Dare to Swing

St Philips, Bristol, South West


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Dare to Swing is a Private Members, adult entertainment club welcoming people from the Fetish, Swingers, LGBT+, Gay & Bi Men and Music communities.

Situated in a Victorian public house built in 1853 and with a capacity for up to 200 people, we host nights, events and can also accommodate dry hires including Film Shoots, promotions or private intimate parties.

Located in the industrial area of Old Market Quarter we are a few minutes walk from Bristol Temple Meads train station and have a free customer car park. Please check our Twitter and Reviews for the latest updates.

Featuring a Fully licensed Bar, a prohibition piano bar filled with antique furniture, a baby grand piano, and a small performance stage the Dare to Swing Complex is also home to the Eagle Bar licensed bar.

Our facilities feature 10 playrooms all themed to cater to various tastes. In addition, we have a basement dungeon, astroturf roof

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Rating: Fun
We both enjoyed visiting the club last night, we like to try different clubs and we haven't been to any before in Bristol.

We found the club clean, well organised, friendly and the staff very helpful.

Love Apple xxxxx

Date: 17 September 2022

Rating: Fun
Went a couple of weeks ago to a video shoot, which was on my bucket list. Made to feel very welcome. No pressure and very liberating. Definitely go again.

Date: 21 August 2022

Rating: Fabulous
We had a great time at Dare2 LIBERATION Truthordare Party in Bristol on 22.07. Our first visit to the venue. Tight security which is good. Inside somewhat reminiscent of a student union. Very friendly people, great mix. We chatted lots in the outside smoking area, then locked ourselves in a room for several hours with a very hot filthy couple and played. Really fun evening and made new friends. Can get busy upstairs, no bad thing ;o)

Date: 2 August 2022

Rating: Fun
We were there last Sunday (22nd), hosts great, facilities very exciting! We weren’t expecting much to happen with it being the afternoon and we left a bit early so not sure if any fun was had in the end but it was a lovely social and really enjoyed meeting everyone. Will come back and play in future. If you saw us there please say hello! L&A

Date: 28 May 2022

Rating: Avoid
This club cannot become a true swinger club .. may be good for dance and music events.. tried 5 - 6 times till date and always very quite and very loud music.. they do not advertise swinger nights enough like other clubs thus very less participation

Date: 24 May 2022

Rating: Fabulous
So went to one of the splatt bukkake nights and what a night it was, i would definitely take part again and looking forward see video or images from night event.

Date: 11 May 2022

Rating: Fabulous
An amazing night. Great atmosphere and plenty of action. Pop if we met :)

Date: 30 April 2022

Rating: Fabulous
First time out for ages and we had an absolutely cracking night - great hosts and plenty of naughty people and the refurb looks pretty good too x

Date: 30 April 2022

Rating: Fabulous
Brilliant staff (even if owner can be a little intimidating), great people for both the last no strings and deviant desires. 1st one went in full nude and it felt absolutely liberating dancing around naked. And everyone was so positive and happy I have had great time on both occasions. Will certainly keep coming back

Date: 16 April 2022

Rating: Fabulous
This is a very diverse venue. Liberation nights are VERY hit and miss - sometimes it doesn’t really know what it is and is a little run down. No Strings and Crossbreed (especially) are awesome though. The club completely changes and with amazing sound decks and dance area, kinksters full the venue with great vibes and eclectic dress. It gets very busy. There are some playrooms upstairs and a dungeon downstairs, which we spent nearly 3 filthy hours in on 19th March. Owners work hard and staff (particularly Crossbreed) marshalls are amazing x

Date: 26 March 2022

Rating: Fabulous
We attended this club on Saturday night for the No Strings e event 2nd birthday party, we had such a good night, the club owners and staff were really friendly, there was a diverse friendly crowd of people in attendance and the music was good. We met some lovely people too.

Will definitely go again.

Date: 20 March 2022

Rating: Avoid
We attended a liberation party night on Friday. The ratio of men to women/couples was ridiculous. If it was called a greedy girl night I could understand. Nothing against the club owners. It’s all about the event organisers liberation. He even tried to say there was only 5 single men in there what a joke. He definitely can’t count but I bet he’s was counting the money he made off the 30 Single men in there avoid Liberation party’s

Date: 7 March 2022

Rating: Avoid
Haven’t attended this club yet but its local for me, and i would like to.

Communication seems good through whatsapp so maybe theres been effort to improve that since a lot of older reviews have said it was awful.

I did ask to book in for tonights party, however i’ve been put off by the FIFTY QUID entry fee for single guys ?? and the fact they’re expecting covid passports. “No QR code, no entry, no refund”

This is not law for venues in England and never has been.

