Rating: Fabulous
Just got back from Gran canaria and this club was amazing. As a single guy you were treat with a bit of respect unlike certain other clubs. They didn't tolerate and idiots either drinks were extremely reasonable indeed. And the barman was working his socks off tonneep people happy while smiling and having a laugh himself.

The playrooms were spotless and plentiful. Certainly going back upon returning to the island

Date: 17 October 2021

Rating: OK
Went with friends on Thursday and I found it a great club, plenty of play areas, good music and drinks are strong and a good price.

This has a great vibe and a welcome addition to clubs in GC

Date: 16 October 2021

Rating: Fabulous
Visited with friends.

Fresh, clean and well laid out. A good mix of social area and play rooms. A good fun vibe.

Will definitely be returning.

Date: 11 October 2021

Rating: Fun
Went with friends which made the place a lot more lively. Drinks were well priced considering the generous amount a of JD that was poured into my glass.

This club needs you people like us (swingers) to go there to make it a great venue. Good luck on a brand new venture.

Date: 7 October 2021

Rating: Fun
We visited this new club last night with friends (8 of us) to try and see what it was like. It was quiet, a Tuesday, but we were introduced and welcomed straight away by the owner/barman "Gogi". He was very attentive to our needs and kept making sure we were having a good time and nothing seemed to be too much trouble. A very nice place, with plenty of private and smaller open playrooms, along with a large playroom and glory holes. All clean rooms, toilets and showers (along with complimentary toiletries). We all had a fun time enjoying the facilities and would definitely recommend this club as a great new addition to the scene. However had we been on our own last night it would have been a very quiet night for us. The drinks that we were served were generous, and we did not feel they were overpriced as has been previously mentioned, and we also recieved complimentary shots ;-) Fantastic new venue and we wish Gogi and his team well in his new venture and for the future xx

Date: 6 October 2021

Rating: Fabulous
We know everyone is different and plays in a different way, but we love this place.

Good bar area

Smoking area

Clean toilets

Decent showers

Dark rooms

Glory holes

Private rooms

Open play areas


Fun staff

Good music levels

It works for us and is our new spot in the cita

Been most nights over the last 10 days ??

Date: 6 October 2021

Rating: Avoid
Drinks are expensive and mostly blokes there hoping to get lucky . I failed to see the attraction

Date: 6 October 2021

Rating: Fun
We went as a last minute thing last night and yes it was quiet when we went (it was 1.30am) we still had a great night. The barman was really nice and pleasant, drinks are NOT rip off prices at all, 20€ for 2 beers and 2 mixers?? It's about the same for most clubs. Plenty of play rooms etc. We would definitely go back again.

Date: 6 October 2021

Rating: OK
Absolutely NOT rip off drinks

Great club with very friendly staff and normal bar prices, good playrooms and nice shower areas

Music is not too loud and always a good crowd when we were there most nights for a week during our trip in August

Date: 30 September 2021

Rating: Avoid
Rip off on the drinks and dead - avoid

Date: 13 September 2021