The Office

Bristol, South West


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The new look Office is a private members swing venue now in its 6th year, structurally the club is now finished and we can boast about our high rise glass bed, cinema with lockable play rooms, a massive orgy bed, fully equipped dungeon, an exhibitionist room with a difference and private rooms, changing areas and lockers, shower facilities, and much much more, but the most important part is being in the company of very down to earth friendly faces and that’s what will greet you here.

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Rating: OK
Yes, the tall "Office" building (Strachen & Henshaw) is gutted, and suffered further damage when adjoining workshops went up in flames on 3rd May 2019.

Date: 1 June 2019

Rating: OK
Hi all.

First I can confirm that this club is definitely closed permanently as it suffered a fire on new years eve 2018. A quick Google of 'Bristol office Fire' will guide you through to local newspaper links.

In latter years this club this club did go down hill (somebody the earlier reviews are very accurate) being very dark throughout with loud music and not very professional staff. 5 years ago it was however quite good.

Date: 26 February 2019

Rating: Fabulous

Does anyone know if the office is still open if so when?

Date: 17 December 2018

Rating: OK

Found this web site for the office but we are still not sure if it is open or not. We are visiting Bristol on the 16th/17th Nov 2018 as was thinking of going to the club. Anyone know if it is open please?

Date: 30 October 2018

Rating: Avoid
Dead and buried


Date: 21 August 2018

Rating: Fabulous
we had great fun there in the past but realistically if they want people to go they need to post something on fab telling people it's open. The swinging community thinks it's closed..in one sense it doesn't matter if it is or isn't if people think it is they won't go.

Date: 18 August 2018

Rating: OK
Website is back up again. Very odd. Says nothing. We'll have a another look next time we are passing the area.

Date: 6 August 2018

Rating: Avoid
Website now dead and redirected to something else. So I reckon it is indeed gone.

Date: 10 June 2018

Rating: Avoid
Went several years ago and would not be surprised if it had closed. It ha to be the worst club we've ever been to.

Date: 26 April 2018

Rating: OK
Is this place closed down for good?

Date: 3 April 2018

Rating: OK
Tried to go tonight (10/02/18) but looks like it's closed down, no lights on and the buzzer no longer works.

I can only assume all the negative reviews on here have finally put them out of business ? Their web site is still up so not sure. Does anyone know anything ?

It's a shame this club has been abandoned by the swinging community as we had some fantastic times here over the years.

Date: 10 February 2018

Rating: Avoid
Wish we read reviews before going. Was a bad experience and left within 10-15 minutes of arriving.

Avoid is all I can say.

Date: 28 December 2017

Rating: Avoid
Avoid at all costs! Dirty, dingy and empty!

Date: 30 August 2017

Rating: Avoid
The worst club going avoid at all costs

Date: 29 August 2017

Rating: Avoid
Tired and in need of money spent on it ...also mostly single guys ..not a good evening at all!!

Date: 6 August 2017

Rating: Avoid
Stay away!!

Date: 7 June 2017

Rating: OK
We have been quite a few times, and love it always welcome and enjoy ourselfs, were always recommending you x

Date: 28 February 2017

Rating: Fabulous
We have been going to this club on and off for about 10 years and we love it. Simon, Bob & Jackie always make people feel very welcome. Very relaxed atmosphere with a good night club vibe. The heating problem seems to have been sorted, we've met some great people their that are now good friends. Would be great if more people attended as it would be such a shame to lose such a great place that's on the doorstep.

Date: 26 December 2016

Rating: Fabulous
we've been to the office loads of times and whilst I understand some of the reviews on here we've been to many swinging clubs all over the country and all over europe. our favourite clubs are in europe but there is a reason we go to the office more than any other club in the uk and it's simple - it's just fun, we actually have a laugh here..but of course there's the sex element and they say its quiet..true maybe but i can honestly say as a guy Ive had more hot sex with beautiful women here than anywhere else and we've tried most places in the south of the uk..as for my wife..she is genuinely stunning, check the verification's but weirdly enough she'd had more hot sex there than any other club..we go there for 2 reasons cos it's fun and we might have sex with people who get off on the fun vibe too and aren't so serious.

Date: 23 November 2016

Rating: OK
Attended for the first time this weekend.

Looking at other reviews and having spoken to people there it seems that it is "luck of the draw" with this place. There is nothing wrong with the club, or the facilities. However, when compared to other clubs we have visited it was very poorly attended.

It's a shame more people from the Bristol area don't use it for meets or playdates as it definitely has the potential to be a great venue.

We were fortunate to have met a couple and two single guys there to spend the evening with.

Dress code was far more relaxed than other venues, which is a shame.

Overall we left with the feeling that if this place would increase its standards and perhaps relaunch itself with a few high profile events it could be a real gem.

We will return at least once more to get a feel for how this club can vary from week to week.

