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Xxx We are NOT interested in guys with Stubbly facial hair, or hairy cocks xxx and NO we don't want to shave you, if you can't be arsed shaving we can't be arsed meeting..

Please read our profile before messaging us this saves hours of pointless chat if we don’t meet each other’s requirements! Having read our profile if you do decide to message us please tell us a little about you and what you are looking for and include a face pic as we will not consider meeting anybody without seeing a face pic first. Please do make it a face pic NOT a cock pic! We all know what a cock looks like! If you don't like our profile or pic and have no interest in meeting us please feel free to hit the block button.

Essential reading, please read this information about us and what we look for .......

We all have preferences and we look for clean shaven bi couples or singles but stress that bushes (pubic hair) are not a turn on and suggest that maybe you message Alan Titchmarsh instead as we believe he likes a nice bush! We will not meet guys with facial Stubble..

We will not

Accept friends invites from single guys unless we have met you. If you do send a friends request it just goes to prove that you haven't bothered to read our profile and we will simply delete the request. Wouldn't it be oh so much nicer to message us and chat to us first? We also will not meet married "cheating" people so please don't ask! Also mouse doesn't appreciate guys spanking Quackers, it's disrespectful and you will be asked to leave if you do spank her...

Ok now that is out of the way we can move onto the nice bits, a little about us;

We are a clean discreet fun loving and social couple who are looking for similarly clean and discreet bi couples and bi singles for fun times and friendship. We can travel or accommodate or even meet in clubs, pubs, trains, planes or even automobiles but never meet in B&Q even if you do have a DIY fetish! We are broadminded, experimental and very much enjoy scenarios, roleplay, photos and making videos too, so if you have any kinky ideas don't be afraid to mention them after all kinky is fun but vanilla should be strictly for the ice cream man! We always shower and shave etc before meeting somebody and expect the same from you. If you like scenarios and fantasies I have started a forum based website all about scenarios and fantasies and stories.... message us for the details....

D(f) is bi and would be happy to meet single guys, fems or couples. She loves being slowly and seductively undressed, loves being licked and enjoys sucking cock to completion. She will not meet guys alone, not for playing, chatting, a brew, or comparing knitting patterns! Ask and you will be blocked.

M(m) is also bi and enjoys watching D playing with guys, ladies and couples but equally enjoys joining in and in "exceptional" cases happy to play with straight guys too. He also enjoys cuckold and cleaning up after.

Who are we looking for?

We generally prefer bi guys or couples who are sociable and non pushy and as already mentioned we very much prefer clean shaven people both facially and downstairs. We are not particularly looking for guys who are hung like donkeys since it's not about what you have got, its how you use it and more importantly your personality! However if you have a cock the size of a shrivelled up cocktail sausage we wouldn't be interested.

Experienced people would be nice, however everybody has to start somewhere so we wouldn't necessarily exclude newbies but would expect you to be comfortable with the idea of swinging, know what you are looking for, and importantly not going to back out at the last minute with crap excuses! Trust us, we have heard all the excuses in the book ranging from "my car/bike/skateboard had broken down" to "my pet caterpillar isn't very well today"

We can never understand why people looking to meet on Fab put that they can travel, and then when you invite them they say that they cant because they have had a drink.. surely if you are looking to meet and willing to travel, don't frigging drink! Also although we do have a car and are more than willing to travel to meet people, however we do not have a sign on the roof saying "Taxi" so please do not ask us to pick you up and take you home again as it isn't going to happen. Talking of taxi's and busses we aren't keen on meeting people at our home who plan on arriving via taxi, bus, train, etc... however if you have a private helicopter we may reconsider ;) We are not looking for phone sex and will block anybody asking for phone sex or Skype sex etc.

NEWSFLASH... Cocks that smell of sweat and piss are not a turn on!!

Sorry if it sounds like we are fussy, we truly aren't, we are just fed up with being messed about as we are sure most genuine FAB members are and believe that if you know what you want and what you like then why should you make exceptions?

Finally if you are still reading this and what we are looking for fits with you and what you are looking for then please don't be shy, send us a message and let's see if we can't arrange to meet up.

