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We're Chris & Teresa & we'd like to welcome you to 'Secrets!', the south west's premier adult party venue offering a safe and friendly liberating environment.

'Secrets!' parties are held in our large country home. It's a fabulous, discrete, secluded location with ample secure parking within the house ground's. Parties are held once a month and are open to couple's and select single female's only.

Our facilities include a heated indoor pool (open at all parties and heated to 36 degrees), spa atrium with sauna, hot-tub and massage area. Towels and lockers are provided and we have adequate showers and toilets.

A heated and covered smoker's area is provided and our fully licensed bar offer's a wide range of alcoholic and soft drink's, all at below pub price's. Complimentary tea and coffee is provided and a running buffet is included in the ticket price.

Downstair's we have 2 large chill-out lounge's, one showing the latest adult dvd'sand the other connected to our dance room with dance pole. You'll also find a large open playroom, our ever popular grope room complete with grope cage and our dungeon area!

Upstairs playroom's are all air conditioned, here you'll find our XXX rated cinema, our orgy room and 2 open playroom's

In another area we have 2 private playrooms and our popular themed playrooms - 'Trailer-Trash' and 'Cab 69'

Parties start at 8pm and tend to finish on Sunday morning. We offer a free of charge 'sleep-over' option and can also offer 'proper' accomodation for those looking to make a weekend of it in sunny South Devon.

Ticket price is £50 per couple, £25 per single female

'Secrets!' for great fun, great people and great sex!

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Rating: OK
Great club hope you will be opening again soon x

Date: 18 April 2021

Rating: OK
Love this club.. So can't wait for you to open again x

Date: 14 March 2021

Rating: Fabulous
This was our first visit to Secrets (February), it had been recommended by a couple we had met during the week. Previously we had an off putting experience in another club due to the zombie like single guys.

Secrets was completely different, the hosts Chris and Teresa were so welcoming and friendly. Showed us around and said there would be no pressure put on us. Which there wasn’t at any point in the night. The venue was amazing, so many different areas to go to depending on what you fancy. We were able to relax and have a drink.

We chatted to some really nice couples in the night and went upstairs for a play together later in the evening and had a very sexy couple ask to join in, which was amazing and our very first experience. (Never even got their name/fab name - so please say hi!).

We will definitely go again as Secrets set the bar really high.

Date: 4 March 2020

Rating: OK
Thank you again Chris and teresa for another great Saturday night and the best one by far as this was our second visit and always made so welcoming. If you remember us please send us a message as we forget your fab name, thanks to all the sexy people we had fun with and can't wait to go back xxxxx

Date: 24 February 2020

Rating: Fabulous
We visited secrets for the second time on Saturday, having visited the month before, but as our account was to young we couldnt yet leave a review.

We both really like secrets, lovey atmosphere feels just like being a friends house party but with lots of naughtyness.

Enjoy playing together in lots of the locations including the sauna, jacuzzi and the taxi. Looking forward to going again and seeing some of you there ??

Date: 24 February 2020

Rating: Fabulous
Another absolutely fantastic night at secrets...gorgeous people lovely atmosphere and so much fun and kink!! Chris and Teresa are amazing hosts and everyone is so friendly!

Date: 23 February 2020

Rating: Fabulous
Yet another FABULOUS night at secrets!

We just absolutely love it there... lots of new faces and new friends made too!

It’s a really easy going relaxed place to be and we would never not go lol

Say hi if we met you... xx

Date: 23 February 2020

Rating: Fabulous
What a fabulous night.. Our very first time at Secrets.. In fact our first time full stop. We definitely chose the right venue for our first time. Chris & Teresa made us feel very welcome. Lots of lovely chats with lovely people in the kitchen. And popped our soft swing cherry upstairs with a lovely couple.. They were hot, gentle and respectful. Perfect. Sorry, we didn't get your fab details but if you recognise yourself please pop up and say hi.

Date: 23 February 2020

Rating: Fabulous
Our first trip to secrets , fantastic venue run by lovely people, attended by lovely people. We were made very welcome and had some fun! Will definitely return xxx

Date: 28 January 2020

Rating: Fun
Yet another fab night at Secrets on Saturday. Chris and Teresa were the perfect hosts, they even remembered our names although we've only been there once before! Superb venue, immaculately maintained and a great mix of party people. Would highly recommend. Thanks for having us. R and T xx

Date: 27 January 2020

Rating: Fun
Secrets was great on Saturday , just as we like it not too busy and a great mix of all types of people . We happily helped to chastise two very naughty sexy girls that were tied to a cross ! not at the same time! lol . This club always offers a certain deviance when needed .Secrets can be described as a tonic for life ! Thanks Chris and Theresa

Date: 27 January 2020

Rating: Fun
Third time at this wonderful place, the host are amazing, seemed a bit quieter than our previous visits, finery visited the grope room and the black cab, so much still to do at secrets. Met a great couple from Bristol....hmmmm bad Tracey x

Date: 27 January 2020

Rating: Fabulous
This was mine and Sarahs first visit to Secrets.

