New Liaisons

Manchester N/w Rochdale, North West


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New Liaisons, a club for our customer's to enjoy and relax in a light airy atmosphere. A haven to forget all external thoughts kick back and chillax.

New Liaisons covers two floors the first of which is a social area to unwind relax,get to know your fellow clubies over a drink or a coffee.

The upper floor comprises of pleasurable play rooms for your enjoyment.

New Liaisons invites you to bring your own alcohol for us to serve with your favorite mixer or on the rocks, we have a wide range of soft drinks and hot beverages and some snacks to boost your energy ;]

After under going a re ferbish we are now up and running looking forward to seeing you

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Rating: Fabulous
Ace Club!!!

Date: 15 August 2019

Rating: OK
Lot of questions fir a first visit

Date: 14 August 2019

Rating: Avoid
This is a genuine review and i have been in this club. You enter by a door on Penn Street. You go upstairs where the carpet is meant to be grey. It is ripped in various places and an actual trip hazard. When you get to the top of the stairs this hideous thing is there. The carpet is a crumpled up mess here. You enter the lounge via a black door.

You have to pay at a little window and they grab your money before you dare ask any questions. You go in the lounge (term used loosely) never seen such a disgusting room in any club i have been in.

I decided to risk having a cup of coffee. I picked up two cups that were dirty. I asked this man behind the excuse for a bar for a clean cup. He said they are over there help yourself.

I gave up on the hot drink and bought a cola. Can marked "part of a multipack not to be sold separately" got charged £1 was offered a glass and it was dirty so i drunk out of the can. The extremely scruffy man behind the bar was called Stef apparently the owner. All he did was call another club in Rochdale and told me it was a drug den and various other things.

Then i was offered a can of lager for £2 off Stef, he explained to me that he sells cans to people who forget to bring there own booze. I thought you needed a alcohol licence to sell alcohol. Not this place. Oh it got better, Katie came to me blonde hair offered to sell me illegal substances. Stef offered me viagra 4 for £15. I asked to see them please be aware these are not viagra. They are extremely risky and i would not recommend anybody buying them.

I didn't think it could get any worse, oh it did customers are allowed to smoke in the building. I thought smoking was banned in public buildings dare i say against the law. This club is a absolute joke. I had read previous comments so i asked Stef about his public liability insurance. He informed me he doesn't have it has its bring your own booze. Well thats news to me.

This club has no entertainment licence but plays music all night. Katie is on the pole dancing which i thought was entertainment. Another law being broken by this establishment. The lounge is extremely dirty duck tape on the carpet no doubt over rips. Lose wires hanging around everywhere. The wiring looks like a fire risk to be honest.

I dared to venture upstairs, you pass a unisex toilet that is absolutely filthy brown stains on the wall, toilet seat broken. You can hear the pidgens underneath the floor and smell them. There is a changing room to the side of the toilet with a dirty looking shower. The shower doesn't work constantly cold. You go up a flight of stairs with a black carpet on them.

First room, glory hole. Dirty smelly dirty foam. All stained. Lights dont work.

Next toilet and shower. Shower doesnt work runs constantly cold. Toilet very dirty and no toilet roll.

Next room red room, my interpretation is dirty room. It has a large timber bed in it with very stained foam and red sheets on that were extremely stained with body fluids.

Next room private room. Plastic covered foam that was stained and full of dust tv doesn't work and it is about 20 years old not a flat screen.

Next room Brown room. Extremely dirty and bin not empty. Yet again the sheets are extremely stained.

Next room dungeon. Dirty smelly and apart from a swing nothing like a dungeon.

You have this monster looking thing at the top of the stairs near the rooms. Even he is dirty. The skulls are extremely dirty.

Everywhere smells of cigarette smoke.

