The Private Club

Birmingham, West Midlands


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This is a full on sex club that caters for the single male, but also extends a warm welcome to single females and couples. It is a full on sex club that may not interest everyone but has lots to offer every taste. There is a main playroom with a large bed and several smaller playrooms just of this which are lockable if required. The club used to have a swimming pool but this has now been turned into more playrooms for your enjoyment. The club is mainly attended by single males but is becoming more and more popular with couples. The single males that do attend are very respectful and if there is ever an issue the staff can deal with it promptly. You are sure of a warm and friendly welcome whenever you decide to visit be it weekday or weekend, so why not pop on over and give it a try.

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Rating: Fabulous
Staff - so welcoming and friendly,simply amazing.

Customers - mix of couples and singles. Young, middle aged and older. Some hot people there :-)

Club - two main open play areas and some lockable rooms. Good music, good drinks facilities, sauna and two showers. Lots of sofas and beds to play on.

Girls - paid? Yep, but they don't have to play with everyone and looked like they were having fun. Mr played with Vanessa in an open environment and we got the pleasure of her company in a locked room. She was one of the loveliest people we have ever met :-)

Result - probably the best experience we have had as a couple.

Definitely would go again :-)

Date: 6 March 2016

Rating: Fabulous
Went on Friday as a couple,our first time in a while,The work that Chris has had done is great lot more relaxed and social feel also more couples there which is great to see,Lori wow what a lady and her partner a great laugh too ,Will be back soon '

Date: 21 February 2016

Rating: Fabulous
Just enjoyed my first visit to the Cub, well any club :)

Everyone made me feel welcome! A friendly atmosphere and some lovely people there

I'll be back:)


Date: 12 February 2016

Rating: Fabulous
It had been a few months since I'd had the chance to visit and I wasn't disappointed. The two girls were so sexy and responsive. I got to fuck them both, got sucked by them both and couldn't stop myself coming over Bree's tits as another guy fucked her. What an afternoon.

Date: 1 February 2016

Rating: Fabulous
Our First visit to The Private Club in a long time, and round One of the refurb is looking good!

Maximised play space, and nice modern, clean cut design.

Its still the cleanest club we have ever been to, as well as the friendliest and in our opinion is still the best by a long long way!

Its not for everyone, and is probably more "hardcore" than other clubs, but is ideal for greedygirls.

Really impressed with how its changed, and almost a year since our last visit but still made as welcome as if it was home (if only it were!).

Fantastic girls and fantastic staff!

Keep up the good work guys!

Date: 31 January 2016

Rating: Fun
Went There On Friday Afternoon Event as Described a Great Place to Have Fun and I mean fun. The Girls are so Nice and Friendly a special thanks to Jade for A Great Head Job and Thanks too Holly too Who Fucked So hard and Good Loved the Facial Shots on her Face well done Girl. Will be There Next time around

Regards Horny J

Date: 11 January 2016

Rating: Fun
We have bee going to the private club for many years. This is not a swingers club as such but we have found that more and more couples are attending these days. It's a great place for couples who like to have men service the lady as always plenty of single guys. The guys are very respectful and non pushy. Recently refurbished. Private rooms and open play areas. Always a good atmosphere with Great staff and girls for the guys. had some very good nights there.

Date: 31 December 2015

Rating: OK
Was at to days midday meet & i like the clubs new layout .

Date: 23 December 2015

Rating: Fabulous
First visit in a while; great time had by all. Tyla runs a great venue and customers very respectful of our needs and privacy. Lorri now inducted into the squirters club!!

Date: 26 September 2015

Rating: Fun
Had great evening at the club Tyla is good to be with ??

Date: 26 September 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Another great afternoon and evening at the club. Well worth the 400-mile round trip. If you like slim women, Zoe is absolutely perfect.

Date: 29 August 2015

Rating: Avoid
This is not a swinging club it back street brothel

Date: 25 August 2015

Rating: OK
To be fair to The Private Club the first thing it says in the description about the club is it's a full on sex club. No mention of being a swingers club!! If people ei (fun2with) don't read the clubs profile who's fault is that!! Please people read up about the club before you dive in!!

As far as I/ we are concern The Private Club dose exactly what it says on the tin. A FULL ON GREAT SEX CLUB.....Brilliant in every way!!! So if you guys or girls (cum to that) need a good shagging this club is the place to be!!!....xx :-)

Date: 23 August 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Taken us a long time to finally get there but made it last night! What a fun place to play, girls are lovely and so friendly. Club seemed to make a real effort to make us welcome. Enjoyed ourselves, "We'll be back!" Thank you!

