fussy minx in need of a regular LOCAL fuckbuddy, not looking for 1 off

Woman in Nottingham, East Midlands, UK   Tick

Joined: over a year ago
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Hi, I'm Pebble

firstly, the ONE and ONLY photo i have on here is more than a DECADE out of date!!!

intial messages referencing that one OL:D photo, or comments about me being beautiful WILL be ignored

(shows you did NOT read Any of whats below)

i'm NOT really a swinger lol

i'm mostly here to make kink connections :)

i'm NOT looking for....

one off meetmetoday hotelhookups

i do NOT respond well to dic pics or single line messages

nor do i intend to be in a queue for your time or attention

i've been in an open poly ENM relationship for over a decade

(yes he knows i'm here, yes i can prove that) :P

make your first message stand out :)

are you looking for NSA or a one off?

do you live more than 10 miles outside nottingham and/or cannot accommodate??

do you have a wife or girlfriend, that does not know you are here??

if you answered yes to 1 or more please go and bother someone else, ta

i'm ideally looking for ONE person or maybe a few :P

a fwb/fuckbuddy/playpartner/ partner in crime/ club buddy

ideally male 35 to 50, over 5ft 8 NOT skinny

cock size unimportant

must have a brain,

and something to talk about other than sex

and live in or close to Nottingham and can accommodate

(i don't drive and live with teen sons)

you MUST be kink aware

though i am likely to only want you for sex!!!

and have a willingness to actually use CONDOMS!!!!

if your verifies are full of you filling others or you opening message relates to you being a big load

i AM going to ignore you !!!

i take NO responsibility for your ability to read or understand the above :P

p s

i no longer host kink events however i can often be found at The Attic with Rainbow1

Kink Meets Swing can still be found at The Attic (derby) first friday of each month

ask Attic staff, look for rainbows or just head to the dungeon :)


57 years old, Bisexual

5'7"  170cm
Non smoker
Don't drink
No tattoos
No piercings

Looking For

Couples (MF) Couples (MM) Couples (FF) Men Women TV/TS
Aged from 30 to 55
Won't meet smokers


Cannot accommodate
Can travel


DP, Safe Sex, SM, Spanking, Swingers Clubs, Threesomes, Voyeurism

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*inaTitz (47), TV/TS on 27 August 2023 by Meeting in person:
I've seen this lady and her entourage in the Attic quite a few times and she's always lovely and great to chat with xx

*he Attic (55), Couple on 14 July 2023 by Meeting in person:
Always love to see Pebble in the Attic. Such a easy person to get along with. Thanks for all of your positive comments and reviews over the years. Look forward to seeing you soon.

*ittleMissCali (48), Woman on 28 May 2023 by Meeting in person:
Was so lovely to see Pebbles again at the Attic. It's been an absolute age. Was welcomed with a big hug. Enjoyed watching her displays around the club... Great to see you and my your kit has grown.

*ockerStu87 (35), Man on 28 May 2023 by Meeting in person:
I’ve known this lovely woman for a long time now. I saw her and her partner last night at the attic for the first time in a long time. She immediately welcomed me with a firm hug. Always a pleasure to talk to her.

*ornynottsbicpl (30), Couple on 7 May 2023 by Meeting in person:
Had some great fun in the dungeon at the attic, thanks for letting us play with some of your tools.

*in-n-Tonic (48), Couple on 2 May 2023 by Meeting in person:
Wow...this woman is amazing !! Love her ideas, and hints and tips, even her suggestions got Gin shaking in his boots. Pebbles is super easy to get on with and real nice too. We spent quite some time chatting to her at the Attic and watching her use her skills, hopefully we will catch up soon xxx

*ewsubguy1 (22), Man on 2 May 2023 by Meeting in person:
Met Pebble at the Attic a few times now, she is super friendly and very knowledgeable. We have had some great chats and laughs. Has taught me so much already and looking forward to learn more from the best! Can’t wait to see you again soon!

