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As Jane:

I am not smooth; however I try to dress, look and act as female as possible with long legs and a body for you to feel. I am 6' Tall (no heels), size 9 feet, medium build size 16, hazel eyes, black hair.

I am looking for a full girlfriend experience with a genuine guy who knows how to treat and pleasure a lady. A romantic date, watch a film and enjoy each other, then retire to your bedroom for a night of sexual pleasure.

As John:

I am 6’ tall, grey hair, however not bald. I am a professional. I can play Straight or Bi depending how a meeting goes.

Have at least a real recent verifications.

I cannot accommodate, so do not ask.

Fantasies Only (unless someone wants to prove otherwise).

1) A romantic date, I arrive in a LBD with a basque, stockings, thong and heels, we great each other with a kiss, you show me inside an we sit on the sofa, chatting and touching each other moving closer and kissing with tongues exploring each other’s mouth. I slowly remove your top and move my hand down to your hard cock and free it, working my lips down your body and gently licking your shaft, sucking the tip and taking you in my mouth. When we are ready you lead me to your bed, I remove my thong and you open me up with your fingers, I ensure you are still hard and place a condom on you I tend get in to position and let you fuck me, we change positions and I mount you and I lay on my back, legs up with you still inside me. Before cumming you place your uncovered cock in my mouth and cum, like a good girl I will swallow your entire load.

2) Visit a hotel and service the occupant as an escort would. I knock on your hotel room door, late at night or early morning. Opening the door, I love to be kissed and seduced by gentleman who wants their lust satisfying. They are aroused and they make use of their hardness, stamina and I enjoy my mouth being filled, until they are very hard then enjoy the feel of their throb inside me slowly fucking, until we are both satisfied, maybe spend the night.

3) Meet a bi wife and have girl on girl then hubby joins us, both sucking him then bending over and being both being fucked, finishing by taking hubby’s cum in my mouth, while I fuck the wife.

4) Play the role of a wife substitute for hubby, after the wife has left slip into her negligee get into the still warm bed, when my hubby returns to bed we kiss and cuddle, I run my hands and lips over my hubby’s body before giving deep oral, then have sex with me in any way my hubby likes and his wife does not allow, until fully satisfied.

Happy to fully play the role, dress as hubby wants and be ready to fulfil my duties in and out of the bedroom, love to orgasm while being fucked.

5) We arrived at your hotel room and just as we get in the door you turn taking me in your arms holding me tight around my waist, mine around your neck, I feel your hands sliding down from my waist putting both of them on my cheeks under the back of my skirt, I just smiled putting my lips to yours and we embraced in a long wet kiss using lots of tongue.

I feel your cock starting to get hard pressing against me so as we kissed more, I started rolling my hips grinding to you, your hands feeling my bare cheeks

Slowly we pulled our lips apart again looking each other in the eyes smiling again, you remove your hands from my butt letting me go stepping back looking at my face then down at your cock and I knew what you want, down on my knees I go reaching up opening your pants pulling your cock out clamping my lips down on it again sucking and working your cock in my mouth for a few minutes feeling you getting hard.

You pulled me up off my knees taking me over to the bed pushing me down on it, I laid on my stomach looking back at you, I reached grabbing my purse pulling out a condom and giving you one, you chuckled and putting it on saying "you come prepared" you then go all the way inside me, putting your hands on my hips as we both pumped together for several minutes.

You are really going at it pumping and thrusting your hips hard to me and I could feel your balls slapping between my legs, the more and longer you go the louder my moans are getting, this goes on for a few more minutes then I feel you stop inside me and I felt your hips shakes and I knew you are cumming "lovely" I moan knowing you are getting off.

Once you are finished you start moving again for a few minutes then pull back popping out me and I turned looking at the full condom, I fingered to you and bringing your cock to my face, I pulled the condom off putting it over my face squeezing all the cum out going in my mouth swallowing it.

6) I do not really remember much about the dinner just looking into your eyes and thinking about what a lucky girl I am.

We retired to the bedroom, I popped into the bathroom to slip in a silky negligee and wrap over my stockings. Returning you gently cradling my chin with your hand, you turned my face towards yours and softly kissed me on the lips, making my heart flutter with joy. We kissed for a long time, gently at first, but then more deeply and finally passionately, our breaths mingling, and our tongues exploring each other in a slow seductive dance of delight. Oh, you are such a wonderful kisser, your kisses full of promise of greater delights to come.

Eventually we came up for air, our pulses racing, and our bodies full of desire and longing for consummation. You had only removed his jacket and tie and I went immediately into is your arms with a deep kiss and my fingers working to unbutton your shirt. My hands slipped into your shirt to caress your chest and I felt your nipples harden as I ran my hands over them. I wanted you and I want you completely.

