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The UK'S first proper lifestyle festival, launched in July 2013 with over 270 guests this festival is THE event to be seen at. LIve bands, beer and cider tent, fully licenced. themed play zones, exhibitors, water pools, jelly wrestling, fire eaters, entertainment, food services and so much more, 2014 ticket and event details launching July 2013.

So come and join us for the biggest event of the year.


"Oh wow, this was a mind lowing weekend, first ever one and we were there !!"

"What a lovely time, so many new friends, the jelly pool was awesome, well done organisers"

"Hundreds of lifestylers, sun, fun and an awesome venue, god we are knackered and happy"

"Swingfields, BRILLFIELDS, we had never been to any events before, who the hell can beat this ? Well done organisers, lets have more next year "

"Guys you have set the bar so high, now lets roll for next year"

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Rating: Fabulous
Our third year and once again the Swingfields teams hard work paid off again

Another fun filled weekend loads of friendly people. Loads of new friends made.

The only real downside for us was the weather but you can't control that the usual festival problems with showers and toilets etc but the staff were once again first class ( thanks for the tyre pump as we had a flat)

Would recommend this festival for anyone a fun filled weekend and a chance to explore boundaries and meet the best of future friends

Thanks again all


Date: 10 July 2016

Rating: Fabulous
Swingfields 2016 review


We attended swingfields 2016 last weekend for the whole event from Thursday to Sunday, this event is an absolute MUST DO on any swingers calendar, there's always lots of naughty fun to be had either in the camping area or in the main arena and at whatever pace suits the individual or couple. Booking early is recommended to save a few quid but not essential and also its even cheaper if you've been before. We had a great time and as much fun as last years event, albeit without the fantastic weather of the 2015 event. Well done to all those involved for making this event possible and all their hard work that must have gone into it all.

just a few suggestions for next years event organisers:-


1, Please can we have more days to attend? maybe tuesday to sunday? i'm sure most of us would also be prepared to pay more too if getting extra days so more earnings potential?

2, More choice from catering outlets, possibly even consider a restaurant style service in a separate marqUee.

3, Don't overprice drinks as this just makes people go back to their own accomodation for a top up, most people are prepared to pay for drinks but not at £4.50 a pint! look at possibly doing a wristband for unlimited drinks at a fixed price per day although i do appreciate that this could potentially be a bad thing as may encourage some to overdo things.

4, Toilets and showers, an absolute must in the middle of a field on a temporary campsite especially because of the nature of the type of event where people like to freshen up more frequently for obvious reasons, please use a reputable firm that can deliver what they have been paid to do, maybe get them to check adequate water pressures etc in advance?

5, security, keep up the excellent work from the security team as they do a marvellous job and are always happy to help. only recommendation is for more spot checks ie stop and search in the public areas that no cameras or mobile phones are being carried. Personally i thought The Sun newspapers' double spread story was highly amusing despite being somewhat economical with the truth on a few matters as they tried to make things look as bad as possible by adding lies about drugs etc etc. Very naughty of The Sun newspaper though to not bother blurring individuals faces and potentially causing unnecessary stress and embarassment to individuals who are doing nothing wrong, anyone would think being a swinger is a criminal offence. I do hope any individuals who were unwillingly pictured sue the crap out of the scumbag so called reporter(s).

6, pre book some better weather, only kidding and regardless of the weather, genuine swingers will always have lots of fun.

sorry for outlining some of the negatives above but hey thats what a review is all about isnt it.

The positives far outway any of the negatives, so a big thumbs up from both of us.

Cant wait to book for next years event wherever it be.... get tickets on sale now pleeeease. K & D xx

Date: 9 July 2016

Rating: Fabulous
Enough said about the weather/the press/showers and tents.

Typical things that could happen anywhere.

