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Providing Exquisite Lifestyle Parties for Liberated Adults

*Our DecadentNights venue is a very large secluded property and consists of 5 large upstairs playrooms including a fetish room with St.Michaels cross, a lockable room and a huge harem which easily accommodates 20 Sexy bodies!

Even our landing and hallway is large and consists of sofas on each floor... Well you can never have enough areas to play in can you? lol

Downstairs we have a kitchen area where we provide a Sumptuous buffet,tea/coffee and also a place (as often happens at a Great party!) to socialise...

We have a lounge with large screen playing the latest porn, a dance area with laser lighting and dancepole plus a huge lounge (over 35 ft long) furnished with many leather sofas with an open log fire inglenook for socialising etc

We provide a shower room (Room for you both MMMMM) plus a bathroom (towels provided) and three toilets...

We also have an outdoor Heated smoking area for the smokers amongst us...

Our outdoor area is also very large and secluded so perfect for outdoor naked parties/sunbathing/camping whatever your desires may be...So bring on the Warm weather! lol

We have our own private grounds for parking which will accommodate 30 cars, other than that there is parking 5 mins walk away which will cost you 50p overnight

We hold regular couples & single girls only parties on the first Sat of each month which attracts on average 100 Very Sexy people and also offer free overnight accommodation for those of you who need to travel far...

So bring it on! Woohoo!!

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Rating: OK
I want to thank Claire our amazingly friendly and welcoming host for allowing me to attend her Wednesday night party. The club has some excellent play rooms and cozy comfortable areas for socialising. All who attended were very friendly and made me feel welcome, the ladies looked amazing and I hope I will be lucky enough to be invited to attend again and maybe get to play next time.

Date: 25 May 2017

Rating: Fabulous
Hi Claire, thanks for hosting a fabulous party. It was our first visit to Decs and hopefully the first of many. We found everyone extremely friendly and welcoming. The venue was spotless and well organised and was attended by lots of very sexy people. Thanks again to you and the rest of your team, who were all charming Tom and Sally xxx

Date: 23 May 2017

Rating: Fun
First time at Dec's on Saturday night, great venue, bunch of like minded filthy couples, we had a cracking night, some people were a little put off by the openness of the play rooms and at first we were literally putting on a show to a group of onlookers but as the night unfolded every one got down and dirty and all was good.

Date: 22 May 2017

Rating: Fabulous
Another epic evening at Decs. We arrived last night to find Decs teaming with hot couples and a plethora of loveable characters. Met some faboulous new couples and old friends too. See you soon guys xx.

Date: 21 May 2017

Rating: OK
Mister Scarletine who has previous experience took me to Decadent for my first ever swingers party.

I was petrified to the point I nearly couldn't go in and sat in the car for a while !

Smiling .....this was short lived lol

The image I had which caused my fear was wrong , if your a first timer 100% Decadent is for you , I was made to feel very welcome right from the lovely gentleman who leads you to the front door to the gorgeous and bubbly propretaire Claire and the very friendly and sweet lady who tends to the bar.

The venue is perfect,each room having its own inviting qualities.

We didn't play as it was my introduction into the swinging world but we adored each room , very sure when I feel comfortable we will be joining in and making use of the play rooms and the amazing lounge.

Funky little dance floor which I got quite attached to, as for the music - awesome tunes & a decent sound system.

The other party goers were respectful , kind & friendly ....a good mix of lovely people :)

All in all this club has had such a positive affect on me and I have no idea why I was so nervous !

We will absolutely be going again & im sure many more times.

A brilliant atmosphere with a very sexy vibe , can't wait to go back :)

5 stars from us :)

Thanks people of Decadent for such an awesome night.


Date: 4 May 2017

Rating: Fabulous
Went to Decs for the first time last night and it was bloody amazing!! Claire is a great host and is sex on sexy legs!! As a single guy I was made to feel so welcome by guests and managed to have quite a bit of naughty fun too. Highly recommend this place, can't wait to come back!!