Date: 5 June 2016

Rating: Fun
I suppose it depends on the luck of the draw, who turns up. And wow did I get lucky! Gorgeous single girl there and a hot couple with a absolutely stunning appetite for sex. Gutted I didn't beat Gary at pool, I really missed out on shagging a worldie! And I owe him a viagra (which was a godsend) lol! ;) spoke with a few other single guys and they were all really sounds lads. Facilities weren't bad either, not sure on the bad reviews. Smashing night!!! :)

Date: 28 May 2016

Rating: Fun
I have visited the Office a few times over the years and its always an interesting night. I wish they vetted more the single males going in, as there seems to be no dress code. However the rooms are interestingly designed, and when the mood and crowd is right, it can be a very naughty place. Bristol is a big vibrant city, with the right crowd this venue has huge potential. It just needs to market itself better. Give it a try and dont listen to all the naysayers. You get out what you put in

Date: 20 May 2016

Rating: OK
Been here a couple of times in past very large rooms but also very empty more staff and single men then couples place way over priced

Date: 4 May 2016

Rating: Avoid
Far and away THE worst club we've ever visited in 6 years.Where to start ?

It's cold

It smells

Rude staff

Overpriced soft drinks

Chavvy,pushy single guys a plenty

Only 3 other couples there,and one of those had a fight :(

Smoking indoors,and not just fags,really ?

Getting the picture ?

Cmon Bristol,you deserve so much better than this !

Date: 18 April 2016

Rating: Avoid
Not been for a while, so maybe has improved. the first impression is the smell of leaking oil from some unidentified machine. the place was freezing cold and about as welcoming as a crematorium waiting room. the few "clients" had about as much life in them as the crematorium's guests.

the only redeeming quality is the high level glass bed. A nice idea; pity there were no users

Date: 12 April 2016

Rating: OK
I attended the club Friday night

Got there about 11 knew I had to pay in so no issue there I was well Dressed unlike most of the people there

Had a game or 2 of pool with 2 lovely couples and a few drinks and left

Very disappointed but there was not many people there and can't fault them for that I would prob give it one more go b4 I run it down

Date: 4 April 2016

Rating: OK
Visited the club for the first time on Saturday night(13th Feb)not all that busy really, about 7 couples and 8-9 single guys including myself. Plenty of room to mingle and it was warm lol (after reading some other reviews). they could benefit by having a coffee machine put in and have tea available as well. Prices for soft drinks are high (£2) Overall the club was warm and friendly. Would I attend again maybe just to see if it gets busier.

Date: 15 February 2016

Rating: Fun
Been to the office several times and had some great meets both as a single male and with a lady friend. As a couple i would suggest getting there before 10.30 as it only costs a tenner. After that it costs 25 pounds but i consider it cheap as you can bring you own booze and enjoy the night.

Date: 21 January 2016

Rating: Avoid
The place is terrible,

Online it said 10 pounds for couples, I was approached by a dodgy looking man who asked if it was our first time, once we said yes then he asked for 25 pounds, perhaps because we had dressed smart he thought he would rip us off, he showed us around and it was so cold my nose started running, the clientelle looked scruffy and rough, I am talking drug addict strangeways prison rough, the only reason I did not leave after 5 minutes is because I had paid 25 pounds. All together i would say that there were around 16 people including staff and out of that around 8 of them were creepy looking men, i felt uncomfortable as we were been followed from room to room, i felt so uncomfortable that i could not keep my hands in my pockets in case they tried to drag my girlfriend into the dark room. Please if anyone is reading this save yourself some money and time and go somewhere else, the place just has a non sexual dirtiness about it and I am glad they served the drinks in plastic disposable cups as I would not have felt comfortable drinking from glass cups there.

To be honest I am still annoyed that they ripped me off and as i am writing this I have a lump in my throat knowing I paid ANY money to get in and on top of that got cheated out of money, the only reason I cant say it was the worst night of my life is because I once had to spend a night in A+E with a friend after he got stabbed, but trust me this experience comes in the top 3!!

Im sure some of the positive reviews about the place are real but I suspect a lot of them must be fake, the pictures on the site are a give away because if you look at one of the pics you see 2 or 3 people in the main room and I promise you it looked just like that when we attended, the same woman by the bar in the pic was also in the same position by the bar when we attended, I am not sure if she is management or not but she made the place look extra scruffy.

If you decide to go then make sure you wear a few layers because they clearly want to save money on heating at the expense of their customers.

Date: 18 January 2016

Rating: Avoid
After hearing the many mixed reviews of the place we found ourselves very near to this location last night so decided to give it a chance, Wish we had decided to go home instead! On telling the guy at the door we were new to the club he left us to blunder around on our own trying to work out what sort of rooms were there, and he did not stray from the fruit machine he was playing all night (clearly not interested in who he has in) We are not snobby people but the dress code of the (mainly single guys) there really needs to be address, scruffy jeans, tatty jumper and a parka coat zipped to the chin doesnt intise my lady to show off her delicious curves... On needing the loo the GF went to the toilets only to find males looking over the top of the door to watch her pee.... Again time and place guys..

Music very loud banging techno trance making it incrediably difficult to hold a conversation, and the almost very dark lighting means its impossible to see if the people across from you look like fun, there is mood lighting but this was gloom lighting and in every area (except the toilets) The one thing i was interested in experiencing was the cinema room which unfortunatly wasnt on and a film was playing on a 24" flat screen tv which meant watching it impossible unless i stood right in front of it and squinted.... No heating anywere (except the loo) and whilst the dungeon wasnt to bad on entering with the idea to maybe play the instant cold and thick condesation coming from our breaths completly shut off the mood... Im glad we went with two fantastic couples who turned out to be a great company but the only good thing about this place is the £10 entrance fee which in all honesty i would rather pay in petrol travelling elsewhere..

Date: 17 January 2016