Rating: Fabulous
I attended the first SF but not the second so was somewhat unprepared for the huge improvements. We got there on Thursday and had a great pitch, although the all night generator was a bit boring - maybe some awning or something to muffle the sound? I didn't have problems with the music at all, though agree there could have been a wider range. The 'Now That's What I Call The 80s' CD got dull the third time it was played :D

The events were well organised and were extremely entertaining. The facilities were also good, although the water kept going in the ladies toilet sinks. The showers were great. The staff were friendly and approachable. The dancing was good, as was the fetish tent, although I do agree it was wasted space in the evening.

One tiny weeny complain only. Although the weather was really good, it got very chilly in the evenings which meant people may have been reluctant to use the play tents. Any chance of some heaters if its a bit chilly next year too? I didn't want to get undressed it was that parky.

All in all a brilliant weekend where I met new friends, had a great laugh, got far too drunk, tried new things, and generally just had lots of fun. OK, so it wasn't non-stop orgying but a festival this size has something for everyone. I'll be back next year. Thanks all for arranging it.

Date: 7 July 2015

Rating: Fabulous
WOW WOW WOW What an amazing weekend. Thankyou SF team for making so much effort to ensure we all had such a great time. The event was perfect, well organised and thought out. Entertainment was fantastic along with the facilities especially the fetish tent and to its team for the knowledge transferred via your demos and workshops. Phils lash marks have now healed.

Enjoyed joining in with some of the daytime activities and made some new friends. only thing we would say is some more age appropriate music from the Dj would like to have know in advance of any theme nights as some people dressed up and would have joined if we had know.

Made some friends and we will be going again next year

Phil & Sam x x

Date: 7 July 2015

Rating: Fun
This was our first time!

We found the location easily enough, were impressed with the level of organisation and security.

The weather was great so we enjoyed sunbathing in the nude and enjoying ourselves in such a friendly and relaxing and fun environment!

We only stayed one day, and would like to have stayed longer.

There was lots to do, especially at night. Great shows and lots of fun in the couples tent (teepee)

Good showers, and toilets. Food could be improved, but overall a wonderful experience will certainly be going again!!

Well done to all those involved in organising and ensuring all went smoothly!

Date: 7 July 2015

Rating: Fun
This was my second swing fields and Ads third one so we've both seen improvements over the three years its been running.


Showers have been the best they've ever been. Although not my thing I thought the fetish tent was 10 times better. I didn't feel it was hidden away like last year. The red bus bar was excellently priced. The cider bar was well priced and very helpful staff, who even found a cider I would like. We liked the layout of the arena area. Food was amazing!! Found all the play tents were well lit. We loved the burlesque show and workshops. The social side was really warm and friendly. It was a great atmosphere watching the sport on the Saturday. We also enjoyed the fashion shows and the 'swing field scrubbers'.

Negatives/things to improve for next year.

As I can't take week days off due to the nature of my work we arrived late on the Friday. Firstly we were greeted by a sarcastic 'evening'. Then told to put our tent up anywhere around this area. It was on the steep part of the hill. It felt like we were just dumped there for arriving late. We would like more organisation of the tents(last year was excellent for this). We then looked at the programme and realised we had missed all the things we were looking forward to like the wet t-shirt competition and jelly wrestling. Whilst we were setting up our tent we felt we were missing most of fridays entertainment.

We much preferred it last year fri-mon. This way we could enjoy at least 2 days.

When we had finished setting up we took a look around to see what would be open in the morning. We had to use a torch as I had already fallen over only to be cornered by 3 security men asking what we were doing. Not once in the whole weekend did I find a friendly one. I know that had a very hard job and hats off to them, but there was no need to be impolite whilst talking to us.

The music on Saturday went on for to long and agree that a bit more 'cheese' would of got more people joining in. As it went on for to long you couldn't really socialise and talk to the person next to you.

This year felt more like a social and that the play tents were very underused compared to last year. But that's a positive and negative as we really enjoy the social side of swinging. Definetly back next year, just hope the press aren't.

