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J - female

27 years old, Straight

5'11"  180cm
Regular drinker
Some tattoos
1 or 2 piercings

D - male

33 years old, Bisexual

5'8"  173cm
Regular drinker
Heavily tattooed
No piercings

Looking For

Couples (MM) Men
Aged from 23 to 55
Will meet smokers


Can accommodate
Cannot travel


Anal, Blindfolds, Cuckolding, DP, Making Videos, Oral, Rimming, Role Play, Safe Sex, Spanking, Taking Photos, Threesomes, Toys, Voyeurism

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Verified Genuine Profile

*eadlyassassin (32), Man on 11 February 2024 by Meeting in person:
Met these two on Friday, J is absolutely stunning, dominant and sexy! D is friendly, modest and huuuge! Loved meeting them both and can't wait to visit again!

*radleylug123 (33), Man on 30 January 2024 by Meeting in person:
Meet this couple late after work few weeks ago, hubby made me feel welcome at the door. Walked into the room and the mrs well….. wow dressed as sexy as there photos! Had a great laugh alone the way but most of all the fun was just amazing. Mrs is beautiful. Don’t miss out guys. Until the next time ;) x

*arpet man (52), Man on 29 December 2023 by Meeting in person:
please scroll down for normal written verifications from other extremely lucky people like me.... you may not know but last year a scroll was found containing an unpublished 943rd quatrain by Nostradamus it leaves me in no doubt that he was genuine and could predict the future with amazing accuracy it read..... in the west a man who spends his life on his knees searching for a unicorn in the modern way will find a perfect but unusually spelt Gem near the town of the oval ball. he will be punished like a captive but rewarded far being his wildest dreams too this couple will stun those they meet in the commune of sexual modern acceptance the cost of such reward respect a well written introduction and fluids with their initials mixed with honey..... I know it's probably wrong to hog the verification page for someone but bare with me while I gush a little more and express yet again what an amazing couple these two really are , first question fab asked was for me to describe this couple as genuine , genuine ??? now that's the understatement of the year , this couple are so much more than genuine they are Amazing but still approachable Beautiful but brutal Magical atm but in generations to come they'll be mythical "fabswinger" stories about them and what they got up too but above all else the pair of them are now what I call the closest of friends. In the short time I've known them we have met many times both socially and on a mistress/sub basis . J is a mistress the likes I've never met before the most gorgeous woman I've ever met a body super model and the voice of an angel what she does as a mistress is just out of this world pushing to my limits everytime we meet but being careful enough not to push me over knowing next time I'll take more before one day reaching my true limit, obviously together a J.D mix adds a bit of spice it can have such kick to it but still don't in the best possible taste!! However although I could go on about their dominant sins forever it's not that I'm verifying today it's the unbelievably magical social side of this pair, I don't mean a normal meet up drinks etc for social this couple go so much to further they know what you want before you realise and make every detail just perfect they have provided me with 3 of the unbelievable social nights out in my life , I look back still in disbelief on a night just before Christmas and think either Santa had me at the very top of his nice list or J used her Derren Brown skills again to look into my mind and somehow magically make my dreams come true (all of which now involve this couple) . would put the normal "please treat this couple with respect " but anyone with half an ounce of brains knows that . have a happy bear year everyone..

*rowing matt (29), Man on 26 October 2023 by Meeting in person:
After many months of messages and tormenting I was finally allowed the pleasure of a meet with this incredible couple, the rules were set and a strict time for arrival agreed, when I arrived at the agreed time I was meet at the door by D who is a truely sound guy. I was guided upstairs by him to a waiting J when I entered the room I was met by a sight that has remained in my head for every minute since the meet a stunning female who soon made sure I was put in to my place and started my training as her new sub play toy she took full advantage of my vulnerabilities while I was tied up and helped herself to what she deserved from me, I’m hopeful she will give me more regular training session moving forward and look forward to her taking further advantage of me

