Tbirds Club

Rating: OK
I joined for the first time and had a lovely time at Tbirds and the staff were super and friendly.

Going back on the 14th Jan got my room booked and hope to meet and have more fun.

Mandy xx

Date: 11 December 2015

Rating: OK
Had another lovely night at t_birds,

So good to see my friends again

And met some new girls.

It's such a great place to chat and relax and the staff are always friendly and helpful.

Date: 11 December 2015

Rating: OK
hi at T BIRDS IT was great to back again amongst friends I always meet nice people there such a friendly bunch of girls and the staff are so helpful it was nice to meet a couple this time around , Stacy & Tony , Stact & Tony you were such fun to chat with , hope you found it a great place to be see you all at the Xmas PARTY CHECK FOR DATES

Date: 16 November 2015

Rating: OK
It was lovely to be back amongst friends and have a fantastic night at T BIRDS great social gathering love the Company of old friends and new ,look forwards to next month xxWhen il see you all again , and hope make even more friends if a fab place come along .

Date: 11 September 2015

Rating: OK
hi ALL I attended T birds Thurs , well what can I say but what a fun time I had , and that it was great to be back to see the crew who help run THIS FAB SHIP xx Well I met up with old friends made new friends such a nice place come visit your like it , ,drink at bar friendly conversation great company a fun time for all. back soon Fireman Sam

Date: 15 August 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Managed to attend T Birds again last night after a few months away, had an absoloute ball, thoroughly enjoyed myself,great to meet up with a couple of 'old faces' but even better to meet quite a few new girls, a great attendance, hopefully be back sooner than later x

Date: 14 August 2015

Rating: Fun
Had a great night last night I always find it a relaxed atmosphere and a great place to catch up with friends. It was great to see some new people and a couple of gorgeous looking new girls .

Date: 14 August 2015

Rating: OK
I attended TBirds last night, there was a nice atmosphere and it was good to see quite a few girls from teesside. There were a few bi couples in aswell which was nice to see.

Thank you for another enjoyable evening.

Sally x

Date: 14 August 2015

Rating: Avoid
Ok Gina as you know i have been there before.

And i must admit staff are normally helpful and friendly too.

So i was really looking forward to visiting tbirds this month. I contacted person on tvchix asking if there was a room available on tuesday, yes we have a room available i was told. I then asked could i please book room. No answer so next thing on the night before i phoned and left voice mai. Still no reply so the next day i phoned a hand full of times and left text message asking basically of confirmation of room.

I heard nothing back

It was around 7 o clock that night so i messaged my friend who i knew was attending and asked her to have a word with organizer. I then finally get a message back at 8 that evening saying

Yes i have allocated it to you x

I replied

Why late reply pet?

I then got a message back at 12:32 that night saying

I sent you a reply yesterday darling and put you in a room.

Which i did not initially get.

So i took time of work. As i work for an agency lost an afternoons pay as i did think she would have got in touch and had bag packed ready to attend and see my friends.

Lets just say i am very sick about inicident, and what really is more upsetting i have not had an apology

Date: 14 August 2015

Rating: OK
Well another good night at t_birds.

Was busier than it has been of late so met some new friends and of course my old friends.

It's always a pleasure to attend and the staff were as friendly as ever.

Date: 14 August 2015

Rating: OK
Been to t_birds a couple of times now since Xmas and always have a great time.

It's a Fab place just to meet and chat or pay a visit downstairs.

Staff and visitors are always friendly.

Looking forward to my next visit

Date: 28 June 2015

Rating: Fabulous
What an honour it was to see a good turn out for T BIRDS XMAS PARTY, thanks to all who attended but sadly lots didn't IT was a real pleasure to be YOUR SANTA FOR THE EVE and help make it a nice Christmas FOR ALL ? , may I say a big big thank you to all who made an effort , for the future

T GILL and myself Hopefully can BETWEEN US do more fun filled events IN 2015

SO please try to support us as much as possible we want you to have fun and enjoy please bring friends along all are welcome.

Thanks to all


Date: 13 December 2014

Rating: Fabulous
Well this was my first visit to club F but certainly not my last ,

I was greeted by a very warm welcoming lady called Rachel ,Her STAFF are also wonderful n friendly, SO why not come along and meet her she's a friendly warm person. I loved everything about the place it could become my second home . mmmmmm I think , IL BE BACK!!!!!!!