My first time at Swingfields and I'm hooked. Can't wait for SF17. Entertainment was sooo good, naughty Miss Davina Sparkle, great live bands and the Aurora tent was brilliant. Loved the foam party (bucket list - tick) and having some naughty fun with an old friend in there, hats off to the catering van that did the best breakfasts ever, to ALL the staff that worked so bloody hard, loved the BDSM tent and also being whipped and having my first candle wax session (had to buy some too), and being blessed to share the weekend with the most amazing old and so many new friends there.

Swingfields, your a legend.

If you do get the chance to go then do it. Will be the best thing you could do to experience the Festival and and the real swinging world.


Date: 8 July 2016

Rating: Fabulous
Despite us both being poorly we had a great 1st SF time!!! Negatives have already been mentioned but I would ask why were the bar staff in the Aurora tent so miserable on Saturday night, and why were drinks £1 more?

Huge thanks to Stuart for rescuing me from the showers on Friday, most appreciated!!

Entertainment - Davina, couldn't get enough!!! Perfect choice. Burlesque - couldn't see due to everyone standing at the front of the tent (inconsiderate & some were rude when asked to move). The band on Saturday night were brilliant - had me up on my feet & I never dance!! Oh & Chris in his fabulous mankini was the life & soul of the party!!!

Was great to get roped up in the Xtasia tent & then again by the lovely lady in the fet tent who allowed us to go back to our tent & the fabulous field to take photos.

We are really looking forward to SF2017!!!!

Date: 8 July 2016

Rating: Fabulous
My 2nd year at SF, and this venue was a lot better, with stunning scenery.

Thank you so much, to the organisers, and everyone behind the scenes for your hard work, especially the guy who had his work cut out trying to keep the toilets and showers going. Disasterous at times!

It was wet, but at least it didn't rain constantly, and no one can help the westher. SO cold at times, but loved the, much appreciated, hot tubs!

I didn't like all the play tents. They should have had heating, some ambient music, and 'sexed' up a bit! I think only the Eureka tent had it all.

The band/s were fantastic, especially the drummer of one, who had to improvise after he forgot his drum kit! He managed superbly. Great entertainment, especially Miss Devine. SO funny.

The food was great, drinks, reasonably priced. People made great effort to dress up. The foam party was awesome. Bloody cold getting hosed down after, but soon warmed up around the camp fire.

Enjoyed the Santonesse fashion show, and loved that everyone got up for the 'Time warp'. Great fun!

SO can't wait for next year. Please can you do a Western theme, as so many people were in Cowboy/girl attire.

I have fond memories of all the lovely people I met, if I didn't bang you, I will next time.... Lol!

A special thank you to Mr A for bringing your 'Box that Rocks', it sure did! xx

Date: 8 July 2016

Rating: OK
Fantastic weekend of fun. Excellent entertainment. Shame about the loos and the shit from the media but that has not put us off. Still giggling about our neighbours air bed bursting when they had guests. Cant wait for the next one, we will be there. Thanks to all involved in the organisation, great job x

Date: 6 July 2016

Rating: Fun
This was our first swingfields and boy did we enjoy it!

We where very lucky to find lots of new sexy fabulous friends to spend time and play with xx just wish the weather had been a bit better so we could have made more friends and had more fun xx

The staff where amazing and could not do enough to make sure you enjoyed yourself and had a good time. The entertainment was amazing with Davina Sparkles and kitty bang bang burlesque show. The band was absolutely rocking on Saturday night as was the the foam party afterwards in the other tent. We both ended up totally naked full of foam with hands going everywhere and anywhere, well would be rude not too with such sexy gorgeous fabulous people about xx We loved the hot tubs and spent a lot of time naked in them, really good to meet people and relax and make new friends xx

Now for the things we think could be improved on and yes some of it was down to the weather and mud and the press but not all.