Date: 6 July 2015

Rating: Fabulous
This was our first swingfields event and we couldn't wait to get there.

We definitely weren't let down. Staff where extremely helpful, poplite and friendly. They worked so hard to keep everything moving smoothly.

Just a few small things that could improve it just a little....

Larger play room for couples.( an larger mats, as the small ones only fit 1 couple on an then your limited to your fun, as the rugs where very ruff on the bare skin lol)

A place for us ladies to do make up an hair till around 9pm.

That's it really everything else was Bob on.

Bring on SF2016

Sassy&Hotdog xxxx

Date: 6 July 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Where to start?!!

Firstly, this sort of event takes special people with guts and foresight to pull it off and you certainly did it!!

A well organised event, in a nice location (away from prying eyes, families, little old ladies with a swinging phobia) great facilities, plenty of very helpful staff, very professional and efficient security and a range of activities/entertainment to suit most tastes.

Our personal 'highs' were the entertainment programme in the day and night on the Friday, the ice cream van, the Big Red Bus and the very friendly staff circulating continuously; they were very much part of the event. We also loved the friendly vibe amongst the happy campers.

I think the constructive feedback below is very helpful and did mirror some of the comments I heard throughout the weekend, so there is no need to go over that again.

I think the way in which Swingfields dealt with the complaint from the resident (singular) was very professional. The police and the council became involved and did decibel testing, which was within acceptable limits but they actually lowered the sound regardless.

The media coverage which has ensued has totally backfired on the village. The one lady who complained has started a furore within her village because of an uneducated view of swingers. Well I would like to thank that lady as the publicity from the worldwide media hype has benefited the event and other clubs!

Swingfields 3 did not disappoint. It was an event for swingers, by swingers and their love and commitment for this massive event most definitely shows in every fine detail and decision that was made.

We are proud to have been the sponsors of swingfields for the last 2 years and we look forward to sponsoring you once again in 2016.

Vic and Jim xxxx

Date: 6 July 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Can only agree with all the other fabulous comments really this was our first and most def not our last Swingfields in fact were counting down the days until next year's event.


Date: 6 July 2015

Rating: Fabulous
We attended again for the 2nd year running. Far more people there this year which is great to see. We will definitely attend next year. A couple of things we didn't like though: Saturday band were not as good as Fridays which forced us to leave the main tent, the beer bus didn't stock enough of a variety of drinks and the bottled becks on Fri was not in the fridges, the overfill area was far to steep to pitch a tent, we missed the small play tents that you had last year ie "Bi tent" etc etc and lastly the ground was too undulating for high heels which resulted in a few twisted ankles.

That said the event is very well run, the shows and games are a good idea, the showers and toilets are fantastic, the PODS were a cracking idea, food fantastic and staff extremely happy & helpful.

If you drive a Merc and played with us in the couple tent on Sat night please get in touch as we failed to get your fabs name :-(

See you next year for sure xxx

Date: 6 July 2015

Rating: OK
This was our 3rd swingfields event so think it's only fair to give an honest review .

Positives were :-

The hardworking staff .. Nothing is too much trouble .

The pods .

Security .. Well done guys .

Food and beer at reasonable prices .

Toilets and showers . Excellent standards .

Negatives :-

Apart from the last band on Friday night the music was awful

What's with the rave music until 3 am ?

Surely some 80's and 90's cheese or some soul music would be more fitting and age appropriate .

The play tents could be better and designed for couples a bit better .

The fetish tent was ok and worth a look but really feel that after 10 pm it could have been used as a bigger play tent or even split between a social / chatting area with background music and play tent

Such a huge tent we feel was wasted during the night .

Some thoughts / ideas for the future :-

A huge couples / orgy bed

All entertainment to be wound down or at least turned down around midnight .. We think this would encourage more people to use the play tents

Maybe a themed night .. Fancy dress ?

