Blackmans Fanclub (BMFC)

Dunstable, West Bromwich, Radlett, Chorley, Kent, and Crystal Palace, Greater London


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Parties specifically organised for ladies and couples who appreciate the extras that Black Guys bring, and for the Black Guys that enjoy being appreciated

Currently we have 6 Adult parties organised every month in various venues across the London Area and we have recently expanded to venues in the NORTH WEST of England too

Strict NO PRESSURE policy so ideal for newbies and guests of all experience

Great emphasis put on sourcing the best DJ's and well-designed venues

We manage the guest list and ensure that the ratio of guys to fems is no more than 2:1 - so all guests are assured of there being NO CATTLE market scenario

Our main aim is delivering VALUE FOR MONEY

Admission is by guest list only!

Party dates and Venues

1st SATURDAY of every month @ AROUSALS, Dunstable, Luton

2nd FRIDAY of every month @ XTASIA, West Bromwich, Birmingham

3rd SATURDAY of every month @ RADLETT, Hertfordshire

4th FRIDAY of every month @ THE NO3 CLUB, Chorley, Manchester

4th SATURDAY of every month @ FUNTIME Crystal Palace, South London

We also arrange BMFC Parties at EUREKA, Kent on a sporadic basis (check our website for exact dates)

Whilst admission to a BMFC party would never be refused based on the colour of someone’s skin, guests must realise and accept that the ladies who attend our parties do so, because they are mainly into Black Guys!

More info? - www.blackmansfanclub.co.uk (where you will find a comprehensive FAQ page, advice galore and LOADS of tips and hints to ensure your BMFC experience is a FANTASTIC one!!)

email Helen on suiteladyuk@yahoo.co,uk

or telephone Helen on 07790439839

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Rating: Fabulous
Another great nite at arousals Saturday nite .. Packed with gorgeous friendly people ;) by far one of the best clubs to attend and I can see myself becoming a regular , we had a great night lots of fun , flirting and dancing :) perfect ....

Date: 5 October 2015

Rating: Fun
Attended Arousals last night.....when I thought it couldn't get better.....it just did! Fun people , relaxed crowd , sexy people every where. Music is excellent and always a well organsised night.

Highly recommended

Date: 4 October 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Great night in No3 on Friday! We had lots of naughty fun on the big bed in this excellent club. The guys were hot, fit, sexy and kept going all night long :) Thanks Helen for arranging a wonderful night. It was lovely to see you again and we will definitely see you soon! Xx

Date: 27 September 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Excellent night in no3 club! BMFC PARTY

Date: 26 September 2015

Rating: Fun
I went to Radlett on the 19th .my second time and I must say I had loads of fun.. good times good fun..

Date: 24 September 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Vistited BMFC in Radlett (19/09/15) and i have to say it's really fantastic, all the people dressed really nice I felt very upmarket and posh lol, the music was smashing, great conversations and fun in the bedrooms, everyone was polite and friendly, I highly recommend BMFC to everyone. I shall deffo be returning for sure next time :)

Date: 20 September 2015

Rating: OK
Went to bmfc last night .

Have to say I was very disappointed .

There was loads of single guys and when a couple was wanting to play they were inundated and scary to be honest .

there should be a good ratio but I guess they want to make loads of money .

Be aware you might waste your money and time too !!

Date: 20 September 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Joined BMFC at Eurekas on Friday 11th with my friend hotdog2004. Had a wonderful time once again. Nothing was much trouble for the party host, Sheri - friendly and professional at all times, she showed us around and made sure we were well looked after. The turn up of people was good too, from old friends to new faces - there was a good blend of couples/hot wives, single ladies and men and also some very intriguing cross dresser. Everybody was friendly and respectful. The venue, Eureka, is great for both those who wish to spend a day making full use of spa facilities, sunny fields and comfy cabins (as we did) or those who wish to enjoy a party in a quirky set up. Loved the layout of the dance floor lined by boots. Just another thumbs up to the BMFC crew for setting up yet another brilliant party night. Stella

Date: 13 September 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Visited BMFC Eureka for the first time on 11 September and had such an amazing time meeting new people. Sheri the hostess for the night did a fantastic job in making my experience a worthwhile. Keep up the good work team BMFC!

Date: 12 September 2015

Rating: Fun
Our first visit to Bmfc at Xstasia. Had a very horny evening. Met old friends and new. We will definitely be back xx

Date: 12 September 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Bmfc at xtasia, wow, what a night. We had some great fun in the cinema next to the sauna area. Chatted to a great couple from Chester that we need to keep in contact with and would keep an eye out for Mikey!

Date: 12 September 2015

Rating: Fabulous
As 2 blonde milfs we went to BMFC for the first time. An unbelievable selection of gorgeous black men meant we were very busy all night . We needed the next day to recover lol !

Date: 9 September 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Visited arousals for the first time sat nite with a male friend and had a great time .. Helen is the perfect party host and very friendly .. She was on the end of the phone giving directions when we got lost and gave us a tour of the place .. We had a great fun nite , it was full of sexy gorgeous guys and friendly females ... We played , we danced and even had fun pole dancing ;) top night all round .. Thanks see u again soon

Date: 8 September 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Went to the no3 club on friday and had a fab night can't wait for the next one.