I couldn't have wished for more. We were made to feel so comfortable by all at the party. Had some incredible fun with beautiful people.

See you next month!

Date: 26 January 2020

Rating: OK
Another banging nite , always have a blast. The hosts Chris and Teresa always welcoming and the people that go are always friendly . Already can’t wait til the next one

Date: 26 January 2020

Rating: Fabulous
What another amazing night at what can only be described as the best place to swing in the south west. Chris and Teresa are both warm and welcoming who go out their way to make sure you have a great night xxx

Date: 26 January 2020

Rating: Fabulous
It has been quite a while but we ventured back to Secrets last night. We knew there were some couples who excited us heading there and we were not disappointed!

Arrived just after 10pm and had the warmest welcome from the host, Chris. Got our drinks, explored the lounge area a short while, took a nose upstairs and found ourselves in the comapny of three lovely couples in no time. And found ouselves kicking off the party in a playroom within a half hour of arriving. Mia's nipple pasties had no chance and were hardly worth applying! Three couples turned to four, five, six, then seven! A special thanks to Chris for coming to switch on the air con as the action got ever more steamy.

In need of a recharge we got more drinks and loitered in the lounge some more enjoying the company of the charming and approachable Secrets crowd.

Recharged, we enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year with each other in the Opium Den - for us, probably sexiest spot of any swinging venue in the UK! We say with each other, a few seemed to enjoy watching.

A great time with great company. We must not leave it so long until we're back again.

Date: 26 January 2020

Rating: Fabulous
Thank you Chris and Teresa and everyone Rose and I met who made the evening at Secrets so enjoyable, sexy, fun and relaxed. It was an incredible atmosphere! We each had the pleasure of several firsts, and we can't wait to come back again. Special hello to J and G who we sat, chatted with and drank some shots with, and who we hope to connect with soon! Was a memorable night and terrific way to start off the Swinging 2020s !! :-)

Date: 26 January 2020

Rating: Fabulous
Thank you Chris and Teresa and everyone Rose and I met who made the evening at Secrets so enjoyable, sexy, fun and relaxed. It was an incredible atmosphere! We each had the pleasure of several firsts, and we can't wait to come back again. Special hello to J and G who we sat, chatted with and drank some shots with, and who we hope to connect with soon! Was a memorable night and terrific way to start off the Swinging 2020s !! :-)

Date: 26 January 2020

Rating: OK
Had a fantastic evening at our first time at Secrets. Very sexy place with a pleasant and very friendly crowd. Thanks also to Chris and Teresa for being such fabulous hosts. Special hello to Jeremy and Beverley (wink) Our favourite place was definitely the dark grope room, much fun was had by all. See you next month. Jon & Sue

Date: 26 January 2020

Rating: OK
Had a great time last night with lots of horny sexy people.

We love coming to Secret, the place is super and always friendly. Had many a fun night at this lovely place. Xxx

Date: 26 January 2020

Rating: Fabulous
Well what can I say!!!

My first NYE and would definitely not want to go anywhere else!

Fantastic hosts as ever.... (C&T) we love you!!!

Lots of very sexy people around, lots of fun had in the dark room!

It’s just the best place ever!!!!!!!!!!


Date: 3 January 2020

Rating: Fabulous
What an amazing NYE party at secrets, It never disappoints us. After being away for 3 years it felt like we hadn’t been, C&T were so welcoming like always. We had a bloody awesome evening/morning lol. Secrets will always be our fav place to party. Claire & Al x x

Date: 1 January 2020

Rating: Fabulous
New Year Eve

New Year’s Eve and another year closes,

All heading to Secrets where love juxtaposes,

It’s our annual gathering on New Year’s Eve,

Where we all arrive and forget to leave,

We’ve spun our yarns about where we’re going,

Our kids and family are best not knowing,

The normal friends have a new year bash,

That’d bore you shitless and you’d see no gash,

Get the story sorted so you don’t get rumbled,

A polite fuck off but thanks we’re humbled,

The journey down is going fine,

Although the wife’s already pissed on wine,

Arrive at Hemswood when just gone dark,

Why do so many forget how to park?

A little early but that’s okay,

Let’s go find Chris and the entry pay,

Teresa’s all sorted with the clock still ticking,

Whilst Chris runs round like a headless chicken,

The gypsy camp tends to fill up early,

So the party starts now prematurely,

Best bib and tucker to start the night,

Chat, flirt and mingle most talking shite,

Try the pool or hot tub but best be quick,

Otherwise the floaters will make you sick,

Feeling peckish try a sumptuous nibble,

Tastes like shit but please don’t quibble,

If you need a piss get in the queue,

And hope that bloke didn’t have a poo!