Notice... We have cctv in the home and if, and I say if, because it's a huge if, Quackers plays alone you will be watched for her protection.. If you are invited to play with her then you must be aware of this and happy to be monitored on secure cctv.. We do not record the cctv footage however as that wouldn't be fair.

Extra reading, you don't need to read this but you might just enjoy it if you do! ...

We do enjoy scenarios and varying play situations, these are just a few of our ideas;

1. Home made porn movie..

We do enjoy making home porno movies with various themes, indeed most of our scenarios below would lend themselves to movie making! Of course with any movies made Mouse will be directing and filming the whole thing. The video will be for the private use of mouse and Quackers only and no copies will be given to anybody no exceptions. You must be slim to medium build and clean shaven. Interested? Message us with your pics....

Scenario 2.. Cum roulette

We would love a guy who likes being sucked off and is bi. We would take it in turns to suck him and it would be fun to see which one of us would get the mouthful of cum. You must be clean shaven and genuinely bisexual.

6 6

Scenario 3. Flesh flash...

It could be fun to meet a guy with Quackers in her very sexy kit socially in our kitchen. As we sit and talk in the kitchen she will give glimpses of stocking top etc and mouse may push her skirt up etc.. You must try to resist as long as possible and when you can't any more you can fuck her in the kitchen with mouse watching and cleaning up after. You could be bi or straight for this one but must be clean shaven and happy to watch mouse licking up your cum from Quackers pussy after.

Scenario 4. Bi guy being watched..

We would like to meet a bi guy. Mouse and the guy can play and Quackers will watch... You must be genuinely bisexual and slim to medium build.

Scenario 5. Delivered for fun..

I would love to deliver Quackers to a guys house and wait outside while she goes in and plays with him and comes out full of hot cum.. You must be clean shaven and be verified as well as in relatively local to Abergele area.

Scenario 6. Tied up..

I love to blindfold Quackers and tie her to the bed and invite a guy round to use her and fill her with cum. You should be well endowed clean shaven and happy to be watched for this scenario.

Scenario 7. Tease..

We meet at your place. Quackers is wearing a short skirt and sexy stockings etc. As we chat mouse tells her to show her legs then her panties etc.. He then tells her to do things to you like rub up against you etc.. Eventually he might ask if you want to fuck her and tell you to take her to your bedroom and fill her with cum.. You need to be well endowed and slightly submissive for this scenario

Scenario 8... Caught playing

The scenario is that I go out and leave Quackers at home feeling horny. She arranges for you to pop over socially but gets too horny to wait for me to come home and you both end up in bed. I come home and catch you at it.. You could be bi or straight for this one but must be clean shaven and happy to watch mouse licking up your cum from Quackers pussy after.

Scenario 9. Bi girls being watched..

We would like to meet a bi girl. Quackers and the girl can play and Mouse will watch... You must be genuinely bisexual and slim to medium build.

Scenario 10.. Female takeaway...

We would arrange to meet a bi female or couple with a bi female in a local pub. After a while Quackers would complain she has a headache and the lady would offer to take her home so I or the male from the other couple could enjoy another pint or two. But when the male/s gets home I/We find the two girls naked and having fun in the bedroom.. The males would watch for a while before joining in the fun.

Scenario 11.. Who is it...

Quackers is dressed in sexy kit when we meet. After a while we blindfold her, strip her and tie her to a chair in the kitchen. She feels a hand on her leg, then nothing.. A hand up her skirt.. A hand on her boobs.. Then things progress.. A cock in her hand or mouth then knickers being taken down.. Everything that happens she will wonder who is doing it but she doesn't and will never know who did what...

Scenario 12... Gone shopping

The scenario is similar to scenario 8. A guy comes to ours for a social with us both but we run out of milk so mouse goes to the shop and leaves Quackers and you at home feeling horny. You both get too horny to wait for me to come home. I come home and catch you at it in our kitchen.. You could be bi or straight for this one but must be clean shaven and happy to watch mouse licking up your cum from Quackers pussy after.

Scenario 13. Fem on Fem wakeup..