Date: 16 August 2015

Rating: OK
Poppy is no longer at the club

and it is being run as a pay for sex club not a swingers club.

you pay to go in and have sex with the club girls ok if that's what you want not when you think its a swingers club that's how it works so first honest review will not be going again

Date: 12 August 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Visited an end of month Saturday party. Very busy and friendly. Highly recommend :)

Date: 8 August 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Wow had another absolutely fabulous night at this club...all the girls are so much fun...great to see them all again.....can't wait to join Tyla on the bed as one of the hostess/greedy girls....on Wednesday the 5th of August!! Suzi...x

Date: 2 August 2015

Rating: OK
Had a great time my dream come true got to see tyla Moore can't wait to go again soon

Date: 24 July 2015

Rating: Fabulous
We were going to leave a glowing review about The Private Club, but we don't need to, because the review from the previous gentleman says it all for us!!

We visited on Sat 20th June 15 and we think The Private Club is the BEST by far!!!!!

We have been to most clubs in the Birmingham area and The Private Club is Fantastic in everyway!!!

It's very very clean, the gentleman and couples are lovely. The hostess girls and magnificent and make you feel so at home and comfortable. Especially Tyla and Danny Ray. Beautiful ladies!!!

We can not recommend this Club enough!!!

If you are in any doubt as to go or not.

Definitely go it's a real eye opener in the best possible way!!!

Date: 23 June 2015

Rating: Fabulous

Date: 21 June 2015

Rating: Fabulous
This was my third visit under the new management and once again it was a wonderful afternoon of seriously sexy fun. Tyla has to be the sexiest woman on the planet - she is a truly great fuck, sucks cock better than anyone and seems to enjoy all the attention. I hope to be back soon.

Date: 11 June 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Been a while since we went, and its still our favorite club by far. Well managed, clean (I'd say the cleanest we've ever been to), and definitely the most fun!

An awesome place, not everyones cup of tea, but well worth a trip, and a greedy girls heaven!

Date: 7 June 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Ladies and gents if you've got time to go, I truly recommend it, amazing host great hospitality, and save the best till last, amazing beautiful ladies, not to miss out 100% recommended, these ladies really work for your cardio lol

Date: 9 May 2015

Rating: OK
My last visit was not 2012, my membership card showed the date it was issued - Nov 2012 and my last visit was just 18 months ago, but I see no relevance to this review.

Yes, the rules have changed so WHY DON'T THEY CHANGE THE RULES ON THE WEBSITE? I read the rules before leaving home and they were exactly the same as when I joined 4 years ago, including a discount for ex-forces members which they also refused under the new rules. The website for the Private Club, as it stands, is false advertising and misrepresentation.

Date: 27 March 2015

Rating: Fabulous
With reference to the guy below - we were three people behind him in the queue as the discussion went down.

What he fails to mention is that his last visit or use of his membership card was 2012 - which was not mentioned.

What the receptionist explained was that the rules have changed since his last visit.

Anyway on to our experience of Thursday night at PC- fab - we love this place and will be back today for another party

Great set up - great people - great fun night out!

Date: 20 March 2015

Rating: Avoid
WHAT A RIPOFF!! Their website says single guys membership is normally £50 (which makes it one of the dearest in the Midlands) or £20 temporary membership for one night. It goes on to say that you can upgrade to full membership whilst there by paying the difference (£30). They also offer discounted membership on special nights.

NOWHERE does it say you cannot join until you've been on temporary membership 3 times within a 3 month period, paying £20 on each occasion. That however, is what they say when you turn up to join. So, membership is a minimum of £110 (3 x £20 plus £50 full membership for one year). If you don't get the first 3 visits within the specified 3 month period then you have to start again.

The next insult is that they insist that you use their condoms for which they charge 50 pence each - that's at least another £5 in my case (I do like to get my money's worth). I don't know of any other club that charges for condoms and doesn't allow you to use your own - most clubs now provide them free. I get a guaranteed safe supply from the local health authority so object most strongly to paying for ones that I know nothing about.

This used to be a really good club and I was a member for a couple of years but the new membership rules have ensured that I will not renew my membership. It's easier to join the army than to join the Private Club.

Date: 19 March 2015

Rating: OK
If you are a single guys and you don't want any of the social side or build up in swinging this place is great.

First time there and as some of the reviews said its a production line but a good productions line.

Not for me and the criticism I can give was the girl who showed me round did it while on the phone which I felt was rude.

Date: 2 March 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Attended for first time in a while with a very nice ladyfriend. Great welcome, great staff and thoroughly enjoyable night, if a little wet. Be looking to not leave it quite so long xx

Date: 28 February 2015

Rating: Fun
Had a great time, would really recommend the jade swallows events. Her and Pete are great fun and she has an amazing body.

Greatly great club for single guys, or any one in to open group fun.

Looking forward to returning soon

Date: 27 February 2015

Rating: Fun
First time there last night and i was unsure before I went as id heard varying opinions on the place but tbh for the single guy it was great. Staff were friendly and accommodating and I'll be going back for sure.

Date: 19 February 2015