Date: 3 May 2017

Rating: Fabulous
Wow! What a hot lady Clare is and such a wonderful host. Morph & I visited Decs last night, as normal clubbers we didn't know what to expect from this party, boy our hopes were excelled. See you again soon. Monkey xx

Date: 3 May 2017

Rating: Fabulous
Thank you Claire for such a kind welcome and making us feel at home at our first Dec party on Saturday, where we met some absolutely lovely people....

And thank you too the best car park marshal going, how do you remember whose car is whose?


Date: 3 May 2017

Rating: Fabulous
Has to be the most nicest women I've ever met. Hostess with the mostess and just beautiful. Thanks for making me feel welcome Claire. Hope to see you again soon. Mwah! X

Date: 3 May 2017

Rating: Fabulous
For 7 months I've played at Decadent Nights and it's been the best fun I've ever had with my clothes off. And now that I'm off to sunnier shores, I'll miss the place and the people terribly. I started off a novice swinger, but several spankings, whippings, hosings down, and countless nights of outright filth later, I can safely say I've come out of the experience severely scarred but with a huge smile on my face.

How I ever managed to not get barred I don't know. Maybe it was down to the fact that I gave up my whole drinks cabinet to this thirsty bunch of filthy reprobates? They neck rhubarb vodka like its water.

The best club I'm ever likely to frequent, thanks to Claire and the many friends I've made there.

I'll see you all in a week when I'm back from Torremolinos. Do you guys need anything from Duty Free?

Date: 13 April 2017

Rating: Fabulous
Visited Decs on a Wednesday night last month. Claire was a perfect host, welcoming and friendly. Although it was the quietest night in a long time (Claire told is) we still had a fun time. We met some lovely people and had a really good laugh also. The rooms were clean and well equipped. We will definitely be visiting again on a Saturday, when I understand that is the night to party!! Thanks Claire x

Date: 1 April 2017

Rating: Fabulous
Our first visit to Decs on a Wednesday. Although a little quieter than the Saturday parties we were not disappointed. Claire was the perfect hostess and the regulars were their usual welcoming self. Great mix of people equaled another fantastic night of socialising and lots of horny fun. Totally recommend this venue, can't wait for our next visit.

Date: 31 March 2017

Rating: Fabulous
A wonderful warm welcome awaits you at Decs. Great setting and venue for a party. Claire and the team were very attentive and the regulars welcomed me warmly as a single gent. Can not recommend it enough and I hope to be invited again as I would attend every month.

Date: 20 March 2017

Rating: Fabulous

To sum it up, it is the most fabulous place i think ive ever been to! Claire is a dream host and has the right balance of everything at her parties.

I/We have met some of the most amazing people there and had some of the best nights you could possibly imagine.

you know the parties you missed out on, the ones where everybody who went said it was incredible and you missed out on such a great night.... well Decs is one of those parties, and i urge you not to miss a single one, because you will have the time of your life!!

Cant wait to see you soon xx

Date: 14 March 2017

Rating: Fabulous
Attended Decadents last night for the first time. This is a lovely place, and as so many have said Claire is a wonderful host, the other guests were really friendly too, each of them saying hi upon our arrival, instantly made us feel so welcome it wasnt long before we felt right at home. Its quite a journey for us to get there but boy is it worth it, we already have plans to return in a few weeks. See you soon Cat and Mik xx

Date: 2 March 2017

Rating: Fabulous
Where do we start?! We arranged to meet a very lovely guy at Dec's, what made everything click was Claire's welcome, the ambiance in the house, the great looking guests and of course feeling exceptionally horny! We thoroughly enjoyed the swing room in every way possible, Beth had the most incredible time and we've both been buzzing ever since ; ) A great, great night....