We would love to meet a lady who would be up for a morning visit to play with Quackers. I would greet them in the morning and take the lady in question through to the bedroom where Quackers is sleeping and watch the lady wake Quackers. Once Quackers was awake and playing I would leave them to it and go to work...

Scenario 14.... Bath time....

Quackers is in the bath when you arrive so you go into the bathroom and wash her all over with soap etc then she gets out and you dry her off slowly making sure you dry her all over. You then take her through to the bedroom and get naked with her. You then lay her down on her front and massage her back and then turn her over and massage her front but you need to be thorough and not miss a spot of her body.. Of course this will lead to all kinds of Naughtys.. Must be clean shaven...

Scenario 15… A night at the cinema.

We would pre book seats at the cinema and let you know the seat numbers so you could book one with us. Quackers would wear a short dress and as ever look stunning. We would take our seats and start to watch the film but after a while I would place my hand on her lap only to find that she already had a guys hand on her lap feeling her sexy legs. I would then notice that she had her hand on his leg too… After the film we would enjoy getting to know each other and take things much further..

Scenario 16… Gooseberry in a pub!

We would meet up before going into a pub where we are not known. You would take Quackers into the pub as your partner with me as the gooseberry friend. During our time in the pub you would be holding hands, touching etc and generally teasing me, then leave holding hands etc. I would drive us home while you both mess about in the back seat making sure I got a few glimpses of the going on in my rear view mirror.

Scenario 17.. Home delivery..

You arrive at ours with food, maybe a pizza.. Quackers answers the door dressed in something very sexy but doesn't have the right change to pay for the pizza so invites you in to wait for the money. When we get into the kitchen we discover the between us we have no cash so you tell us its ok you can pay another time and comment how good she is looking. She thanks you and kisses you saying thank you again, you cannot resist touching and put your hands on her bottom and kiss her again. She responds in a very positive manner and you end up both stripping off and having fun together while Mouse watches.

Scenario 18.. Couples swap and compare notes!...

For this one we would both leave home in cars and meet at a pre designated spot and swap ladies. We would go our separate ways, maybe we would go home and play, maybe take them to a club.. who knows... We would then meet again at the same spot at an agreed time and swap partners back again. It would be great to compare stories and notes later and very horny I'm sure. For this we would need to meet a couple at least socially prior to this scenario taking place and the other couple would need to be very trusting of each other and secure in their relationship...

Scenario 19, The devil goes down to Georgia...

This is a card game with a twist. We play poker and the looser of each hand has to remove some clothing.. When somebody is naked they get tied to the bed (georgia) and blindfold and the other players (the deviks) get to do what they want to the looser...

This would suit a couple, bi man or lady or TV TV but is not one for straight people.

Scenario 20, Boys night in...

This one is for straight males or bi guys willing to play straight only. It would also depend on getting at least 3 guys available at the same time.

Scenario 21. Remote control swingers..

This scenario is very simple.. You come to play with Quackers however you and Quackers can only do as instructed by mouse.. If he says "kiss her" then you must do that and can only do that until instructed otherwise.. You could be bi or straight but must be 100% willing to follow instructions to the letter....

Scenario 22.... Assisted play time.

Simular to 21 except you would be playing with Quackers and telling me what you are going to do with her next. You would also ask me to help in ways such as.. A. Guiding your cock into her. B. Holding her legs open for you. C. Holding your cock while she sucks it... This would require a bi man who is confident but also easy going and polite not pushy and rude..

Scenario 23... I'm finished, she's all yours.

This would start with a long social meet, tea, chat etc.. At some point you would go to the toilet and come back in and find us playing. At this point you could either join in or simply watch.. Mouse would fuck Quackers and fill her with cum or maybe cum over her face and then sit down and tell Quackers to take you to the bedroom and let you carry on the fun with Quackers alone.. Mouse would of course be watching on cctv.. You could be bi or straight but must be happy to lick a used pussy and be happy to be watched on cctv..

Scenario 24. Led in......

