Club Mystique Tenerife

Costa Adeje, San Eugenio, Tenerife, Channel Islands


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Club MYSTIQUE, the most famous and respected club in the Canary Islands, make your fantasies come true, open since 2009, for all the liberal open-minded people ......

Important announcement! Club mystique has moved to another location. We welcome you on our new address: Complejo Marina Primavera, Local 46B (planta Sótano) Avenida de los Pueblos, San Eugenio, Costa Adeje WE ARE OPEN ALL YEAR ROUND!! You will find us in Adeje, San Eugenio. Oposite te Main entrance Laguna Park I Parking available in the street and nearby the highway is a big free parking place (just 6 min. walking) ------ Dutch Owners We speak English, Spanish, German and Dutch. Mystique with a total of 500 M2 comprises of a bar disco with secluded romantic corners, sofas and dance floor. We are proud of the way our club is designed to give maximum pleasure and relaxing atmosphere. Everyone is welcome for a drink in our bar, you do not have to be a experienced swinger to join us. The friendly and international staff will be there should you need any help or guidance if you are new and curious about the swingers scene.

It´s allowed to dress yourself in the front bar, any way you want, normal clothes, sexy club wear, boxers, Latex, PVC, rubber, leather...anything sexy - DRESS TO IMPRESS !! Only in the swinger/play zone everyone needs to change clothes out of respect for the playing couples.... Sex games are possible everywhere in the club!! Smoking is NOT allowed inside the Club, we have a smokers area at the door and in the back of the club (parts with open air)! To the rear of the club (where we try to obtain a dress code, NO normal clothes, you can wear underwear like lingerie or boxers for the men, very sexy clubwear, LATEX, PVC) you can enjoy our facilities offered including; dressing room with lockers, Showers, many different playrooms (including 3 private rooms), Large Gang Bang bed, Darkroom, French Wall (Glory hole), room with swing & St Andrews cross, jacuzzi, social corner, TV with video and much more......

There is NO obligation to have sex with anyone! You can come here and enjoy the atmosphere without feeling uncomfortable. This is especially important for beginners who should feel safe and unpressured and allowed to go at their own pace. Everyone's limits will be respected. If it´s you first visit @Club Mystique , then tell the girl at the door and one of our staff members can show you arround and explain our club rules.

**Respect, values and morals are important to us ... YOUR BEHAVIOR IS YOUR BUSINESS CARD .. *** We Provide free condoms, lockers and towels, Flip flops, if you need some more, please ask..... Normal bar prices, No local brands and no rip-off! Hope to see you soon at Mystique.

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Rating: Fun
Had a great night in Mystique with my hubby xx staff are amazing xx some lovely people helped me particularly to enjoy my visit lol great rooms for fun. Drinks are lovely xx Mrs J

Date: 9 May 2024

Rating: Fun
Had a great time at the club, made to feel very welcome by the staff and a very interesting night. If your in Tenerife it’s well worth a visit

Date: 21 April 2024

Rating: Fun
Just returned from tenerife and went to the club on the Wednesday night the club was very quiet but where told the Friday and Saturday where great it was just a pity we couldn't make it but saying that Sandra always finds someone to play with and the club gave her the opportunity to have her first black guy which she truly enjoyed and it was a great watch can't wait to be back in October thanks mystique see you soon

Date: 28 March 2024

Rating: Fun
Had a great time here! Some of the older crowd needs to learn what consent is. But other than that, it was a fun, clean environment. I would definitely go back!

Date: 27 March 2024

Rating: Fun
Our first visit to this club whilst on a break last week. Visited on Thursday and was busy enough.

Message received from owners gave us more info. Then on arrival all staff were welcoming and polite, with the club clean and modern. Flip flops and towels and locker available.

As well as all the above we enjoyed fun with different nationalities. Would recommend and will be visiting again

Date: 23 March 2024

Rating: Fabulous
We visited on Saturday night for our first time in a club of this nature and had a blast!

Everyone was extremely friendly and we were made feel very welcome. Initially it is similar to a normal European night club but as the night goes on the dance floor empties and the fun moves to the playroom.

Plenty of extremely hot couples. We really enjoyed being watched while we played and will definitely be going back on our next visit to Tenerife to experiment even further.

Thanks John and Nora for a great night.

Date: 20 March 2024

Rating: Fabulous
Took Paige for her 1st experiences of the best club we’ve been too.

Good friends now with John & Nora and they and their staff welcome you with open arms.

