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I want to feel the rush you get from mind blowing sex. I am a very sexual woman that is open minded and laid back and 420 friendly. Just looking to see who's sexual world I can change for the better. Do you imagine things, esp. things that are impossible or improbable? I may be able to help with that.I am very much in touch with my sexual demons. ARE YOU?

Now I feel the need to address a few things. I'm sorry really tried not too. I also know so many of you feel the same way and for whatever reason not one profile I have read says anything. I have like so many others been in this lifestyle for a long time. Been out of the game for awhile and just getting back into it. If your a couple and your new to this PLEASE be honest with those of us that are not. To be on this site one must be SECURE with who they are inside and out. You MUST also be secure in your relationship with your partner. If you get jealous over your partner looking at another woman/man then this is not for you.Its RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL to people who think they will be having a fun time only to find out someone is jealous. Your inconsiderateness ruins someone's night and can make things really uncomfortable and you should be embarrassed due to the fact it all could of been avoided,if only you had been honest.You not only lied but failed to consider your guests.I specifically make a conscious decision based on facts, not emotions.

There are rules to this GAME we all love so much.

Truth be told a lot you think you know how its played but if you did you would be having so much more fun. If someone is checking out your partner HELLO its a compliment be proud that he/she is in your bed every night. We all want that beautiful woman or man.Yet so many of you are astonished that someone else may see the same beauty that you see.If this is you or your partner then THIS SITE IS NOT FOR YOU. You especially need self esteem & confidence in yourself and your partner. Trust is key.

Please have respect for others our time is worth money and its priceless. So if your new or never been in this lifestyle SPEAK UP and be honest. The more experienced people will know where to go with that and know how to handle it.

Before you make plans with me or someone else make sure you have everything taken care of like babysitters and anyone that has kids know you need a backup in place. Very inconsiderate to cancel after they are already in route or just ready to leave to say you don't have a babysitter. If you have only 1 person lined up after you have known all day or even overnight that you had plans that involved others that may have turned down other plans and now you have trashed someone's whole night. That's a load of

garbage. Your looking for your city dump.

The people who have been in this lifestyle are the best people to be around. We are not here to break up your insecure broken relationship. This is not "CHEATERS" not only that it shows you clearly don't understand the definition of the word "swingers". Come back when you do.

When it comes to bringing in a 3rd person make sure you have talked about what the limits are before the 3rd person arrives. Makes it so much easier on everyone.

Couple playing with another couple same thing before meeting put everything out there on the table FIRST so everyone knows what to expect so your not embarrassed by the whole thing. You should have no hesitation about this. If there is even just a little. Try Craig's List its full of people with the same issue.

I like this site because it enables you to verify people either by pics or by others who have met you in person. It allows for people to let others know if things were not right. We all have been there...Don't know if they are real or are they really male/female etc. One thing that should make you pause and think is when you see they have been verified by someone and they don't have it public for everyone to read. What are you hiding hmm please DO TELL.

I read the whole profile, a lot of you just see a pic and reply. OH your 2000mi away and want to chat. If you had taken the time to read my profile you would of known that. I am looking for local friends that I can actually meet in person. Did I say I was into phone sex or web cam sex. NO I DID NOT you must have time to waste but I do not. They have websites for that and I would be happy to provide you with those upon request. NO fixing stupid I'm thinking.

If your not within 20mi of me DO NOT email or send me winks makes you look silly and says you didn't take the time to read my profile.

Being sexy is more than how someone looks or dresses more of you need to understand this. Its a frame of mind, its all in how one carries themselves. You do need some attraction and you have to be turned on by just the thought of being touched or touching someone. I also know its all about the body as well. A lot of women have had kids and very few end up with no signs of it. So keep that in mind and be respectful that she gave that up to give life. SHOW SOME RESPECT

I am not turned on by just jumping right to it. I am not a pro so your not on a clock. Might haves moves like one you just might find out. I like to chat for a few maybe have a drink or two. Never a good idea to be drunk or so high it ruins everything,420 if everyone is ok with it. Its nice when you have the right atmosphere low lighting or candles.I really love to have music playing. Music is beautiful so I'm open to it all. It sets the mood and tone for WOMEN more so than men. I know women who just feel sexier that way FYI guys. I like to start to flirt with you while we get any questions or thoughts out of way. I am very good when it comes to the art of seduction. I bet many of you have NOOOOOOOO idea what it even feels like. Why? Cause your in to much of a hurry and therefor missing out on more than you know. I speak for myself but promise you there are many others out there who want's that but she just don't know it or she is too meek to speak up. Its all in the slow build up. So many ways to drive you mad with temptation. I love to change into sexy outfits and have my knee highs or thigh highs with my CFP's and give lap dances to sensual music.Are we being invaded? NO, Then

what's the rush slow it down. Or not and you'll never know what could of been.

Every man and woman here is here for one reason and one reason ONLY.

I also have a man that will join as a couple. I don't have his pics on here but do have them to share. Love a man with a nice cock too.


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56 years old, Straight

5'4"  163cm
Non smoker
Social drinker
No tattoos
No piercings

Looking For

Aged from 25 to 50 only
Won't meet smokers


Cannot accommodate
Can travel


Toys, Threesomes, Separate Room Swapping, Same Room Swapping, Safe Sex, Oral, Anal, Adult Parties

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*ivinglifeguy (50), Man on 10 February 2014 by Meeting in person:
I have to say that my world was rocked!!!,I'm glad that women like her still exist..Our encounter was legendary ,she is super fun,very pretty,her pussy is tight & Yummy, honest,freaky & a fantastic lover..can't wait to play with her again & again...do your self a favor,this is were is @!!!!!..from one to ten ....(101 all day!)

*inkybas (40), Man on 2 February 2014 by Meeting in person:
What a night, had an amazing time with her. No drama, no emotions, just fun times! Did I mention that she is nice and tight? ;P