A mix of music that suits everyone 60's to 80's/ disco

Hook ups for electric . The tent for hair straighteners was shut at 7 pm

We can't really complain as such as the organisers do such a great job in organising the event so hats off to them

However the bigger the even gets the more it appears to be a music / social festival.

Socialising is a big part of swinging and we get that but at times the swinging was non existent in the playtents

Hand on heart we loved swingfields 1 and couldn't wait to return . Haven't quite had that same buzz from this years event so May just have to try swingfields 4 to see how that is x

Date: 6 July 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Our first time at Swingfields and it won't be our last!! Had an amazing time, met loads of new sexy friends.

Had the best neighbours possible, so kind, funny, friendly and sexy, was just a laugh from start to finish.

Was very impressed with the facilities, rarely had to wait for showers/toilets and importantly very clean.

100% returning next year, well done guys

Harry & April xx

Date: 6 July 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Our first for quite a few things at SF15, what a great event we will be there next year where ever it ends up. Was a well run event and a welcoming staff. Don't have a second thought if you should go next year you will love it!!

Date: 6 July 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Went to our 1st swinfest' it wont be our last , it was FAB !!!

Very very well organised from start to finish.. Awsome bands every day/night , daytime , entertainment was great as we're the stalls workshops etc

Met some great people (some we played with and some we just had a good laugh with)

Can't wait til the next one

Great weather was a bonus too

Date: 6 July 2015

Rating: Fun
This was our first trip to Swingfields and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We went with a large group of friends which certainly added to our fun. Having now got back home we've put some thought into want we liked and what we think could have been improved.

We loved:

1. The site was lovely, scenic and relatively private (apart from aspiring photographers making a few quid from the papers)

2. Showers and toilets were great with hardly any queues

3. Bus Bar was great, good prices and friendly staff

4. Mrs Cupcake loved the wet t-shirt competition (well done our friend who won) and the Santonese catwalk. She's such a show off!!

5. Thursday & Friday evening entertainment was good

6. Awesome collection of guests from all over the UK. All were super friendly and sexy

7. Idea of foam party on Saturday

8. Plenty of security who were very friendly

9. Lots of helpers on hand

10. Our group were allowed to stay together in a mix of tents and camper vans

What we think could be improved:

1. Saturday evening band was pretty awful, sorry but just being honest. Not the right music and went on way too long

2. Power problem on last night as foam machine started rather ruined the evening...the grand finale turned into a damp squib

3. The whole dancing thing on Saturday night is not our thing. This is just our opinion and we're sure others liked it. Everyone is watching the dancers and not really mixing. We left the tent during this part to mingle outside.

4. The bar inside the main tent should stock all drink types. There were queues at the Bus Bar which could have been alleviated by better use of the inside bar.

All in all we had a blast and will return next year. Thanks everyone who helped make it a great weekend.

Mr & Mrs Cupcake1

Date: 6 July 2015

Rating: Fun
This was our first trip to SF Festival and we loved it. Upon arriving the staff were all friendly and helpful which continued through out the duration of the festival. There was lots of fun and activities to be had. We were so impressed with the showers and toilets and the times we used them we never had to que at all. There was a great variety of food, drink and entertainment. It was very handy being able to dry and straighten our hair in the santonese tent. I think more bins are needed around the arena area, a bigger couples tent would be better as we couldnt get in there at times. I did find single males and females were hard to spot so maybe organise a meet where people can chat more. We are looking forward to coming back next year as we won tickets in Townhouse raffle at the swingfields party there.

Thanks for an awesome time!!


Mwah xx

Date: 6 July 2015

Rating: Fabulous
First time at swingfields 2015 and won't be the last, loved the weekend and a big thank you to the organisers for their hard work in putting it all together.

What worked for us;

* The general atmosphere was brilliant. Being surrounded by like minded people just makes for a truly liberating experience, don't think there was anyone on camp that wanted to go back into the vanilla world Sunday.