Quackers likes playing while blindfold and tied up, she also likes being delivered for fun as one of our other scenarios, this is a combination scenario. I would arrive at your place with her blindfold and her hands tied and would bring her into your home for you to play with her, the rope could be used to tie her to your bed or a chair but the blindfold must stay on till we leave your place. For this you would need to live somewhere discreet!

Scenario 25. Hide and fuck..

We would visit a guys home and after some social time Quackers would go and hide (very childish I know but read on) and the guys would have to count to 100 then go looking for her. The guy that finds her first can seductively remove one item of her clothing.. Then the guys would hide and Quackers would come looking for the guys and would remove one item of clothing from the guy she finds and so on with Quackers taking it in turn to hide and seek.. When it gets to the point that Quackers is naked and is found by a naked guy or a naked guy finds her naked that pair have won. The winners can play in the room that they ended the game in and the loosing male can come find them and watch. The loosing male can clean up after the winners have played and as a concelation Quackers might reward him with a blowjob but only if he does a good job of cleaning her up.. This could be adapted for me than two guys or even couples...

Scenario 26... Strip trivia

Trivia with a difference.. Mouse would be the quiz master and take it in turns to ask trivia questions.. Get a question right and you get to remove an item of your opponents or quizmaster clothing as instructed by the quizmaster.. The first player naked will the receive instructions from the quiz master what to do with the looser.. The quiz master will carry on asking the looser questions as well until both players are naked.. You will then as a pair receive a series of questions and when you get one right you will be told what to do next or maybe what position or style you can fuck in.. This is only for clean shaven bi guys who like bareback fun and like being told what to do..

Scenario 27.... Hot tub frolics..

This would start as a social meet and you would be invited to join us in our hot tub. Our course we don't have sex in the tub for hygiene reasons but if touching etc goes on under the water that's another matter. When we have had enough mouse would obviously have to put the lid back on etc.. When he had done that he would realise the you and Quackers had gone indoors without him. He would come indoors looking for you only to find you and Quackers in the bedroom naked and playing... Mouse could either then leave you both alone, watch, or join in..

Scenario 28..... Take a gamble..

Is is really only for somebody we know very well who has a hotel, b and b or large house with at least 6 rooms suitable for playing in. Quackers would be dressed to kill (as always) and would pick a room and go to it without letting us know which of the six she has picked but she would write the number on a folded piece of paper and leave it with us. You would then pick a room number from 1 to 6 and place them in the order you picked. We would then reveal the room she has picked and compare to your pick order. If you match with the first choice you would go to the room alone and play alone with her, 2nd pick you would go to the room alone to play with her but I would come and listen at the door, 3rd pick I would come and watch, 4th pick I would come and join in, 5th pick I would play with her while you watch and can touch a little but not join in, the killer is 6th

Pick where I would go and fuck her alone and bring her down to you after I've finished with her and you have to lick her pussy clean but don't get to do anything else.

Scenario 99. Do you have any kinky scenarios in mind? Send them to us you never know we might like them.. Xx

Scenario 29... Tip toe through the night.

This is one for either a single or couple staying with us overnight. We would enjoy some quality time together, social etc then off to bed, you in our spare room us in our room. Then in the night if somebody feels naughty they might get up and tip toe into the other room and either jump in bed with another person or maybe wake them and ask them back to their room or even take them into the living room for some naughty fun. It could get a little manic!

If you like scenarios and fantasies I have setup a new website all about scenarios, fantasies and stories.... message us for the details....

Mouse (M)

55 years old, Bisexual

6'0"  183cm
Social drinker
Some tattoos
No piercings

Quackers (f)

54 years old, Bisexual

5'8"  173cm
Social drinker
Some tattoos
No piercings

Looking For

Couples (MF) Couples (MM) Couples (FF) Men Women TV/TS
Aged from 20 to 90
Will meet smokers


Can accommodate
Can travel


Adult Parties, Anal, Blindfolds, Cross-dressing, Cuckolding, Dogging, DP, Gangbangs, Group Sex, Making Videos, Oral, Role Play, Safe Sex, Same Room Swapping, Separate Room Swapping, SM, Soft Swing, Spanking, Swingers Clubs, Taking Photos, Threesomes, Toys, Voyeurism, Watersports

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*achandRich (50), Couple on 6 May 2018 by Meeting in person:
Met this lovely couple of very very short notice. Went to their place have tea coffee and a very long chat for maybe two hours. They told us the ins and outs of fab. Then we went into the jacuzzi all naked and I kissed my first girl and it was AMAZING. My bloke and her husband just sat there in amazement with hard Ons. This is lovely couple and should not be missed or messed about. Thank you for a lovely evening. Looking forward to our next meet. Keep that hot tub warm.