First thing we didn’t really like was the separation of the tents and the caravans a full field apart. We are swingers and like to socialize and mix with all type of diffrent people, variety the spice of life to us. We found that tent people stayed around the tents as did the caravan people stay around the caravans, no body wanted to wade in the mud and cold rain to the unheated play tents let alone a full field to the other side of the camp from a caravan to a tent. Again the play tents were way to far away from the main event tents and it all seemed very stretched out, not good in bad weather. We played only once in the play tents at night but was the only ones in there so ended up just playing in our own nice warm caravan with people we met. Anyone that was at swingfields knows how bad the toilet and shower situation got near the end of the three days so will not say much more on that other than more water was needed at an event of this size for the showers and toilets.

OH and the Daily mail,Mirror and especially the Sun can F*** off, a few of those couples is those crappy rags pictures are friends of ours (no longer on fab today or hiding there profiles) We have also appeared in some of the pictures and decided just to ride it out as the damage is already done!! WE DO NOT BLAME swingfields for this but maybe background checks on 192 or alike for profiles with less than 10 feedback on swingers sites may have stop the journalist ever getting into the event at all. Seems like a small price to pay to stop peoples life’s being effected in such major ways with work family and friends!

If Swingfields decide to take legal action against the gutter trash papers please let us know because we agree with all Peachy says about stopping this happening again next year. I am sure the team at swingfields are going to deal with this matter and we have faith they will not let it happen again so will leave it there.

A very big thank you to all the people who helped us start our 4x4 jeep so we could get home xx We didn’t want to have to call the AA out to Swingfields really!

We did have an amazing time and lots and lots of fun so will be back next year but were just hoping for a bit more from Swingfields after what everyone had told us about the previous swingfields events and not to appear in the national press!


Date: 5 July 2016

Rating: Fun
Have to agree with most of the comments made by 'Lovely and Himself!'

Swingfields - you put on a great event with fabulous entertainment as always!

However - The toilets and shower facilities were sporadic - and having no water in toilets for extended periods is obviously unsafe/unhygienic from a swinging point of view.

I'm pretty sure we were promised heaters in the play tents this year but sadly they didn't materialise - which meant it was too cold to play in them much of the time - perhaps just as well as the reporters would have had even more to photograph!

Re the security - I have more to complain about than most as I'm inadvertently a Sun centrefold girl - not one of my life ambitions!

I have no wish to sue swingfields - I blame the scum who took the pictures - but I do think your solicitors need to work with those directly affected to deal with legal matters/possible compensation etc - many of us don't have the money for solicitors and legal cases. I don't doubt for a second that you'll all be thinking of ways to keep us all safer next year - so I'll leave that there!

To end on a positive note- I still had an amazing time and, if our safety and security can be guaranteed next year (id suggest this may be helped by suing the arse off the SUN! To deter others from following suit!) - then I'll be there again! Already in training for the next Jelly wrestling championships!

Thanks - Peachy xxx

(Oh - and if the Sun reporter and Photographer are reading these reviews - please go and put something excruciatingly painful up each other's bottoms! I hear you enjoyed the Fett tent so you might like it!)

Date: 5 July 2016

Rating: Fabulous
This was our first and definitely not our last visit to the adult disneyland that was swingfields. Met lots of lovely people even after the event people we didn't meet there are contacting us to say hi. It was just a liberating experience that has to be experienced by every liberated swinger and lifestyler in Europe. The press are determined to destroy this haven for us which means that we all have to stay strong and make sure that swingfields continues for many years to come. Thank you Stuart and debs and all the fantastic crew who made last weekend one for us too not only remember but one we will be talking about for many parties and months to come....5 stars see you next year

Date: 5 July 2016

Rating: Fabulous
My first time so was feeling apprehensive, but I had an awesome time. Thanks to the staff and the security people. Will definitely be booking early for next year - thank you xx

Date: 4 July 2016

Rating: Fabulous
This was our first Swingfields experience and we have to say we throughly enjoyed it. Brilliant bands, djs, club tents and other entertainment was provided.