* The size of the arena area was spot on, any bigger and it will start to lose something

* The entertainment programme was good and varied and most of the bands that played were great (even when not to our taste. ) Though, having the winners announced of the wet T-shirt and y fronts after these were held would have been better than waiting till the next day, loads of us missed the announcement and would have been better while we were all gathered watching it

* The pizza place, the natural ice people, the big red bus bar, the jelly shots

* The different types of seating in the arena

* The paddling pools & sun beds

* The kink tent, demos & workshops

* The communal bonfire!!!!

* No generators after a set time

* The singing toilets! Nothing like disco classics while you wee! Lol

* The showers

* The friendly staff - let's have a best staff member of the weekend award we can vote on

What we think could be improved:

* Having a munch type mingle on the first night were everyone can gather that wants to, even wearing their user names as badges. Meet and greeters that can help with introductions. Maybe a pub quiz or something similar where getting into teams of 10 (any minimum number )to help people get chatting? Everyone is friendly and wants to get talking but it can be awkward so the more entertainment that brings everyone together for a laugh helps this.

* Putting the sides up on the play tents during the day so that they will be used as shaded chill / mingle areas. The weather was great but too hot for some of us that like the shade. Having the play areas open on the sides so that they were a cool oasis in the heat would have encouraged more socialising I think.

* Having a social area away from the entertainment (that is inside) If you didn't like the bands there was no where you could go, other than round the fire or outside the bar. And chatting to people you didn't know was almost impossible once the bands were playing. A seated sofa area under cover for when it's cooler would have worked brilliantly

* the band that played Saturday night sounded awful and wasn't too the same standard as all the others that played. Heard more people moaning about them (including the old man living in the cabin in the wood!) than any other of the acts. Really do hope they aren't booked again next year, and if they are, not for any where near as long or for the final night.

* Having some more private play areas. Not everyone likes public play spaces, having some more secluded options would be great. I.e. Pull round curtaining on the four poster beds to add a little privacy if wanted, screens in the play areas (sheer chiffon hanging down or actual moveable screens?)

* Setting the arena up so that all the play tents are together, putting the sides up during the day will allow them to be used as chill out and mingle areas and then once it gets cooler, sides can go back down and maybe a marquee heater used ?

Same with the food, have it all together (near the bar ?) Drinks and food with some covered seating areas again for shade during the day and warmth at night?

Someone selling proper coffee!!!

* The hot tub area looked great but closing at 9 was too early I think, if it stayed open later it would have been used much more I think. Was just too hot during the day, need more paddling pools full of water

* The bucking bronco type rides and shower thing. For the space they took and usage they had I wouldn't bother. Giving out cheap little water pistols and bubble blowers and things like that in the welcome bag would have been more fun and encouraged more spontaneous shenanigans

* Feedback box in the info tent with a feedback / suggestion sheet in the welcome packs

* Recycling bins!! Most of our rubbish was Recycling and would have been much better having separate bins than skips that everything went in. Smaller festivals like Bearded Theory have got this spot on, (think they even earn money from doing it somehow? )

Date: 6 July 2015

Rating: Fabulous
This was our third time attending this festival, each year has got bigger and better, lots of great entertainment. We enjoyed the fetish side so was very pleased with the bigger and better fetish tent this year. We are already looking forward to next year.

Date: 6 July 2015

Rating: Fabulous
This was an amazing weekend - again !

We have been to all 3 swingfields and enjoyed them all. They keep getting better and we will keep going for the relaxed atmosphere, the excellent entertainment and the friendly people.

(Except for the person who took pictures of tents, vehicles and people at the event without their consent or knowledge and gave them to the media!)

It beggars belief that a ticket holder would do that ? We do hope that person is found and challenged.

Swingfields team, keep up the fantastically good work.

Hugs x

Date: 6 July 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Wow, we were SF virgins … but thankfully now have fully experienced the festival that is Swingfields. What a fantastic event, with great facilities, with very sexy entertainment, all very well organised (by a friendly team!) - all in all a banging weekend! We can’t wait til next year, S&R x

Date: 5 July 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Swingfields was realy well organised and lots of different things going on over the weekend. I'm sure next year will be even better.