*inky_D_K (46), Couple on 7 January 2023 by Meeting in person:
Meet Pebble yesterday at The Attic, brief encounter but was lovely to talk to and hope we meet again.

*erby lee (53), Man on 20 November 2022 by Meeting in person:
I have known Pebble for several years now through her organised events every first Friday of the month at the Attic. She is a true expert in her craft and always brings plenty of pleasure and pain to her ever growing list of new and old loyal subjects. Great to spend time with and always have time to try a few of her candles. Look forward to seeing you soon... Tony x

*ackbydemand (49), Man on 29 October 2022 by Meeting in person:
I met this stunning lady in The Attic recently, performing a very interesting BDSM session involving dripping hot wax on a girl laid over the picnic table of the indoor dogging area, then later in the dungeon as the same girl was tied to a frame and spanked and flogged with a variety of implements. I was on the other side of the dungeon with my owners, having their own spanking, but not a patch on the skill that Pebble brought. The girl certainly vocalised her pleasure and pain and if was very gratifying. True craftsmanship, don't hesitate to contact her if you have an itch that is begging to be scratched.

*ikerBen (53), Man on 23 October 2022 by Meeting in person:
Pebble is amazing, great tour guide hahaha. Sometimes you meet people you instantly feel at ease with and click, that's Pebble? First time at The Attic in Derby and she was so kind and helpful. Love the wax dripping demonstration and dungeon work. Thanks Pebble your a star xx can't wait to see you again soon

*ainbow-1 (44), TV/TS on 5 December 2021 by Meeting in person:
After spending ages looking for a kinky play partner and mentor I found pebble she immediately took me under her wing looked after me made me feel safe and after a few social meets tied me up and hit me with heavy objects made my night more than once and I’m definitely looking for more fun times with her xx

*radual (41), Woman on 17 June 2017 by Meeting in person:
Met this AMAZING lady at her Kink Meets Swing event at the Attic. Her event was hosted to perfection, her staff were knowledgeable, friendly and approachable. Her demonstrations were fun and thrilling, I learned so much in one evening. Thank you for doing such an awesome job :) looking forward to your next event.

*ovestoplayatclubs (55), Couple on 11 June 2017 by Meeting in person:
Pebble is a wonderful person she makes sure that everything you ask her is given an answer so you understand what was asked. A lovely lady very genuine a pleasure to be around. Hopefully we will see you again very soon val n dave xx

*ornycouple666 (33), Couple on 20 April 2017 by Meeting in person:
We met this lovely lady at one of her kink events at the attic she's was a great host and really friendly was a pleasure to meet you :)

*onkris25 (67), Couple on 18 October 2016 by Meeting in person:
lovely lady fun and friend s

*ogistical Nightmares (62), Couple on 25 July 2016 by Meeting in person:
Received an invitation to one of this ladies wonderful parties. Friendly and so much fun. Hope to get down again as soon as we can Thanks again Red and White

*ottsguy1313 (58), Man on 11 June 2016 by Meeting in person:
Very warm friendly lady had the pleasure of knowing for a while very naughty and very sexy treat with respect she can bite lol xxx

* n P nuts (57), Couple on 19 February 2016 by Meeting in person:
Met up with pebbles and papabear on wednesday for a social and as usual she made me and the mr feel comfortable and welcome and know glad to say were friends and cant wait to see you both soon love K n P nuts ps treat her with respect like she does you

*erbykinky (50), Couple on 13 February 2016 by Meeting in person:
Frankly the only person around I would trust to run the local scene in terms of kink. Beware of imitations. No ego and totally selfless. As a Dom of standing I'd not even consider backing an event she wasn't in charge of. You want kink events run properly and safely? Contact her.