The weather, well it's Britain so was expected, only downsides have already been mentioned but I'm sure all criticism will be taken constructively for next year.

All in all, had had a fantastic bunch of friends around us, met many others and will definitely be back again, if only so I can dance naked all night long again ;-)

Well done to the organisers, thanks to all the staff and volunteers. See you next year xx

Date: 4 July 2016

Rating: Fabulous
The Playgrounds have just returned from 4 days at Swingfields 2016, simply the best festival to date. Yes there was a few minor niggles that can be ironed out for future events, but that said we just wanted to say a huge thank you to Stu, Debs and all the Swingfields staff for a truly brilliant festival.

We are well aware of the gutter press articles that have simply gone to a new all time low and we feel for the people that have been outed by those fantasy stories. We hope that the future of Swingfields will continue for many years to come.

This festival is admired all over Europe, and for good reason, because it is simply the best there is and we as a community should all support Swingfields and what it stands for, because with out it the world of swinging in the UK would be a lot less.

Date: 4 July 2016

Rating: Fun
The issues caused by the weather didn't stop it being a great weekend for most

The entertainment was excellent and 100% better than last year

The main problems are well documented;

I'm an early riser so always got a hot shower in the morning

Lack of water in the toilets though was unacceptable, music festival porta a loos at least have hand wash antibac in them!

I appreciate the arena wasn't planned to be so spread out, but the very long grass didn't help when having to trek.

Having the field mowed a week before would have made conditions much better both in the arena and in the camping areas

My main concern is The pictures coming out online both in the daily mail and now the sun

I know I'll not be the only one worried that I'm on a picture some where that could compromise my employment!

Any retrospective legal action over the photos won't take away the damage that they have already caused for some

Better security measures after last year and the press were not in evidence.

No Id was checked, I know some that didn't even get their wristbands due to the chaos on arrival

lockers could be provided like the ones used at big music festivals and phones restricted to that area,

Staggered arrival times so that full security checks can be carried out (none were) basing the arrival times given On when tickets where purchased perhaps?

Bags being checked before going into the arena weren't carried out, at all this year were last year they did a few times at least

If the sun article is to be believed, then better checks need to be in place on accepting ticket bookings

We stood watching the jelly wrestling and a security guy was stood on his quad bike watching, what irony now that if he'd watched the crowd a little more he may have spotted who was taking the pics!!

Coming away Sunday was sure we'd be back next year

Now though, got to seriously rethink as the risk of exposure is looking too high and after the promises made last year, the only change in security measures I saw was that they didn't dismiss security early Sunday

Date: 4 July 2016

Rating: Fabulous
Truly an amazing weekend spent at swingfeilds 2016 yet again gained more freinds and it just gets bigger and better .. so many different things happened over the weekend to mention so all we can say is love it ROLL ON 2017 .... LOVE EVERYONE WE MET XX

Date: 4 July 2016

Rating: Fabulous
Swingfields Festival Virgin!

Had an absolutely brilliant time on my first ever visit. Great people, great music, great fun. Shame about the already mentioned issues but hey its a festival its the UK what do you expect.. Entertainment was spot on with the bands,the fashion shows, the dancers, the and the brilliant Miss Sparkles! Thank you to the organisers, the staff and all the fabulous people who I spoke to who all helped make it a very memorable weekend :)

Date: 4 July 2016

Rating: Fun
Year 4 for us so knew pretty much what to expect. Weather tried its best to ruin it but failed. Agree with other comments posted about heaters, toilets, too spread out but at the end of the day we still met great people and had plenty of fun. Highlight of the weekend Davina Sparkle! Well done guys despite the weather you pulled it off again. Now have to think what suit to get next year to top this years!!

Date: 4 July 2016

Rating: Fun
This was our second time at Swingfields, we were at the very first one.

Entertainment was fabulous great bands & Djs. Especially enjoyed watching the jelly wrestling.