Date: 11 October 2014

Rating: Fabulous
We visited this great well run club once again last Thursday. The improvements are brilliant as are all the staff.We met some lovely horny girls and the big plus was to see another m/f admirer couple there who soon joined in the fun.Don't be shy guys give it a go as you are missing a great night.Special mention to the sexy R...Wow xx

Date: 18 September 2014

Rating: Fun
Went back in January and had a good old natter in the lounge. It was a bit quiet but I think that was more to do with it being just after Christmas than anything else. Lovely venue and great facilites and welcoming staff.

Date: 27 August 2014

Rating: Fun
Attended for 2nd time, met some people from previous & some new. Was complemented on dress I was wearing.

Date: 14 April 2014

Rating: Fabulous
Attended club & stayed overnight in very comfortable room at very reasonable inclusive rate for club, room, use of all facilities & coffee, toast & jam for breakfast. Staff very welcoming, friendly & helpful. Enjoyed both social meets in lounge & great play in club & dungeon area. As pa Larkin would say 'Perfick' Looking forward to all future visits & overnight stays.

Date: 15 March 2014

Rating: Fun
I am a member of this venue. having been on various dates I recommend this club to all. some weeks its quiet but hey aren't they all as to be honest finances to many are limited, but having said that once you get inside the atmosphere can be electric. you meet a variety of sexciting guys and girls and as personal recommendation try out the bed of many pillows and experience that you will never forget. there are tea and coffee /chat areas and a quaint pvt smoking area, I will be attending more often than I used to and hope to see my old friends and make more new ones there soon

Date: 5 February 2014

Rating: Fabulous
i am a single guy and i love TV's and CD's i have met a few of theladies that go to this club and i am looking forward to joining and becoming a fully paid up member ;-)

Date: 7 January 2014

Rating: Fabulous
You are made to feel very welcome by Rachel first timers get a guided tour and the rooms are very nice for an over night as i did as i was working up in the area real nice place very clean and well attended

See you all again soon

M x

Date: 8 October 2012

Rating: Fabulous
great place a must for tv u must go i have been few times always alot there great play rooms i will be going again on 12 july

Date: 29 June 2012

Rating: OK
Im looking to go here as an admirer and meet tgirls never been before and inexperienced in this area can someone shed some light if its a place a could go too to hook up?

Date: 8 June 2012

Rating: Fabulous
visited this venue in feb with a friend and al i can say is what a wonderful warm friendly atmosphere, rachel was so friendly and nice, although not many people in they were very friendly and managed to make a few new friends xxx ty looking forward to the next visit xxx

Date: 20 March 2012

Rating: Fun
Visited with friend and had a great night, good venue and pretty quiet with only a dozen girls or so, but made to feel welcome by the girls, would recommend a visit to both girls and admirers.

Date: 25 February 2012

Rating: Fun
Visited club for our very first time on t birds night. very enjoyable, very friendly and relaxed. Rachel and Bob thank you for putting us at ease so quickly and showing us around. Great atmosphere.

Date: 11 December 2011

Rating: Fabulous
I'm a member and usually get to at least one of the evenings every month. It is a great place to relax and meet other TGirls and admirers without any pressure. The facilities cater for everyone and there is plenty to do!!

The Xmas party on Thursday gone was a most memorable day/evening.

Thannks to Rachael the hostess for making it such a nice place.

Date: 10 December 2011

Rating: Fun
I'm a member. I dont go often but try to attend a couple of times a year. Its spacious, clean and friendly. The facilities are wide ranging. From a room for the night upstairs to the dungeon and play rooms downstairs, sauna, lounge, bar areas and a dance floor with a pole! 5 mins west from the A1 near Chester Le Street.

Date: 7 November 2011

Rating: Fabulous
sounds fab znd lots of fun can not wait to go to this venue and have a fun filled night, watch out guys Taylor and Suzanne will be gracing you with our attendance soon looking forward to meeting you all there mmwahh xxxxx Suzanne xxxxx

Date: 25 August 2011

Rating: Fabulous
sounds camp .. i live in manchester and im sure i will have to check you you i hope you have a glam suite avail for me.. im sure to pop by soon .. please get a website up so we can have a look xx kisses to all xx

Date: 18 August 2011

Rating: Fabulous
A great club. Very friendly and a safe place to dress and have fun. Ideal for those of us who can't otherwise accommodate.

Date: 4 March 2011

Rating: OK
i want to come lol

Date: 4 March 2011