Look to the dance floor at the end of the conga,

That fuckin bar queue’s got longer and longer!

Let’s get to midnight pretty much in tact,

For Big Ben bonging then let’s get whacked,

The madness starts as the new year begins,

As thoughts are switched to carnal sins,

Now slutwear fashion with it all on show,

Most men are hopeful that their cocks will grow,

Playrooms rammed with studs and sluts,

With Watchers wanking over the hairy butts,

Caravan’s rocking with all the dirty fuckers,

If you don’t have one should’ve booked you suckers,

The party rocks throughout the night,

Beer goggles on to improve your sight,

The time thief’s been watch daylight rise,

Find a spunk free bed and win a prize,

First night now done how long will it last,

Up to 10 days later if like the past,

Big thanks to Teresa the best hostess,

And chaotic Chris who’ll clean up the mess

Date: 1 January 2020

Rating: OK
Another fantastic night at Secrets

3rd NYE in a row now and we wouldn’t want to spend it anywhere else!

Date: 1 January 2020

Rating: Fabulous
We had an absolutely fantastic NYE at Secrets. Chris and Teresa were welcoming and very helpful.. Even giving us a tour even though they were super busy!

For our first club swinging experience we felt at ease even with it being a. Busy night, the regulars all made us feel welcome and made the effort to welcome us and chat. We had an absolutely fantastic evening and can't wait to come visit again soon xx

Date: 1 January 2020

Rating: Fabulous
Our third time at Secrets and what a night it was! Great fun and friendly with fab hosts as always. Such a great mix of people. Was definitely a very happy new year! Cant wait til next time.

Date: 1 January 2020

Rating: OK
Fantastic night at this great club... Never disappoints, well run and plenty of fun to be had and watch Super sexy friendly crowd as usual, looking forward to trying a next time xx

Date: 1 January 2020

Rating: Fabulous
We’ve now been attending Secrets for as long as we can remember - OK, we’ve been there a time or several, but that doesn’t make us bad people - and think Christ and Mother Teresa, the host and hostess, are marvellous, although we are not at all sure which is which. We love the location in rural Devon, set amongst the lanes, trees and, what seems to be the Glastonbury festival caravan overflow park.

We thoroughly enjoy the generally non-cliquey regular clientele, many of whom (unlike most other clubs) tend to be slim, fit and good looking, not into any ridiculous drugs scene, wholly capable of intelligent conversation and turn up at Secrets to take part in all which such a club is about - unpretentious sexual fun with other likeminded individuals.

The club would seem to offer something for everyone in the swinging world, with orgy table to grope room, spanking area to cinema room and playrooms to pool, bar and disco. Generally those attending are willing to enter into good natured carnal interaction, although it is still possible to hear the occasional newbie complaining she has been groped - as she leaves the grope room - to the amusement of all in earshot.

Parking is plentiful and food is plentiful. On most occasions the only down side seems to be the evening passes far too rapidly - but then there’s always the mini Klondike of nesting boxes to return to in the wee small hours, each of which comes equipped with a plethora of extras to make everyone’s stay just that little bit more comfortable, a testament to the attention to detail, planning and experience which is clearly poured into each wonderfully fulfilling event. We particularly appreciate the easy, laid-back nature of each grand gathering, the eclectic mix of those attending and truly convivial atmosphere.

See you all again soon, and again, and again!

Date: 29 December 2019

Rating: Fun
OK, so have been to Secrets a few times now, and can honestly say it gets better each time we go. This months Xmas Party was a great night, thanks mostly to some awesome couples who we got to know a little better :-p The place is very well laid out with plenty of variety for all, including some interesting additions ie the black cab and trailer trash play caravan. The women always look incredible! Some very fabulous and sexy outfits. Most of the guys make an effort, but a few really need to get a grip and read the dress code - just saying. The buffet is always a treat, and Chris & Teresa always have a warm welcome. If any of you have seen us and not said hi, drop us message, or come say hi next time.

Date: 10 December 2019

Rating: Fabulous
Our first time attending anything like this and what an amazing experience. Im pretty sure we looked like rabbits in headlights as we were quite nervous to begin with but thank you to teresa and chris and the lovely couples who chatted to us and made us feel so much more at ease. The playrooms were fab with some very sexy couples playing next to us, The couple (gorgeous blonde wearing red suspenders) on top level of cinema room were very hot!! We had so much fun and we will be back again for sure. I was in a mid length fitted red dress long blonde curly hair and oh was wearing white shirt and jeans if we chatted or you remember us send us a message. Thanks all for an unforgettable night xx

Date: 9 December 2019