Everyone we met were lovely friendly people.

Weather was what it was....

Agree with other comments, Play tents to far away from main area, more showers needed & working,toilet blocks taken away really early Sunday morning, Security driving around dangerously fast Thursday on quad bikes churning up the mud.

Amazing event we will definitely be coming back.

Thank you to all the events team for giving us a great event

Date: 4 July 2016

Rating: Fun
Attended this festival for the whole event and despite being nervous about what to expect, I am still on such a high.

Cracking weekend with an amazing bunch of people! For people considering going in 2017.... Do it! It's like camping on a camp site of normal people but there is so much friendliness and love it's better than a normal camp site!

As a festival Virgin, I really enjoyed my time there. The main tent and aurora bar were amazing and I loved the tunes in the aurora bar so much!

I won't mention what's already been mentioned about the showers and toilets because I understand British weather is crap!

I am already planning next year!!

If you're reading this and thinking to take the plunge, I say do it! Like anything, it's what we make of it. Rain or shine!

Oh and please can you get more hot security for next year ;) one hottie wasn't enough!

Thank you so much for a weekend that I will not be forgetting anytime soon xx

Date: 4 July 2016

Rating: Avoid
Cant be bothered to write a long review so will make a very very small comment that means so much OH DEAR

Date: 3 July 2016

Rating: Fabulous
I booked a two day ticket, unfortunatley having other plans for the Saturday night. The weather seemed to be doing its best to annoy everyone, but such is life in the UK, mustn't grumble and all that!

I have to say that I had an absoluteley awesome time, everyone was very friendly indeed, I met and chatted to lots of new faces and the craic was brilliant!

As others have said, the play tents need heaters - it was bloody brass monkeys in there, so I was forced to find people to share sleeping bags with. It's a hard life, eh?

I'm definitley up for Swingfields 2017, bring it ON!

Date: 3 July 2016

Rating: Fun
Just back from swingfields 2016

Now time to recover .....

Arrived Friday and the scenery was breathtaking

Entertainment Friday night was brilliant

the play tents were too far apart from the entertainment

Saturday's foam party was a blast loved it ...

Good variety of tents not great variety of food outlets ... But we took a BBQ n cooked ourselves

The best play tent available was the Eurekas tent

Warm , clean and the most playing going on .....

Shower and toilet facilities were poor and need looking at In depth for next year ...

Will be booking our early bird tickets for next year and hope to see improvements ....

Thank you swingfields organisers .... See you next year

Date: 3 July 2016

Rating: Fabulous
Just arrived home, absolutely exhausted and reliving the weekend all the way home! lol

We all had our gripes, but we made the best of the festival and didn't let any of it spoil our fun!! ;-)

The good bits...

The entertainment was top drawer! The bands, especially on the Saturday were brilliant and the tent was bouncing!

The planned programme of activities was fun and varied.

The Big Red Bus was brilliant as always, although I think their sales will be down due to being so far away from the arena; they couldn't get any closer because of the mud.

The staff roaming around and the entertainment team were great and really helped things go smoothly. Special mention to the lady who manned the info tent.

Santonesse worked like troopers and offered a lovely range of tempting goodies. Nice to catch up with you in the evening ;-) Big hugs x

The gang of swingers this year were brilliant and we met so many lovely people. I have to say that the punters totally made this festival as we ALL had to improvise because of the weather and the plan of the camp sites which had to be changed.

The fact that I could wear my wellies with my sexy, revealing underwear...so wrong yet soooo right!!! haha

The not so good bits...