A clean, fun and well established club.

We loved our 1st experience together here and the customers are so much fun and sexy.

See you again soon.

Paige & Pud x

Date: 17 March 2024

Rating: Fabulous
We’ve been visiting Mystique for a couple of years now. It’s a great place, well organised by Nora and John. The communication to make a reservation is always 1st class with WhatsApp messages answered swiftly. It’s like any other club when you enter, pleasant atmosphere, mood lighting and bar. Changing area is never too busy. Through the back takes you to the play rooms and there are plenty of them. We usually go on a night when single guys are allowed, and whilst there seem to be quite a lot of guys, and all eager to partake, on all of our visits they have been respectful if you don’t want them to join in, and very willing if you do! Always lots of sexy couples as well. Hot tub was very busy on our last visit so never managed to use it this time, but lovely on previous occasions. Would highly recommend and we will definitely be returning in the summer

Date: 5 March 2024

Rating: OK
This club is busy and decent. Arriving in what looks like any other busy bar when going through the doors. People aren't overly sexy dressed and although busy didn't see many couples mingling. Nice sitting areas with a pole on the dancefloor. You have to change in robes/towels going through the back where the play happens. It was very clean and seemed nice enough decor. Not what I've seen in some other European clubs, but decent. The jacuzzi was really too cold for my liking and the bubbles only went on for a few minutes every hour so kind of pointless. We ended up having some fun on the big bed, lovely to feel real sheets and pillows. The guys were very forward, and happy to get involved without asking. They did take a no though. Couples versus single guys I would say mostly couples. What can be very different in other clubs.

Can't look back very positive about the people as someone stole Mr footwear and the club kind of disregarded it when we told them at the reception. Clearly this happens more often .. tip don't bring your good crocs flipflops!

Date: 1 February 2024

Rating: Fabulous
The best swingers club I have been to in the eu, went on the 5th was a amazing night. Staff and everyone that had attended was very respectful and friendly, the clubs space and facilities was as it was seen on pictures and told. Was such a good night would definitely be back

Date: 7 January 2024

Rating: OK
We went last night it was very pleasant to begin with .however the hot tub is at best warm and every 2 minutes someone is going in and out of the outside door to smoke .it makes it very difficult to relax .also the staff patrol all night back and forth which makes you feel on edge.there were absolutely loads of old men following you everywhere and groping without being invited .all through the evening the club started smelling more of cigarettes and near the end itbwas progressively worse. I think maybe the blowers on the air con are near where smoking is allowed .the signs everywhere says no drinks in the play area and no shoes..there were people drinking in thereball evening and leaving empty glasses everywhere .there was also this lady with about 6inch heels who could hardly walk clattering around all night .I personally saw her tred on two different bare feet .the staff saw these shoes and drinkers and did nothing .it could be a lovely place but unfortunately they do not play by the own rules and after a while a non smoker just has to get out of there ...and maybe limit the number of single guys following people around..and maybe lastly oil the cage door and put some cushioning on the smoking door to stop the noise of constant slamming so you aren't out on edge

Date: 14 December 2023

Rating: Fabulous
Where at the club in October second time ever at the club had a great night ,left my mobile in the locker totally by accident, got up I the morning thinking the worst, rang a few times and was pleasantly surprised that the club had it we did meet up with the owner who meet us to return it on his day off so very grateful great club spotlessly clean and safe lovely staff and owners

Thank you we will definitely go back

Date: 14 December 2023

Rating: OK
Well run club, but ratio of single men to couples was too high for us, rules were well informed, and followed by most. May we suggest a couples only area, that would have made it perfect. Thank you x

Date: 14 December 2023

Rating: Fabulous
What a night first time in a club together and we an amazing night , could be less men invites but hey hoo let them watch whatever floats Ur boat thumbs up though will be back x

Date: 7 December 2023

Rating: Fun
We visited last night (a Wednesday) and had a good time. There was a good balance of couples and singles (in fact more couples than we expected) and plenty of play occurred! Respectful behaviour all round, which surprised us (positively), having been hassled in UK clubs on greedy girl nights. As per reviews previously, the club is clean, well run, and feels like a very safe space for people of our persuasion. Our only wish was that there could be a couples only area - not because we don't enjoy single men from time to time (thank you Pedro for last night!) - but because sometimes that helps break the ice for couples who are new/shy. This club is very much recommended. We will be visiting again, in fact probably tonight...