*andyrandy (41), Man on 29 April 2018 by Meeting in person:
Met this lovely couple on a number of occasions and have ticked off a few items from the bucket list. Once was a surprise visit for Quackers and on another occasion we made a movie. Great fun couple very social and a pleasure to be friends with them.

*eterpan992016 (53), Man on 9 April 2018 by Meeting in person:
Meet this lovely couple they made me feel very welcome at there home.both of them are sexy n friendly and know what to do in the bedroom carnt wait for my next invite mmmmm xxx.

*lub Sx (43), Couple on 18 February 2018 by Meeting in person:
Met this very extremely sexy couple again the other night at our latest Bi Party. Both really lovely people with cracking personalities. We are so glad you enjoyed the party and can't wait to see you again at the next one Xx P & L Xx

*OTOTT (63), Couple on 11 February 2018 by Meeting in person:
This great couple very kindly invited us to their lovely home last night..We had a super evening, really good hosts..great conversation,some good laughs, and when the sexy fun started, ooh how sexy they are..cant wait to meet again.Notott xxxx

*lan and Jane (58), Couple on 9 January 2018 by Meeting in person:
Thank you for inviting us to your New Years Eve party enjoyed the company of you and your guests. Have known this sexy couple for quite some time and they are always so friendly and very genuine and have had lovely sexy times with them, not to be missed. xx

*OTOTT (63), Couple on 8 January 2018 by Meeting in person:
We were invited to this lovely couples party on new years eve. they are a super couple, great conversationalists, great sense of humour,and super hosts..cant wait to meet them again for sexy fun..Notott xxx

*hocksandmissus (44), Couple on 4 January 2018 by Meeting in person:
We attended a party at this great couples for NYE and have to say as always we had a wonderful time great guests and well the night soon disappeared into new years day. We would just like to thank you both for such a wonderful night you truly are 2 of the very best xxxxxx

*wistedLovers (58), Couple on 29 October 2017 by Meeting in person:
At last, we met this very lovely, genuine couple in a hot tub, in blissfull surroundings under the stars.... I will say no more other than if you get the chance to meet these easy going, lovely people, then don't let the opportunity go, I'm sure we will meet again. P & J...

*ecretpassion100 (45), Couple on 29 October 2017 by Meeting in person:
Amazing couple we got the pleasure of getting to know at the Manchester Bi Halloween Party on Thursday. ..great fun very freindly lots of giggles very sexy and an amazing kiss between the ladies ... hopefully see you both again at the next one until then stay nawty ...love M and C xxx

*um n play (37), Couple on 28 October 2017 by Meeting in person:
We all met up at the Manchester bi party this week. We didn’t get to play as it was so busy, but we definitely will next time as they look good enough to eat. See you soon xx

*lub Sx (43), Couple on 27 October 2017 by Meeting in person:
We met Mouse and Quackers at our Latest party in Manchester. Wonderful sexy guests that turned as promised and fitted in very well indeed Xx So glad you had a good time and enjoyed yourself sexy couple, that's all we ever want Xx Hope we will see you again at the next one Xx

*oss and Suzie (56), Couple on 13 October 2017 by Meeting in person:
We shared our hot tub with this lovely couple. Friendly, relaxed, interesting and amazing livers too! Really looking forward to meeting on a regular basis.

*ork swordsman (55), Man on 7 July 2017 by Meeting in person:
A late night social turned into a late night play with these sexy pair. Very easy going and relaxed but great fun. Hopefully meet again to play some more.