The play tents were too far away and cold. I asked about heaters before the event and we were told heaters would be provided, so I am disappointed with that. Also the Townhouse play tent was literally a tent and 5 mattresses. I was disappointed to find that we had only been given 5 mattresses on the floor, the grass was really long, plastic had been put down in the middle rather than flooring and again..no heaters. Yes it was a play tent and not a promotional or sales tent, but it was hard for us to make it sexy with what we had. So we had to make the best of it and decorate it as best as we could in a festival vibe and changed the sheets as often as poss. The tent was used LOADS though as we went through tons of sheets PMSL!! So my personal gripes didn't seem to affect play too much! ;-)

Some people stole stuff from our couples play tent. Throws, lights, features and other things that added to the vibe went missing and never returned

The campervan/caravan site had no toilets, showers or standpipe but I think this could be because we were not on the planned field. Our nearest toilets went off on Saturday afternoon and never reopened. The showers..only 4 out of 8 were working and then people kept using the standpipe to fill up their water as there were so few other options. This meant that our showers went off all the time. But we just muddled along, shared showers *-) *-) and had a laugh about it!! It's just one of those things and this wasn't a deal breaker.

There are some other things but I will address these directly rather than in public.

All in all, we loved Swingfields this year as the people made it and the evenings were rocking!! The location was gorgeous and when the sun eventually came out this morning, we could truly appreciate the stunning scenery. We can't help compare it to previous years, but if this was the first year for some, then I'm sure they would have loved it.

I can only imagine the blood sweat and tears that goes into organising these events and the team had to pull off the impossible under terrible weather conditions, so I doff my hat.

Well done to all involved and I am now going to hang up my dancing shoes for a little while as I think I danced like it was my last weekend on this planet!!

Date: 3 July 2016

Rating: Fabulous
I have just got home from a truly memorable and unique weekend at swingfields. It was the most easy going adult lifestyle environment I have ever been in, everyone was friendly even though I made an effort to make a complete idiot of myself all weekend by dressing up in various silly outfits (captain,toga,70's porn star,neon and Sunday morning vicar) all greeted with nothing but open arms,cheers and smiles from everyone.

I got an monumental cheer from the crowd winning me wet y front competition runner up that really made my weekend (apparently I was robbed so everyone kept telling me)

The jelly wrestling was hilarious to watch and the bands, dj's and foam party where excellent.

Yeah it was raining at times and there was a few issues with the toilets, showers at times but I refused to let it effect my weekend!

I will be going again.

Date: 3 July 2016

Rating: OK
Our first time at SF got to say made to feel welcome.. The weather was poor but soon got hot and steamy..great weekend only snag was toilets and showers poor and play tents cold....but met amazing people and the entertainment was top notch funny sensual and great dancing thanks to the bands and other acts management staff and organisers thank you.....we loved it..xx

Date: 3 July 2016

Rating: Fabulous
Our first time at swingfields and we are so glad we did.. Great British weather done its upmost to spoil it but it didn't succeed.. The entertainment was fantastic food was lovely and very good prices the same with the bars.

Already planning our return with our friends.

We left there feeling gutted it was over, but completely chilled and with big smiles on our faces.

Well done to everyone that was involved you all done an amazing job, so from us a big big thank you xxx

Date: 3 July 2016

Rating: OK
Following a number of recommendations we came to Swingfields for the first time and found a fantastic social and networking event for all forms of lifestyle, but unfortunately the British weather did it's best to dampen the play. Would have liked to see some heating in the play tents - nothing turns off the mood faster than when taking your kit off leaves you shivering. Finally get to tick foam party off our bucket list and had lots of sexy fun in the bubbles. Entertainment was top line throughout from Divina Sparkles wit to the bands (including improvised drum kit) and the fantastic DJs. The two event tents worked well to cater to a diverse range of swingers keeping everyone up and happy.

Only a few improvement opportunities - warmer play tents, better availability of the hot tubs with some form of shelving to put your clothes in to keep them out of the rain and off the ground and making the bi wristbands and the hot tub wristbands the same colour led to some unnecessary but interesting conversations.

You can't control the weather but this was a great way to meet and mingle and all those involved have done a fantastic job making this event come together. If you like festivals and you like swinging then you will obviously love this, highly recommend this event, if not the most play you could fit in it is the friendliest weekend you could have.