Date: 30 November 2023

Rating: Fabulous
We visited last night and had the most amazing time. Exceptionally clean and the facilities great.

The staff were so friendly and were on hand to provide reassurance and help. The drinks were good and the entry price just right with the balance of couples to singles was good.

We are, as per our profile, a larger build couple and were a little nervous beforehand but no everyone was totally accepting and friendly and we played along with the rest.

Very much recommend an evening here we will definitely go again when back in Tenerifex

Date: 30 November 2023

Rating: Fabulous
We went earlier in the year. Great club, lovely ambience and there were some hot people in there.

We enjoyed the dark room where my boo s seemed popular and a couple of wondering hands down below too.

The orgy bed was a lot of fun and we found a hot couple to play with and later Mr let a couple of guys play with me which was a lot of fun. We'll be back next year for sure ;-)

Date: 25 November 2023

Rating: Fabulous
Love visiting this club, had great fun and maybe even fell in love with the girl on reception lol anyone going to tenerife should visit its a great chilled out venue.

Date: 22 November 2023

Rating: Fabulous
Visited 17/11 and had a fantastic night x lots of males and females and lots of sexy fun was had xx til next time xx

Date: 18 November 2023

Rating: OK
Wow where to start! It was our 1st time going to a club and to say the least it was unbelievable! Everyone super friendly , the staff was more than greeting. The rooms they got is unreal they got everything you could think of. The Jacuzzi was great and to top it off watching everyone having sex around us while we did our thing was so sexy! Can’t wait to go back m!

Date: 15 November 2023

Rating: OK
This was our 2nd visit to the club, it is spotless, Nora and John are fantastic hosts, the staff are very friendly, there were some extremely sexy people there, the facilities are also excellent. See you soon x

Date: 5 November 2023

Rating: Fabulous
Spent last night at this wonderful club it was pretty busy with a very mixed age group,I believe it was the Birthday Party of one of Nora’s friends and she kindly gave me a slice of the lovely cake many thanks Nora it was so nice to talk to you, keep up the good work to both yourself and Jon. Xx

Date: 5 November 2023

Rating: OK
Great night here, lots of fun and great play rooms

Date: 2 November 2023

Rating: Fabulous
Attended this great club on the 24th it was fanatic as usual good mix of couples and single guys for Sandra to enjoy where meant to go on the Saturday but something came up and we missed it but we'll be back in March for more fun

Date: 31 October 2023

Rating: Fabulous
Fantastic night at the Halloween Party great atmosphere and lots of sexy people.Well done Nora..John and all the hard working members of staff.

Date: 29 October 2023

Rating: OK
I've just spent the absolute 100 bestest swinging time of my life at Club Mysique in Adeje,Tenerife

Met at the entrance absolute by Nora aka Club Owner

Who to be completely honest is the sexiest,stunning MILF thac amy man/female/couple could hope to meet.

Swinging in the UK is not nor ever could be on this level...

Date: 14 October 2023

Rating: Fabulous
Had a fantastic time on Saturday, what a great place, very clean, great setup and full of really sexy couples with a few well selected single guys, can't wait to return

Date: 9 October 2023

Rating: Fabulous
We decided to go here for our first ever club outing on Saturday 23rd September and it was amazing! We were shown around and the rules were explained to us by the very gorgeous and helpful hostess! The atmosphere in the bar area was electric and the Spanish couples were really showing everyone how to dance with their sexy hips! Once we made our way through to the sexy side we were struck with how sexy the whole place was, we would lie on the beds and instantly be joined by other sexy couples! No meant no and if we didn’t like a couple in such proximity to us then they would leave! We are voyeurs so the curtains were amazing because you could just Watch everything if they decided to open them! We loved it so much we went back on the Wednesday and played with a lovely Icelandic couple! The host was walking around and checking we were ok, ensuring no single men tried to come into the room where we were playing! Overall such a lovely place very friendly and safe, this was particularly important due to L being pregnant! We will definitely be back :) x

Date: 6 October 2023

Rating: Fabulous
This was our first visit since the club had moved and we was not disappointed, the club was well laid out with a friendly atmosphere and the staff were friendly and happy to help

There was a few single men who all behaved and a few couples just about the right mix

We will definitely call in again next time we’re in Tenerife x

Date: 5 October 2023

Rating: OK
Went to this club great layout very clean and tidy fab hot tub showers and the staff was really nice but the place was as dead as a door nail left after 3 Hours

Date: 29 September 2023