You hurriedly rid yourself of the rest of your clothes and started kissing me from my mouth to my neck to my shoulder, pushing the wrap down and reaching to ease the entire gown off, puddling at my feet. You urged me back toward the bed and pushing me down climbing on the bed with me, never stopping the kissing.

We ended up kissing deeply with our hands everywhere on each other and could not wait for that connection. I wrapped my legs around your back, reaching down between us to grasp your beautiful, hard and throbbing cock. I couldn't speak, I was so intent on getting you inside me that I just raised my hips up and rubbed your wet tipped cock up and down on my waiting hole. Then easing you in to the entrance, I moaned and urged you with my hips and hands on your back, to enter me. It was so wonderful; I could not even believe what you were doing to me. I instantly squeezed around you moaning with the delightful sensation. In and out, oh, oh, oh! Never have I remembered such ecstasy. You started slowly, even stopping when you got deep inside me, and I was so open and fully inflamed with lust, that I could not get enough of you, and I cried out urgently, "Oh, more, deeper, oh please!"

You then began to go in and out faster and harder and deeper and I could only moan and gasp and squeeze you harder, slipping my hands down to your ass to pull you tighter and tighter into my slippery, soaked tunnel. I felt that I would be reaching a climax soon. I rose higher and higher and knew I would be tipping over the edge soon, oh this what pleasure! Then, it came and I think I may have stopped breathing for a moment or two, so strongly did I cum.

You were so gentle and kissed my face with delicate kisses while continuing to push in and out of me, but letting me recover enough to know I wanted you to be inside me forever and ever. We rode our passion for longer than I would have thought you could hold out, but finally you had to let go and I urged him to fill my mouth with his hot, wonderful seed and with a loud groan you froze and started emptying into me. Oh, what a wonderous feeling.

We ended up in each other’s' arms, murmuring endearments to one another. The remainder of this night was spent sleeping, waking and being drawn to one another for another wonderful coupling, slowly or fast, it did not matter. I just know that I have never felt so desired and so happy to be with someone who can make me become a fulfilled woman.

7) Having a full girlfriend experience with a guy, going on dates, stopping off in quiet locations and having full sex, starting with kissing and a deep blow job to bending over the car bonnet and being fucked. Spending the night in bed together feeling your cock deep inside me. You buying me clothes to wear for when we go out and for the bedroom.

8) I come to your house after the kids have gone back to school, I come through to the bedroom kneel at the side of your bed putting my arms under the sheets pulling you towards me taking your cock into my mouth making you hard! You then sit on the edge of the bed as I bend over and slide down onto your cock moving up and down till you are ready to cum then I quickly put my lips around your hard cock to take the load in my mouth and then you start again.

9) To meet two or more guys and be taken to the bedroom for a spitroast, the guys taken turns using my mouth and arse


66 years old, Bisexual

6'0"  183cm
Non smoker
Social drinker
No tattoos
No piercings

Looking For

Couples (MF) Couples (MM) Couples (FF) Men Women TV/TS
Aged from 18 to 80
Won't meet smokers


Cannot accommodate
Can travel


Adult Parties, Anal, Blindfolds, Cross-dressing, Cuckolding, Cybersex, Dogging, DP, Gangbangs, Group Sex, Making Videos, Oral, Rimming, Role Play, Safe Sex, Same Room Swapping, Separate Room Swapping, SM, Soft Swing, Swingers Clubs, Taking Photos, Threesomes, Toys, Voyeurism, Watersports

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*uthysweet (55), TV/TS on 19 August 2019 by Meeting in person:
Met this sexy girl other day. Had a nice time. Give her a try you will like her. Xx

*arahluvstomeet (61), TV/TS on 25 July 2016 by Meeting in person:
Jane visited me on Sun 24th & did not disappoint. If you get a chance to meet her then grab it or you will regret it....xxx

*uvBugs (67), Couple on 17 February 2016 by Meeting in person:
We had a lovely encounter with the leggy Jane. After a short chat to get to know each other, it was a bedroom treat for us all. Body's interlocked and a squirty special. Come back and see us soon. x

*ike3147 (64), Man on 18 March 2015 by Meeting in person:
Fabulous sexy Jane. What more can I say!

*ntotherim (65), Man on 12 July 2014 by Meeting in person:
Met Jane with a few days ago with a female friend, we all had a great time, very friendly and horny.

*avefuntimes2 (44), Couple on 6 June 2014 by Meeting in person:
We met john tonight a nice friendly guy very genuine turn up on time if you get the chance to meet john do we can't Walt to meet again Paul and Helen

*enny4Fun49 (57), TV/TS on 2 October 2013 by Meeting in person:
A gorgeous girl Jenny X


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