Date: 1 September 2015

Rating: Fabulous
We attended the party in the Divino Spa on Saturday. Wow! A fantastic, intimate, clean venue with very attentive staff. Helen was a perfect hostess and made us feel so welcome. We had lots of sexy fun all night. The guys were hot, fit and kept going till 4am. Po felt like a princess!! She had the perfect night, sensual kisses to start, then lots of good, hard banging! Thank you guys for an amazing time. We will be down south again for more of the same! Xx

Date: 31 August 2015

Rating: OK
Met Helen for the 2nd time at Euerkas and she was so welcoming again and instantly we felt at ease. Had a great night and everyone so friendly we enjoyed. Look forward to attending your nx bmfc! Xx

Date: 31 August 2015

Rating: Fun
Divinos last night was fun although only a few couples where there, at least they had a pick of what they wanted and they certainly looked like they had fun. Def need to try it again, would be brill on a busy night.

On to Eureka tonight then!!!!

Date: 30 August 2015

Rating: Fabulous
What can I say about Arousal last weekend? Had a fantastic time with lovely guys, great music and a wonderful host. Helen thank you for making us feel welcome and providing a brilliant night. Gorgeous guys all over the place. Thank you hun xx

Date: 7 August 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Helen is a master at hosting these parties. Yet again an excellent selection of guests. You will never feel unwelcome with such a fun & friendly gathering of people.

If interracial play is your thing then the selection of chocolates on offer outdoes any Thornton's selection box ;)

Date: 2 August 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Have to commend Helen and Tash for not only being excellent hosts, but for taking the time out to creat a nice atmosphere at all venues and for also being warm and welcoming to their visitors.

There are many swingers events, but BMFC is by far the best event for Women with a taste for big black cocks. I will always be a regular attendee and if anyone hasn't been yet, be sure to visit BMFC, especially at Aousals!

Keep up the good work ladies. Mwah! Xxx

Date: 30 July 2015

Rating: Fabulous
We went to the BMFC event at the No3 last Friday night and what a fantastic night we had, the club was really busy and everyone was so friendly..Helen was the perfect host and welcomed us with open arms..We had a fabulous night, thanks Helen..xx

Date: 26 July 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Now….Where to start!? Simply put, BMFC event was great at No3 Chorley. Helen was down to earth and facilitated a night to remember. After the memorable exchange of smiles with a particular couple my nerves subsided and were replaced with extreme excitement! We hit it off right away. There was no pressure or no awkwardness. Thank you Helen for making it a "Win, WIN" situation.

Date: 26 July 2015

Rating: Fabulous
I attended the BMFC party at the No3 on Friday 24th July.

As a single female it is not often i go to events alone (it can be a little daunting even though I have been to clubs as a single fem before). I have to say that Helen is a fabulous host, completely put me at ease and made my nerves fly away. She made sure everyone was ok and was a lovely down to earth organiser. There was a wide range of sexy men to suit everybodies varying tastes. I had the best night i have had for a while, in a totally relaxed, respectful and social environment at the No3 club, Chorley. Thanks so much for a fantastic evening. I would recommend to anyone who loves chocolate as much as me ;-). I look forward to another BMFC event when I am next in the UK. All my love SL xoxo

Date: 25 July 2015

Rating: Fun
First time at Radlett and all I can say is lovely venue loved that plac . And the pool was so hot. Yes I had a dip! Friendly staff and host. Will be back for me and wow what a lovely lot of fit guys. Radlett is a must for any lady or couple who enjoys swinging and sharing! Until next time

Date: 20 July 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Attended BMFC at xtasia on Friday it was a great night with plenty of guys with plenty of stamina we had an awesome night with r leaving the club totally satisfied and with a big smile on her face have an idea the guys had a good night too

Date: 13 July 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Another great nite at arousal bmfc music on point people polite helen you are fantastic thanks again see you next month can't stay away

Date: 5 July 2015

Rating: Fabulous
I have attended the last 5 BMFC at Chorley No3 and alaways have sexy fun nights without fail. I am very particular who I play with and I come away every time happy and satisfied.

The venue is perfect and the clientelle top class, with people travelling specially from miles around.Lots of Regular visitors now to this special night.

Ill be there at the next one, cant wait.



Date: 28 June 2015

Rating: Fun
Attended the event at Chorley last night. Wow. So many gorgeous fit bits to wet my appetite (and other places) on. The guys that attended were definitely the cream of the crop. Everyone was polite, could hold a conversation and better still brought the goods to the table. Met some great people and had a fantastic time. Would recommend one of Helens parties to anyone. I will be making a return visit that's for sure.

Date: 27 June 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Had another fantastic nite at radlett its always good lovely respectful people great attentive staff great nite thanks helen see you soon xx

Date: 22 June 2015

Rating: Fun
Had my first experience a Radletts last night. Helen is a great hostess and all the people were very nice and friendly. Would def be visiting again

Date: 21 June 2015