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Depot at broadwoodwidger PL16 0JJ

For meets Monday and Wednesday 2 to 6pm

New cab van here, who’s gonna be first to fuck me in the back?

Love to meet a woman or a couple, been on here years and yet can't find any willing to meet.

Hi, thanks for taking the time to read my profile.

Firstly, i CAN'T do FRI, SAT or SUN meets, so dont bother asking. Only available Monday to Thursday midday to 7pm ish.

I can't accom either

Im a sub bi bottom passive tv, but do switch wit women and tv, also give to males occasionally.

I HATE timewasters, so please only contact me if you are genuine about a meet, im fed up of people asking and arranging meets and not turning up, thanks.

Contact: skype:- tvemmajane



Before you start, need to add this. I love doin poppers and getting that high feeling, but i now feel that its time to try something a little longer lasting, so i can be a real dirty slut and be abused loads, or/and pimped out, can you oblige?


I have been crossdressing for as long as i can remember, cant explain why, but i feel great when dressed. I have a multitude of clothes and sexy wear, but dont dress for roles ie. schoolgirl, nurse etc, suffice to say if you buy it i will wear it xx. I absolutely love my shoe collection(100 pairs).

I had a sexual experience about 10 years ago and it was fantastic, since then i like to dress for meetings as often as i can.

I am 6'2 in heels, smooth, and have a 7in cock, and although i have a bit of middle age spread, i am told that i look great when dressed.

I prefer to do house calls although i will consider other places, I am looking for like minded tvs or genuine bi guys.

I would really like to do a session on web cam or video, and have some nice pics taken while having fun, and would love a group session, let me know if you are interested.

Contact me here or on above details or check me out on fabguys.com, i have the same user name as here and pics on there.


This is where I meet at haldon near exeter when im able to do so:-

A380 from exeter to newton abbott, at top of hill, go past the first exit with cafe and go on to next exit signed for mamhead\starcross junc, exit left there, on for 600yds to first parking on left, park there walk past barrier and turn left and follow into woods and i will be in there.



































































Update Tue 1st Oct 2013

Its a tuesday morning, up early, lets put a meet on my status and see if anyone avail, I do, and wait. Off i go have bath and shave all over, smooth now. Come back, check, nothing. Decide to dress anyway. Slip on my basque, stockings, false boobs go in too and a thong. Mmmm now then, what next. Decide on short black tight skirt and black silky top, dark bob wig and black patent high heels. There, ready for action now. Check again, no one. Off i go for a coffee, have that, come back and check again, still nothing. Not looking good. 0930, a msg came up, a chap i have met before can pop in, come on in I said, im dressed and ready. He turned up 5 mins later, came up stairs, said wow and mmmmmmm, think i look ok then. He starts by caressing me all over as i rub his cock in his jeans. God hard already, he takes of his jeans and boxers to reveal a quite big solid cock. He pulls my thongs aside and starts sucking my limp cock. Usual prob, dont get hard in girly mode. He licks and sucks for a while, then I said, let me suck yours for a bit, he let me. Off i go and take his cock in my mouth and start sucking. But as im doing so something happened that i havent experienced before. I was sucking away on it, and as it was sliding in and out, it was sliding through the top of my mouth and toward my throat, it actually felt so natural and fit fantastic, i just kept taking it further and further back. What no gagging, i kept on, then my cock just went huge, so unusual. Lets make the best of this, im excited, i let his cock out of my mouth, laid back on the bed so he could see my huge cock. I had a little sniff on my poppers as he slipped my cock into his mouth, OMG he was fantastic, he sucked and caressed it with his mouth, got me so excited. I gripped the bed sheets and moaned as i shot a hugh load into that wonderful mouth. Moaning as i pumped the last drop out and he sucked me dry, swallowing after. God i wish the wife could do it like that. I then went back down on his cock, sucked it again till solid, jumped up on bed in doggy position, lubed and said fuck me babe. As i moved back, his cock slipped into me, gently at first, easing it all the way in. Then he starts fucking me, pushing it in deep and wiggiling it around for a deeper experience, God its good. I start talking dirty to him, telling him that this dirty whore needs that hot juicy cum shot so deep in her, he seemed to grow an inch, then with a deep groan he thrust it so deep that his load seemed to be in my stomach. I squeezed his cock as he shots loads of hot juicy cum into me. Wow that was the best ive had for ages, you know who you are, thankyou so much.

until the next story bfn

Update: met Up4any1 thur 8th dec, he is genuine and i had a great time, came away well sorted!!!!

thankyou hon, hope to meet again soon.