Date: 5 July 2015

Rating: Fabulous
This event is more than fabulous. My 2nd year and again the team out done themselves.

hope you enjoy a drink on me you all deserve it .

see you in a year xx

Date: 5 July 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Amazing event, amazing staff, amazing facilities, amazing everything. Never been to an event like this before, and the respect and friendliness of everyone there was amazing. Hope to get about some of the clubs that were represented there and see some of the new friends I made. Awesome event. Book early for next year, you will not regret it.

Date: 5 July 2015

Rating: Fabulous
This was our first visit to Swingfields and it won't be our last. We found it really well organised, and lots of sexy, like-minded people. Toilets and showers were top notch for a festival site. Really enjoyed the rope and fetish workshops (S is still tied up;-). The play areas were a little underused though and it made us think, maybe the amazing entertainment was just too good as a distraction. Without it, people may have been forced to make their own entertainment. Just an observation, not a complaint. We do have one complaint though. I thought parking cars next to tents was banned, or so the email lead us to believe: "Any vehicles in the camping area longer than an hour will have passes removed." So we followed the rules, only to find many cars parked by tents throughout the event. So please, next year either enforce the rules or don't make them please. It's frustrating when you follow a rule only to find others don't. The actual site was fantastic. Great views, and the friendly neighbouring cows had some interesting sights to keep them wandering up to the fence. It's a shame the local human residents felt the need to complain about the noise. I'd love to have this festival on my doorstep. I wonder if it would have made it into the Gloucester Citizen if it had been JUST a music festival. Many thanks to the organisers. It's clearly a massive undertaking and you did a great job. See you in 2016.

Date: 5 July 2015

Rating: Fun
We've just returned from a great weekends "Camping for the uninhibited" and we have to say we had an absolute ball! Our first visit to Swingfields, there was A great atmosphere, sex addicts of all ages, shapes, sizes, colours and perversions - it was a field full of happy, naughty, up for it people. Lots of bonding around the fire to warm up after the foam cannon!!

It has obviously involved a huge amount of work for the organisers but it paid off and from what we heard it has grown and got better with each year. It's not perfect but We'll definitely be back next year guys and would heartily recommend people giving it a go! Thank you Swingfields committee...lots of memories to tell the grandchildren when we're old and past it! ;-) xx

Date: 5 July 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Wow wow wow what a weekend the staff was everywhere you looked just in case you needed help,the security was excellent and made the site feel safe and secure,we met fantastic people the whole site was so laid back

Thanks for a great weekend

Only 340 odd sleeps to the next one

Date: 5 July 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Absolutely fantastic event! Friendly sociable people just enjoying a wonderful weekend with friend old and new.

How soon can we book for next year?!

Date: 5 July 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Having a great time at swing fields and to the guy who borrowed batteries and came back the next day cone on by for a drink and say hello if u see this before sun x

Date: 4 July 2015

Rating: Fabulous
Fantastic time at the event. Fab ideas for play tents, staff were brill and showers amazingly clean. See you next year x

Date: 18 October 2014

Rating: Fabulous
This is for reviews lol .... First weekend of July 2015 and tickets go on sale at the end of August approx , simply watch our profile or the main SWINGFIELDS website

Date: 14 August 2014

Rating: Fun
When is 2015's, and when are the tickets on sale please?

Date: 11 August 2014

Rating: Fabulous
This was our first time at swingfields and won't be our last we had a fantastic weekend the entertainment was brilliant the weather fantastic. We made loads of new friends. there was just not enough hours in the day the night time music was top class

Already looking forward to next year :-) ( more toilets please )


Date: 13 July 2014

Rating: Fabulous
Another great Swingfields Weekend, it's getting bigger & I reckon another few of these & it will be bigger than Glastonbury !!!!!! Lol.

Well done to the organisers & team. XX

Date: 10 July 2014