*ortcollins (58), Couple on 2 April 2017 by Meeting in person:
These very sexy pair were guest,s at our house gathering They should be at all parties as V.I.Ps. Quackers BJs are second to non n she swallows whatever amount u give her Ooooooooooh She dresses to tease n please yummy they both genuinely nice people pleasure to call them our friends see u soon xxx R+C xxx

*hocksandmissus (44), Couple on 5 March 2017 by Meeting in person:
Well what can we say about this couple but they are what fab should be about always so welcoming always great company and dam right naughty with it. We class them as two of the very best and great friends with it so here to the "freedom" to do what when and how. xxxxxxx

*andJay (57), Couple on 5 February 2017 by Meeting in person:
Met up with this lovely genuine couple last night at a party they are friendly and a pleasure to be around We didn't play on this occasion but hopefully we will meet again some time take care Jules and Rob xx

*ohnandsue (63), Couple on 31 January 2017 by Meeting in person:
Met this couple at a small party,found them to be easy to get a long with. They are both very sexy peaple who know how to please.So if you get the oputunaty to meet them don't miss out John Snd Sue xxxx

*x500ec (62), Couple on 15 January 2017 by Meeting in person:
Met this couple again last night and had another memorable and horny meet. Following the women having some one to one sensual fun in the jacuzzi the men were then invited to join them in the bedroom where everybody enjoyed some free for all foursome fun. We are now looking forward to the next meet.......what Scenario will it be this time I wonder?

*er only (60), Woman on 30 December 2016 by Meeting in person:
Invited Mouse & Quackers to my home last night and following some banter left my Hubby and Mouse in the lounge discussing the state of the world and men's things (boring) while myself and Quackers went upstairs where I introduced her to my box of tricks and massage skills with scented oils. What followed was pure unadulterated no holds barred female to female play, she certainly knows how to treat and satisfy a woman. Following an hour or so of exploring each others bodies and experiencing some orgasmic moments (3 between us) we returned to the lounge where our hubbies were waiting patiently and looking forward to being given a blow by blow account of what we had got up to. I hope to have a re-match with this sexy lady in the near future....I would love to try out "Scenario 14....Bath Time" with her in my jacuzzi bath. Janet (.)(.)xxxx

*lan and Jane (58), Couple on 8 August 2016 by Meeting in person:
Met this lovely couple again at their place they are so easy to get on with lots of chatter and laughter ending the evening with exciting sexy fun a repeat is a must! Thanks and see you again soon. xxx

*elsheif (59), Man on 6 August 2016 by Meeting in person:
This beautiful couple came to mine last night, and the sexual attraction was immediate. We spent a very passionate couple of hours in the bedroom exploring each others bodies,and pleasuring each other in true 3way fashion. I look forward to seeing them again and again in the future. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to play with them, treat them with utmost respect, you will be well rewarded. Eifion xx

*tsOnyMe (42), Man on 1 July 2016 by Meeting in person:
Met this lovely couple at short notice. We had a good chat over a cup of tea. They made me feel very welcome and we found that we had a lot in common, both Mouse and myself being ex-forces and had been to a lot of the same places around the world. After our chat we went to the bedroom and had our fun. Quackers was very sensual and sexy and is a great kisser. Mouse had a very nice cock and Quackers had a very tasty pussy. I will definitely be keeping in touch! Thanks guys for a great evening!

*onyandsue2 (59), Couple on 26 June 2016 by Meeting in person:
Meet this lovely couple last night what a fantastic pair very sexy funny and so enjoyable and the sexy fun was brilliant,you must given the chance meet them hope to meet up with them again soon xxxx

*orStarz (40), Couple on 2 June 2016 by Meeting in person:
Had a lovely time with these two, very accommodating and lots of horny fun :-). And the games lol X Would definitely recommend a meeting with these two and can't wait for our next meeting xx Hopefully have more time when we do ??