Date: 27 February 2017

Rating: Fabulous
What am I going to do without Decadent Nights when I leave the UK? Claire, I'm going to miss your place so much. It just won't be topped. :(

Date: 26 February 2017

Rating: Fabulous
I the pleasure of enjoying a very naughty Wednesday party at Decs with a sexy friend of mine. We met a few amazing couples, and enjoyed some very sexy play, watched some no holes barred spanking, and generally just has a wicked Wednesday night. Thanks Claire xx

Date: 18 February 2017

Rating: Fabulous
I have to confess the atmosphere here is the most friendly, relaxed and fun of all the clubs I have ever been to.

Popped up last Wednesday evening, chatted with friends and had a giggle.

Ended up been a social night for me but it is so nice here I equally have a great time no matter what I do.

Thanks and Keep up the good work Claire

Date: 17 February 2017

Rating: Fabulous
Claire is a fantastic host and deliberately aims for a friendly 'house party' feel. She is always on hand as a host to make sure that people are relaxed and happy. The London Bangers team, Muz and Andi, also ensure you feel right at home.

This is a great place for newbies to cut their teeth as the place is full of sexy eye candy but there is never any pressure to play.

Thanks again, Claire x

Date: 8 February 2017

Rating: Fabulous
Another superb, horny, buzzing atmospheric night at the one and only "Decs" on Saturday.

Claire and staff always make you feel welcome and put on a great party.

Always a great crowd too and lots of new horny couples and singles to meet and play with. Lol xx

Had a great time and play with a few people(you know who you are) xx

Highly recommend this place.

The house party that keeps on giving. Xxxx

See you all soon xxxx

Love your favourite welshies


Date: 7 February 2017

Rating: Fun
Had my first night at Decs on Saturday where I was made to feel very welcome. The club itself is a big house party with plenty of rooms to play and explore. The bar was well run and there were plenty of hot girls and couples (just take a pen and paper to get their usernames as phones aren't allowed & I can't remember everyone's!).

Hope to be back soon now I know my way around :-)

Date: 7 February 2017

Rating: Fabulous
We've been to Claires so many times now as we love it. Full of nice ,friendly and sexy people .

This no pressure venue is perfect for all types. Sometimes we play sometimes we just chat and voyer but whatever we do we always leave with a smile on our face. Many thanks to the lovely Emma who we enjoyed chatting to and see you again no doubt ??

Date: 6 February 2017

Rating: Fabulous
By far my favourite venue.

Claire has created the perfect place to get dirty with lovely people in a friendly atmosphere.

The stay over option is handy too ! x

Date: 3 February 2017

Rating: Fabulous
Always an absolute pleasure to visit my favourite club.

Great venue, great staff and great people.

If you haven't been you really are missing out.

Claire is the best host bar none.


Date: 29 January 2017

Rating: Fabulous
Well what a fantastic evening! even though there was a clash with another big swing event close by, the decs house was heaving with hot couples and some very pleasant single guys.

Great party with a nice chilled vibe and super crazy host who just could not change the sheets quick enough there was so much fire side action.We cant wait to attend again :)

Date: 16 January 2017

Rating: OK
Finally got to attend Decs last night for their first party of 2017. It was a fun night, a good mix of men, women and couples. I was pleased there was a few extra single men which I took advantage of :) thoroughly enjoyed my first experience on a St Andrews cross, however the straps need replacing (a hair band to put your wrist through isn't very sexy, nor gives the correct restraint).

Date: 15 January 2017

Rating: Fabulous
This places is probably the best always friendly and gets better and better every time we go highly recommend x

Date: 15 January 2017

Rating: Fabulous
This place gets better every time I go always have such a good time loads of laughs and always something going on.

The staff and especially claire are friendly and helpful.

So many places to play, love the big open fire and it's like a community of friends.

Diary is already marked for February's party. Neil xx

Date: 15 January 2017

Rating: Fabulous
Wow!!! Claire, you are amazing ;-)

Brilliant place, great mix of naughty like minded swingers and phoaaar, we would like to return and stay next time ;-)

Date: 30 December 2016