*hy_rose (41), Woman on 12 February 2016 by Meeting in person:
-Pebble- is not only a wonderful and fun person but she also organises the best event I go to K@ta, I especially love the body painting! She is also a great source of information for those of us who like some kink in our lives, and it is very interesting (and a little scary) to watch this wonderful person playing with her boys.

*intageVixxsin (29), Woman on 12 February 2016 by Meeting in person:
Having known -pebble- for close to 4 years now, I've seen this delightful lady play with her boys(and mine) more than once, she's not scared to tell you what she wants and also as one of the best event hosts I know, she puts everything into each and every one she does, especially K@TA... Looking forward to many more years with you :)

*abzSlut (33), Woman on 10 February 2016 by Meeting in person:
Pebble is one hell of a woman. I've known her for 3 years. She is the host of K@TA. (The best kink event in Derby...held @TheAttic). Watching her play is fascinating. The marks she can leave on your body is awesome. I've watched Pebble use a barbed flogger on a guys balls flinging off clothes pegs and watching all the faces of the swingers make is always entertaining. Not a woman to get on the wrong side off but at the same time Pebble is not the innocent lady that on a rare occasion you may see. She definitely has a glint in her eye when Dominating those subs. A pleasure to witness. Seriously you need to give this woman a shout out. One serious woman who is an amazing friend. You'll find Pebble in the dungeon or behind the bar in a purple shirt.

*idnightqueen bubbles (39), Woman on 9 August 2015 by Meeting in person:
Well Wat can I say I love this couple so much and class them as my friends and I was very greatfull that they let me hold Jens hand during her fun last night with he dom and pebbles X but please be were that if u upset jen in a way shape or form I will hunt you down so be respectful of them both xxxx

*eadmasterwithMissNaughty (69), Couple on 3 August 2015 by Meeting in person:
As a couple we have known pebble for about 9 months she is a warm caring person who knows her way around the fetish scene. I (Peter) have known her a little longer maybe 18 months. As a previous verifier pointed out do not upset her !!

*essalina94 (29), Woman on 20 October 2014 by Meeting in person:
I've known Pebble for 2 years now, one of my favourite people on this planet :)

*itrusflavour (34), Man on 21 September 2014 by Meeting in person:
I've known pebble a while from going to various pub meets and events. Everyone loves her, barely anyone crosses her, and she is very loyal and always is there to help or give advice :). X

*ouplemidz (49), Couple on 22 June 2014 by Meeting in person:
we met the lovely pebble and her partner last night briefly at the attic while they were there sorting out an event they are organising there, they are a very friendly couple easy to chat with and look forward to seeing them again. j n I xxx

*ANCShotpot7 (45), Man on 15 July 2010 by Meeting in person:
met this sexy lady at a party at the weekend.... one very sexy, passionate lady with a top personality.... the second we looked at each other, we knew we were going to get our hands on each other... great minds think alike.....the kissing, the touching, the licking, the sucking..... mmmmmmmm wow wow wow... definetly looking forward to seeing this sexy lady again.... see u soon sexy xxxxxxxx

*uracellbunny1 (53), Man on 11 April 2010 by Meeting in person:
met sharon at a party last night.i wanted to take her upsstairs as soon is i saw her and when we did she blew me away.sharon is lovley and very sexy lady that i want to see alot more of.

*inners4fun (64), Couple on 11 April 2010 by Meeting in person:
LPP is a very interesting and innovative person. Easy to chat to, good company but knows what she wants. Become a friend, and you are in for a roller coaster ride of emotion, pleasure, and lots and lots of fun. Treat her right!!

*ynne175 (60), Woman on 11 April 2010 by Meeting in person:

*id27M (42), Man on 28 November 2009 by Meeting in person:
met for coffee, seemed to click really well, with one common goal, meeting up soonish!!!! fun!xx

*appyfuntimes (43), Man on 10 September 2009 by Meeting in person:
10000000% genuine!!! It is because lady like her makes me staying in fab and extending the friend's circle. Wonderful time we had during lunch time and can not wait to meet her again!