Date: 21 January 2022

Rating: Fun
Lovely time at deviant desires.

Well regulated but not obviously so.

Fabulous outdoor area, very reasonably priced drinks and lovely staff.

Didn't really use any rooms but plenty there and I enjoyed the dungeon.

Only small complaint would be loud music......

Date: 20 November 2021

Rating: Fabulous
What a fantastic night at deviant desires last night. The place was buzzing lots of people in fancy dress and fet wear fun and games on the roof terrace and a great night had by all. The venue is constantly adding improvements the new roof terrace looks fantastic especially with the addition of the circus tent roof making it usable in all weather's

Date: 16 October 2021

Rating: Fun
It was our first visit last night, we attended a liberation party night.

Great venue fantastic staff and plenty of like minded people. We were lucky enough to play, and also enjoyed showing off to a few viewers, we shall be attending again

Date: 8 March 2020

Rating: Fabulous
Another fun, chilled Sunday afternoon.

Its such a great event, I highly recommend it.

Date: 2 March 2020

Rating: OK
We attended this club on what staff said was a bad night unfortunately.

We were followed around (at a distance) by a single Male who made it difficult to play and unfortunately everyone was getting ready for NYE so not many couples and no single females.

However the staff were terrific, drinks were strong and we still managed to have a good laugh.

Date: 29 January 2020

Rating: Fun
Went sunday 5th of Jan

It was a great afternoon, i really like that time to go to the club, much more relaxed and chilled.

Spent time with some great people, watched a lady be glued for the first time (interesting and with lots of giggles). Also a great time at Dare, staff and customers always friendly and welcoming

Date: 15 January 2020

Rating: OK
Hi had a very great evening Saturday 6th January, I meet a lot of new friends with social and play BDMS fun make me very welcome I cannot wait to come to come again thanks very much to all

Date: 7 January 2020

Rating: Fabulous
Attended the bbw night this week

We had a fabulous night in the dungeon area and put on a 3 girl show

Loads of hot guys and hot women :)

I Always have a good Time at d2c xx

Date: 6 January 2020

Rating: OK
First time there for liberation party. Quiet start. Got busier but apart from a couple locked away, nothing happened, nobody played,in the 3 and a half hrs I stayed.poor manners from the couple who tried to entice a newbie couple away to there place as they did not want to play there. Club owners Mike and cherry, hats off to them, friendly and likeable.just a shame the party never started.

Date: 5 January 2020

Rating: OK
The club web address has changed. www.dare2club?

Date: 23 December 2019

Rating: Fabulous
Regularly go to the MILF club afternoons and some evening events, such great fun, everyone's chilled, easy going and cool to chat with. Staff very friendly and helpful also. Looking forward to next time.

Date: 20 December 2019

Rating: Fabulous
Its been a little while since i have attended dare to and i can safely say i picked the right night to do so! Cirque taboo was awesome as was the crowd and amazing naughty fun afterwards. Met some great people and hung out with some people i've known for a while- fantastic night of fun and frolics!

Date: 12 October 2019

Rating: Fabulous
Well cirque taboo brought guests who were new to the scene and it made for an evening like ive never seen in a club before, spectators who were agog, and terrified , well in the dungeon they were when i was turning arse cheeks red raw. And one newbie couple to the scene when watching public play were nervous but at the end of the evening in the dungeon she turned into a very greedy girl indeed. The combination of players and people new to the scene made for a very interesting night . Keep it up Dare2, brings new people into the scene who would not normally have made it through the door. Never seen a dungeon so crowded , no room to swing well owt.

But great fun.

Date: 12 October 2019

Rating: Fabulous
Brilliant venue. The place was packed last

night. There is just so much going on at D2, a veritable smorgasbord! Check events listing on their website to make sure you rock up on the right occasion for you, and you are going to have a blast. Cirque Taboo last night and Deviant Days last week were both awesome. The people you encounter there are gorgeous, quirky, (and very dirty!) Owners Cherry & Mike are fantastic company and do so much to ensure everyone is having the best time. Love it. xXx

Date: 12 October 2019

Rating: Fabulous
I visited club yesterday evening. Lovely owners, great atmosphere, friendly people.

Definitely I will be back.

Date: 3 October 2019

Rating: Fabulous
First time in this club and was pleasantly surprised. Great night. Will definitely be going again.

Date: 24 September 2019

Rating: Fabulous
Had a really friendly welcome from the lovely staff team, great facilities and felt really comfortable strutting around in my heels. Can’t wait to visit again and def going to Thursdays T girl event x

Date: 16 September 2019