My advice to anybody is avoid this club it is a serious health hazard and is not operating within the law. It is definitely not registered with companies house. It is actually trading illegally. No documentation no licences and no public liability insurance. This is a genuine review and i have not been in the other club in Rochdale had Stef told me it was a drug den. So i will give them both a wide birth.

Finally i was offered half price admission from Kate if I left a good review, bet i dont get it. I definitely do not want it, i value my health.

I was also asked to put a bad review on for the other club from Stef. This is totally wrong and against Fab Swingers rules

Date: 11 August 2019

Rating: Fun
Great club with very nice staff made me feel welcome

Date: 10 August 2019

Rating: OK
Very chilled out welcoming and warm welcoming to new swingers. Very clean club and a relaxed atmosphere

Date: 4 August 2019

Rating: Avoid
Filthy dusty full of cobwebs no facilities to speak of playrooms are basically holes in the wall and have actual mattress with sheets on noway do they clean that everyday! It’s like a sleazy cheap Blackpool hostel x

Date: 10 July 2019

Rating: Fabulous
Well I went in on a Sataday night found it brilliant lovely big rooms friendly staff as well add to train a few noughty boys L O L be back Misstress Zoe

Date: 8 July 2019

Rating: OK
Well whent last night and add a boll or 2 L O L the staff were friendly and welcoming and the atmosphere was brilliant as well lovely big bedrooms be back soon for more and more I'm greedy xxZxPxx

Date: 29 May 2019

Rating: OK
The new liaisons is the best club I've been in nice people warm and welcoming staff if you have never been there give it a go thinking off taking my bed there as I will always go there

Date: 24 May 2019

Rating: OK
I agree with friends forever this club is one of the best I’ve been into bex and Dave are great they do the best they can go out of there way to make you feel comfortable not clicky at all everyone has fun the pole in bar area is the folkel point when I’ve been nearly everyone gets up and has go it’s just none stop laughing. Ps nobody push’s anybody to play it’s great fun there if you get a chance bob down

Date: 21 May 2019

Rating: Fabulous
We visited here after being told about it by friends and have to say it was a wonderful evening. Made new friends the staff where more than helpfull and the rooms clean. We will defanatly be back to this non clicky friendly club xx

Date: 11 May 2019

Rating: Avoid
Here is my review of the club that I have visited, I do not work at any other clubs niether have I ever .

Entrance to the club IS discreet ahead are two flights of stairs no disabled access. reach the top of the landing where there are spools missing on the stair case .

Enter the bar area the smell of cigarette smoke is thick in the air greeted by an elderly balding man. The mirrors along the walls are stained with tobacco and smears.

The bar offers limited soft drinks cola, lemonade but has a vast selection of alcohol you can purchase with a wink and a nod not to mention Viagra and other things .

The bathroom had no toilet paper in and the floor wet and sticky with pubic hair attached to the seat , men and women use the same facilities .The shower was filthy .

Another flight of steep stairs and the atmosphere is freezing and silent cobwebs hang from the ceiling .upstairs bathroom has no running hot water to wash your hands and there was nothing to dry your hands .

. First room has trailing wires for the lamps . Sheets on the bed looked dirty and stained turned back the sheet to reveal blocks of foam a possible fire risk and most definitely a health risk how many bodily fluids must there be soaked into that foam ? Next room is a lifeless freezing cold bare bricked poorly decorated silouetes of women with a tv on bracket from the 70's this bed was PVC and in the creases found condoms and a pair of underwear . Next room Bet Lynch would be proud of . Last room dildo on the bed limited lights again freezing cold very basic . Glory hole is everything but glory I've seen portaloos more appealing .overall cleanliness 2 out of 10 overall facilities 3 out of 10 overall staff friendliness 2 out of 10 so out of a possible 30 Liaisons scores 7 .would I recommend this club most certainly NOT .

