! Always a good night here, it's clean and tidy and the staff are lovely. Thank you to Jake and "Twinkle" for a great night. Will bring "waterboy" next time!! ????

Date: 22 August 2021

Rating: Fun
I went yesterday on a chill out awayday and fact finder. Compact and bijoux. A real gem. Spotlessly clean. The host Frankie at the top of his game. Nothing too much trouble. Very laid back venue. Perfect for a little R ‘n’ R!

Date: 18 August 2021

Rating: Fun
This place is my new play house ;)

I always feel so safe and have great fun here

The staff really look after you

Met some wicked people here

Date: 17 August 2021

Rating: OK
Now called Temptations I took my new partner for her first ever visit to a swingers club. The staff were friendly and the club small and cosy. There was a lot of activity, which V found overwhelming at first but once she started to play there was no stopping her and now she is asking when we can go again. One complaint - it needs air conditioning as it gets very hot and steamy.

Date: 15 August 2021

Rating: Fun
Had a visit to the club last night while staying in the area. I think we hit lucky as there was a good turn out for mid week with 4 couples and a good mix of single men. The club is small but has good facilities and was clean. The staff were helpful and made us feel welcome. The spa facilities and lounge area were all good places to sit and chat and we met some lovely people. Everyone was friendly and respectful. If we were in the area again we would definitely be back for another visit.

K & C

Date: 12 August 2021

Rating: Fun
Had another really fun evening at Temptations. Made to feel a greedy girl again. Met some really lovely guys and was made to feel welcomed. An absolute gem of a club. Will definitely be back!! Thank you guys xx

Date: 11 August 2021

Rating: Fun
Went with a male friend last week who has been before. Friendly clean and a great little place to meet and save spending on day rates on a hotel!! Met a lovely lady and had a great chat about the lifestyle and other clubs. Will definitely be back!

Date: 8 August 2021

Rating: Fun
Really fun club, what's more to say... Friendly, clean and always lots of fun! Was my regular while living in Southampton and made so many friends, connections which opened up so many doors... Go and check it out, enjoy yourselves (they even order TAW for you!) and running round to the shop next door for supplies after you've just fucked 3 girls is hilarious, mixing with the vanillas whilst desperately trying to hide your cock is definitely challenging! (hence why I'm horny in the supermarkets Sassy!) haha... Xx

Date: 6 August 2021

Rating: Fun
First time I’ve been to a club

Was a good club for losing my swinging club vaginity

Friendly people

Would consider going alone as a female next time

Felt safe

Date: 1 August 2021

Rating: Fun
Been so many times, always good hope to be back soon now it's open !

Date: 26 July 2021

Rating: Fun
Great night at the club last night I was the greedy wife. After a long break due to pandemic decided to take the plunge and make up some lost fun. Great people lovely bunch of guys which gave me what I needed. Staff were nice to. Will be going back in a cple lf weeks. X

Date: 25 July 2021

Rating: Fabulous
Good night last night. Place has had a facelift during the lockdown. Jacuzzi steam rooms and showers are super clean and working great. The rooms upstairs have all been done and new radiators ready for the colder nights. New door staff and masseuse.. the grumpy gal has gone as has the young doorman. Spent a good night there last night, three couples one of which was a greedy wife.

Still friendly and relaxed atmosphere with tea squash coffee and juice provided.

It’s actually Temptations now in Windham road Bournemouth.

Date: 25 July 2021

Rating: OK
It’s open

Date: 23 July 2021

Rating: OK
Not very good at responding to their emails about whether they are reopening or not....they haven't updated their website either

Date: 13 July 2021

Rating: OK
Any idea when this will reopen

Date: 9 July 2021

Rating: Fabulous
Does anyone know if this place is opening again?

Date: 28 June 2021

Rating: OK
Looking forward to it it opening again !

Date: 31 May 2021

Rating: Fun
When is it open again

Date: 23 May 2021

Rating: OK
Been a few times. Had lots of men an one very attractive lady.

Look forward to when this club reopens

Date: 21 May 2021

Rating: Fun
we went one weekday day time few single guys there wif had great time ended up in room with three she loved it

Date: 30 March 2021

Rating: Fabulous
Excellent local cub will definatly go again...

Date: 28 January 2020

Rating: OK
As a couple this place is great as it usually has a goo number of single guys there to have some fun with. Me and my ex had plenty of fun at this place over the years.


If your a single guy you will find that at least 50% of your visits will end in disappointment. Being a small club that doesn't keep crazy busy the number of times you see a couple attending is limited. As for single females, in all the years I have been, I think I have seen one.

Don't get me wrong, we all know swingers clubs attract more single guys than anything else but unfortunately this club suffers really badly from 'sausage fest' syndrome.

If your a female or couple, you will love it. Great staff and facilities. But as a single guy, don't hold your hopes up for a great night every night.

Date: 20 January 2020