Check my pics out here fabguys.com/profile/tvemmajane

Tue 6th Jul: My day:-

Away for the day today with work, its my bournemouth run, up early(0530). Excited as i might get some cock today as a honiton chap messaged me. In bath, shaved all over, lovley and smooth now. Dressing, put on basque and stockings, with thongs over top, jeans and tshirt over top to cover, thats the underwear done. Grab bag and put in heels, skirt, top, wig, lube, poppers, etc, oh and more shoes. Typical lady, cant decide what shoes im actually wear, end up taking 4 pairs. Off to exeter depot, txting honiton man on way. He wants to meet loos at smileys cafe honiton at 0930. Leave exeter 0900, god excited now, told him i will be ready, dressed in cubicle at 0930. OMG on way very excited now, get there, load up clothes and bits and finally decide on a pair of shoes. Put it all in coat, in i go, 5 mins dressed in anticipation that the next person into loos is him, very excited now, sniffing on my poppers, stood up waiting. Door goes several times, but no interest, mmmm, this is bad. Waited 15 mins, no show, AAAAAAAGH, i hate time wasters, undressed, exited and went to van. Pissed off now or what.

Checked phone, a txt saying am i in there yet, i replied, 'was, but not now' and also thanked him for wasting my time. Fucked off now, oh get on the phone and web sites see if anyone in bournemouth available. Head off to bournemoth. On way thought, i know i will pop into puddletown forrest, see if any one around. Got there, parked next to another car. loaded coat again, got out and walked up to woods, looking behind me as i turned into wooded area to see him following. OMG excitment coming on again, hope he likes tv's. He comes in, i ask him what hes into, most things he repiled. Went to a more secluded area, dropped my jeans to reveal my stockings etc, out came his cock, down i went, no waiting, straight on it. Lovley cock in my mouth, he gets mine out and starts sucking me, while rubbing my arse under my skirt. Thats it he wants me, i think. he stands up, starts kissing me, then as he plays with my cock, starts grabbing my side and pulling my arse around. I then take off my knickers, as i give him the lube, and bend over. Well the rest was just superb, he had a fantastic cock, not too big, not too small, perfect. He knew how to tease and fucked me until he came, and i felt every last drop empty into me. He made my day. If you are on here, whoever you are, thankyou so much for a perfect time. I hope to meet you again.

Tue 10th Jul 12: Meeting my place.

Started with a few interested parties, you know the ones who want to come, but never do. Then a chap i have met before said he was available and would come round. Eagerly i dressed and waited, sure enough on time he turned up. Upstairs to bedroom, and started kissing and caressing( i love that), undone done clothes and started sucking him, not for long though as he said he would cum. Then he said anything i can dress in, mmmmmmm let me think, got him a dress, it fitted ok, felt good caressing and kissing him with my dress on, then he sucked me for a while. He then laid back on bed, shall i straddle him or suck some more, mmmmmmmm suck for a bit i think, whoops wrong decision, as i stopped sucking he said he was cumming, staight back in my mouth and finished him off, straddle next time i think.

Damn pussy not satisfied, back on sites after and a msg from another man, he can be here in a bit am i still available. Asked if genuine, yes he said, gave address and waited, OMG turned up, very nice man too. Went upstairs to bedroom, he started by caressing me and i him, no kissing with this one, he went down and started sucking me, nice at that too. Then he undressed to unveil his cock, down i went, lovley cock too, sucked him for a while, and vise versa. On to bed i laid on back, he straddled me, hoping that i would slip mine in him, i tried, but couldnt, not for wanting too, i will next time though i promised him, he said shall i do you then, yes please i said, i lifted my legs up, lubed up my pussy, grabbed my poppers had a few sniffs, then he slipped his cock in and started fucking me, OMG the best shag i have had for a while, perfect fit and completed with some great moaning and shed loads of cum. WOW he was great, the sort of meet i could do on a regular basis, hope to meet him again sooner the better.