Date: 8 May 2019

Rating: Fabulous
Went to this wonderful club last night for the Twister party. I had no idea what to expect. What a fun filled night it was. Good mix of people and everybody joining in having fun. Bexz knows how to be a host and all the staff are brilliant and make you feel at home straight away. I cant recommend this club enough. I'm actually looking forward to this weekend now and there PJ party. You walk in and are made to feel so welcome. Nobody is left out. Everybody is included in the fun and it's nice to see a club with a great atmosphere. The play rooms are everything you would expect and clean and tidy the lounge is clean. All I can say is keep up the good work. You have a great club and great staff. Definitely my number 1. Bexz and Katie are the perfect tag team and just know how to include each other. Thank you for a great night looking forward to many more to come. Long live Liaisons

Date: 6 May 2019

Rating: Fabulous
I’ve not been to a club in a while but glad that changed this weekend. Club was clean and tidy and most importantly the hosts were fantastic friendly and welcoming everyone made to feel at ease. Club was busy with a good mix of couples and singles with a great atmosphere. I’ll be returning for sure!

Date: 5 May 2019

Rating: Avoid
Attended this place with a friend of mine rude and grumpy man at the door light fittings dodgy smelt of muskie(damp) stairs not very safe left before we got chance to see any more clean uour mirrors your ment to be able to see yourself in them have you never seen cleaning products ?? Left with bites on legs and then went to a very clean and welcoming club smelt clean and very nice clean play rooms will never attend this so called diamond again

Date: 2 May 2019

Rating: Avoid
Amazing that a bad review has been removed. So I shall leave mine but I am sure it will be removed. I don't normally comment but after they had a bad review taken off which as far as I am concerned was spot on, I feel I should. I was recommended to go to this club by a friend and even took two other people. The club was dirty from the start, the mirrors near the pole at the back of the main lounge(see, I said I had been) were that dirty you couldn't see your reflection, the furniture was all painted black and very tatty. We were shown upstairs but unfortunately the lady who came with us was a larger lady and was unable to get up the very steep, narrow and rickety stairs. The person showing us around couldn't find a light switch for any of the rooms and all had rumpled sheets on and smelt damp. The glory box was far from glorious as it was falling apart. The dungeon or bdsm area had a vibrator on the bed. Possibly so it can be passed around. Disgusting. We stayed and had a soft drink but after twenty minutes we left only to find we had small bites on our legs and the lady had them on her back. I have talked to others who have all said its dirty and shouldn't be open and considering they have had a compulsory dissolvement of the company so they shouldn't even be trading as New liaisons. This can be checked on companies house. So if they are not complying with relevant legislation, I would worry they are not covered if you were to have an accident. Which is a strong possibility considering the shoddy fittings. Everyone I have spoken to about this club say two things, dead, dirty. Oh and the grumpy old man that answered the door. Genuine review. I have been but I am sure this will be removed.

Date: 1 May 2019

Rating: Fabulous
Just got back to my hotel, it’s 2am, I’m up at 4, and still had to take the time to write my review.

Obviously I went to new liaisons tonight, a club newbie so I was nervous and a bit on edge, I simply shouldn’t have been, I immediately felt completely at ease and comfortable. I was shown round and got a soft drink. The staff are so friendly I immediately felt at home.

It was quiet when I arrived, the staff told me to wait and see, I waited and I saw! By 12 the club was full with loads of people having a great time. I chatted the night away with lovely sexy people, what more can you ask for?

I have been told that most clubs these days cost a fortune and are basically money making factories, this club is not that, it’s a fun vibrant place that left me wanting more, and was exactly what I was hoping a club would be.

I can’t speak highly enough, thank you so much to everyone I met for such an amazing night.

Date: 30 April 2019

Rating: Fabulous
Went to New liaisons tonight 27th April and had a great night. Great party and good people there tonight. Will definitely be back soon. Thanks for a great night guys.