*arpet man (52), Man on 2 October 2023 by Meeting in person:
I've thought about this verification for a while firstly I thought of just writing the word amazing one million times, after realising a million would be nowhere near enough to describe what was a realisation of both fantasies and dreams that you'd say could only happen when all the planets align, well this couple can do exactly that align planets in such a way that you think they must have devine intervention they look into your mind and seem to know your inner thoughts and desires then put their own special twist of magic to go beyond what ever you expected, they know how to tease you abuse you please you all in a way that makes you feel like you've actually found your heaven on earth. I can't go into specifics of the meet but it was a mix of both social and sexual . Socially both were perfectly dressed and smelling divine J looked a true bond girl beautiful tall with a figure of a model dressed to kill the likes even in a bond film you've never seen before. D looking suave and sophisticated looking the perfect gentleman but all the time carrying around the largest of secret weapons concealed in his trousers social perfection . If socially they're perfection then theirs no word in the dictionary to describe them sexually omg you could get a more perfect couple of you auditioned from now till Christmas I really can't go into sexual details I have work in 10 hours and fitting carpet with a hard-on is uncomfortable so I simply can't even start to think about it. Let's just say if you're lucky enough to chat to these please treat them with the utmost respect and they may reward you with so much more than you ever realised could be possible on here. J D your simply as good as it gets. Thank you

*iggirthgy (36), Man on 18 September 2023 by Meeting in person:
Sorry to my other meets but this couple top all of them, we just clicked had a great social side to the meets we had on both occasions we ended up playing. Great company, very relaxed and open minded. she’s incredible!!! She is a straight 10 ! Pictures don’t do her justice, incredibly sexy, eyes that just make u want to look into them more and more. Confidence and actions to back it up. I literally could keep going on and on. He is the kinda guy I would say most guys will get on with, interesting guy well travelled and so relaxed and makes u feel very welcome. We had a laugh got on ace then we gave (her) a treat ! He is hung very well so between us we gave her two very gud dicks. Can’t wait to see them soon

*arpet man (52), Man on 14 September 2023 by Meeting in person:
J&Ds Profile should really have a government health warning for this pair contain much more addictive qualities than any form of drug or alcohol known to man! Spending time in their company feels like time has been sped up 100x an intended half hour meet turns into hours and still it's never enough. Socially either as a couple or individually you'd be happy sitting in a pub or chilling out at home with them for the afternoon evening then into the early hours. But sexually wow J is something special looks that would turn heads in Vatican city and a tall Amazonian goddess body but still so feminine a real body to die for with such a sweet well spoken voice but the mind of a brutal sexual deviant who will push even the strongest of men to his limits and well beyond if she so decides while D loves to watch J enjoy herself helping out with ideas, encouragement and is occasionally physical too !! To sum up.... Carlsberg doesn't do swinger's but if they did.....

*hil33101 (51), Man on 31 August 2023 by Meeting in person:
After a number of weeks chatting, I was lucky to be invited round to see D and J. Really laid back couple and very welcoming. Aster a good chat, J turned attention to me and boy can she suck cock. Look forward to my next invite. Thanks folks

*arpet man (52), Man on 30 August 2023 by Meeting in person:
Omg I had the privilege of being invited around and serving again last night they definitely not for the faint hearted both truly dominant and you can see they enjoy testing a sub and pushing him to find his limits but all still done with enough thoughtfulness that everybody enjoys the session ( well I think they do it maybe I'm just a little more twisted than I thought) Left me physically marked but mentally high . Although counting is obviously not my strong point I'm counting the days down till our next meet.

*arpet man (52), Man on 23 August 2023 by Meeting in person:
Omg where to even start on these 2 , by the pics you can see that J is an absolute stunner and even better in real life, admittedly D not so stunning in my eyes but what he lacks in looks he more than makes up for in personality . Spent a couple of hours chatting laughing (not always at me) and enjoying each others company the most genuinely down to earth fun couple who I could have sat with for several more hours , fab just 100x better in my eyes . If J is willing to be my Mistress I'll gladly walk over hot coals for this lady.


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