Date: 3 July 2016

Rating: OK
Our first time at swingfields, From arrival we was told we cold not drop off our stuff at the glamping tent and had to trek across thick mud back and forth carrying our stuff while watching the staff happily play on there large quad bikes. Booked a glamping tent and it was more like a cramping tent, really wasn't worth £300 and definitely won't book one of these again, our so called memory foam mattress must of had Alzheimer's as it looked like two gym mats put together to me, no frame just chucked on the floor, As for the showers what a joke, hands up too the two maintenance guys who all weekend was trying to sort things , felt for them but for a festival of this type SHOWERS IS A MUST! Food options WHAT OPTION? The burger stall guys worked there nuts off to feed us all but least they must of earnt a fortune, well done. Entertainment was really good and was a great bunch of people, was a fun weekend and made some new friends too. All in all we probably will book again as everyone who goes are so friendly but least next year we will know what to expect, play tents miles away with hardly any playing in except EUREKAS tent as it was the only one with heating and music, well done kels and sparks you bloody worked hard and done the club proud....

Date: 3 July 2016

Rating: OK
This was our second year at Swingfields & I have to say despite the other reviews we found last year to be much better.

I know the rain can't be helped but there seemed to be no back up plan for this & panic ensued that saw the tents, motor homes & caravans split up which did affect socialising. There was no provision for showers, toilets or water for the caravans & motorhomes which meant a considerable trudge through the mud to use the other ones.

The play tents were much too far away from the main arena which led to people starting to play in the main tent who were swiftly advised by security to move it to the play tents across the very large expanse of cold, wet & muddy distance or risk being thrown off the site!

The main arena was not the busy, bustling & social area it was last year & although we were advised that there would be lots of new food vendors there was really just one.

The entertainment was brilliant as usual & everyone tied to make the best of it but it was far from the success of last year with cheaper and fewer showers that we & our friends were fixing on a daily basis & staff commenting that problem toilets would have to wait until the morning at 9.30 pm when it was obvious that a lot of people would need them.

Some of the staff were excellent but others really didn't want to know.

We feel very disappointed at the seemingly very poor organisation of this year's event.

Because we had such a great time last year we will go again but if it is a repeat of this year's poor effort on the resources we won't be going after that.

Date: 3 July 2016

Rating: Fabulous
Swingfields 2016 - It's easy to piss and whine so I'll get that out of the way first. The site suffered through low water pressure which affected the showers, this could have been foreseen. It has to be said it was not the best experience being left naked in the middle of a field in Wales covered in soap when the showers abruptly stopped. To be fair it was not helped by 'bucket heads' disconnecting the water delivery system to get water and then leaving it switched off. If that was you - you're a bell-end!

Apart from that gripe it was great fun and we enjoyed it immensely. The acts including dancers, bands, a great drag act and a burlesque show were stunning, absolutely entertaining and the staff could not be more helpful.

What made the event for me was the throng of lifestylers who were going to party on, come what may. OK OK the weather could have been better but not even Stuart, Debs and the team could organise that - it's a British Summer Festival for Pete's sake - it happens, andwe got over it. We'd like to say well done to the SF committee for organising such a great event in a field with so many weather and terrain problems. Special shout out to the Legend that is Mr Black10Inch. he threw himself into all the activities 100% we did laugh :-)

OK the 6 million dollar question - Would we go to Swingfields 2017 ... Fuck Yeah!

Date: 3 July 2016

Rating: Fabulous
It was a brilliant weekend it was second year for us and we enjoyed it more than last year the clubbing marquee was brilliant the weather don't bother us you just make the best of it

One small moan we thought the toilets and showers wasn't as good as last year I guess the more people you have the more toilets you need I don't suppose weather helped with this either

Thanks to all the crew and staff another brilliant swingfields

Date: 3 July 2016