Update Mon 17th jul: After a bad start at home, decided to go to haldon woods for a while to see if anything doing. Dress in underwear etc, covered with work clothes, bagged up rest and set off for haldon. Parked in usual spot, see a couple of familiar faces walking into woods. Got stuff ready in my coat and walked off up to pathway into woods, Two were at it, one giving the other one, I just dropped my trousers to reveal my skirt, stockings etc and began to play with my cock while watching them shag. Then from behind me a cock appeared, i went down on it, giving it a good suck while we bothe watched the two shagging. Then another cock apperaed, i naturally went from one to the other sucking each for a while. One then stood me up, bent me over, lubed me and slipped it in me, mmmmm, he was in deep and pumping me hard, so hard it hurt a little, best pain ever. The two who were shagging had finished, the one being shagged came over and went behind me. The one in me slipped out and the other slipped in me and started shagging me, he came quick, exited my pussy and the first guy resumed, deep and hard in my now soaking pussy, after a couple of minutes he whispered, get down on all fours and i will shag your pussy hard and deep and fill you. Naturally the obliging type i did so, he entered me again and started pumping me hard and fast and deep, it hurt inside me, but i loved it. As he was shagging me the first cock came to my front and i started sucking him again while i was being fucked. I was moaning with pleasure so was the cock shagging me, then he paused and with a big thrust cum deep inside me, just the first cock pushed it deep in my mouth an throat and cum. WOW that was excellent, i thanked them so much. It was fantastic.

xxxxWARNING:Any institutions or individuals using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects- You DO NOT have permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. It is recommended that other members post a similar notice to this or you may copy and paste this one.


63 years old, Bisexual

5'10"  178cm
Non smoker
Social drinker
No tattoos
1 or 2 piercings

Looking For

Women TV/TS
Aged from 18 to 99
Will meet smokers


Cannot accommodate
Can travel


Anal, Cross-dressing, Dogging, Group Sex, Oral, Threesomes, Toys, Webcams

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Verified Genuine Profile

*ichelle4u888 (66), TV/TS on 20 June 2017 by Meeting in person:
Emmajane us lovely!

*heBlackBritishBiker (28), Man on 7 February 2017 by Meeting in person:
I had the pleasure of spending the evening with Emma-Jane who was more than welcoming and was dressed to impress and showed off her skills before I showed her mine in return. Really enjoyed filler her up with her first black cock. Would be more than happy to meet Emma-Jane again, don't pass her up because you'll be missing out on a very enjoyable time.

*achel bath cd (48), TV/TS on 9 August 2016 by Meeting in person:
Met this beautiful lady at her hotel this evening. She already had company but invited me to dress and join in. A great kisser and the most smoothe suck able cock. No regrets here hope you enjoy the rest of your naughty evening!! See you again.

*rossdresser00 (51), TV/TS on 9 March 2016 by Meeting in person:
Met Emmajane and what can i say but wow! Real nice easy going person too. Thanks hun xx

*oosie (58), Man on 29 July 2015 by Meeting in person:
Thanks for the invite to Rachel's Emmajane, my first time. I had a great time and was made to feel welcome by everyone. Emmajane is gorgeous. Love to meet again. Moosie XX

*immf-guy (63), Man on 20 January 2015 by Meeting in person:
I played with Emma at RandyRachel's get-together today and had a lovely time. I wanted her as soon as I set eyes on her over the other side of the room, she has great presence and I found her very attractive. After playing with a couple of other girls in Rachel's comfortable lounge, Emma invited me to the bedroom and we played privately together. She's a gorgeous kisser, I loved her leg appeal and dress sense, and had a very intense time with her. Hoping I get to see her again.

*G1933 (80), Man on 3 September 2013 by Meeting in person:
a very sexy lady lovely sucking her very good to meet hope to again

*akForest (60), Man on 5 June 2013 by Meeting in person:
Wow so sexy Great ass Great fuck again Hope con see again soon X

*akForest (60), Man on 9 November 2012 by Meeting in person:
Meet emmajane this morning She was very Welcoming And genuine And very sexy we had a great Time well worth the visit Will in back for more of that lovely sexy ass Has great legs too XX

*erry666999 (62), Man on 12 July 2012 by Meeting in person:
Just had a short notice meeting with Emmajane. She was dressed to please and has great oral skills, i am looking forward to another meet. xxxx

*aclatextv (55), TV/TS on 9 December 2011 by Meeting in person:
Genuine, lovely person, who dresses well, and has a naughty streak..say no more! xx