Date: 28 April 2019

Rating: Fabulous
Went to this wonderful club last night. Had a brilliant night best club by far. The staff and management go all out to make sure you have a good time no over priced bar bill. Just a very local friendly club. Thank You to Katie and Bexz for all the entertainment you girls know how to party. I will definitely be back has I said to you all last night I'm your new regular. If you haven't been make sure you go soon. Five stars thank you all xx

Date: 21 April 2019

Rating: Fabulous
Yet another great night at one of my favourite clubs, can't wait to cum back

Date: 22 January 2019

Rating: Avoid
Tried this place again to give it a fair go .....two words

City Morgue

Date: 24 December 2018

Rating: Fabulous
Thanks Dave Becky and Steff for a great Christmas Party celebrating your birthday with Fi ,Viki and meeting some lovely people, I think the star of the show was your young lady in red Katie your dancing to lady in red was stupendous as the compare of come dancing ?? would say, and to top it off a fantastic banquet mmmmmm have a great Crimbo xxxBernie

Date: 24 December 2018

Rating: Fun
Centrally located club with friendly atmosphere and excellent parking.

If you go for the atmosphere & real people, this is worth a try.

Nothing pretentious here, just genuine folk who make you very welcome.

Mog sure why people come to clubs to inspect the decor & generally have a go. I guess it's because they're bored with where they usually go.

Date: 25 September 2018

Rating: Fabulous
Another great night at a lovely friendly club. It may not be the biggest or best equipped club but I seriously recommend you try it, Steph Dave and Becs make u feel so welcome like one of the family and all the guests were lovely and not up their own arses like some clubs

Date: 23 September 2018

Rating: Fabulous
What a fantastic evening here tonight. Great hosts and peaple

Date: 22 September 2018

Rating: OK
Attended on Friday night new to the area so was apprehensive but was made very welcome straight away by the two staff it was quiet but the hostess was amazing she was very flirty and pair attention to everyone in there she oozed sex appeal and her pole routine was worth the entrance fee alone Shea so so sexy the clubbitselfbis lovly andbi will be a regular now I've found it

Date: 7 September 2018

Rating: Avoid
Attended late August Freaky Friday your not joking sexy Bexzy that's a matter of opinion . The old fella behind bar( reminded me of rising damp ) Dave letching and gossiping about other clubs in area and I was advised not to bother with their neighbouring club . This club offers NO facilities it has no hot tub no sauna no cinema .Cost me £ 20 to listen to old fella gossip for My clothes to stink of cigarette smoke & experience worst club iv ever been to .I was confused as it said bring your own bottle but they sold me a couple of cans of lager needed it to be honest to endure the evening place was empty . I didn't stay long .

Altogether lank and miserable atmosphere I would advice AVOID

Cleanliness ,facilities , atmosphere 2 out of 10

Date: 6 September 2018

Rating: Fun
Nice friendly club. Was quiet but a nice crowd in. Except for 50p, everyone was lovely. Would come back. Wasn't what I expected from a club but thoroughly enjoyed it

Date: 6 August 2018

Rating: Fabulous
Was at this club twice this weekend and was made to feel very welcome and the staff are brilliant i am quite new to the scene and was nurvous until i had a chat with dave and stef who put me at ease was a very busy two nights for me with very hot and steamy fun and from what was coming from the staff sounds like the club is soon going to have a little refurbishment and new facility so cant wait for that and the new chairs and the removal of cirtain items.... the place is sure to look very welcoming and personally i would recommend that people give this place a try especially newbies.

Date: 6 August 2018

Rating: Fun
Ok so the decor is a bit outdated but that didn't seem to matter with the company that was there a select small crowd but all polite funny and accommodating it's great you can bring your own beer to keep the costs down the hosts were great and everyone there gave you the time of the day! Although a small amount of people didn't spoil the fun times ( even if I was the only female playing ) I do recommend they have a "dress down" time like other clubs so women in lingerie don't look out of place but other than that I definitely will be going again! Thanks Stephan and the rest of liasons staff! Miss x

Date: 4 August 2018