*ustforfun300 (53), Couple on 7 May 2016 by Meeting in person:
met at Partners on Thursday night and got on well from the moment we sat down in the jacuzzi great couple very open, very honest and very sexy too great combination hope to meet again thanks guys xx

*r an Mrs x (32), Man on 24 April 2016 by Meeting in person:
What a lovely couple. Met in amours Hope to meet again xxx

*lan and Jane (58), Couple on 20 March 2016 by Meeting in person:
Met this lovely couple again last night. A very relaxing evening chatting and laughing followed by lots of sexy fun a repeat is a must soon. xx

*lan and Jane (58), Couple on 13 February 2016 by Meeting in person:
We met this lovely sexy couple at a small gathering last night. Very easy to get on with lots of chatting and laughter then sexy fun. Look forward to meeting them again soon. J & A xx

*ortcollins (58), Couple on 13 February 2016 by Meeting in person:
Met these two sexy peeps for 1st time at our house party, very friendly n chatty. Excelent Cpl to be guests not shy and very very sexy. When is our next meet taking place ? can,t wait Lovely couple xxx Vixen+Dog xxx

*arkeyes360 (46), Man on 11 February 2016 by Meeting in person:
Met the ever so friendly and sexy mouse and quackers at their lovely home yet again. Just this night there were five on the bed not three. What fun.!! An amazing night. Thanks for the invite can't wait for another encounter with two of my best swinging friends.xxxx

*hebags (47), Couple on 31 January 2016 by Meeting in person:
We met this fantastic couple at xtasia!!! And a great easy goin couple Thay are! Just how it should be,just lots of fun!! And great company,we just can,t wait to meet them again!!! Thank you both! Great night xxxxx

*isherman Bill (62), Man on 3 January 2016 by Meeting in person:
Met this wonderful couple at Davrods NYE Party, they are great company and a very genuine couple. M is a quiet Gent who is laid back and enjoyed not just watching the action but helping out too, Q well here is a tantalising Lady I want to get to know more,as I watched her have some fem on fem fun They both have a great sense of humour and would be a great addition to any party.Please show them the respect that they deserve. Till the next time xx

*hingyxxxxxx (53), Woman on 13 December 2015 by Meeting in person:
Met this great couple last night at a friends small house party. Both VERY good company. great conversationalists and really relaxed and know exactly how to party. Brilliant night chatting. playing. chatting.....etc hope to catch up again sometime in the future. Well worth meeting of you want fun and variety....he he Catch ya both soon PnP xx

*bergele male (42), Man on 1 December 2015 by Meeting in person:
Nice genuine down to earth couple . Made me feel very welcome in thier home . Lucky for me they only live 5 minutes away . Hopefully get a chance to meet again

*obbyj121 (35), Man on 15 November 2015 by Meeting in person:
Have met and played with these couple in pennant. He- always a gentelman, good looking, and intresting conversation to be had and fun She- amazing body, good looking, lovely lady and again fun to be around Looking forward to our regular catch ups in pen- until next time- Bob

*elshwonderwoman90 (28), Woman on 30 October 2015 by Meeting in person:
Met this couple a few times in pennant and what can I say that hasn't been said already. Very easy going, sexy and very genuine couple always a delight to see them in the jacuzzi in pennant see u Friday lets hope we have some fun!!!

*arkeyes360 (46), Man on 28 October 2015 by Meeting in person:
Met the most fantastic couple on fab again last night. Yet another great time with them both. There so charming friendly and rude lol.ive met them twice and already see them as great friends. Any couple Single m/f get the pleasure of their company should be honoured. Thanks for a great night.. See you both soon . (I hope. ) xxxxx

*arajohn (50), Couple on 13 August 2015 by Meeting in person:
met at fab camp and pennant hall great people and good fun hope to meet again

*hocksandmissus (44), Couple on 15 July 2015 by Meeting in person:
We have met this truly lovely couple on several occasions at pennant hall and the last few times have had the chance to play with them all we can say is it has got better each time and we so cant wait to find out what the next dreams are about lol.xxxxx

*hocksandmissus (44), Couple on 27 June 2015 by Meeting in person:
We have met this lovely couple several times now at pennant hall and have enjoyed every minute with have spent with them. They are friendly lots of fun and so worth getting to know. Hope to see you both very soon and get to know you both even better xxx